Yeah, thanks but I’m still gonna freeze my ‘tocks off

Agreed, yeah, this fur-rimmed gortex waterproof insulated Mountain Lifejacket is great, but, I’m gonna FREEZE MY ‘TOCKS OFF

[4 Paws up, waving] Hep meh!

Chillin’ on the sofa, originally uploaded by *Kendall*.

Dude, like, Brrrr, it’s cold, like all over the place, right now, huh? Lots of snow. [head tilt]



  1. OMG…I want one! He looks so snuggly.

  2. TOO CUTE!

  3. Hahahaha, that’s one of the best things about dogs: their patience for silliness like this.

  4. Sammys Mom says:

    Oh so snuggly and right where we want him! Easy to snorrgle ‘cuz he’s not goin’ anywheres.

  5. Sammys Mom says:

    I also love the multi-colored paw-pad-dedos. Pink & Black, my favewit

  6. aww haha
    All i can think of it
    “I can’t put my arms down!!”

  7. yet another michelle says:

    Well just order his ‘tocks some japanese dog pants. And get him some doggie boots. And a cozie, for under the jacket. Ah hecht, ditch all the clothing and let the poor guy back under the covers!

  8. Cute! I will buy some socks for him…:-P

  9. He looks so “ehn!” in that thing.

  10. What my brother is always saying: Put some pants on that dog!!

  11. snoopysnake says:

    His legs are folded up such that there’s a cute little heart shape below the jacket!

  12. Miss 'N Casey says:

    Maimes — too funny! My first thought was

    “Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.”

  13. circuscake says:

    sweetest expression ever… i’m melting.

    i love little dogs in coats, especially when the hood is lined in faux fur. really- how can anyone be against animals in clothes?
    only a grinch could, that’s who.

  14. lol poor little bugger.

    If there’s anything cats and little dogs need, it’s mittens and boots. I always feel bad for their little paws. :S

  15. It is faux fur, right?!

  16. metsakins says:

    Obviously that puppeh needs rescuing from the blatant abuse it is suffering at the hands of its owner. I bravely volunteer. Puppy come to Metsakins, she’ll save you!!!

    *snorgle, kiss, tummeh rub, kiss*

  17. metsakins says:

    ahhh feetsies nom nom nom!

  18. Hooray for the Christmas Story references! This pup is definitely channeling Randy.

  19. MEtsakins is right it needs rescued by her. Get the puppy to her stat. HE needs a belly rub.

  20. Anonymous says:

    He needs the dog pants from the previous entry.

  21. Hayley the Shopgirl says:

    best wallpaper EVER!

  22. CheshireCat says:

    Oh little puppeh, you are so tiny, so helpless, so shiveringks…let me snorgle you.

  23. Reminds me of those gangsta rappers in improbably thick coats.

    “Where my bitches at?”

  24. lol @ Margaret

    He *is* called Biggie!

  25. goofy little leggies there excuse me tocks tocks

  26. DizzyPrincess says:

    I think he’s like waiting til the camera flashes, so he can BOLT!

  27. oh!! wee doggyla…looks happy enough…….mummy why didnt you get some tootsie warmers for my wee little feet?

  28. my little ones have coats too. it’s cold out there!

  29. LOL the pitiful little puppy face is just too much to take.
    He so looks like a little kid all wrapped up in a snowsuit and unable to move.

  30. I wanna buy him little waterproof bootsies.

  31. berthaslave says:

    If that jacket was orange he could be Kenny from South Park.

  32. Oh noes, his tiny little ‘tocks! They are in danger! He needs a ‘tock sock for protecshun.

  33. If I had been drinking coffee when I saw this picture, it would have come out of my nose, that is one cute puppeh!

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Does Land’s End make puppy pants in extra-extra-extra petite? Oh, this is SO embarassing!”

  35. awwww how cute!

  36. Awww this poor lottle Puppy Never got a hover text. now he is cold and hoverless.

  37. TILT… Fallingks Halp! Haaaaalp!!!

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s fallen and he can’t get up! Poor little guy. What good does it do to be all over-heated on one end with baby-blue jacket.. and totally wavin’ in the wind at the other end?? brrr on the nether regions for sure.

  39. omg! does anyone know where to get that jacket? Please tell me! must get one. thanks!!

  40. Mary GcDermott says:


  41. Reminds me of this:

    Just about the saddest chi I have ever seen…. ever.

  42. Haha! Maybe Biggie will get some pants for Christmas. 🙂

  43. I love this so much i have the one where he is wearing sunglasses for wall paper love it!!!!!!