More Japanese ingenuity: DOG PANNNTS

THIS JUST IN: Alert Cuteporter Jennifer B. gives us the latest evidence of Japan handing our asses to us in teh Cute Depahtment. [shaking fist at sky] Japaneeeeeeeeese!!!!

Two words: Dog Pants.

Dogs. In. Pannnnts. Or should I say overalls? What is this, the ‘Come On Eileen’ video?

The better to POOP ON

I need to get a grip, Jennifer. Look at the cuffs. And tail tailoring.



  1. Animalphiles Annie says:

    There’s just something so very wrong about this.

  2. Another Angela says:

    Maybe better than skirts.

  3. LOL! Nice.

  4. Sammys Mom says:

    omg, I died laughing at the striking similarity to that Eileen video. So true-be-dat.

    Cute pups in cuffs but Toora-Loora-Redonk!

  5. Martin-san says:

    Hmm, this is going so far up the cute ladder that you end up at the far bottom instead. Clothes on dogs are just uncute:) Few exceptions.

  6. Just remembering my cuz Eileen now, and how her life was a LIVING HELL in the ’80s. 😉

    Nice pents, puppies.

  7. circuscake says:

    hmmm….i don’t know. i bought my dog jammies that had front and back legs, he didn’t really like ’em, even though he enjoys his coats and sweaters when it gets chilly.

    about once a year i drag out the pj’s and make him put ’em on though, because he looks so insanely cute. then we take ’em off and use ’em for a round of tug-o-war.

  8. is that little poodlely puppy at the top the pup from the cat cafe? Looks just like it.

    I think they’re kind of adorable in these = but not for all the time.

  9. Eeeuuu, doggy pants ):
    Sure, the poodly puppy is cute…
    but the other two are… gross… xD
    I don’t like puppy pants that much ):

  10. hey now america has had these. i used to work at trixie and peanut and we sold them!!

  11. hey now america has had these. i used to work at trixie and peanut and we sold them!!

  12. hey now america has had these. i used to work at trixie and peanut and we sold them!!

  13. Wishbone wore overalls first as Tom Sawyer. Maybe that’s where Japan got the idea.

    They hand our asses to us by covering all but the dogs’ asses?

  14. OMG Dexys Midnight Runners reference.

  15. metsakins says:

    the look on the first dog’s face. “good, nobunny I know over there”. I’ll just keep my head down and hope for the best!

  16. Canada has these too! I should know; when I used to work at Woofles I had to fold them over and over.

  17. the video reference made me lol 🙂 flashback to 9th grade…what a great song!

  18. so what we’re saying is….these dogs could actually be called Senor McPuppypants, and it would not be an exaggeration. i like it.

  19. CheshireCat says:

    I am so sad for this puppy who must face his friends in such ridiculous attire…but at the same time: Ba-ha-ha! XD

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    Why? Why?

  21. The first dog looks like a cabbage patch puppy or something.

  22. looks more like Japanese indignity to me…

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Ah, well, at least now we have puppy pants to put on our asses when they’re handed to us…

  24. You can’t put puppypants on asses. Asses are too big, and ‘sides, they got hooves.

  25. *sigh* Where’s my puppy? He disappeared years ago with some of the other neighborhood dogs. He couldn’t just up and leave. He had arthritis in his left hip. Poor Jumper.

  26. they’re kind of…doggie *chaps”. [shudder]

  27. Rawlf wearings pants. That’s just so wrong.

  28. anner — yes! buttless chaps! that’s exactly what they are! o_O

  29. Brak_Silverbone says:

    In that first photo? Those are BETTER than pup pants. Those are POODLE PANTS!

  30. Yeah. Kinda cute. I don’t know. If the dog’s down with it, it’s cute. I like it more when dogs ACT like humans, not just LOOK like them.

    Mebbe if big doggie was dressing little doggie in pants…

  31. first dog is cute..but those bottom two look a bit like those Tabloid pics of Nicole Richie when skinny jeans used to be baggy jeans on her.

    Regardless, puppy-pants and puppy-clothes are VERY cute, and my dog never leaves the house without them….and that’s HER decision

  32. Someone should get a pair for the chihuahua in the coat in the previous post to this. Then the outfit would be complete and he wouldn’t freeze his tocks off. 🙂