Halp! Halp!

Santa is about to nom my ears OFF!

He’s as crazy as this candy cane motif behind us!!! Hep me Obi-wan!


Kris M. I wish you a Merry Christmas full of poodle snacks



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Hee! I wonder if the pets are as cantankerous around Santa as human kiddies are? I know I always dreaded the annual visit to Santa.

  2. Me too! This poodle is clearly not in solidarity with the writers.

  3. Obi-wan? This is sweet, but I don’t get the Star Wars reference…

  4. It’s just:
    “help me, obi-wan kenobi, you’re my only hope.”
    don’t overthink.

  5. Slave To Three Again says:

    Too. Cute. For. Werdz.

  6. gloom raider says:

    I think it’s referring to the ear-do.

  7. … Looks like Santa fell asleep with a living teddydog!

  8. DizzyPrincess says:

    One of the pet stores had Santa photos all this week. As cute as it would have been to have a photo of my bunny with Santa…I might not have found my bunny in the store for an hour or so after she bolted.

  9. hahha the cuteness of this blog is almost too much to bear. great blogging and very unique niche. stay in touch on the blogosphere!

  10. ZOMG!!1!!

    Tartan Ribbon: $1.00

    Santa Picture: $5.00

    The look on the little poocheroo’s face: PRICELESS

  11. dawwwwwwwwwwww

  12. Wow…that candy cane background makes my brain hurt!

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  14. What a floof-o-rama!
    1. Santa’s hat
    2. Santa’s glove
    3. Santa’s beard
    4. Floofacious poodle

    I think the pup looks pretty happy being snorgled by Santa!

  15. Oh my goodness! That dog doesn’t even look real! Too cute!

  16. Three of my dogs love Santa but the fourth one does not so I have to be in the pic with her every year.

    Hope the weather is better next weekend or this may be the first time in years that my pups haven’t had their annual pic with Santa.

  17. That poor guy. I was at Petsmart yesterday and the poor Santa had a lapful of biting, yappy pups and later on the most dispproving cat I’ve ever seen.

  18. Momof2kitties says:

    Dear Santa,

    I can has dat puppeh?

  19. Anne Marie says:

    Chortle. LOVE this.

  20. GerbilNibble says:

    The idea of Santa scares me. Creeping down the chimeny, leaving coals for bad girls and boys, the “better watch out, better not cry” mantra.

    The whole idea of a guy named Santa, who watches you when you’re sleeping, knows when you’re awake.. like on the potty.. so be good cause an old man who is obsessed with children is watching you for your own good sake…

    It just creeps me out.

  21. GerbilNibble says:

    My children will not be indoctrinated into the myth of christianity or materialism. Sorry, but I feel I must break the chain of bad habit here and now.

  22. LOL, Santa is floofier than that pup!

  23. Wow, Gerbil. Ummm…do what you think is necessary, but don’t be afraid of having some imagination. This is just a picture of a dog with someone dressed as Santa. It’s cute, see, because the dog has a funny expression! It’s not “scared” of Santa, is it? Maybe it’s humiliated by the ribbon round the neck? Or maybe it’s making a funny face for the camera? See? Ha! No need to hate!

    But seriously, I think that dog is a Muppet.

  24. Sammys Mom says:

    that poodlie’s lips look like he’s pressin’ them together like when you apply chapstick! hehehe

  25. My little poodle mix had a decidedly less happy face on (more like “terrified”) when I tried to get his picture taken with Santa last year… aaand the Santa looked drunk. So, this picture turned out a bit better than mine 😉

    Supercute! Poodles are awesome.

  26. That dog is totally peeing in fear on Santa’s lap.

  27. Gotta go with Santa on this one.

  28. I worked as a Santa’s Helper at the mall one year and I got so indignant with the parents who would force their children, screaming, into Santa’s lap, spend 10 minutes trying to make them smile, and then get mad at them when they wouldn’t do it, like the children had just disappointed them horribly.

    I hope pet parents are more understanding. The big man in the funny fake beard is kinda creepy! 🙂

  29. the poodle paw! look at the poodle paw!!! it’s a big lump of curly floof with no beginning and no end! oh so cute!

  30. gerbilnibble – ummm, what? lol.

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    I must be the only one who saw this as Santa *bringing me* the puppeh?? That would be the best christmas EVAR. (for me, anyway. The elderly kitteh at my house would, I fear, be extremely disapproving.)

  32. Gerbil…hmmm, never thought of it that way. Now I’m totally Santa skeeved. Gee, thanks a lot! Still want to take my ball of fluff to visit Santy’s lap, though. Hopefully he’ll look as cute as the wee muffin in this pic! Must snorgle puppeh!

  33. CheshireCat says:

    I shall rescue teh puppeh from Santa ear-nomming!
    *takes puppeh from Santa and presents her with little stinky rawhide toys*
    I hope that cheers you up puppeh…