Eat your peas, Kid

They’re good for you—they’ll give you niiiiiice beady eyes.


Excellent glurpage, Johanna S. 😛



  1. soooo cute!

  2. peas on earth!

  3. there’s a rule for this right?? thing with smaller version of thing or something??? regardless they are the SUPER cutest. i love the little one’s expression! aww.

  4. marissposa says:

    omg! the little ones forepaws grasping the edge of the dish. too big for it’s tiny body. too much for me.

  5. Another Angela says:

    One of my all-time favorite rattie photos.

  6. Another Angela says:

    One of my all-time favorite rattie photos.

  7. Another Angela says:

    One of my all-time favorite rattie photos.

  8. I want to tickle the little belly!!!

  9. That is adorable!

  10. Too cute. I die now. i can has coffin?

  11. my mostest favoritest!!! dumbo ratties… sigh… i die… *plop*

  12. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! Dumbo rats! I love the little one!!!

  13. Oh the little one!

  14. Sammys Mom says:

    be still my beating heart. what a perfect baby mousie specimen. It’s absolute, extreme cuteness and stance and ‘caught-ya-looking for snack’ presence is so rare that maybe I’m dreaming or maybe it’s one of the baby mousies from Cinderella!

  15. Yeah, the hands are the most incredibly nimble things. Our Dumbos are running around at this moment collecting soybeans. The still pics don’t do justice to the ‘Happy Ratty Dance’ when they find a bit of food like that and stash it in the nest.

  16. Oh my lord, that little guy belongs in a Disney cartoon or something. I think this is the cutest thing ever posted on this site. For realsies.

  17. all we are saying is give peas a chance!!
    that is right up there with the world peace hamster for cuteness. that baby rattie is unbelievably adorable. and mom is sweet, too, eyeing the paparazzi. the little hands just kill me. squeeee

  18. OMG! The ears… the nose… the baby… the colour… *gets all incoherent and falls babbling onto floor*

  19. yet another michelle says:

    “I can has….oh..nevermindks”

    although, I think he really wants the peas. I was just projecting what my kids would say if they were trapped in the body of a cute baby mouse and then presented with dish of bright green peas.

  20. yet another michelle says:

    “I can has….oh..nevermindks”

    although, I think he really wants the peas. I was just projecting what my kids would say if they were trapped in the body of a cute baby mouse and then presented with dish of bright green peas.

  21. yet another michelle says:

    and they had to speak cutenese.

  22. Don’t know if this has been said before on this website, but Meg is our 21st century, multimedia *** BEATRIX POTTER.*** Don’t think I can pay her a better compliment.

    I refer to the original books of course, and not the Hollywood movie, although I have nothing against Renee Zellweger.

  23. *Gasp!* They both have “side chub.” Eeeeh!

  24. *Gasp!* They both have “side chub”. Eeeeh!

  25. O…M…G!!! Beh beh ratling’s little puckered “ooh” mouth is just tooooo musch. Nurse! – insulin injection STAT!!

  26. OMG! Chubpockets and the little belly!

  27. That cannot be real. Those are creatures from the Jim Henson studio.

  28. Visualise whirled peas!
    Oh my goddess, do rats do everything with both front paws?

  29. They look like animated characters! Gus Gus and his mum! Except they’re rats….

  30. circuscake says:

    you can totally tell those two are related…

  31. o those ears! and the BEF! and yes this definitely fits into the rule of a cute thing and a smaller version of the cute thing.

  32. I think this should get the coveted cuteness trifecta, because..
    A. a thing with a smaller version of that thing
    B. animals + food = cute
    C. someone is looking helpless
    D. big ear to head ratio!

  33. E. BEF
    F. someone hasn’t grown into there limbs yet

  34. great – now my hub and kiddlets are going to have to fend for themselves because – it’s official -MEG HAS KILLED ME WITH TEH QTE!!!!!!

    That baby has to be, no seriously IS the most adorable, sweetest, yummiest little morsel of nom nom nom I’ve ever in my 42 years EVER seen.

    **Leaves syringes and Humalog for everyone at the door.**

  35. Homaigoodness!
    Bebeh mousey!
    I agree with Jean.
    This is quite trifecta-tastic!
    Awrrr I wanna squeeze the little bebeh D:

  36. Baby mouse stretching for a pea is so cute!

  37. I nominate this for the “Matchingks” category!! It’s a classic example!

  38. Holy Cow.
    That really is too much.
    Off the charts!

  39. There are waaaayyyy to many cute things to point out here…..*splodes* The ears!

  40. metsakins says:

    Oh great, I’m gonna havta call in ded tomorrow!

  41. Matchingks. And do we have a mom and baby catagory.. we should!

  42. oooooh CUTE! I’m lovin’ Junior there.

  43. Jamie Susan says:

    For the love of God please do a C.O.X.C.U. on that Beh Beh rattie face!!! And the hands!!! Oh my gosh!!!

  44. *looks at human with funny shiny square face*

    I can has peas too?

  45. Wow, never heard of a Dumbo Rat befo’.

  46. CheshireCat says:

    I must go give my rattie some peas so I can recreate the cuteness of this post in my own home. YAY!

  47. I gotta join in – that behbeh is hopelessly, ‘splodingly cute. The BEF, the round ears, the stretch, the tummy, the pink nose…

    I must have that little behbeh so I can kiss him on the nose.

  48. Momof2kitties says:

    OMG. Meg, you are responsible for leaving three children motherless, as I have just died from teh qte. Teh bebbeh looks like the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” guy.
    I will Rest In Peas. 🙂

  49. I know where this picture originally came from: the mama rat’s name was Darla she has passed but I’m not sure what the baby’s name is.

  50. If you put the cursor over the pic, it says, “Ratatooeh”! Like, Disney/Pixar’s movie Ratatouille! Pixar’s rats keep their ears back, though. All is cute!

  51. Here’s our happy little ratty girls on Thanksgiving.

  52. Oh wow, I don’t usually think rats are cute but that BABY!!!!!! He doesn’t even look real. What a sweetie.

  53. SQUEEE!!! This is THE cutest picture EVAR!

  54. Ooooh, the sweet little rattie-butts!

  55. Ratties are just too cute. I want to pick them up and kiss them all over their little furry faces.

  56. That’s it. Future pet for me. Starting to research NOW. Me wants dumbo ratties for self!

  57. ok, i IMMEDIATELY thought “remmy” from the disney/pixar movie (which i will not attempt to spell….)

    the bebeh has killed me ded. and finals coming up too. i cant study with a ‘sploded head! bad timing, meg!!!

  58. Those paws are redunk to the nth degree. Especially on that bebah

  59. rooooooooooooo!

    i was telling my mom about this over the phone and she was like, “eh, dumbo rats, i don’t think they’re that cute…” in a couple of seconds she had scrolled down to it, and started shrieking from cuteness so loudly that my husband could hear her across the room. then my dad came along and asked her if they were real. teh power of teh ratties!

  60. I’ve got a whole dialogue going between the rats (“Now Herschel, finish your peas!”,) but I can’t finish it because I’m too busy wondering how such a thing can possibly be real and not some Pixar-induced fantasy. I mean, even the colors — a blue floor? A red couch? The shock in the young rat’s eyes? Oy. Perfect. Like a nice danish.

  61. omg. sooooooo cute.
    surely this must turn anyone who thinks rats aren’t/can’t be cute. this is just so freakin adorable.

  62. Yay for Dumbo Rats, though Dumbo Rat Double Rex are much cuter.

  63. *ded*

  64. *falls over dead*

  65. OMG, I can’t stop squealing with delight over this one! This absolutely meets the ‘trifecta of cute’ criteria!

  66. what an adorable picture. so cute!

  67. AHHH! RULE #7!!!!1!!1!

  68. Undeniably THE cutest rat baby EVER!!

  69. ka9q's wife says:

    Ok is it me? When I scrolled away from that pic in my head the littlest rattie was wearing overalls.

  70. Another Angela says:

    I can’t believe some of you insulted the ratties and called them MICE! the horror. Just accept it–rats are teh cute.

  71. Deb B (New Zealand) says:

    This is gorgeous!! I have 5 babies and they all love their pea ‘bath’ like this. I have just as much fun watching them!!!
    Dogs drool -rats rule!!!!!!!!!

  72. Mom Rat:
    “Zze peez, zze peez! U must alvays eet zze peez… when I vas a youngin, we didint has peez!”

    Lil Rat:

  73. I love how the little one is grasping th bowl and looking like he is saying “are you sure I can take one?” at us.

    and normally I wouldn’t consider rodents very cute at all LOL!

    @:ka9q’s wife, I totally agree!

  74. Nuttin’s cuter than dumbo ratties except *baby* dumbo ratties!!! I just wanna kiss those adorable little bellies!!