Scooped by DListed!

My other fave site,* has SCOOPED US by posting this prosh McMonkersons/banana combo for their weekly caption contest.

Touché, DListed, TOUCHÉ!


Oh, and nice Brad Pitt photo today, too. 😉

*The thinking man’s Perez Hilton



  1. LunaKitteh says:


  2. LunaKitteh says:

    I meant to say, that’s either a verreh small monkey or a verreh laaaaaarge banana!!

  3. Tina Rhea says:

    Another pygmy marmoset! They just had one on I was part of a study of these little people at the National Zoo. To reduce the odds of their being something’s lunch, they have evolved two speeds: snail and where’d it go?

    Visions of this marmoset eating itself nearly sick on that banana and then lying on its back, eyes closed, bloating quietly with a blissful smile….

  4. CheshireCat says:

    Cause of Death: accidental cute overdose.

  5. So cute and tiny!
    Oh, and Meg, SO agree about the Brad Pitt photo.

    Now back to gushing over ridiculously pocket sized monkey whose eyes are definately bigger than his stomach!

  6. Cute pic of the monkeh, but you might want to d-link “d-listed”

    I’m sure a kiddo or two comes to your site to view the cute, and we wouldn’t want them getting more than they should. Not that you, Meg, should be the internet police. But no reason to make it easier than it is, ya know?

  7. I adore Dlisted, it is my favorite site after this one, and in fact I believe it was something else you linked Meg that first brought me to it! Michael K. is a god (and you are a goddess!).

  8. Wow, this dude rocks the TINY!

  9. In Soviet Russia, the banana eats the monkeh!

  10. Hmmmm.. He looks almost like my monkey!!

  11. Redzilla…LOL.


    Must…resist….Freudian implications…..

  12. Hey hey hey~! Cute monkey, but…
    I absolutely love Cuteoverload and so does my little kid brother… I really don’t want him seeing x-rated pictures through clicking a link on your site. ):
    Not that you’re any less awesome, just… maybe removing the link may be nice 😉
    Cute baby monkey~ <3

  13. He’s all OMG YAY!


  14. And to all the comments about the site – geez ya prudes, it’s a free internet. And Meg is giving credit to the source via that link. I’d say most of this site’s visitors are adults anyway.

  15. not only do i love the monkey, i love michael k (of dlisted) even more!!! i agree that he is def the thinking man’s perez lol

  16. I was going to send this in but forgot! I read dlisted too, and I have noticed that Michael posts the occasional cute animal pic.

  17. p.s. He’s “one of us.”
    *shifty eyes*

  18. Mitsu you’re hilarious! No matter how jaded Michael tries to sound deep down he really is a cute reporter!

    I’m happy my sites love each other. It’s like having kids that get along.

  19. “*The thinking man’s Perez Hilton”

    Actually, I’d describe it as “Perez Hilton if he were an old, bitter alcoholic who hated everything and was glad he had the internet to whine on where people can’t slap him for being an ass.”

    Seriously, I read dlisted for a short while but was turned off by the endless bitching. If anything, it’s the ANTI-cute.

  20. Dlisted is horrible. Not funny, not smart. Creepy and abusive.

  21. Dlisted’s tabloid’esk nature aside…


  22. Omg thats soo cute!!!

    First I found this AWESOME cat pic

    Then I come here and find this great one, !!

    wow Today is “Cuterday” Not SATURDAY 🙂

  23. Rich Fader says:

    “THANK You, God!”

  24. That banana could positively smoosh that marmoset. Smoishe, even.

    I want to smack Perez Hilton in the face. It must be very liberating to know that no one can e-smack you.

  25. Wow, such a cutiepie!

  26. Dlisted rules, Michael K is a comic genius, and this picture is adorable.

  27. Wow, this little guy’s hit the jackpot! Look how ecstatic he looks!

  28. “zOMG! I am een HEAVUN! Giant bananananana is all for MEEEEE!”

  29. Awwww – took forever to get to the Brad Pitt pic. I don’t think I like that site tho. Sorry Meg. I did take a gander tho. I’m just not into hate mongering, usually, lol. (There ARE exceptions. Vick, I’m looking at you….)

  30. I hit the motherload!

  31. “OMG! Is this all for ME…”

  32. Bertha slave just for you and because gosh darn it, I couldn’t resist.

    Hey Monkey is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see me.

    Okay I will resist all the other ones that are now floating around in my head.

    And there are PLENTY.

  33. Marmoset Marvin began his day, like every other, by checking his email. “Yes,” he thought, “I AM tired of being the ‘little guy’ in the gym showers.” Looking around to make sure no one was watching, he ordered the advertised product. Several days later, he received a compact parcel, wrapped in plain brown paper. And with that, his life was forever changed.

  34. “The thinking man’s Perez Hilton”

    The thinking man [sic] needs a Perez Hilton????

  35. Yes, yes, the thinking man (or woman) does need a better, actually funny, version of PH. The Superficial usually fills that void for me, and D-List looks good as well!

    And also…MONKEY! When was the last time you had a meal that was BIGGER THAN YOU?!

  36. Cath!! LOL!

  37. pugmamatimestwo says:

    i has a nana.

    SO cute!! love to see this little dudes at the zoo.

  38. Sweetdoggie says:

    When I was a kid, you used to be able to buy squirrel monkeys from the backs of comic books–or at least, they were advertised there. I always wanted one but my family said that they were vicious and would bite me. Plus, I think they cost like twenty dollars which was an awful lot of money 45 years ago.

  39. fawn lust says:

    it’s KILLING me

  40. Re: Brad Pitt.
    Dude, it’s the human body. It’s a beautiful picture of a beautiful man, what’s x-rated about a nude body? How is it different from Michaelangelo’s sculptures? I bet these kids have seen R rated levels of violence on TV and movies and how is that more acceptable than seeing a nude body?
    X-rating is about what nude bodies do together and THAT’s for adult eyes only.

  41. me wantee monkeh. Sewww qte!

  42. Am I the only one with a perverted mind here?

  43. “Yes! Canada’s most *fearsome* predator! The Kodiak Marmoset!!”

  44. LunaKitteh says:

    yeah, he’s pretty cute… but…sniff, sniff…no one mentioned my first first… it was truly a huge moment for me… almost as big as that banana..

  45. Yay! Dlisted and Cute Overload give me the most daily laughs, and Michael K. is a dog person, so he’s okay by me. Love the monkeh.

  46. Caption:? and they say to never eat anything bigger than your head…. Hmmm… I think this ‘Nana gonna last me awhile…. Hmmm… Nom, nom, nom. This gon’ be messeh, chilluns! Hmmm…

  47. Monkeh sez: “Yaeah!”