You’re sucking my eyeball out.

The Toledo Zoo has a new behbeh giraffe who has a Mom likes to get her snack on. Can’t blame her. Schloooorrrrphf!

The Toledo Zoo—also home of "FrogTown" which is the best exhibit name evar.


Love the lil’ crooked mouth on the behbeh, Johanna S. 😉



  1. omg!! that reminds me of my horse, who tends to lick my eyeball and almost licked out my contact once.

    I can just imagine what the baby is thinking and how that feels. ::twitch::

  2. Awww, his behbeh mouth is saying like “all riiiiight Mom, sheesh.” How very prosh.

  3. elizabeth says:

    the mouth is what’s killing me. so cute!

  4. Kinda like when you’re tryin to run out to catch the school bus and Mom stops you at the door, licks her fingers, and tries to smooth your hair…
    …”MOO-OOM!! Gro-oss!!!”

  5. “MOOOooom! The other kids are WATCHiiiiiing!”

    … The SF Zoo recently had a bebeh giraffe named Pumpkin. PUMPKIN, people. Yeesh.

    And there was a surprise duiker birth on Wednesday. Oops…

  6. cuutte!!

  7. circuscake says:

    if my behbeh looked like that i wouldn’t be able to stop kissin’ him either.

  8. where can i get an eyelash curler like that?

  9. that baby is so saying “Moooo-om, you’re embarrassing me!” 🙂

  10. OMG, I’ve never posted before, but this was just so cute I had to! Thank you for making my day!

  11. …a photo taken from the toledo zoo and on Cuteoverload!?! Seriously, if it wasn’t for the toledo zoo and a few other places in toledo,toledo would be one of the dullest cities on the face of the earth.

  12. OMG!!! the adorableness of this little guy sent mo over the edge!! *dies*

  13. the picture’s even more hilarious because it’s cut off before you see their bodies.

    Giraffes look like very long hand puppets if you just see their neck ^O^

  14. It looks like he is saying: “Awwww, Moooom! Not in front of the guys!”

  15. Behbeh say “eh… meh eye!”

    Reminds me of scene from the movie “Punch Drunk Love” where she’s talking about how she wants to suck on his eyeball.

  16. But, isn’t Toledo Holy?

    *evil grin*

  17. I love them! I think the bebeh is doing this:


  18. berthaslave says:

    Giraffes are the most redonkulous of nature’s creatures. Gentle, giant, weird, and eminently snorgable if you can get close enough. We need more giraffes on CO.

  19. Maaahhhhaammm! Not in front of my friendz!

  20. Tony James says:

    “Come here, bubbeleh – you’ve got a little schumtz. Oh hold still! What, you think your friends don’t have mothers? You know, one day I won’t be around to make sure you’ve got your lunch and your shoes are tied and then where will you be? Oh, you and making the faces again – one day the wind will change and you’ll stay like that and you’ll never meet a nice girl. Oy, who’d have boys? I was saying to Mrs. Greenblatt down the street just the other day – you know, her daughter’s an undergraduate at Harvard, you think a nice girl like Rachel Greenblatt wants to talk to someone with schmutz on their face?”

    Proof positive that Jewish Mother syndrome transcends species boundaries.

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    I like their antlery-things! Very sweeeeeet

  22. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    My gramma used to lick my sister’s hair into place, and that what made it curly – so my mom says.

    Hell Comes to Frogtown?

  23. My father gave me a spit face bath not very long ago, when we were leaving a restaurant, and believe me, I am well past the age of majority. 😉

  24. Sooo… no one’s invited us to name this one?

  25. I needed that this morning 🙂

    I got a $5000 tax bill yesterday, and today I find out my grandma (who has dementia and only got out of the hospital 2 days ago with a severe UTI) has had a fall and can’t get out of her chair and is crying all the time.

    I need a giraffe kiss

  26. I think the bebeh face was more like


  27. Messy Pokey little hair horns. looove them

  28. Ahhh! The picture on the main website of Momma planting a kiss on top of Baby’s head is even more adorable!

    I died.

  30. GIVE YOUR AUNTY A BIG KISS! *pinches cheek

  31. They should change the exhibit’s name from “Frog Town” to “The Exh-Ribbit.”

  32. I’ve been to the Toledo Zoo about a hundred times, and never seen the giraffes at all!! That darn new Africa exhibit makes it hard to see anything 😦

  33. thanks mom they are taking our picture, just be grateful kid like us humans or moms love to show off these pictures to our boyfreinds or girlfriends at 17 18 whatever makes mom happy

  34. Quarentaytres says:

    Are you guys seriously not sickened by the baby talk on this website?
    Yes, animals are cute. Even adorable, but is it really necessary for Meg to be so schmaltzy about everything?
    It’s called ‘baby’ talk for a reason.
    Now I know that you guys won’t care, or will react indignantly with, “Like, omgwtf, if you don’t like it why are you wasting your time and ours..” And yes, I agree. It is stupid, but to be honest I feel like, while the pictures are appealing, the writing on this website is so abysmally annoying that I really can’t ignore it any longer. It is the fingernail to my world-wide chalkboard.
    ‘tocks? Adorabuhls? Hasn’t the English language taken enough of a beating without adding to it by the glorified use of juvenile pidgin?

  35. I sorta thought that momma was cleanin out “eye boogies” … I’m always wiping those outta my doggie’s eyes (wiping, not licking)
    That was a darned cute pic though… thanks for sharin

  36. Wow, Quarentaytres, you certainly told us off, didn’t you! On behalf of everyone here who reads Cuteoverload, we are officially ashamed of ourselves for enjoying this trash. You, being of superior mind, have shown us the triviality and wastefulness of spending our time at this pitiful website. I would humbly suggest, however, that even though you are absolutely justified in patting yourself on the back for correctly spelling both “pidgin” and “abysmally” in one post, you might want to work on improving your sentence structure before condemning others for their beatings to the English language. While I admit to being deeply inferior to you based on my love for Meg’s little horror show of a website, my two PhDs in English Literature and Creative Writing might be of some assistance to you before you spout off again in the future. Just a thought.

  37. Quarentaytres:

    Who’s being a little grouch? Does someone need a sippy cup? Poor little schnookums woke up on the wrong side of the beddy-bye today, I think. Now, just cast your delicate little peepers back up to Ms. Giwaffe and imagine if that was your mommeleh and I bet you’ll be the mayor of Giggle City in no time!!!


    The ability to express one’s self in written and spoken language is a skill unique to adult human beings. Rather than choose to employ language as a status-based constant that must under all circumstances reflect one’s chronological age and/or conform to a very narrow definition of social propriety — in a public, text-based forum like a community internet bulletin board, no less — the denizens of have chosen to expand their ability to express themselves through the employment of a collectively determined, fluid set of written verbal signifiers that reject the kind of linguistic and semiological decorum that is required in other intellectual fora.

    In other words, LIGHTEN UP, FRANCIS.

    Now who wants a cookie?

  38. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Cookie!

  39. KittyBabyMama says:

    OMG…wish I had some shoes with that print on them…love animal print accessories.

    BTW – Sandy – love your sense of self…

    Quarentaytres – have another drink of self-righteousness. The night will look better.

  40. berthaslave? Is it wrong that I kinda love you right now?

    Also, I don’t live there now, but I am a Toledo native. That zoo is awesome.

  41. KittyBabyMama says:


    Lighten up Francis (awesome, Berthaslave)should be the new caption for this pic…

    Luv it….

    PS – I’ll take a cookie…

  42. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    LOL Quarentaytres, your ‘tocks are adorabuhls!! (imagines poor CO user writhing in agony cuz of the AWFUL *shudder* BABY words i used)

  43. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    btw, berthaslave, i, in fact, do want a cookie. Make mine chocolate chip!

  44. CheshireCat says:

    Lolz! Quarentaytres!
    Wait…you’re not serious…are you?
    Oh well, anyways…*gets ladder so as to snorgle bebeh giraffe*

  45. Oatmeal raisin, please! And more giraffy snorgles!

  46. And Quarentaytres, I think you’ll find if you remove that pole from your ‘tocks you’ll feel a lot better!

  47. Tony James says:

    Cookies? Double chocolate chip and a big glass of cold milk, please.

  48. Quarentaytres – Um, you know, your computer is similar to your television. You may choose to look at something else.
    In the meantime, I’d like a cookie and I want to snorgle with the bebeh and watch him make that thing with his mouth again.

  49. this totally made my day. i love giraffes! such sweet animals.

  50. All this smack-talk against baby-talk is gir-laffe-able.

    And I would like a Snickerdoodle, if orders are still being taken.

  51. Tony James says:

    AUBLES! ‘s ok, if the orders are closed I’ll share my cookie with you 🙂

    See, Quarentaytres – when you place nice with others life is so much sweeter.

  52. Huh. So Quarentaytres prolly isn’t such a fan of icanhascheezburger, I’d wager.

    Lizzums, Toledo is indeed holy. LOL. They have that going for them, plus this bebeh giraffe with his smooching mommy. Who could ask for more?

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Manda, sweetie, I was thinkin’ the same thing, ‘cept my mom used ta gimme tha eyebrow treatment!!! :P^^ “Cut it out, MOM!!!”

  54. i dunno…i think he’s smiling, sorta smug, like,”my ma–she loves me!”
    and the hairy horns are hopelessly cute, too.

  55. SO CUTE!!! Bebeh giraffes look so ridiculous!

    TJ – Right on about the Jewish mother syndrome! But I can tell you it happens with mothers in EVERY religion…

    Quarentaytres – All the written matter on Cute Overload has been done so in a manner akin to juvenile discourse since September 2005. And before expressing your chagrin regarding “the English language taking a beating”, kindly take some time to peruse the links that you will find by clicking on the names of the commenters you havee so unfairly maligned. I trust you will find that some of them are doing more than their fair share of keeping the English language alive and in dressed in full regalia. And, it may surprise you to know that for some, English might not even be a first language.

    In short, get off your high horse.

  56. Grrrr…. that was “have” not “havee”. Stupid keyboard…

  57. Here is a giant cookie for everyone to share!!!

    And Amy…it’s never wrong to love a man who can show off an impressive virtual tongue. (And one who loves kittens!) 😉

  58. Frogtown….clearly only second to Penguin Island at Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey

  59. lol @ the nuffers. The nuff even when there’s nuffing (lol!) to nuff about.

    Stop taking attention away from the giraffes! This little guy needs our help. Otherwise his eyes will be sucked out by the age of four… months.

  60. Thanks, Berthaslave!

    Now we need a tanker of milk….

  61. Momof2kitties says:

    Cookie please! With a big sippy cup of milk too! Thanks.

    My son’s first grade teacher would call this “Mother’s Universal Solvent.”

    *feels sudden urge to run to the Detroit Zoo, despite the -100 degree temperature today*

  62. Quarentaytres, mon ami, yoo haff neglected to monhshon ze reedeecyoulohss aksonts!!

  63. PS Berthaslave, I award yoo ze Légion d’honneur de La Cité Geeggle.

  64. Fegli — ‘nuf sed.

  65. No some people just need castor oil to remind them of the ability that other than their own words can be sicking.
    Berthaslave you rock !!! that Person Q should be locked in a room and have to listen to the readings of our many notes to the website that will take quite a while

  66. Ahwww, big kiss for him!

  67. Ahwww, big kiss for him!

  68. Wee little giraffe!
    Mummy takes care of wee little one!

  69. I had no idea that this sort of negative banter went on.
    I thought it was all about the wee animals.
    This is what it is all about? About how people choose to type their opinions?
    To those who understand…do you really have to bother with the nonsense? NO.
    To those who do not understand……we will ignore you lot as you have nothing relevant to add.

  70. Quarentaytres is now officially my widduw woogums.

  71. “You’ve been in my eyeliner again! You’re not going anywhere looking like that. You are too young to be wearing make-up Missy. I’ll slurp it off myself! What’s next, high heels?”

  72. Awesome pic! My hometown is Toledo, Ohio, but now I reside in Ft. Wort, Texas. I have made many, many, MANY visits to the Toledo Zoo (my family were members) and there are TONS of cute animals there. We had a baby hippo one year, named Bubbles, it was so cute!

    If cute lovers are in northwest ohio, go to the Toledo Zoo – you won’t be disappointed!

  73. I don’t want anyone to be jealous, but last weekend, I actually snorgled a giraffe. Okay, so we were just supposed to be feeding them, and giving them the odd pet, but when the big bebeh leaned in far enough for me to access the axis of snorgling, I was helpless to do anything other than take advantage of the situation. It was a cheap, stolen snorgle, but a snorgle nonetheless.

  74. the frog exhibit is called frog town because Toledo’s original name was frog town. love that zoo, i miss it since i moved.

  75. circuscake says:

    Ann-Eve, you’re my hero. you *had* to do it. for all of us.

  76. circuscake says:

    damn it! i missed cookie time!

    *kicks sippy cup across the room*

  77. I worked at the Toledo Zoo this summer as a Train Narrator and got to talk about this mama and baby almost everyday, I fell in love with her!

  78. Ah, Berthaslave… I was fond of you before, but now it’s full-fledged love. I mean lof.

    And seriously, Q? If you really want to help the language, you should be directing your efforts toward eradicating the rampant and egregious abuse of the once-noble apostrophe. It causes one to weep.

    Back on topic: I can’t get over how weird giraffes are. It couldn’t be avoided, Ann-Eve, espesh as that’s gotta be a sizable axis.

  79. I *think* this is the video of the little tyke trying to stand up.

  80. ya know, i’ve been puzzled for days, thinking, “why does that baby giraffe seem so…familiar?” just realized, hand to god, he looks like george bush. kinda.