THIS JUST IN: A mini badge

Je suis petit McBadgersons!

Ne mange pas mes oreilles!


Marty C., those lil’ eye capsules and that mini paw ackshon is the proshest. If you find a mini-badge, call the Gwent Badger Rescue 24-har hotline stat!, and donate here!



  1. badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger
    badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger

    mushroom mushroom!

  2. That is one of the bleeniest Badgeroos I’ve ever seen! I humbly request a COCXU on those toenails!!!

    Why am I suddenly hungry for a chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream?

  3. Eye capsules!

  4. BumbleBee says:

    i may well have proclaimed this before, but THIS really is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. The belleh creases…the creeeeases!

  5. mmmarmalade says:

    He looks like neapolitan ice cream without the strawberry. But I will lick him anyway. 🙂

  6. So tinies!

    Badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom!

    Does anyone have link to the badger video?

  7. SQUEEEEEEE!!! What a tiny guy!

  8. Pfft! Badgers. We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers.

    Naw, I’m just kiddin’. What a cutie!

  9. Master Brock looks newly born.

  10. That is adorable. I want one.

  11. Ummm…. “don’t eat my ears?” I assume that referrs to a soft kronsche but still… poor litle behbeh! Yet still my high school French is 40 years old so who knows…

  12. Awwwww, what a little sweetie…(snorgles the badgerbadgerbaby)

  13. Oh, the stripes! The sweet wee stripes! So perfect.

  14. Pooh wacky post…and i was once a city spelling champion! But he is worthy of major squees and mushy luvs…



  16. noooooooooooooooooooo……………just when you thought you’d seen it all……

  17. charliewabba says:

    OMG, I b’leeve it’s another new flavor from Ben and Jerry’s – beep nose badger fudge swirl with tiny ear cronche bits!

  18. OK, guys. Who read “Bread and Jam for Frances” when they were a kid? Badger fiction!

  19. want.

  20. Yes! “Bedtime for Frances!” “A Baby Sister for Frances!” Plinketty plinketty plee!

    That is some cute stripey behbeh.

  21. FRANCES! I’m gonna cry.

    Lorna Doones, oh Lorna Doones!

  22. His little feeeet! Oh, the feeeeet!

  23. That schnozz is begging for a beep!

  24. He has racing stripes on his eyes!

  25. Yes, that nose is the DEFINITION of “beepable.”

  26. Singing: On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin! (Sorry, it’s a reflex…)

    Overload is right! Too much cute!

  28. I love how he has racing stripes on his head.
    Ah! Tiny paw. Teeeeeny sharp little nails.

  29. bookmonstercats says:

    Are badgers born blind, or is s/he just very sleepy?

  30. ShelleyTambo says:
  31. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ok, twice now I’ve tried to post the badgers song URL, and twice I’ve been told that it’s spam. Trying again…

  32. Meg – my sis says you can never do better than this, ever. Weeell, wait and seeee!! *evil hand tenting*
    (Akchully, she says this just about every three postingks.)

  33. Aww, DLT and Shelley beat me to it!

    ARGH Snake!

  34. metsakins says:

    I can just see Francis looking at the egg on her plate…and she says sumtin’ like I do not like the way you slide…

    but seriousthly I am ded from that foot.

  35. The wee paw! The weeeeeeee paw!

  36. Mrs. Capers says:
  37. mais il faut que je les mange! sont trop mignons pour que je les laisse tranquilles!

  38. thatgirlshines says:

    que’ce qu’il est mimi!!!

  39. testing. can’t…seem…to post…ehn…ehn…

  40. Yes, that nose is the very definition of “beepable.”

  41. ok, i’ve tried to post 3 times and gotten buttkiss (except for that testing one). no accusations of being a spam robot. here goes, one more time:

    ahem. that is a badge i would love to wear on my lapel all day! every detail of her is screaming for COXCO!!!

  42. dammit! rrbodt tooked my idea! >:\ i’m putting it any wayz! best annoying thing ever! my friend even made his moms start up noise on her computer cuz she hates it! XD

  43. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    ‘Bread & Jam for Francis’! Those were the best books. I wish I could come up with stories and drawings such as those. This guy is cute beyond belief, but them badgers is mean when they are growed up.

  44. Pocket Pets !

    Stripey Pets

    He would fit in my Christmas ‘tocking, no?

  45. Meg, get out of my subconscious! First hedgies, now badgers…you’re posting everything I hold dear.

  46. ok, i am soooo glad i’m not the only one who thought “on wisconsin.”


    fyi, i am UW-madison class of ’11. im a freshman here!

    and im not kidding when i say one of the reasons i decided to go here was because badgers were the cutest mascot out of all the schools i looked at…

  47. i want to kees hees petit nosicle!

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    NO ONE has mentioned his soft muzzlepowsche! For Shame!!
    YM leans in and gently keeses Mr Badger’s lovely muzzlemousche.

  49. KISSES that nose Demands KISSES. Smoooch!!!! ; )

  50. i’m also a UW Madison student 🙂

    growing up in Wisconsin i’ve seen a handful of wild badgers, even some young badger pups

    but never a baby like this, too cute

  51. I poke badgers with spoons.
    Thanks, I needed this.

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    Anner.. your post made me lol.. I have not heard “buttkiss”. I believe it’s “bupkus” or something but “buttkiss” really does say it better. Meanwhile, back to the behbeh badger, it’s truly kronschable. I don’t get the “mushroom” references though. (?)

  53. Dang, for some reason I really identified with Frances. I wanna feed him jam samwhiches now.

  54. Momof2kitties says:

    OMG. Those eye stripes are TOO keeyute! Does anyone else remember “Harvey’s Hideout”? I wanted to be his sister so bad!!! Lurve teh badgers!

  55. OMG, that badger badger song. Crazy!!!

  56. charliewabba says:

    Yes, it’s bupkuss (an approximate spelling) Yiddish for nothing.
    Buttkiss would be something.

  57. darkshines says:

    I’m guessing you guys have never heard of a british comedian called Harry Hill in America? He’s a surrealist comedian, and much of his earlier sketches revolved around badgers. His most infamous sketch was the Badger Parade, which always got cancelled for an obscure reason. Good stuff, check him out on youtube….

  58. i wanna go “bloophohzmkld nkfgxvchnv” on his wittle bald belly, it’s so wrinkly!

  59. oh how funny! i had no idea that was yiddish. somehow i always associate it with guys like those dudes that used to be on SNL talking about “da bearsss.” i feel like one ignorant schiksa! 😉

  60. Cute little baby! Luv his one footsie-up.

  61. Snake, snake!

  62. Daphne Moss says:

    Pure raw innocence…Too much for me…


  64. CheshireCat says:

    Oh dear, so many tender childhood memories of Frances the badger resurfacing…

  65. Aucun danger pour tes oreilles, elles sont bien trop petites pour me rassasier.

    Par contre prend garde à tes oreteilles, qui semblent succulentes. Slurps.

  66. Hufflepuff- We totally have the cutest mascot.

  67. jam on biscuits/jam on toast/jam is the thing that/i like most!

  68. OMG, if this little badge was any cuter, I’d fall over and be dead. Looooovveee him!!