“Miracle Pets” People!!!

Superstar Alan Thicke hosts "Miracle Pets", and on this installment, a couple married over FIFTEH years discover (and re-enact with award-winning subtlety) a kitten and its crow guardian. Annngh.

Ashley P., did your head do a head tilt when sending that in? Geeshe!



  1. Aww, no bleenin’ sound at work…looks like a good video, though.

  2. Awww… how sweet!

  3. totally freakin’ awesome! you gotta watch with sound the ‘reenactments’ from the old couple are hillarious! i love it!

  4. Early cat gets the worm? Sappiest video evar, perfect for the holidays.

  5. Cute Overload delivers!

    I feel like my heart just swelled up 5 sizes, Grinch style.

  6. How fantastic.

  7. hibousoir says:

    OMG, that is amazing! And I don’t know who’s the cuter couple: the raven and the kitten or the little old couple!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    This is wonderful!! And I love the kitten’s markings. I would have named it “Charlie” (Chaplin.)

  9. That was one of the sweetest videos I’ve ever seen! What a nice couple to document it for us!

  10. Worth the 7 minute running time.

    (when did Alan Thicke get so old?)

  11. Aw. Why “Cute or Sad”? Because the kitten was a parentless stray? Or because the video was shot long enough ago that the crow has passed on?

  12. I know the scientific types say we’re not supposed to ‘anthropomorphize’ animals, but what the heck else do ya call something like that???

    I mean, other than ooogiecoootieswuggums, that is…

  13. wow. in vain i tried not to get misty, but i did anyways. so sweet.

  14. :-O


  15. Methinks they piped in the purring, given how far away that kitten was in all the videos, but I forgive! Too sweet!

  16. meow

  17. If that isn’t the sweetest thing ever. My heart is warmed my eyes are misted. Awwwwwww!

  18. Wow. Just… wow.

    This is probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen! (and that’s saying a lot, considering how long I’ve been reading this blog)

  19. Crows are amazing birds. They are incredibly smart and social. They live in family groups and when a younger member moves and joins a new group it will come ‘home’ for periodic visits. People who’ve raised crows often report that they come back to visit their humans too.

    Social animals need friends–that’s why it’s so sad to keep parrots and horses alone. This is fabulous proof!

  20. sara Bernardo says:

    ZOMG those people live literally 10 minutes away from me!!!!!…I should totally go stalk them and see if the cat n crow are still there!

  21. OMG! This was so sweet that it made me cry! I vote that this is one of the best and sweet stories posted on here! TRULY AMAZING STUFF!

    See, we CAN all get along…

  22. That was so precious. I had to share with everyone I know.

  23. BTW, it’s a raven, which are notoriously smart and sensitive animals that can be kept as pets.
    This is sooo sweet, just in time for Christmas. The little old couple are just as cute – “weeell, ah don’t maaand cats at all” – the art of understatement!

  24. I would have named the cat “Lenore”.

  25. Aww…That’s so awesome! Seriously, perfect for christmas time, adorable really. That crow was an angel that saved that kitten. Simply. I’m kinda speechless now…

  26. This makes me want a raven. At first the bird feeding the kit: “OMG”…then the crow cawing and warning the kit when he crossed the road!!?? I just…I…I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it! Just wow.

  27. I watched it twice and sent it to friends!

  28. I watched it twice and sent it to friends!

  29. sorry for the double post.
    My three kitties, Teanie, Tito, and Buddy are actually sitting next to my shoulder on the couch and Tito the black & white orphan that we adopted at 2 weeks old was watching

  30. Another Angela says:

    Why are folks trying to make this into a raven? It’s a crow. Get your bird books and tapes out. I showed this to an ornithology professor and he assures me the crow is (or was) a pet, not some wild crow that takes care of a stray kitten. He has had several pet ravens and corvids over the span of his career. Nonetheless, it is a super cute video.

  31. does anyone know where to find more miracle pets video? or dvds? did anyone see the episode with the pet pig who runs out in the road and plays dead to alert someone to the fact that its mama is having a heart attack or a stroke or something?

  32. The best part is when they prank each other. When the raven jumps out from behind the wall and scares the kitteh, I swear you could tell the raven thought it was funny.

  33. Whoa. It really IS reality-casual Friday. O.O

  34. anyone got a tissue?


    Awesome video find. Both cute and heartwarming.

  35. SO great. Just what I needed to warm my heart while I’m stressing about law school finals. Thanks Meg, you knew just what I needed!

  36. Cutest old couple <3

  37. Yes, it’s an American Crow. We tend to call them ravens on this side of the Atlantic. Bird species differ subtly across the world – sometimes a different bird goes by the same name. Crows, ravens – highly intelligent animals. Check out these famous ones : http://www.historic-uk.com/DestinationsUK/TowerRavens.htm

  38. That was just the sweetest thing. I love it when life gets weird in really good ways like this. 😀 Adorable when the kitten was asleep on the chair on its back with its legs dangling over – did anyone see that?

    How tall are crows supposed to be as opposed to Ravens. We have these ginormous black birds at work that I swear have to be close to 12″ at the head. And man are they noisy.

  39. I lol’d when the cat jumped out and scared the bird. Priceless!

  40. gravyboat says:

    The cat and crow are adorable, and so is that couple!

  41. THIS IS ADORABLE!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!@!11!!!

    I wonder what happened in the winter though. . . or when the crow got old. *CRIES*

  42. Crows can live a VERY long time as pets. I’m sure their life span is shorter in the wild, but they are still long lived animals!

  43. it was so cute, i almost cried.
    i hope the kitty didnt get toorough when it was playing

  44. tracyFlick says:

    1. Cute old couple.
    2. Vet lady’s cute accent and adorable doctor’s cute accent.
    3. Crow and kitteh.
    4. Marriage of 50+ years.
    Four Stars!!

    PS. Love the intermittent purring of kitten as transition between scenes. Nice touch.

  45. Well, I’m not surprised. A crow fed Elijah in the wilderness in the Old Testament.

  46. This was cute, but I could only watch a few moments of this because I have a severe Alan Thicke allergy. It’s a rare and terrible condition! It involves twitching, itching, a burning rash all over the fronts of my thighs, and an unbearable urge to destroy every Growing Pains DVD. This extends to his son Robin and his awful singing.

    But I did appreciate the crow and kitten love, and the sweet couple lucky enough to witness them! I hope they all have a Merry Christmas!

  47. Awwww!! That’s so sweet! That’s such a lovely relationship. We should take a lesson from this and stop all this havoc and chaos that we’ve started in the world. If two creatures who are by nature enemies can become friends, then anything is possible. Awesome post Meg 😀

  48. This reminds me of me and my best friend. So different, but I guess that doesn’t matter much.

  49. This is wonderful holiday, feel-good stuff, ain’t it? I can’t wait for the feature length! This pair is really so beautiful and special. I’m so happy it was caught on film by these two cool people. Yay!

  50. Why dont things like that ever happen around me?!?!?!? Awesome video. I want that old lady in my pocket… 😀

  51. “ooogiecoootieswuggums”

  52. “Ooogiecoootieswuggums”
    I love it!

  53. drtmuir@earthlink.net says:

    In the US, we have several kinds of crows, but the most common is the American crow, which that bird appears to be:

    We also have the Common Raven, which is bigger, and has a bigger schnozz:

  54. snoopysnake says:

    I’ll have to cut back on dessert tonight – I probably gained 2 or 3 pounds from the sweetness of this story! I love this!

  55. Great video. Thank you for posting it 🙂

    Their relationship is really touching.

  56. That was sooo sweet. I want a pet crow to take care of my kitteh when I’m not home!

  57. Miracle Pets is my favorite tv show EVAR!! But it’s not on here anymore [sniff].

  58. PumpkintheCat says:

    This made me a bit teary-eyed in remembrance ‘cos my beloved kitteh Pumpkin had a crow friend when she was a youngster in Brisbane, Australia. They took turns playing tag around the back yard. The crow would come to the back door or an open window and call to her to come outside. It was the sweetest thing evah, but no-one believed me! Miss you heaps, Pumpkin…

  59. PumpkintheCat says:

    This made me a bit teary-eyed in remembrance ‘cos my beloved kitteh Pumpkin had a crow friend when she was a youngster in Brisbane, Australia. They took turns playing tag around the back yard. The crow would come to the back door or an open window and call to her to come outside. It was the sweetest thing evah, but no-one believed me! Miss you heaps, Pumpkin…

  60. Oh too freaking cute!

  61. Best Christmas story evar!!!!

  62. CheshireCat says:

    bboss, how come you would name the kitteh Lenore? Is it because Edgar Allen Poe wrote a poem about a raven and in that poem he mentions “the lost Lenore”? Just wondering because I have been in love with the works of Poe since I was very young and I used to have a kitteh named Lenore <3

  63. Best part is when the kitten jumps out from behind that container and scares his buddy 😀

  64. My sister’s neighbor had a crow they nursed back to health when it was a baby. It still lived outside, but always hung around their house, and I petted it once. It would ride on top of their son’s helmet when he rode his bicycle!This is the cutest video ever, except for the Alan Thicke part…

  65. How is it that two different species of animal — one normally a predator, the other its prey — can get along in the world together and take care of one another when human beings — all one species — cannot do so?

    Normally I’m a cynical bitch, but this gives me some degree of hope.
    I’m gonna watch it again and let the tears flow…

  66. So stinkin’ cute… I wish I had a little birdie friend to play hide-and-seek with… God, WHY NOT ME?!?!

  67. All together now: AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  68. My two favorite animals: corvids and felines!

    My favorite moment from the video was the shot of the women dialing the phone to call the vet, they have her dial 555-whatever as a fake TV number, and then fade to the sign outside the vet’s office with their actual phone number prominently displayed.

  69. This was the one of the most memorable things I’ve watched on TV show.
    I happened to see this video at least several years ago and I’ve really wanted to watch it again.
    Now I am so glad to see the crow and kitten again 🙂

  70. This was the one of the most memorable things I’ve watched on TV show.
    I happened to see this video at least several years ago and I’ve really wanted to watch it again.
    Now I am so glad to see the crow and kitten again 🙂

  71. Wisewoman says:

    Aw, that poor,cute, old couple… they can only afford one pair of dentures! She wears the bottoms and he wears the tops. That’s what I call true love.




    1) Cute old couple (married over 50 years – BONUS)
    2) Cute crow and kitteh (I LOVE the place where the kitteh jumps out from behind the wall and scares the crow)
    3) Cute assistant vet, and cute soft-spoken elderly vet (and yes, their cute accents)
    4) Overall sweetness
    5) Perfect lesson for us crabby humans.

    FIVE STARS!!! I’m forwarding that Youtube link to everyone I know.

  73. That is quite possibly the most astonishingly miraculous thing I have ever seen. I am astounded! – and I have seen a lot of interesting stuff in my life!

  74. When I stop crying I am hoping to type something coherent! I don’t know why, but something as beautiful as this makes me feel so sad! I don’t know if it’s knowing that their friendship is going to come to an end, and how sad the one that’s left will be; or because there are so many horrid things in the world and wondering why everyone can’t just be happy to get along; or just because it’s such a lovely and touching video. Ah well. When I stop crying I’ll give it some thought…

  75. oaklandcat says:

    “Superstar Alan Thicke.” Snerk!

  76. So beautiful. Sigh.

    This has got to be one of my favorite CO posts of all time. Folks, animals, friendship and love. What could be better?

  77. rubypearl says:

    That’s amazing, but I bet you anything that cat gets teased mercilessly at school. Kids can be so mean.

  78. acelightning says:

    That’s just sweet. I hope the crow and the cat are still the best of friends, under the watchful eyes of that sweet old couple.

  79. Usually I don’t find crows at all cute, and in fact kind of creepy…might have to re-think that. 🙂 WHAT a sweet video. Worth the 7 minutes.

    Did anybody else find it surprising that the kitteh was able to live on a diet of worms and bugs?? Well, it’s protein I guess. Crow musta worked hard to get enough for behbeh.

    Agreed that the best non-aminal moments were the re-enacted 555 number juxtaposed with the real one on the sign, and the old guy saying he “didn’t mind” cats when he’s never gone a week without one…hee!

    I pouted when I noticed the 1999 date, though. Kitteh could certainly still be around. But what about the crow, and the old couple for that matter? 😦 Well, the important thing is that at one point in time, this beautiful story and these characters existed. 🙂 And maybe they still do!

  80. There’s nuthin’ sweeter in my book than seeing the couple still enjoyin’ being together after 50+ years other than watching/hearing *them* enjoy the show put on for them everyday by the kitteh and the crow. How sweet!!!

  81. AWW!! I sat with a smile on my face the entire time! What a sweet couple! I hope I stay married for 50+ years and watch animals on the porch with my husband…
    I need to see other episodes of this show! (I actually like Alan Thicke.)
    That was such a wonderful post 🙂

  82. circuscake says:

    this reminds me of one of my all-time favorite animal books “arnie, the darling starling”. sadly, it’s outa print, but i’m sure there are used copies out there somewhere…

  83. Wow-that was just spectacular! I love everyone in this video! Doesn’t the husband look like an older Owen Wilson? Thank you for posting this! (and I like what Subhangi said about “us crabby humans” hee hee!)

  84. Maybe the crow didn’t notice kitty wasn’t another crow because she was also (mostly) jet black?

  85. Silent Meow says:

    Wow! I just watched this video again and again at least several times, and I am sitting here in shocked, dumbfounded disbelief.


  86. my 1-year-old cat sat still on my lap and watched the whole video.
    the crow and kitten were so cute when they played together!

  87. Emmerly, Simba lived on a diet of bugs and grubs. If a cartoon lion can do it, I’m sure a real-live kitteh can.

  88. LOL, DebG!

    You might be surprised about how much of my life has been molded by cartoons. Then again, you might not be.

  89. Hehe, this just made finals week much better. So so cute! I love how the crow and the kitteh are playing!

  90. When I saw this story, I also noticed the 1999 date and went looking for more recent info. [I also found an Animal Planet video on the pair.]

    In June 2005, National Geographic Kids said:
    “Cassie still lives at Collito’s house. Moses and his mate share a nest in a tree nearby.”

  91. LOLing at the question of kitty living on worms and bugs as I have wqatched my cats consume moths bees and other bugs they catch…. Then last night while Hubby and I were watching our DVD set Planet Earth, THere was this tiny wild cat living on moths and insects as the bulk of its’ diet. I thought of the crow and the kitty and it made it just that much more intrigueing of a story.

  92. spacebunny says:

    That made me cry:(

  93. Awww, too sweet. Maybe the crow/raven took to the kitty because they’re matchingks.

  94. Peasprout says:

    My favorite part is when she dials the vet– they clearly instructed her to dial “555” to begin the number, a common thing in movies so as not to reveal the vet’s number and subject her to prank calls. The next shot immediately cuts to the vet’s sign, on which is displayed her phone number.

  95. That was nice. I needed to see that.

  96. ahn. that’s the first CO post that has actually made me cry. Just delicious.

  97. Lis Riba…thanks for the updated info. I too was wondering what became of this pair. I’m so glad to hear that they are still around and doing well.

    My Sister told me about this over the weekend, but you really have to see it to believe it! This was too cool!


  99. It’s interesting how easily we can generalize this video to ask “why can’t people who have been enemies for so long learn to live together as friends like these two creatures?” Some viewers’ comments point exactly to the answer. Here both the kitten and the crow (perhaps as a pet?) were given an experience early in their lives of being with others in a gentle way. You could say they have missed out on life’s too common lessons to distrust (or even hunt) others.

    So do we do this with our children? Do we create for our children an experience where their innocent trust gets rewarded? Not really. Certainly not often. Rather, we humans teach our children most everywhere to distrust, even to hate — mostly to hate certain groups. We specifically avoid exposing our children to such trust-enabling early life situations that both these creatures must have experienced.

    And, you know? Can you imagine the howl of protest were someone to suggest we raise our children differently than we do, that we deliberately “cultivate” the child’s capacity to love and befriend others (particularly those others who we vilify by tradition)? Fear drives us to do just the opposite.

    All our institutions (religious and otherwise) can then be viewed as attempts to cover up those early life teachings and experiences that keep most of us from functioning with each other like these two “dumb” creatures do.

    At least by viewing this sweet video we’re given an opportunity to reflect upon ourselves, upon how far we have yet to go.

    Thanks to those who made this available.

  100. awesome humanistic video. thank you.

  101. Michael Lehman says:

    So very cute! But I am not surprised…I have a couple of 10 year old cats that have a very content “live and let live” modus vivendi with the local craws who come for my peanuts….When one of the cats feels playful or ambitious and goes into a bogus crouch, or even attempts a lazy leap, the craws, totally unalarmed , waddle couple of inches off target…and actually seem amused…..

  102. I’m too late for anything, but you people whining about no more Miracle Pets? It’s called Animal Miracles, it’s still hosted by Alan Thicke, and it runs on Animal Planet presently. They reran the kitten/crow pair, and with a much higher production budget, too.

  103. I’m too late for anything, but you people whining about no more Miracle Pets? It’s called Animal Miracles, it’s still hosted by Alan Thicke, and it runs on Animal Planet presently. They reran the kitten/crow pair, and with a much higher production budget, too.

  104. Awww…soooo sweet

  105. squeekandbud says:

    That is so cute. It reminds me a little bit of the female gorilla at the National Zoo whose baby passed away. She was so withdrawn that the staff of the zoo brought her a kitten whose mother died to see if they would console each other. The gorilla adopted the kitten and raised it as her own.