Too weak… must… hibernate!!!

The Daily Mail (I swear they have a Cuteologist working over there) came up with yet another Cute report. This time, it’s pooooor little abandoned hedges who are too weak to hibernate AND have broken bones!


Ahnnnnngh, Brenda H., and I mean Ahhhnnnggg.



  1. Cute or sad? Poor little hedgie.

  2. I’ve broken many a bone and “Ehn!” is right! Heal fast, little dude!

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    oh noooo! poor little hedgie. He does look cute in the lime green wrapper though. I hope he will be ok!

  4. Even the place where they are cared for is cute – Tiggywinkles!!!

    Many tasty grubs for you, little one, so you can grow strong and can sleep all winter long!

  5. “Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital”

    Of course little hedgies would be found at a place called Tiggywinkles. I bet they keep unicorns in the back too. And little fairies with broken wings.

  6. My heart! It’s broken! The poor hedgekins! *sniff*

  7. the daily mail is eveeels, don’t trust it.

    tiggywinkles is lovely though, even tho this hegglehog seems to have been given a leek as a leglet.

  8. Hooray! Hooray!
    I sent this one in too, so even though I do not get credit, I still say hooray.

    Make sure you check out the full story, because there is another adorable pic there.

    And many, many kudos to the staff at Tiggwinkles for taking care of these little guys!


  10. Toddle, Toddle, thump, Toddle, Toddle, thump…. poor hedge.

  11. AliceTanzer says:

    Ben! Stop yelling!

  12. Awww… cute, but sad too 😦

    Poor little guy.

  13. Ohh! Poor baby! But, how exactly do hedgies break their little legs? Sleeping too much? Exercising in their little ball too much? I just can’t figure it out.

    Oh, and let Ben yell as much as he wants to. Maybe the caps lock is permanetly stuck on his computer! You just never know…

  14. Poor widdle hedgie! I immediately made a sad face when I saw him too. 😦 But only because he is so cute, and brings out every instinct to want to mother him.

  15. Creepy Sheep says:

    They’re wild hedgies, kitkat (see; great big galumphing feet).
    And it’s sad…Ben’s right; it’s so common to see them run over, the government road safety campaign for kids is fronted by cartoon hedgehogs! Kind of sick, now i think about it…

    hurrah for st tiggywinkles!

  16. EB… LOL that is just what I was thinking… That and Awwwwwwwwww. the poor little hedgie needs a snorgle.

  17. you best get some kind of protection if you’re gonna go snorgling hegglepigs

  18. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    That is a tiny cast. I wonder if the other hedgehogs have tiny Sharpies with which to write on it?

  19. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    That is a tiny cast. I wonder if the other hedgehogs have tiny Sharpies with which to write on it?

  20. Janeyferr, I have my extra special hedgie prickle protector mask for just such an occasion. ; )

  21. Yay! I sent this one in too, and I’ve been checking daily to see if it gets posted. I’m glad, I thought it was most deserving, albeit in a “cute or sad” kind of way.

  22. The one with the double blue casts really breaks my heart. Dejection at its worst.

  23. moths_are_scary says:

    my whole body just broke into a million teensy pieces…not just my heart…my body. I want to cry cry cry….but yet what’s to cry about?? There is someone who cares enough to wrap their little legs up and give them tons of mealies so they can hibernate until their little hedgie hearts are content…poor little hedgies…i love them…Pepper (my hog) needs some friends…they can come over and have a slumber party with him and he’ll sign their casts with *sister’s cat blob’s* sharpies…

  24. Actually, when I lived in England it was called St. Tiggywinkles. I wonder if they changed the name or if it is just a misprint? If I remember correctly it was opened because of all of the hedges that were injured crossing roads. I am quite sure that the entirety of the staff at St. Tiggywinkles is Cuteologist certified. They would have to be, I would think.

  25. Tony James says:

    St. Tiggywinkle’s does a marvelous job rehabbing hedgehogs. Indeed, they recently sent a hedgehog ambassador to the middle east to show people what a difference they could make. Our own roving cuteologist correspondent managed to take time away from the TTT (ICHC people will recognise the reference) to take a picture:

  26. TJ, that really is an excellent photo.

  27. Tony James says:

    PS It’s a damning indictment of organised religion that the head of a certain religious movement who lives in a very small city state in Italy and who has a penchant for silly hats has consistently refused to beatify St. Tiggywinkle, despite repeated requests to do so, and in the face of a mountain of evidence supporting her miraculous deeds. Indeed, Mrs. Tiggywinkle’s ability to get currant wine out of Jenny Wren’s damask table cloth alone should qualify her for sainthood, let alone the wonder she works with Peter Rabbit’s clue jacket.

  28. LOL!
    I need a clue jacket. I’d require folks to put it on whenever they entered my office. Before they would be allowed to open their mouths.

  29. Tony James says:

    TEH-O! Ya doofus – not that one, the OTHER one! When did Peter Rabbit wear a clue jacket? Are you not acquainted with the classics? Flippin’ heathen… (LOL!)

  30. Just looked it up. Clue jacket, with crass buttons. Yups.

  31. Tony, hedges do have a unique appreciation for classical architecture, don’t they? And they are uniquely helpful tourguides as your photograph demonstrates.

  32. how do they break their little legs? that’s so sad!!

  33. Tony James says:

    Michelle – snowboarding.

  34. Tony James says:

    [sends Squirrel Nutkin, Benjamin Bunny, and Tom ‘The Enforcer’ Kitten round to Teho’s house to ‘encourage’ him to Do What’s Right.]

  35. SO CUTE! I want to cuddle with him. Even in spite of the prickliness!

  36. Aw poor wittle hedgie with the oversized shocking green cast. =(

    But I gotta know… where’s its paw????

  37. Who in their right mind would abandon a hedge? I guess there are all sorts of ninnies out there — I have fought the urge to get a hedge of my own because they’re illegal in PA, and I don’t want to subject a poor critter to the possibility of not having a Vet who knows how to treat them. Otherwise, I would have smuggled one in a long time ago! The are not ferocious or mean, they don’t carry disease, and they wouldn’t be able to survive even the Autumn here in Pennsylvania, so what is the deal? Poor baby! My heart is breaking.

  38. OK. I guess I should have read the Daily News before I poured my heart out — I understand now — England has wild hedgehogs that have nothing to do with being pets in Pennsylvania. And I understand their dilemma with the hibernation. It’s my own fault for being impetuous!

  39. purplepeepz says:

    Why are this hedgie’s legs so big? I thought they were always tiiiiiiiiiinyyyyyyyyyyyy. Maybe he’s one of those wild ones?

  40. oh mah gosh, i actually squealed. out loud.

  41. Purplepeepz — The hedges in England are a different variety from the ones that we usually see in photos on CO. Those are actually from Africa. The English ones have larger feet — but one doesn’t want to call attention to it as they are quite sensitive about it. Their heads are a little different — and both are quite quick to point out that they are the handsomer variety. Brit hedges are all over the place. It is quite a treat to have them in your garden. Kind of like getting free pets when you buy a house.

  42. Man… he totally defies the dainty paws rule. Those are like, total HEDGECLIPPERS! Heeheehee

  43. If I was a pirate, Id have this perched on my shoulder. Yarrrr, avast before ye taste the fury of the quill! Arrr!

  44. purplepeepz says:

    Ann-Eve, thanks for the explanation. British hedgehogs are definitely the handsomest…. at least, I’m not gonna argue with them!

    Either way, I would love to have hedgies in my garden! I knew I should’ve moved to England when I had the chance. More hedgehogs and pubs that you can count!

  45. St Tiggywinkles is one of the bes things in Britain. They do so much for orphaned and injured wildlife. If you live in the UK, please consider them for your charity donations:

    I give them as much as I can, because it’s a crew of dedicated people who genuinely care about the animals they help.

    Hedgies had a tough time with the mild autumn and the sudden change to cold weather (was anyone else sort of shocked when winter came quite suddenly in the second week of November?). But there’s another good part to this story…the BBC’s Autumn Watch, a TV show about nature which ran nightly for two weeks, illustrated the problems hedgehogs face after the summer, including the dangers posed to them by bonfires for Guy Fawkes day (they love to hibernate in warm, close places covered in leaves, so they often end up sleeping in the base of a bonfire before it’s lighted). So people who saw the show have been extra vigilant in bringing these babies in.

    You can attract hedgehogs to your garden by doing the following:

    1) DON’T use slug killer. A hedgehog will eat all the slugs in your garden over a period of a few days.

    2) Put out Hedgehog kibble (you can get it from most pet stores or garden centres). If you’re worried about attracting rats, put another plate over the top of the bowl. Hedgies will find a way to push it off.

    3) Put out a bowl of clean water, and change it every day. Clean water is as important to wildlife as food, and it’s not as easy to find as you might think.

    4) If you’re not squeamish, put out a plate of mealworms at dusk. You can buy them live or dried from most pet shops, or on line through the RSPB. If you buy them dried, pour a bit of warm water over them after you’ve put them out.

    Please take care of these wonderful creatured. And remember St Tiggywinkles!

  46. Ah har there Jim lad, they call me Peg Leg Pete.

  47. can i sign his cast?

    “to hedgie. get well soon. love, jen”

  48. I saw this a couple days ago and thought of sending it in.. but it was so sad, since that lil guy doesnt have a broken leg.. he has a missing foot :S

  49. Ahhh, poor little hedgie…

  50. i’m sticking with the original CO, animaloverdose is a cheap copycat

  51. I will hugs him and loves him and OW!OW!

    Please pass the extra special hedgie prickle protector mask. Thenk yo.

  52. bookmonstercats says:

    Carol Rose, you are right. In England (and Scotland and Wales and possibly Northern Ireland as well, who knows) we do not tend to keep hedgies as pets. What we are encouraged to do, and I certainly follow it, is not to use pesticides, and especially slug pellets, on our gardens to encourage hedgies in to clear away the slugs naturally and not die from ingesting the poisons second hand. I have very holey hostas but a clear conscience. We also have to be careful to prod bonfire material before we light them, in case any hedgies have crept in for a kip. 🙂

  53. ouchies!

  54. Janeyferr says:

    fewer pricklepigs in scotland than there used to be…

    in pet shops here you can buy “Spikes Dinner”. we are (mainly) very fond of our pointy visitors 🙂

  55. the Daily Mail *is* an eeevil right-wing slandermag…occasionally they have cute stuff in it for “fluff”…the rest is the most pernicious gossip and rumors.

  56. DarrylsMama says:

    Yes, animals who have broken bones and may be in pain are so anerable.

  57. Nna — yeah, Fox News is like that over here. (No bias, not me, oh no.) How about the Christian Science Monitor instead? If you’re not familiar with it, don’t let the name mislead you; it’s very centrist…

  58. DarrylsMama — not sure what you’re trying to say… no, of course pain isn’t cute, but the hedgehog is, regardless… and the fact that hedgies are getting proper medical treatment is awesome.

  59. Janeyferr says:

    sometimes we watch Fox News just to have a laugh 😀

  60. Awww. Poor little guy. *tries to cuddle and prickles self*

    He also looks pretty happy about it. Look at that self satisfied little grin, that bright blue eye… he’s all “Yeah, I’m stylin’, I know it.”

  61. i am so moving to England like right now. Bless the hedgie helpers!

  62. Egads! What a pointy cutie-pie!

  63. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  64. Oh my god, I’d forgotten about Tiggywinkles in Aylesbury. I used to go there with my Nan whenever I visited as a kid.

    There’s another Tiggywinkle’s near Newton Abbot in Devon too, also brilliant.

  65. Ok, I knew in theory that hedgehogs are in people’s gardens in England, but now that I actually read you people’s practical advice on attracting them and living with them, I am FILLED with the JEALOUSY.

  66. Can you snorgle a hedge without major injury? So cute! poor little babe.

  67. I’m a bit sad that at the Tiggywinkles website, there aren’t any really good pictures of the animals… but am tickles pink that they do take care of baby badgers. How adorable are they? Hmmmm

    English hedgehogs certainly are different looking than the domesticated Egyptian kind which are so pink. I kind of like the English hedgies better.

  68. St. Tiggywinkles? You’re killing me. You’re keeeeeeelin’ me!

  69. Why-for, how-come all of the
    hurt little paws today? I know it happens, but if I had a pet with a boo-boo, I wouldn’t want people to gawk- it is hooomiliatingk to the little owner of the teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy bandage! I hereby wish them all a speedy recovery and more understanding owners.

  70. This post prompted me to make a donation. They are St. Tiggywinkles (name has not changed). Someone already posted the URL for making a donation, but I’ll post again in the hopes that it will encourage more.

    25 GBP equals $52.79. You donate in pounds. It’s easy because St Tiggywinkles accepts PayPal.

  71. Tony James says:

    Carrie – they do have some cute aminal pictures by Les Stocker, though:

  72. Thank you Susie. I too have been inspired to make a donation. I donated 25 GBP as well. Fast and easy PayPal.

    Maybe some others can donate a little something? Tigglywinks looks like a great place.

  73. oh this about broke my heart! poor things!!!

  74. Katrina, I count just one hurt paw. ..and somehow I doubt the hedgehog is aware of its new celebrity on CO. Or would mind if it did, seeing how its plight has already inspired donations to Tiggywinkles.

    I just want to cuddle it, spines and all.

  75. OMG – I thought the one in the green cast was adorably pathetic until I clicked on the Daily Mail link and saw the one with DOUBLE AQUA BLUE CASTS!!! Saddest thing EVAR!!!!!

  76. I think algerian/african hedgehogs are FAR cuter. Also the English (actually name is European hedgehog) are twice as large and much stinkier. But then I’ve owned african hedgehogs so I’m biased. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. Cute Hedgies at Tiggywinkles…ahhhh {fall out of chair in dead faint}

    After picking myself up I too made a donation to Tiggywinkles. What a great place! I may just have to buy a t-shirt or hat though, I just love the name!

  78. The German word for Hedgehog is “Igel.” Igel Igel! Hee hee.

  79. My posting was
    “not been published because TypePad’s antispam filter has flagged it as potential comment spam.” All I did was say that “Igel” is hedgie in German!

  80. Winston teh squishy face Cat says:

    Dear littlest Hedge,
    Get well soon.

  81. It’s not cute that he’s injured, it’s cute that he’s got a tiny green cast on his paw and he still obviously thinks he’s a baddass.

    Go on with your bad mofo self, prickles.

  82. greenighs, lol. well said. sir prickles must indeed be a badass.

  83. Dear Hedgling,
    I hope you feel better very soon.
    Squeegee the Beluga Whale

  84. Tony James says:

    A hedgehog wearing a green cast on his leg walks into a bar in the old west.
    “I’m a-lookin’ for the man who shot my paw.”

  85. It sure looks to me like the paw was amputated; wouldn’t they leave the toes sticking out otherwise? I fret.

  86. LOL Tony James.

  87. Celia hes toaes are inside teh whole cast they do that with dogs and kitties too. to imobilize it better.

  88. Arr me hearties! Tis I Hegglepiggle the peg leg pirate, and I be off to sail the seven seas. Me and the boys be searching fer gold dubloons and wild wenches and plunder! It be a ruff life being a Pirate but I Like it!

  89. Sir Prickles is late for “Talk like a Pirate Day” but that’s okay with us!!! arg ye mateys

  90. Theresa, do you know the German folk song “Widele, Wedele”? It has a hedgie playing drums at a wedding. Now that’s some serious cute!

  91. Mary (the first) says:

    err.. nothing new since the green-armed, cotton-ball-handed, hedgie? boo hoooooo

  92. garlicknots says:

    Awww….. poor little hedgie looks so confused and apprehensive! i want to put his nose in the corner of my eye 🙂 Too cute.

  93. garlic, you do?

  94. **snort**

    Tony James cracks me up.

  95. Oh thank you Annie! Now I can quit worrying.

  96. ARrrGh Jen, Every day be talk like a pirate day when you be Sir Prickles, Hegglepiggle the peg leg pirate. Now get ye to swabbing the deck matey.

  97. LunaKitteh says:

    Werr’s Meg tadai? No noo pitchurs? Ai hopez shez okai…
    Da hedgie wit da tew laigsez en da caztz iz sewwwwww kutez… dey awlz ez… lil pokai gize…

  98. Lunakitteh, SPent much time on ICHCB?

  99. LunaKitteh says:

    Awlrite… I confess… I been duuplici… plici.. unfaithful.. sigh.. but, I’ luuuurves it here..

  100. wow, that is so sad…important to note all the cute animahls soon to be extirpated by the global warmings…

  101. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    lol…feeling very strange connections frum this Tinkywinkle-whatevr to tiny tim 🙂


  102. Celia — The “hidden toes” are indeed inside the cast for protection, immobilization. A side benefit of that is that they stay nice and toasty warm, which is helpful as this wee thing wouldn’t be able to curl them up to his body while in a cast. So please rest assured that teeny toes are safely in the cast.

  103. LunaKitteh says:

    But I’m still wondering where Meg has gone off to..

  104. >>A hedgehog wearing a green cast on his leg walks into a bar in the old west.
    “I’m a-lookin’ for the man who shot my paw.”

    TJ, vous est non-pareil.

    And CUTE lil’ hedgiekins.

  105. acelightning says:

    Ohh, poor little hedgies! Thanks to Saint Tiggywinkle, and St. Tiggywinkle’s, for taking care of them all!
    *very, very gently beeps hedgehog’s nose*

  106. That has got to be the worlds smallest cast, am I wrong? So cute and yet so sad too. sad face “awww!” 😥
    I laughed at the name of the place they are being taken care of, yet at the same time I thank God for places like them.