Bon Appetit!

Mmmmmmm, delicious googly eyes… The insanity continues over at Angie N., Flickr site…

Bon Appetit, originally uploaded by Angie Naron.

Righteous find, Lori W. 😀



  1. BLEEN!

  2. The eyes by themselves are cute… but the eyes on food is creepy.

    *feels paranoid*

  3. I can’t help but wonder how long it took to glue all the little eyes on the cereal. I don’t think I’d enjoy my morning bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios quite as much if it was watching me eat it! Kinda freaky!

  4. Are they having egg nog for breakfast? (Maybe eye nog?)

  5. Oh, yeah, and it’s not “photo sharing” it’s “photo staring”….

  6. I think Carol (the not-second) meant “BLINK!”

  7. The rather more edible version of this:

  8. girlnextdoortn says:

    The cheerios eyeballs are the creepiest. And cutest. And still creepiest.

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Earworm alert!!!

    I always feel like…somebody’s watching meeee!

  10. googleyishious google-eyed goodies.

  11. I think it would be the coolest if the eyes were edible.

    Feeling creeped out? Feeling paranoid?

    Just eat it! 😀

  12. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Cute or…(shifting eyes) product of someone with waaay too much time on his/her hands? You be the judge.

  13. I think the pancake eyeballs are the creepiest. And the milk.
    However, the egg eyeballs are cute.

  14. All those Cheerios… watching me… [shudder]

  15. OMG that’s AWESOME. Imagine the time and the insane laughter that accompanied the placement of each little pair of eyes… Someone call Grissom!

  16. Brilliant!

    I’ve heard of watching what you eat, but I’ve never of what you eat watching you.

  17. I feel hungry…but also like I’m being watched. HELP!

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    OMG, this is hilarious, funniest thing I think I have ever seen on CO.
    Can you imagine if you were on acid & got served this breakfast?

  19. you’re all nuts! 🙂

  20. The milk with eyes is by far the creepiest. It is judging me. STOP JUDGING ME!

    (the syrup, on the other hand, looks quite friendly!)

  21. My favorite part is the googly-eyed cheerios. They’re all a-gasp with joy, or maybe screaming “don’t eat me!” or exclaiming in unison, “ooooooh!”

  22. haha i love the comment on one of the other pictures of these guys
    “in the future everything will have eyes”

  23. that would be an AWESOME April Fools joke. Make sure you know what someone is having for breakfast and have them sit down for their regular breakfast then tell them to get up and get like.. the mail or something. And SWITCH THE PLATES to the googly version. Best for someone whos not particularly awake /aware in mornings. *gets ideas*

  24. Also:

    OMG the close-up of the cheerios. Look at how HAPPY some of them are! LOL it almost makes me feel bad for eating cheerios. ALMOST…

  25. Why does not the silverware have eyesez?

    I love the little Cheerios! Cheerios always had personality (to me, anyway) depending on their shape… now, it is complete. *bows*

    *runs out to buy HELLA googly eyes for all the foodstuffs in the house*

  26. SillyGirl says:


  27. I would never be able to eat breakfast it was STARING at me XD

  28. Why don’t the utensils have eyes? I want a spoon with eyes so she can run away with the dish!!!

  29. berthaslave says:

    I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright, cause I only have eyes, for juice, dear…..

  30. the eyes on the cheerios kill me!! I agree … the utensils should have eyes too!

  31. what about the plate & bowl? where r they’re eyes?

  32. This is the Swedish Chef’s worst nightmare.

  33. Hehe someone glued these on a bunch of bathroom stall doors at school. Now when you’re doing you’re business you feel like you’re being watched 😛

  34. ms. manners says:

    The place setting is not correctly arranged and a knife has not been provided for the pancakes.

  35. No eyes on the utensils and dishes cause I think they trying to say that you gotta watch what you eat cause its watching you back.

    Whats worse is that all eyes are on you, especially the milk and syrup!!! Watching in horror as you devour them one by one!!!

    While the cheerios are plotting amongst each other to start squealing and jump out of the bowl for a mad dash to freedom!!!!

    TEH MADNESS!!!!!!!!

  36. (the original) Mel says:

    Your pancakes hate you.

  37. Thanks a flippin’ LOT, AuntieMame! Gah!

    And SillyGirl, why not?

    Caits, is December too early to plan a breakfast date with someone, because you are an evil genius!

  38. CoffeeCup says:

    I think my favorite is the egg looking to the left, sort of at the salt shaker.

  39. Maybe the egg is expecting to be taken with a grain of it?

  40. The eyes on the pad of butter just make the pancakes look snouty. >_> Hmm…eyes on drinks, huh?

  41. that’s terrifying!

  42. Hmm…salt but no pepper….interesting

  43. Ms manners, If you need a knife to cut your pancakes, you have a bigger problem than your breakfast staring at you.

    Pancakes should be fluffy – cut them with the fork!

    Hmm, I’m hungry – wonder what’s in the kitchen?

  44. Paranoid schizophrenics’ breakfast.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the teeny eyes on the butter. This is all-around wrong, people.

  45. that’s a disapproving egg!

  46. Tina Rhea says:

    If I got up in the morning and saw that– assuming that someone made pancakes– I would go right back to bed and resolve never, ever to take that much cold medication again.
    I was going to say that there should be some fruit with this unbalanced meal, but that would open a whole new can of scary.

  47. Nothing with a face for me! 😉 LOL

  48. heehee, the cheerios all look so surprised :O

  49. My mother just commented and I had to share:

    “Imagine what would happen if you put your finger in the milk and went swirly swirly!”


  50. Definitely more creepy than cutie. ::shudder:: Or am I the only one horribly scarred by the movie The Crawling Eye??

  51. lurkingsmirk says:

    Lizzie, I think it’s adorable that your mom went “swirly swirly!”

  52. I’m sorry, I had to ICHC this:

    My favourite is the one right about the “L.” He looks like a happy, chubby little kid.

  53. … comment much, self?

    We have a giant bowl of lemons sitting on the counter. Dozens of lemons.

    They will ALL have eyes tomorrow. Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa!!

  54. MareMcCheese says:

    Its so ridiculous, cute, and hilarious all at once! i laughed so hard i cried.

  55. mmmarmalade says:

    The eyes have it—breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

  56. Beware the eyes of munch.

  57. So simple and yet such GENIUS

  58. Sammys Mom says:

    “Take us to your leader”

  59. Just what I need. My breakfast eyeing me up and down. I’ll have to change my outfit 5 times before I can leave the house. :[

  60. Oh and silverware with eyes? Don’t be silly.

  61. “I always feel like…somebody’s watching meeee!”

    And I have no privacy!

    oh woe oh…

  62. rubber duck says:

    I generally hate eating anything that has a face. This would be my nightmare!

    Had to admit some of those eyes still somehow manage to look quite cute. And I love the ones peeping out of the little jar 😉

  63. rubber duck says:

    Good heavens…only now I noticed…all the cheerios have open, smiling mouths! They’re all chatting amongst themselves! :O Can anyone else see that?

  64. That´s soooooo CUTE! 😀

  65. I wonder if each pancake in the stack has its own pair of eyes. It really should, you know. 😉

  66. bookmonstercats says:

    If somebody would put eyes on all that horrible card-boardy diet food, I might be tempted to eat it it and be a sylph. Until then, I shall galumph. Love this. Made my day (which is more than the diet food does).

  67. OH man. This is by far the best thing I’ve seen in Product Cuteness! LOL!

    More like this and we can have a “Cute or Scary” category…

  68. Oh, and MORE things with eyes in them:

  69. Yikes.

  70. you people are not right! heheee..

  71. Loved the link, Yubi!


  73. I’m in yer bowl, watching you eat!


    “What a tasteful looking breakfast!”

  74. This just made me laugh on a morning when I really needed it. thanks

  75. tracyFlick says:

    This would be a great way to turn people into vegetarians real fast. Putting eyes on steaks and hamburgers. Ha!

  76. It took me reading all the comments for this to be cute (yall are a riot!)…b/c, though I’m quite omnivorous, I can’t bear to eat meat that has been prepared “whole” (ie. still has a head/eyes). For me this has mostly applied to seafood: boiled lobster, crab, shrimp, etc.
    Notice none of the edibles in this pic would have ever had eyes until now? If there had been bacon or sausage with googlies, would it have still been cute? ::heebly jeeblies!::

  77. The ultimate cuteness is definitely in the bowl of Cheerios. All those little guys tucked in there. LOL!

  78. The cereal is kinda creepy…

  79. I’ll never be able to eat again, thank you very much.

  80. theres MORE!! It was a craft challenge

    I am totally not getting anything done today 🙂

    hmmm…wonder if I can put googly eyes on all the soda in the fridge at work….

  81. Alice in Wonderland said she could never eat anything to which she had been introduced…… step beyond!

  82. LuvBJones says:

    Stop looking at me! STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!

  83. This person has way too much time on their hands!

  84. SillyGirl says:

    “Beware the eyes of munch.”

    “The eyes have it—breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.”

    OMG, you guys made me lol! Genius!

  85. Battle Chef:

    “And your secret ingredient for this challenge, is…”

  86. where are the egg’s pants?

  87. I don’t want my food looking at me while I eat it. That’s why the fish head has to be off.

  88. bcteagirl says:

    Yes but where is the one-eyed…… Ok, someone else will have to say it ><

  89. AHHHHHHHHHH! I will never eat Cherrios again! {faints with fright}

  90. legotech – Thanks for the link to the Flickr group. I KNEW this had to be Amy Sedaris-related somehow! She is a fan of the googly-eyes. Amy rokks!

  91. Okay so…. this all reminds me of claymation in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    Specifically Gumby and Pokey.

  92. crocodile235 says:

    not cute. creepy.

  93. Yummy yummy yummy I got google eyes in my tummy!

  94. Annie, this will get even creepier in a few hours, ahem.

  95. Bwahahaha Pheas I hadn’t thought of that. ; ) made me LOL

  96. I love that someone took the time to glue all those eyes on the cereal!

  97. It’s a new cereal brand… Googly-O’s!! 8-D

  98. “Annie, this will get even creepier in a few hours, ahem.”

    omg omg omg, that took me a minute and then a lol’ed. GROSS!!!!!!!

  99. catloveschanel says:

    Sung to Michael Jackson, “I got this feeling, somebody’s watching me!”

  100. I bet I know what these guys sound like when they talk, too..

    “Guh-huh! Uh-guh! Guh!”
    “Bowaa, bowaa, bowaa.”
    “Yo yo akum yo!”
    “Eehh! Heeh! Heeh!”
    “Mwee! Mwee! Mwee!”
    “Mmmm-mmm ymmm!”

    (Anybody who knows what I’m talking about gets 1000 Awesome Points.)

    Also, the Cheerios remind me of the Yip Yips.

  101. Great googly moogly! I’m being ogled by my breakfast!

  102. “Hey, hon! I just found a box full of googly eyes. Whatcha wanna do with them?”

    “Um, how about we stick em all over our breakfast and send it to C.O.?”


    Googly Sushi!

    It’s adorable and I wanna know where they got the googly eyes with eyelashes!

  104. The multitude of googley-eyed cereal (now that’s patience!) is contrasting the ungoogly-eyed utensils…and totally boggling my entire mind…ungh!

  105. Hi Y’all! Thanks for admiring my complete breakfast…did you know those are edible Google Eyes??? (Just kidding! hah!!) Yeah, it was for the Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge which took place earlier this year. Eyes on food only, that’s why the utensils are not staring at you too.

  106. Hi Y’all! Thanks for admiring my complete breakfast…did you know those are edible Google Eyes??? (Just kidding! hah!!) Yeah, it was for the Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge which took place earlier this year. Eyes on food only, that’s why the utensils are not staring at you too.