The pitifullest, proshest meowing evar

This will make you cry 😦 TEARS OF CUTENESS


"Today’s an outside day, Tabitha." Nice find, Sue K.!



  1. Bleen!

  2. charliewabba says:

    Oh, how can you not let the bebeh eeeeen!?!?!?!

  3. Noooo! Must not leave kitty outside!

  4. “but i’m a companion kitteh! let me come een and be your compaaaaanion!!!”

  5. Awww…my heart just ‘sploded from all the lovin’ that kitteh wants.

    Come here kitteh! I’ma snorgle you!

    (Outside day my fanny. Snorgle Day!! LOL!)

    (FTR, I’m not a nuffer – just want some kitteh to snorgle and haven’t seen one cuter than that, especially a female. I’m ‘lergic and can’t snorgle kittehs anymore!)

  6. Gah!!!
    Can’t. Resist. The. Power of. Mew.


  7. Jenessa Lynn says:

    I’m not sure what Tabitha was saying exactly, but whatever it was got my Smudge interested enough to watch the screen, and usually she couldn’t care less. Secret kitty language.

  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh, for the love of Bast!!! Kick them damn birds out and let those poor widdow bebeh kitlings in!!! Birds belong outside anyway!!! All they do is screech and bite yer fingers and squawk and poop white stuff!!! They don’t snuggle and purrrrrr and coo like widdow pidgeons!!! By the way, LURVE the names Tabitha and Sabrina!!! So Witchypoo!! Squee!!!

  9. The standing up on the hind legs w/ the little front paws dangling just did me in completely! Come here, sweet kitty…no more outside days for you, ever!

  10. The paws up in the air almost made me faint in desperation to save that little baby girl kitteh cyat… BOO to the woman recording that! She should have let the behbeh EEEN! Wot the HECK!

  11. That was so sad!! I hope the text in the intro means that she let the kittehs come inside eventually and now they are inside forever and happy and no crying. The part where kitty stands up…ohhh. It made my heart hurt a lot.

  12. I can’t take it – for the love of god LET HER IN!!!

  13. Calm down peoples…if you go to the YouTube posting of this clip it says that the bebeh won the debate & got to come inside. Phew…

  14. Pengraffe says:

    This might be the holiday-induced work madness talking, but I actually almost cried! Such a sad little kitten voice. I like how even the kitten mom sounds a little choked up.

  15. Let the babies in! Let the babies in! Oh, please let the babies in!

  16. I want that kitteh SO BAD!

  17. Och, who will save the wee kittens if I doon’t?

    Och save me from the wee kittens!!

  18. Tabitha looks about 8 weeks old, and that looks like a hedged/fenced-in yard. It’s not raining or anything. Sometimes kittens (and not so tiny kittens) are big ol’ drama queens. You should hear my two heifers when it’s within an hour of dinner time. Heartbreaking, sorta, except you can look at them and see they haven’t missed too many meals lately.

  19. sniff–can’t see the video

  20. My brother’s cat used to climb up the bug screen on the window of our dining room and make that noise while we were eating (kitteh and puppeh were fed after humans).

  21. yay! kitteh won! there is nothing a crying kitteh can’t have. good thing i don’t own a home, or i’d probably sign the deed over to my Petra.

  22. Awww all the kitteh tears and beggings stoled my heart.

  23. Whaaaaaaa! I’m tearing up, and the paws up just keeled me.

  24. *pushes lady aside*

    Come here wittle wun… i gots you…


  25. OmegaSupreme says:

    How can you say no to that face ? That women must have a heart of stone !

  26. purplepeepz says:

    What would be the motivation for an “outside day”? Is that like when your mom told you to go out and play because it’s nice out and you’ve been playing too much Nintendo? Or is that just me….

    Seeing as behbeh here doesn’t have opposable thumbs, I can’t imagine she was playing too much Xbox!

  27. wow.

    i would last for aboot 5 seconds before breaking down and going in for a massive snorgleage.

    i am a pushover about some things. mewling kittehs wanting to be luv’d is one of my weak spots.

  28. berthaslave says:

    Of all of the ’nuffness and puddin’ throwin’ and commentroversy that surround videos of animals in troubling situations, THIS VIDEO PISSES ME OFF MORE THAN ANY OTHER.


    (Note: the woman with the camera may in fact have a heart, god and soul and is probably not a monster)

    Of course, I am a big ol’ pushover for a mewski.

  29. I was meant to be a kitty’s mama. No human baby cry has ever gotten to me like this little bebeh’s cry! OMG I could never deny her. That beautiful tiny face, the plaintive meowling, and “the stand.” Kind of funny how Sabrina runs over and is like “hey what’s up? Nah, never mind.” Trots off.

  30. Oh good god.

    *Holds onto edge of desk*

    God save us all. There is _nothing_ that kitten wouldn’t be able to get from me.

  31. I didn’t cwy, but I did have a big ‘ole pouty face listening to that poor widdo baby crying to come in. 😦 I can resist the outside kitties (feral) that live around here, ’cause they’re obviously being fed, but this little teeny one?? I couldn’t handle it!! I’d cave in a second!

  32. My take on this is that the kittens are strays and the woman has been feeding them but wasn’t ready to take them in right away since it’s summertime and they’re ok outside.

    Also, my cat used to make this exact sound when he was crying for second dinners. Seriously, with three of us in the house he was sometimes able to convince each of us separately that everyone else had forgotten to feed him. He was so good at being pitiful!


    the mews… the standing up… I wouldn’t have lasted that long.

    what a beautiful piteous little girl.

  34. Kitteh has that cute stuff down! There is no hope for the humans…

  35. Gah! NO! I’d managed to forget about the Cat Carol this year, but after seeing this vid, I once again live in fear of hearing it on the radio. Thanks, sad kitten. You are awfully cute, though!

    For anyone who hasn’t heard the saddest Christmas song in the history of the world (and don’t say I didn’t warn you):

  36. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    That house needs a kitty door…

  37. Momof2kitties says:

    OMG. My heart hurts from the qteness of teh bebbeh. Are you kidding me? That kitteh would be in my house and in my arms in about 2 nanoseconds. Outside, my a**. Widdle bebbeh needs snorgling!

  38. Oh dear. Poor lil’ punkin. I could not have resisted her, I’m afraid…

  39. @E – I kind of thought maybe it was the birds’ turn to come out and have the house for a while. I could hear them in the background and figured that was why the cats were having their “outside day.” I’d still let them in though. Especially that little one. No bird has the powers to trump that level of pathetic cuteness.

  40. Outside cats (even only partial outside cats) do not live as long as inside cats. Enough said.

  41. littlemel says:

    OMG! Dangling paw action. The human in the video obviously has super-human willpower not to let that little snuggler in.

    Besides, it is safer and healthier for kitties indoors – No outside days!

  42. K O’dee:

    You have slain me with the Cat Carol. Yes, you warned me. But I had to check it out. Now I’m weeping. Baroooo!

    That song joins the Little Matchgirl and the Velveteen Rabbit in my canon of Holiday Weepies.


  43. K. O’Dee — omg, ok that’s just cruel!! I am still sitting here bawling after that song. I kept waiting and waiting for the happy ending and it didn’t come.

  44. Bird of Paradise says:

    I love how the white kitten came and investigated, then got bored in about two seconds and wandered off.

  45. Mary (the first) says:

    Although I have experienced the “no one has fed me or petted me oh no owwwwweeeeeoooowwwww” from a cat that was fed and petted only minutes earlier.. this is still a pretty pathetic bebeh. I would have let her/them in. As for that “carol”, who in the world would write a song like that? Luckily for me, when someone heard a cat crying outside their house in an ice storm, they let him in and saved him even though they could not keep him. I ended up with him for the most wonderful 16+ years ..

  46. If you want to keep your cat out, fine, but just don’t stand near the door and torture the poor blasted thing for the sake of a video. My cats live inside with me and I haven’t caught anything from them except lurve.

  47. I would have folded at that sitting up begging action, if not before. I expect that happened here too, since the vid ends soon after. Meanwhile, my geriatric Stinky sounds very much like this when he’s begging to go OUT.

  48. Another good reason to let the babies in!!! My mom had a cat who wanted to come in, but mom decided to make her stay out a little longer. BAD IDEA! Poor Josie got hit by a car and my mother has been sick over it ever since. My kitties stay in!

  49. “It’s pretty irresistibuhlz, though!”

  50. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m joining in with the chorus who say “No outside days.”
    If I had two seconds to live over again, it would be the two seconds when I let out my darling cats and never saw them again.
    I still miss them.
    Now I listen to an indoor cat beg to go out, and I put him on a harness for a walk in the back yard and to climb up tree trunks.
    And the behbeh on hind legs and sweet little face…Gimme!

  51. My vet told me that you could protect your cat from 98% of the things that could harm it if you just keep it inside. My cat was born inside, grew up inside and only goes out when she’s visiting the vet. If they’re not introduced to the outside, they don’t “miss” it.

  52. My older male cat kept staring at the speakers, then staring at me…like, “woman, what are you sitting here in front of the computer for? go help that bebeh!” He normally doesn’t react to things like this, but he demanded much snuggling after.

  53. Kitteh is smarter that people: Kitties should go inside! (Also, I’m loving the bird noisicles in the background, birdies ROCK)

  54. What we did not see is the same kitty probably mewing pitifully to get OUT again after 5 minutes inside.

  55. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Judging by the bird noises, Tabitha was motivated not so much to seek comfort as to seek food! At least if my own cats are anything to go by…

  56. Tony James says:

    Still with the inside/outside cat debate. Sheesh. Some cats shouldn’t go outside, it’s true, especially when there are things like coyotes that will eat them.
    Other cats (Mac, for a start) like to go oustide, chew some grass, terrorise small helpless animals, and generally behave like the lord of all creation (which, in the case of the most of the local cat population, he is). Then again, he was born in a barn (his manners bear this out – he’s never closed a door in his life), so maybe there’s something genetic. He goes outside to pee, and at night (goes and sleeps in the garage, which has a cat flap), and during the day alternates between sleeping on the sofa or sleeping on the walkway which gets nice and warm in the sun. Sometimes he likes to have us hold the door open for him so he can spend 45 minutes or so standing on the threshold deciding whether he wants to go out or not – he’s a cat who likes choices.

  57. My cat does this thing when it’s 3 am and she’s the only one up and she’s lonely and she wants someone to play with. It’s kind of drawn out, weird sounding yowl. But if you turn on the light or otherwise look at her, she meows normally. I’ve had that cat 15 years and I’ve never actually seen her do it.

  58. Kidd&Troost says:

    My little guy Kidd is the world’s BIGGEST whiner! When I come home from work he follows me around the house whining incessantly and at maximum volume until I give him a Cheeto or sit on the couch and let him sit on my lap. He’s a gray and white stripey kitty with white paws. Watching this video was like watching baby footage of him.

  59. Too many cars, diseases (FIV, FIP, FeLV), predators (nasty people, other animals) for me to feel comfortable letting cats outside. Maybe in suburbia or rural areas it’s different, but living in the city has taught me it’s better to keep kittehs inside.

  60. This would be understandable if that cat were older and sturdier, but an eight week old kitten shouldn’t be left outside unattended. If you’re going to leave a little kitten outside, make sure it has supervision! Kittens are like kids!

  61. Poor kittie. Let her in 😦

  62. This made me cry. My newest cat was tossed out by one of our new neighbours. Our other neighbours tell us that the poor little guy cried and cried begging to be let back in for weeks. He refused all offers of food from any of the other neighbours. By the time we moved in he was emaciated and close to death. His voice was hoarse from all the crying. I guess he trusted us right off because he let us give him some food. Fast forward to today – he is now an INSIDE cat in our house – he is fat and happy. It was a very happy day for me the first time he relaxed enough to start playing. I know this is a long post but I heard this kitten crying and all I could think about was my poor little Miglet being kicked out by his awful awful old owner.