Smooooshed leeps

I am een PREE-SONS!

Halp! [puckering mo-shons] Halps!


Let heem out, Karla B.! Haaaalps!



  1. Eheeheehee! Caged leeps!

  2. memyselfni says:

    bunneh! 😀 what a cutie!

  3. Aw, let the poor fluffy white bun outta his cage. So Cute!!

  4. Pat Trenner says:

    Judging from the fingers scratching his neck and his eyes closed, he’s suffering from an advanced case of BLISS.

  5. BumbleBee says:

    That’s redonkulously cute…until you see what looks to be a hand purposefully squooshing the bunnies head against the cage! All in the name of cute art though and i’m sure the bunny’s fine

  6. Awwwww!! He’s so adorables!!!!

  7. Heee! Peenk bunneh leeps!

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Qte bunneh leeps – hope he/she gets outta preeson soon and can wrap those leeps around something yummy to monsche.

  9. eep! bunneh leeps slays me!! she looks reddie to start droolinks frum teh hedd scritchies!!

  10. kiss peenk bunneh leeps!!!

  11. O Hai bunneh!
    Whew! Was it good for you too?

  12. Now THAT is an approving bunny. Look at that little smile!

  13. awww silky smushy schnozzle! eep!

  14. Does this prison allow bunjugal visits?

  15. LOL

  16. dizzyprincess says:

    I too am familiar with the head-scratching-rendering-immobile technique. Nicely played.

  17. Bun strongly disapproves of where this is leading.

  18. the wardeens threw a par-tay eens the bunny jails…

    *buns shaking hips*

  19. Hovertext! (not mine this time)
    “…nobunny knows my sorrowwwww”

  20. mmmmmwwwwwhhhhaaaaa *smack*
    right on the lepus leeps

  21. tracyFlick says:

    Cute to see the fingers reaching in and petting it. I always do that at the pet store.

  22. Doesn’t it sort of look like the hand is smooshing the bun’s face against the cage…?

  23. As much as i luff teh bunneh leeps, i don’t like that some-1 is smooshing his leeps into the cage like dat.

    Some-1 halp teh poor bunneh pleez!

  24. Fear not, BumbleBee and Tarah711–the hand is only skritching, not smooshing.

  25. Oh good manynote, i feel betta now.

  26. ashley hayes says:

    thats sooooooo cute

  27. “Doesn’t it sort of look like the hand is smooshing the bun’s face against the cage…?”

    I thought this too. Hmmm.

  28. Attica! Attica! Atti…ooooh, carrots!

  29. BumbleBee says:

    Thanks manynote – i wasn’t too worried though; i confess i’ve done a bit of (gentle) bunny-smooshing in my time 🙂


  31. berthaslave says:

    smooshy mcsmooshersons….seems like a very content bunneh. maybe his nosicle was itchy?

  32. Awww, he looks like he’s sleeping! He’s going to wake up with SOME pillow face!

  33. CoffeeCup says:

    Judging from the size of the buns, I doubt that a set of fingertips can really generate the force to keep the buns smooshed against a cage. I know that my buns (7 lb) would fidget til the cows come home if I tried to get him to do something he didn’t want to do.

  34. Pengraffe says:

    That is definitely an “I will rest my chin while you scratch my head” moment right there. My bun Winifred does this quite a lot. She is so lazy sometimes.

  35. Looks like a fuzzy set of lil’ buns!

  36. this could be titled “Bun trapped in Excel worksheet.”

  37. Golf clap for Mike D. Nicely done.

  38. looks like he wants some taco keesees

    south park anyone?

  39. Doesn’t seem to approve.


  40. Keeessss me!
    Keeesss me!

  41. I’m just the hand is just giving the bun a good scratch. I lerve those leeeeps!

  42. Hey paranoid peeps – if you’d ever had a bunny you’d know that there’s no way you could smoosh a bunny’s face against the caging without it immediately freaking out and running away; bunnies are way faster than humans. At the very least just give the pic the benefit of the doubt, ok?

  43. Never fear–as a bunny owner, I can attest that the bunny is probably justpushing his nose up to get maximum enjoyment out of the forehead rub. That’s what my guy does–he can’t get enough of it, so he leans up and forward into my fingers.

  44. acelightning says:

    That is one pampered and well-loved bunny! Rabbits will push their muzzles through the spaces between the wires of their cages for many reasons – to get at a treat, to bite their human if they’re peeved, to try to grab something they want to pull into the cage (whether it’ll fit through the grid or not). This bun, though, just looks as if it happens to be a convenient place for his face while he gets his proper skritchins.

  45. Everyone should have such soft and fuzzy lips… 🙂

  46. smoosh that lil’ face!!!

  47. Oh please. Let the bunny out of prison.

  48. Hi! That’s my beautiful bunny up there…

    I know it takes up space, but sometimes I wish backstory was posted along with photos because of the tendency for people to jump to conclusions! I would NEVER hurt a critter for a photo op and it’s sad that the world is such that people do make that assumption. 😦 I’ve had pets my whole life and mourn each one for a long LONG time.

    Frosty is a cranky little girl. She came from an abuse/hoarding case and honks and snorts are her preferred method of communication. Plus, the shelter I got her from had her in a small cage for over a year and she’d grown hugely obese. Once I got her, she shed about 5 pounds and is sleek and gorgeous. I think she’s about 7 lbs now. She has a pen attached to a two story NIC condo, so she has plenty of exercise room.

    Even though she’s cranky when food is concerned (as most bunnies are, I’ve found!), she has these moments when she melts into the side of her pen and achieves Bunirvana.

    Thank yous to the bunny-slave commenters who have seen this type of face before and immediately knew just what was going on! 🙂

  49. Bun lips are remarkably appealing. In a bunny-love, not in a kissy-love, kind of way.

  50. Thanks for commenting, Karla. I can’t believe anyone would mistreat such a beautiful bun with such keesable leeps!

  51. Buns got buns for a mouth. At first I thought I was being mooned. Tee hee!

  52. Yes, those lips do look obscene! LOL

    I’ve had her since January and it’s only been in the last couple months that she won’t run away or strike out when I approach her. And when I had her spayed, the vet found tumors on her uterus. She’s fine, but Close Call!

    She’s had a tough life, poor thing. 😦 That’s why I love this picture SO much. She trusts me now and I never thought she’d ever get to that point.

  53. Karla,
    Oh yeah, that’s bunny bliss for sure. I had a bun for 12 years. I’m so happy you took Frosty in, and that she’s learned to trust you. Buns are such delicate creatures in many ways. 🙂

  54. Karla,
    My foster-baby Pepperkin is the exact opposite of Frosty. She’s tiny and black-furred. She wasn’t kept in a tiny cage, she was “let free.” It’s sad how many people think a domestic rabbit can survive in the wild. Luckily, some kind human found her after she had only been out there for a few days and took her to the Humane Society. Now we have a punk-goth bunny who comes running to you for strokes every time you enter her domain, goes completely immobile when her nose is stroked, licks humans all over their faces if given the chance, and growls if you try to take away her food bowl. She thinks she is half dog and half rock star. She’s a 2 month old Rex rabbit.


  55. KArla Bless you for taking her in I hope the remainder of her life is long and happy and bunnylicious.

  56. these bunnies are so cute =D yay!

  57. Arrrr so cute! x