Behbeh sloth…cryingks!

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! [crawls down limb] Ehhnnnnnnnn!

Waaaaah! Delilah W., Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!




  2. omg. I just wanna pick him up and cuddle him… ehh.. wanna wanna!

  3. It’s a sin how cute this baby is…(get it)

    don’t watch the video of the sloth crossing the road tho… it’s kind of sad…. God sure has some silly ideas doesn’t he?

  4. Karen in Toronto says:

    You can’t see her but mommeh sloth is rushing over right now to halp! She’ll be here soon! Meantime, what would baby sloth like for lunch and dinner and snack and breakfast?

  5. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Karen!

    Was the sound out of sync with the video for anyone else?

    [Totally! YouTube does that a lot, when you upload your video, but not always. I haven’t figured out the trick yet. – Ed.]

  6. Sweet Jeeeesus!
    Keep those sloths a’comin’

    This one makes ya get all misty n’ junk.

  7. tracyFlick says:

    Hush little Slothie don’t say a word…mama’s gonna buy you:

    1. Sleep.
    2. More Sleep.
    3. A Sealy’s to sleep on.
    4. Milk.

  8. charliewabba says:

    He’s moving awfully fast.
    Almost leaves a vapor trail.

  9. aaaaawwwwwww how cute!!!!!

    is this sloth disapproval we are hearing?

  10. This makes me sad I can’t give the baby love to stop crying.

  11. Jennifer Winston says:

    Very adorable! It takes real talent to cry upside down 🙂
    (Auntmame, the sound was out of sync for me too! Hmmmm…)

  12. Awwww, poor little one! Life’s a b*tch when you’re a baby and have to learn to climb trees alone. Glad she’s in a shelter. That tone made me want to break through the computer running to her “it’s ok, it’s ok little one… there there now”

  13. servant2rani says:

    I’m cryin’ too – can’t see video at work 😦

  14. weasel_tea_party says:

    Poor thing! I hope mom’s coming soon.
    Someone seriously needs to be making baby sloth plushies.

  15. All I want do do is hold this very sad behbeh!!

  16. awwwww, where’s its mommy!! this video has a not happy ending 😦 don’t just stand there filming, find it’s mommah!!

  17. Oh, noes! Poor sad little critter! ((((((S Q U E E E E Z E S))))) to eet.

  18. So pathetic and adorable. Mommy’s coming precious!!!

  19. I think that sloth should become the poster child for “Ehn”. It’s definitely the clearest instance of “ehn” I’ve ever heard.

  20. That is the speediest sloth I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve met loads of sloths… but aren’t they generally slow? So slow they have moss growing in their fur?

    Well, get this bebe some Olympic Athlete Funding cuz he’s breakin’ some sloth landspeed records!

    And he’s anerable. Wanna comfort and kiss the wee bebe! Love him!

  21. Stop! Stop with the cute baby animal videos!
    I’m going to have to start bringing a stuffed toy animal to work to snorgle throughout the day.

  22. The poor little slothie doesn’t have a mama – this is from the info about the video at YouTube from the folks who uploaded it:

    “This cute little critter is a baby sloth who temporarily lives at the Panamerican Conservation Association wildlife rescue center. We believe the mother of the sloth abandoned the baby. Actually, it is not uncommon for first time sloth mother’s who are still in the process of learning how properly care for their infants, to abandon them. A concerned individual found the sloth lying on the ground in the forest and brought her to the center. The rehabilitation specialists are teaching her to be a wild sloth so that she can return to the wild when she is a little older and can survive on her own. In this video, she is learning to climb trees.”

    Poor pickle! But like other posters have said, it’s good he’s in a shelter now and experts will teach him all sorts of important sloth skills, like sleeping and looking sleepy and pretending to sleep – and of course, being anerable.

  23. As a sloth myself, I can attest that I have never moved that fast in my life.

    That sloth was in sore need of a hug!

  24. sloths can swim!
    I like dis video too!
    I can hear ‘im going ehn ehn with each paddle.

  25. Desdemona says:

    I’m surprised nobody else has said it: “Oh, fer cryin’ out loud!”

  26. Oh fer cryin out loud.


  27. Indi — they swim right-side-up??

  28. Thanks, megusmaximus, that is interesting. But so sad!! I bet there are LOTS of people on CO that would be willing to be an adopted momma!!!

  29. How could we be sure it’s crying? I mean, it sure does sound like it, but… it could be sloth for “Look what I can do!” (in best Stuart impersonation)

  30. I have practically zero maternal instincts, and yet I’m just about ready to bust through my computer screen to rescue that little guy. <: D Sloths...

  31. ooh aah hmm says:

    based on the vectors followed by the sloth and the cameraperson, i suspect there’s food behind the fourth wall. thence the quick motions by baby slothypoo. that is, he’s acting like my kitteh when i’m too slow handin’ over the chow.

  32. There’s a FABulous sloth story in the first Patrick O’Brian novel about Aubrey and Maturin. Check out the whole series for some beautiful animal moments.

  33. Ohlookachicken says:

    Aww, poor leettle beebeh.

    Sloth comic:

  34. Argh!! Put the camera down and hug him! He wants to snuggle. Awwwww….


  36. ThatGirlBill says:

    NOT a deadly sin?

  37. sara Bernardo says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Sloths are my alltime favoritest animals EVAR. This little dude needs a momma and I wholeheartedly volunteer!!! *Raises hand, puts on momma sloth costume*

  38. Am I the only one who thinks that this sloth resembles Dr. Tran?

  39. Yitzysmommie says:

    EHN!! Cannot see slothie from werk. Damn werk, they want me to be productive or somethin’.
    Wattabout a name the slothie contest since we can’t name HumptyBack Fishybreath or whatever that name was…

  40. berthaslave says:

    I’m trying to contemplate the potential oxymoronicism of “wild sloth.”

    And adoring the behbeh, of course.

  41. Unlike other mammals, they are semi-coldblooded. They move faster in a warm environment and slower when it’s cool.

  42. Ohhhhhh! I’ll hold you behbeh sloth!

  43. Sloths make me sad. I dunno why – they just seem to be at such a disadvantage 😦

    When I was a little girl, I am sure I read a story about 2 kids who found a sloth that escaped from the zoo and they kept in their bedroom. Does anyone else remember this story? This would have been over 30 years ago – I’m not sure there are too many over 40’s that post here.

  44. More of us than you think, Carrie. I’m 61 tomorrow. And no, I don’t remember the…uh…what were you asking about?

  45. This is sweet – And it’s Old Buttervoice to boot.

  46. Ehn… ehn!

    *checks to see if you are coming to snorgle yet*

    Ehn! Ehhhhn!!



    Somebody must get heeeeem!

  47. OMG indi !!! I just watch the swimming sloth video… and omg… halp!!!

  48. I don’t think this is the one you mean, Carrie, but this is one I loved as a kid:

  49. OK, now I’m hooked on Sloths!

  50. So sweet and sad all at the same time!

  51. Ahhh, you have to watch these baby sloths:

    So cute!!!!

  52. I totally heart sloths. I am freaked out by how human her voice sounds! And I’m glad that ‘concerned individual’ took her to the shelter. I hope she has a long healthy life and asks for help if she’s not sure how to raise her sloth babies!

  53. Lola — excellent find! The people giggling in the background while slothie combs her hair is the best part.

  54. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Sloths are cool in a sort of alarming throw-back-to prehistory way, but I kind of think they belong in the same category as opossums: their cuteness is open to debate. This one was pretty darned cute, though.

  55. Lola, LOVE the butt-scratching, eye-capsule plinking bebeh, and his stretchy roommate!!!

  56. Is it just me or does this sloth sound like he’s actually articulating ‘ehn ehn’ vs. making a random baby sound? He must be looking at too much CO.

  57. bananasforbunnies says:

    Well the behbeh sloth is upset because a storm is coming and the thunder is hurtin itz eerz…

  58. Tony James says:
  59. SQUEEEEEEEE! I wanna snuggle heem!!!

  60. strange – 100x less annoying than peacocks crying

  61. And here we see the sloth in its most frolicksome stage – childhood. Awwwww!

  62. See now, you wouldn’t see a *loris* zooming around at such ridiculously high speeds. He truly is Slothy Gonzales, the Fastest Folivora in the West. Or something.

  63. The little sloth has MUPPET LIMBS. I couldn’t figure out why he seemed so familiar, but that is why. Poor little muppet.

  64. Someone needs a snuggle! Watch out for the claws, though.

  65. ::sings:: All I want for Christmas is a behbeh sloth, a behbeh sloth, a behbeh sloth…

    Think I could convince my hubby to illegally import one for me?

  66. Thats one speedy sloth!

  67. That is one darn cute sloth!

  68. Soooo cute! And I’m adding my name to the over 40’s here. I’m 49.