Totally new levels of redonkulessness

People, will you please get a load of "" Yes, you read that right.

We’re talking Wigs. For. Kittehs. Wigs like the "Electric Blue":


Pink Passion:


The Silver Fox:


and drumroll please… the Bashful Blonde:


C.S.O. was wondering if they do a ‘Marie Antoinette’ style. Do you, Boone?



  1. No I know where seth got his wig. >>

  2. I logged in because I couldn’t get to sleep… but now I’m not so sure I’m not.

  3. geneticlemon says:

    Hm. Opposable thumbs … wigs to make them look “human” … … … I, for one, welcome our new cat overlords.

  4. Is it weird that I find that the blue hair looks most “natural” ?? 🙂

  5. sc – not weird at all! The blue wig goes nicely with a “blue” cat (I’m having a hard time telling if it is a russian blue or a chartreux since the eyes seem green in the first pic and more golden in the second) My little blue imp is quite tolerant of a lot of things, but somehow I think she’d draw the line at a wig.

  6. doxylover79 says:

    OMG the Electric Blue kitteh has a Cleo-cat-ra cattitude! It almost looks natural. I’ve been up waaaaay to long tonite. lol

  7. i for one am partial to the silver fox. kicky! sassy!

  8. where I’m at its late in the afternoon and we snuggled up kitteys for naps 😀

  9. acelightning says:

    Those are some peeved-looking pussycats. Whoever tries to put one of those on their cat is likely to find puke in their shoes, poop on the bathroom rug, pee in their underwear drawer, and shredded clothes in their closet. And the wig is going to become mulch.

  10. Is that what they mean when they talk about merkins?

  11. They must be superglued on.

  12. AHHHHHH!!!! cant….stop….laughing….
    can’t ……breathe……..

    I never thought cats in wigs could be so funny – or suprisingly pretty.

  13. Meg this one scary submish
    I think I will not loook again at 2 am to see if anything new has been posted for a while……

    Just kidding on not looking

  14. This is the most stupidly funny thing I’ve seen in a long time, ahhahahahah.

  15. My cats would have eaten that “hair” by now. I’d be laughing at this if I wasn’t so tired. I hope people don’t seriously do this to kittehs! You’ve convinced me I need to go to bed.

  16. omg. they are so sexy!! i love the 3rd one!

  17. Not Carolyn Sortor says:

    “If you have any creature in the house with a head bigger than a walnut
    (including boyfriends), you need a Kitty Wig™.”
    – Carolyn Sortor

  18. Figgy Fizz says:

    $50.00 per wig plus $45.00 for shipping?!? I’m heading down to the thrift store for a $5.00 old lady special. With a few snips and a chin strap, it’ll be ready for a night kicking over trash cans and peeing in the flower box.

  19. Wigs on a cat?? Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?

  20. “Pink makes your kitty feel elegant, modern and quintessentially feline.”

    I would order it just for the sake of the case, or to make my punky kitty feel pinkier.

    what happens to the ears? I need a “how to” guide

  21. Is that cat really called Chicken? Love eet!

  22. O.

  23. *gawk*

    Utena Cat?!

  24. the blue wig picture reminds me of a certain artist’s album (except it’s another color)… love it… love the cat eyes…

  25. Wrong.


  26. Does anyone else think that perhaps *someone* may have too much time on his or her hands/paws??? My [geriatric] cat wouldn’t sit still long enough to attempt to put a wig on his head (not that he needs one, of course)!

  27. circuscake says:

    oh, yeah- the descriptions are totally the best part…..i really *need* to live in a land of cotton candy, where the air smells like sugar kisses…..serious.

  28. the website descriptions are hilarious! but wow, the wigs are made by the same person who does “subversive cross-stitch” which is a really great project. i mean, who doesn’t want a kit to make a stitch say “don’t make me cut you”?!

  29. why?

    This is just plaing Wrong. With a capital “W”!

  30. What about boy cats? Kitty toupees?

  31. How do these wigs stay on the cats???

    Do you think they’ll ever make wigs for gerbils? 😮

  32. Stop messing with ’em, they’re perfect as is.

  33. Figgy – what I think she meant was $45 for the wig, plus extra ($5) for shipping = $50 total. Though I have to admit $50 is a bit much for a kitteh wig… but you never know what people would buy.

  34. isn’t it odd – they all look surprizingly good. The last picture is the best, the cat actually looks at ease and quite sexy/shy.

  35. yankeebird says:

    Ahhhhhh, crashbunny! Merkins!!!

    *laughing SO hard I nearly choked*

  36. These are fan-freakin-tastic.

    I’m sure those poor kitties can fend for themselves if they decide dress up time is over.

  37. R.E.D.O.N.K
    Really, Electric Draws Out Naughty Kitties

  38. hahaha! Thanks for pasting that! They gray kitty looks exactly like my Sammy.

  39. LOL well at my house (Just sayin) that would be a $50 cat toy.. (Visions of the cats first whipping it off their head and then flinging it in the air and pouncing on it and doing the whole back feet kicky gouge thing. and me picking up a wet tangled mess.) LOLOL.

  40. OMG, who did this to those poor cats….

    I am LMAO!!!


    Their revenge will be sweet, I’m sure.

  41. Sigh.
    I think the clothes-on-pets thing is going WAY too far.
    I think people should let cats be cats and dogs be dogs! If you really want to dress something up and carry it around, have a baby for god’s sake!

  42. Does anyone else find it disturbing how good that blue looks?

  43. littlemel says:

    *looking puzzled*

  44. TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!! $50 bucks?!?!?!

  45. I think the owner of that site is just reselling Super-Dollfie sized wigs, and the case is one that you can get for a few dollars at Michaels. cute idea, but way overcharging for what it is.

  46. finally, appropriate accessories for cats to wear when they go to an all-night rave.

  47. the eyes on the bashful blonde are just killin me!!

  48. wow… weird. creepy, yet delightful.

    is it just me, or does the blue-wigged one kinda look like cher?

  49. Nyn – I can’t have a baby – what if I want to put a blue wig on my kitty? What of it? HUH? HUH???

    What if I had a baby, and put a blue wig on it, or a pink one for that matter?

    this is still kind of, sort of creeping me out.

  50. lol, you’d put these on a baby??

    anyway, WHERE DO THE EARS GO??? it’s kind of just really really bizarre, like something out of alice & wonderland, or a trippy dream or something, lol. the cat with blue hair would jump up on the table and sit down and begin talking to you, lol. i want to see a commercial for these on tv!! like fashion-show style!

  51. LOL!

    *has taken lurverly pic of kitteh in blue wig and photoshopped color of his hair to match his fur, cut him out, placed him on green velvet stool for Christmas cards*

  52. My cat’s name is Chicken too!

  53. Funny… my chicken’s name is Cat.

  54. (OK, I made that up. But if I *had* a chicken…)

  55. (I’d chicken in the morning…)

  56. theo! you’re too funny 🙂

  57. The gray kitty looks like he’s cosplaying as a goth-cat. >_> *in my prudest of voices* All the others just look like kitty harlots.

  58. Juniper Jupiter says:


    My cats would hate me SO HARD and plot my demise if I even THOUGHT of putting one of those on their heads…even in the case of “feline pattern baldness”…

  59. hmmm … LOL..I do believe my next chicken will have to be named Cat…
    Just have to be….. and it will have to be a silky.
    I can’t just name it Cat with out a really good excuse… Like it’s feathers make it look like a cat (Shifty Eyes)

  60. LuvBJones says:

    Oh. My. God.

  61. Hey, if one’s kitteh is a blonde trapped in a tabby’s body, who are we to stop her from being her true self?

  62. Actually, the cat with the blue hair made me think of Cher. Can’t you hear the soundtrack? (“Half Breed . . . that’s all I evah heard . . . “)

  63. sick…

  64. I had a dog named Kitty and my History teacher had a Great Dane named Kitty also – he’d yell out his back door. “Here Kitty Kitty, Kitty”

    /queen of non-sequitors

  65. This is too enjoyable beyond words! I’m not kidding – what fun!

  66. gol dang, pretteh kittehs! Beautiful eyes on that last one.

  67. berthaslave says:

    Bad idea. Cute pics.

  68. circuscake says:

    nyn- but i don’t want a baby. i want to put a cute sweater/coat/t-shirt on my dog. i promise i’m not confused about this at all.

    and really- there are worse fates for a critter than wearing clothes, yes?

  69. That bashful blonde wig is pretty sassy!

  70. Rubiatonta says:

    “Chicken” is a Russian Blue, for sure. I only wish there was a purple wig — it would match my Blue Baby’s purple softpaws. (Though she’d probably keeeeel me in my sleep for wigging her out.)

  71. coughingpuppy says:

    This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

  72. bananasforbunnies says:

    They are all gorgeous and alluring! Wonder if my bunny wants one too, maybe Lime Green. OH, yes, Teal for my Water Dragon (he would tolerate it very well) unless my kittens snickered!

  73. How weird. I bet they are just doll wigs though.

  74. OK this is trippy, LMBO!

    I can see myself returning to peek at these picts again when I need a good cheer.

  75. Brammimonde says:

    This needs to stop.


    This is why.

  76. LOLOL!!!! The blue cat looks very sexy and pleased to wear the wigs, but the tabby doesn´t look to happy in the last pic, hehe. 😉

  77. “is it just me, or does the blue-wigged one kinda look like cher?”

    Cath, Nuch, that was *exactly* what I thought too!

  78. Just FYI, kids, Russian Blue cats have “vivid green eyes” (quoting from breed standard). Also looks like cat in pix has rounded face, breed standard has more length to muzzlepowshes. Looks like my Picky, tho, if that’s any comfort – he’s got yellow/green eyes, too, but wouldn’t wear a wig or even a collar. He’d just sit there and look offended.

  79. That is so wrong in so many ways.

  80. Oh no!
    This is actually VERY DANGEROUS. A friend almost lost her kitty when it ate the synthetic fibers of which these wigs are made. It lacerated the poor kittys intestines. KEEP THESE FAR AWAY FROM ALL PETS!!!!!