Small kitteh with cataloons

This kitteh has his own cataloon-pannts built right on in. When standing, you can see his "pants". The best part, however, is the ‘paddle paddle paddle’ ‘ehn ehn ehn’ of batting the toy…

Anjie S. more evidence that Scottish Folds OWN US



  1. I actually feel sorry these poor munchkin cats…with those stubby legs, how is he supposed to jump around like a cat is meant to do? Those ears won’t help much if he ever gets out of the house, pretty much any wild beastie could catch it and seriously harm it. Selective breeding has taken away every practical survival trait this cat has!

  2. I want a Scottish fold!!!


    But seriously, are they a “designer” or hard to find kind of breed? I’m the shelter rescuer type. :/

  3. That’s Puss in Boots from Shrek, isn’t it?!

  4. lol, i can’t believe how long he stood up like that…

  5. lol @ emma — i came here to say the same thing, but you beat me to it 😀

    great minds, and all that…

  6. waahh…I can’t see teh video at work.

  7. Mello, they aren’t a common breed, but they do turn up in shelters. You can also google ‘Scottish Fold Rescue’ to help find rescue organizations in your area.

  8. Scottish Folds are not a ‘designer breed’, but rather a registered breed. The ears are a naturally occuring mutation (as in, humans had no hand in it’s creation), that does not in any way, shape or form affect or effect the cat in a negative manner.

    I don’t know enough about Munchkins to comment on the opening Nuff.

  9. Hmmm, is he a munchkin cat? I think his legs are normal looking. He’s a lovely little Scottish Fold, fer sure! (Yeah, the Munchkin cats are just sad.)

  10. Yes, yes! See:

  11. agreez wiv all a u. dis scottish fold is de cutest absolutely deee cutest dere iz. barrr none.

  12. this is definitely a munchkin.

  13. Cats with short legs can do just fine. I used to know a sweet kitty we called “Stubby” because of her short legs. She could run, jump, and do all the things kittehs do, and didn’t seem the least bit hampered. So why feel bad for this loved little bundle of fur?

  14. what a cutie! he looks so soft and squishy! i want to hug him!

  15. I used to feel sorry for Munchkin cats, until I read up on them and discovered that they have no issues getting around. They can run and jump and do everything “normal” cats can, and unlike some of the long-backed short-legged dogs, they don’t have spinal problems due to their mutation.

  16. Munchkin?


    Scottish Fold?




    Ded from cuteness?

    Check. *Thud*

  17. Every time a Munchkin is posted here, people talk about how they can’t do certain things, so on and so forth. And again, I have to say that Munchkins are healthy, happy and able to do everything that long-legged kitties can do. Trust me, my Munchie is able to hop up on the counter just like his long-legged companion. Like Ivy said, they don’t have any back problems. They’re just shorties!

  18. I thought they might be harder to find. We always adopt via shelters or actually rescue cats and we’ve found many a tabby that way.

    Of course a little scotch (HAHA) tape would bend those ears over and you save money.

  19. fritzlesnick says:

    for the nuffs – short legs aren’t always designer kitties (in fact, those that I’ve had have always been part of a “normal” litter (I live in the country, so have had a lot of pregnant mommas that I’ve taken in) – as far as jumping ability, they can jump higher than their “normal” siblings a lot of the time – they can also climb just as well (I’ve been a climbing tree lots of times and have the claw pokes to show). It does seem the ones with scottish fold ears are more likely to have the shorter legs – just like a Manx has longer hind legs. A persian has shorter legs than a Siamese – a Russian blue is inbetween – does that mean either one is “designer”? For that matter, a lynx has shorter legs than a bobcat – I don’t think either of those are designer.

  20. “Osteochondrodysplasia is a disease that is unique to Scottish Folds. It was discovered that if a folded ear Scottish fold was bred to another folded ear, many of the offspring developed a severe crippling lameness early in life. Cats affected had shortened, malformed legs and tail as well as abnormalities affecting the growth plates and spine. As a result, the breed is outlawed by the Cat Fancy in the UK”

  21. Psst Teho, do you know your name means ‘power’ and ‘efficiency’ in Finnish? 😉

    [In fact, I do! Just recently learned that the *ahem* misspelled version of my name is also a Finnish energy drink, even. Trying to figure out how I can buy a can of it… – Ed.]

  22. Why do they like to sit up that way?

    Scotch-taping my cats’ ears didn’t work. They wouldn’t have it.

  23. I want a cool cat like that… 😛

  24. my fold stands up too and likes sitting back on his butt, he has a big butt so it’s very cushioned, maybe it helps with balance?

  25. A marmie Scottish Fold sitting up and going “ehn”!

    Yes, I am pwned. pwnt. whatevs.

    This little kawaii neko doesn’t seem to have any problem getting around either. Methinks the British cat fancy hasn’t kept up with the better breeders.

    (It’s probably the English who don’t want to admit that something Scottish is cuter than what they’ve been able to produce!)

  26. He certainly does have the Shrek Puss in Boots eyes!


  28. That was so very adorable after having a crappy day at work it was nice to see that.

  29. omg. that is too cute for words. seriously. i’m dying. scottish fold’kins! I love the little things!

  30. berthaslave says:

    Loda…I don’t think that disease is the same as the “munchkin” trait (I could be wrong). As has been mentioned, every time a munchkin-traited cat is posted, nuffs freak out and say they are bred for deformities, but owners always attest that these cats lead normal, healthy lives.

    Folds look like 8 year-old boys in their 12 year-old brother’s hand-me-down-suits. Anerable.

  31. Have you checked out the 2nd clip? It’s even better then the first.

  32. I’m going to eat those flat little ears RIGHT OFF! Nom nom nom.

  33. Another Angela says:

    Cute cat, and interesting info from the “nuffs/thinkers.” Sometimes we don’t see the animals that are culled or PTS as a side-effect of breeding for a specific trait, such as folded ears. Breeding certain colors of rats (“high whites”) can result in babies that die of megacolon, and many hairless rats cannot lactate. The link from Ioda indicates that the same genetics that result in the Scottish fold traits are also associated with arthritis and other problems with their limbs. Sounds like this was used to create the “munchkins,” which I have never heard of before.

  34. Yes, if two scottish folds are bred together there can sometimes be problems. This is why breeders don’t do it, they cross with a non folded ear kitty, and half the kittens will have folded ears.

    A quick health check on Scottish Folds? Look at the tail. A short, stiff tail indicates other problems.

    This kitty has a normal, healthy, happy tail. It is healthy, happy and cute.

    Nuffs are not happy, not cute, and need to be buried under pudding. I’ve got tapioca and pistacho…

  35. I just wanna stroke its belly when it stands up. ahhh!
    anyone know how much these cuties are??

  36. Meg, you said this vid is proof that Scottish Folds own us. I must respectfully disagree. What owns us is actually JAPANESE KITTEH VIDEOS!!

  37. P. Erasmus says:

    HAhahah. Normally I just look at the pics/vids on this site and go…. Hehehmmmmmmm… with a silly smirk on my face…

    But throughout this video I was giggling like I was high on some top quality sticky icky

  38. michellemybelle says:

    Ah, Scottish Fold…we meet again…

  39. This video is just…ridiculous.
    Really there is no other word for it.

  40. Tony James says:

    I do feel sorry for these kittehs – I mean, it must be a complete nightmare to find pants that fit. Do they have to shop at special Short n’Squat stores (the opposite to Big n’Tall)? 14″ waist, but only 3″ legs. But I bet the other kittehs get really PO’d – you know the feeling, you go shopping for a pair of pants and the only sizes you can find are either for insanely thin and tall people (28″ waist, 44″ legs) or ridiculously short fat people (44×26). Cats have low enough waistlines as it is without compounding the problem.

  41. sally-rah says:

    Perfect end to a boring day at the office. Off to my own zoo! Thanks meg! paws up.

  42. If you read the ENTIRE article linked by Ioda you’ll see that Australian and American breeders have been successful in determining the cause of the bad stuff in scottish folds and breeding out the arthritis condition, way to link things out of context….

    The kitten is obviously healthy and fine.

  43. I believe that is Foldy McFolderson of the clan McFolderson.

  44. HEheheh Tony James you forgot the part about the short legged jeans being on the top shelf and the tall legged jeans being on the low shelf.

  45. Nuffers need to shaddup. Sometimes these things just occur in nature, and thank God there are people out there that take them in and love them and cherish them.

    Still. I agree it must be hell finding pants for those short little legs.

  46. I need screenshots! Halp! I needs some pics of that kitty standing there lookin lost for my desktop wallpaper! 🙂

  47. For once I won’t disapprove of intentionally producing munchkins, but DANG!!

    That collar looks tight.

  48. Cute as a button. But…
    Did anyone else wonder about the dangling, …well…
    Object? It looks sortof, well, frankly, phallic…! to me- Is it just me?


  49. Sana-chan says:

    OK, I have to ask, what is a nuff(er)?

  50. Tony James says:

    Nuff (n) syn. nuffer, nuffingham, nuffarooni, nuffazoid, nufflavik, nuffleman, nufflewicz, von nufflenuf.

    Def: One who nuffs.

    Nuff (vb) to harp on about a load of crap merely to hear the sound of your own voice.

    Orig. late 20thC, internet message boards or forums [sic].

    Narr. A nuff may frequently be found complaining about the content of a website or forum. These complaints typically take the form of humanitarian argument, the poster being oblivious to the widely-held believe that arguments relying on emotive language are rarely grounded in fact. A nuff generally seeks to establish himself as the arbiter of taste and decency, although rarely fails to achieve this end.

    It is believed that the term nuff is derived from the word “nothing”, as the nuff generally has “nuffing to contribute.”

  51. Tony James says:

    (sorry, Teho, only thought to check the glossy-ry after I posted).

  52. this video makes me seriously happy

  53. Teej, you didn’t read the post. Kitteh HAS built-in pants, doesn’t need to BUY them. Has his own natural tailor.

    Which is good since he’d never get off-the-rack. Designer cataloons for designer kitteh.

  54. I tell you, Scottish folds are the only ones to stand like that. I really think I need one.

  55. Oh my god, it IS Puss in Boots! Just imagine him standing up with a little hat in his hands. Hahahahaha!

  56. I love “cataloons”. I was at a farm last month and I noticed that some of the chickens had really feathery legs, only their feet showed. I thought, “chicken pantaloons…chick-a-loons! OMGS, C.O. has taken over my brain!” 😉

  57. that cat is so damn cute. he does a little paddle at the toy near the end and he makes a feeble attempt to paw the other cat as it walks by……i want a foldy!

  58. Marmie.
    Scottish Fold.
    Japanese video.


  59. So a Scottish kitteh’s legs aren’t Bread to be Short? Good to hear.

  60. AuntieMame says:

    Speaking of animals in bloomers, has everyone seen the kestraloons on ICHC?

    (scroll up)

  61. AuntieMame says:

    And one thing that nuffs are not: “Anyone who says anything I disagree with.”

    (Aubrey, if they were, they’d have to be bannocked…)

  62. Bah, humbug, Youtube took down the video….!

  63. It’s working now…go fig, but it was gone a moment ago:)

    Btw, kitty adorable…wish our cat would let us get a kitty like that…

  64. LOL Aubrey So they are breading those legs now are they?

  65. The world’s innieist hammy!

  66. So cute!! I love ginger tabbies! 😀

    It´s not a munchkin, btw, it´s a Scottish Fold. They are a very popular in Japan apparently…

  67. Awww. That lil’ kitteh is adorable. I adopted a fold this summer ( ). She is often doing the Buddha squat or standing up when investigating.

    When she was a wee lass I thought she was a munchkin too, but it appeared to be an optical illusion. She’s quite tall now and in to everything. ;D

  68. Why do I think he needs a little cowboy hat?

  69. My intention is not to nuff, just to make people aware of the facts.

    OK, here is the entire piece regarding bone deformation from the International Scottish Fold Association.

    “Osteochondrodysplasia is a disease that is unique to Scottish Folds. It was discovered that if a folded ear Scottish fold was bred to another folded ear, many of the offspring developed a severe crippling lameness early in life. Cats affected had shortened, malformed legs and tail as well as abnormalities affecting the growth plates and spine. As a result, the breed is outlawed by the Cat Fancy in the UK, the GCCF, and has strict breeding rules and regulations with another European Cat Fancy, FIFe.

    The breed was continued in the United States, however, and breeders determined that offspring of cats with folded ears to cats with normal ears did not have arthritis at an early age, and that half of the kittens (on average) had folded ears. Thus, if the cat has only one copy of the folded ear gene (heterozygous) they did not show the arthritis that the cats with two copies of the gene (homozygous) did.

    Research conducted in Australia in February 1999 suggests, for the first time, that even heterozygous Scottish Fold cats may also become afflicted with progressive arthritis. It suggested that cats homozygous for the Fold gene develop crippling arthritis at an early age and that heterozygous Folds also develop arthritis but more slowly. Indeed, this study suggests all Scottish folds with folded ears will eventually develop arthritis of various severity. Of course, the straight ear version of the Scottish Fold will never develop any arthritis as it does not have the folded ear gene.

    Many reputable United States Scottish fold breeders believe that with very careful breeding practices the heterozygous Scottish fold can be free from osteochondrodysplasia. Australia, where all the studies have been performed, has different breeding stock of the Scottish fold and United States breeders have been breeding out the arthritis for many generations. Dr. Leslie Lyons of UC Davis is working with Scottish fold breeders to genetically map the Scottish fold gene that is responsible for the folded ear. If you are a breeder and interested in joining the research, please contact her lab.

    In the meantime, PLEASE BE AWARE that Scottish folds should be bred ONLY folded ear to straight ear and are not to be bred by people who are not dedicated to the health and well-being of these animals. Make sure that if you are purchasing a kitten that it’s tail is long and flexible. Watch it run and play and make sure it does not show any signs of lameness or pain.”
    again from:

  70. Yitzysmommie says:

    sas – SQUEEEE in your adorable kitten, and I must say, it looks like your lovely gray kitty has some “disapproving bunneh” genes.
    The pretty Marmie kitty here is adorable and I love the video. Thank You, Japan, for posting pix of the Scottish Folds.

  71. So Ioda…are you gonna coo over the cute or just lecture non-breeders on how to properly breed Scottish Folds?

  72. Yitzysmommie – Oh ya, Boady (the british shorthair) can give lectures and demos on disapproving. ;D

    As to the breeding, my fold is 1/2 fold 1/2 british shorthair so no issues with Osteochondrodysplasia .

  73. So Bleh…are you gonna coo over the cute or just lecture other commenters on how to properly comment about Scottish Folds?

    (you SO left yourself open to that)

  74. Depends on my mood really. I’m irked by pointless lectures, last time I checked, that wasn’t a sin of epic proportions.

  75. Thanks Theo 🙂

    Maybe you could ask someone at the International Scottish Fold Society to write a piece briefly explaining the genetic problems associated with the this breed, what is being done to breed the ‘bad’ traits out, and what to look for if you’re thinking of getting a Scottish Fold.
    Oh, and not forgetting plenty of super cute kitty pics!

  76. It’s not the point of the site to have essays on genetic problems of breeds.

  77. AuntieMame says:

    Bleh, who died and made you the site owner?

    Any comment is allowed here, as long as it is civil.

    I thought it was interesting. And the comment that they are “not to be bred by people who are not dedicated to the health and well-being of these animals” goes for any breeder of any kind of animal.

  78. I’ve been depressed for the last three weeks. THanks for helping improve my mood AuntiMame.

    I’ll just leave now, since I clearly do nothing for anyone. Which is not a new concept for me. THanks for reiterating that for me.

  79. Please don’t get into personal insults.

    I often just look at the cute pictures, because it makes me feel better. I only posted the info because I saw it was a contentious issue and think that it’s better to make an informed decision on the matter. If you don’t want or have time to read the comments… well, you don’t have to!

    bleh, I hope you feel better soon.

  80. ::headdesk::

    Ow. OK, maybe let’s start again….


  81. OH MY GODS! I want that kitten. The cataloons, the EYEBALLS, the paddling…Is that the cutest thing EVAH?! I’ve always said, “Oh, Scottish Folds, yeah, they are cute” but NOW! NOW this little kitteh has stolen mah heart! (Let us refrain from telling the other two cats in my household this for the time being, however…)

  82. Momof2kitties says:

    What’s with the nuffers’s on all the posts lately? It’s starting to p**s me off! I come to CO for teh qte. If I wanted commentroversy, I’d go to PETA or some such. Pleeze, let us just enjoy teh qte!
    And, btw, I didn’t see the Puss In Boots connection until it was astutely pointed out by CO’ers who are cleverer (more clever?) than I. Now it’s all I can think of. Brilliant! I love him! Sqeeee!!! Must snorgle that belleh.

  83. HAHAHA! thanks teho! that made me just as happy as the video itself.

    i loves this kitteh, and it needs to be snorgled regardless of what its body is shaped like.

    so why isnt anybody on that?


  84. The second video is the best – wrestle wrestle wrestle!

  85. I LOL’ed, and SQUEE’ed!!!!

    Wonderful antidote to being sick…

    (Speaking of sick, bleh, I say this with no malice or judgement, but if you’ve been depressed for three weeks you probably ought to see somebody. Two weeks is one sign of clinical depression. And loda, thanks for the updated in-context info. That plus other anecdotal testimonies here tells that nuffers needn’t worry so much.)

    Now. Jenben, you have made a difficult and serious and highly important request, but I feel myself up for the challenge.



  86. Another Angela says:

    Nuffers and Huffers ( ) need to just accept each other, just like pessimists and optimists. Of course the coo-ers will be annoyed by science nerds and animal welfare lectures, and the nuffs will be annoyed by the mindless cooing.

  87. Oh and the wrestling video is totally brilliant. Because you get the combination of kitteh wrestling AND kitteh wriggling in a bag, AND Davidkitteh and Goliathkitteh. Teeny Davidkitteh is totally undeterred! Kind of a cute or sad moment when it squeaks under Goliathkitteh, but an awfully squee-worthy noise nonetheless, and it’s clear that the two like each other and are just playing.

  88. BAAAAHAHAHA, Another Angela, I is ded from the kitten huffing funny. Hadn’t seen that before.

    ” 1. Obtain a fresh, live kitten.
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. Profit
    5. You have just huffed a kitten. Rinse and Repeat you sick f***. “

  89. I can’t believe no one has mentioned this, but not ONLY is this kitten Shrek’s Puss in Boots, but he’s also mimicing the “I made you a cookie but I eated it” cat. TWO IN ONE!

  90. I can’t believe how freakin cute this is!!


  92. stormwyrm says:

    Japanese caption at the start of the video (rough translation, sorry if it sounds like something Babelfish would come up with):

    Yesterday, a cat seems to be playing with a top while standing on two feet.

    Hastily photographed.

    Caption at starting at about 27 seconds into the video:

    Ah, totally lying down…

  93. I think it’s important to breed incredibly carefully in any case, but this sentence in the article troubled me:

    “Of course, the straight ear version of the Scottish Fold will never develop any arthritis as it does not have the folded ear gene.”

    Really? Arthritis is far from unique to folds. You absolutely should be aware of all the health risks particular to a breed, I think it’s a bit counterintuitive to suggest cats are immune to health issues by virtue of not being a certain breed. : (

    But wow is that bebeh adorable.

  94. Another Angela, I’m afraid I have a problem…I think I’m a kitten huffer!!!! OMG, what do I do now? Are there any support groups? What will my family think if they find out? And on a side note, if anyone knows where I can score some fresh kitten…

  95. his eyes are so shiiiiiiiiiiny! he looks so soft and smooth and squishy, I want to hug him ;__;

  96. One of THE cuuuuuuuuutest kitties EVER!!!