If loving you is wrong—I don’t wanna be right

[Sing in Luther Ingram voice]
Your mama and daddy say it’s a shame
It’s a downright disgrace
Long as I got you by my side
I don’t care what your people say


And accompanying music for this post:

What a morally bankrupt submishe, Veg R…



  1. don’t even go there.

    anywho…love the dog-cat romance. it speaks to me (meow!).

  2. So precious and sweet!

  3. Very cute but the trip back to the 70s blew me away. Yeah I’m old.

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    Awww.. Snuggly… ^_^

  5. Dog: how did i land a fox such as yourself?

    Kitteh: what did you just call me?

  6. Silent Meow says:

    This pic makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. Love it! :o)

  7. KittyBabyMama says:

    Ok, that is actually a Barbara Mandrell song, as I remember it sung in my youth….I can’t possibly sing it in a guys voice. The pic is cute, though. Fluffy and Fido, sittin on a bed…

  8. shut the ffff—–
    that is just not right. there should be a law.
    i give
    meg, you have broken entire COL leee-ness

    [Uhmmm… Liz? You OK out there? – Ed.]

  9. i choked on the lovin- ness of the lovely-ness of the love of the pup/kitteh cozie.
    i’m getting life support as we speak.) (rum drinky)
    should be ok in bout 7 mins.

  10. Oh! —I didn’t even see the cat at first. I thought it was just about us all wanting to snuggle that pup so bad.

  11. This is by far my most favorite post ever on CO!! Hee hee! It is just too heelarious!! The only thing that would make this better is if they were lying on purple satin sheets….

  12. omg
    i’m thinkin they just dont get the SCOPE of this issue.
    I mean Dog on Cat! next thing you know there will be Cat on Dog, and then! who knows!!! cat on cat and dog on dog! good god! then maybe men and women will… oh have mercy. gay might not just mean happy! are ya hidden meeeeeee! halp! 🙂
    if i was religious, i’d cross mee’self. nuff nuff

  13. of course i kidd.

  14. My cat (also albino) and I sleep the same way. She uses my arm as a pillow. Sometimes she’ll be wide awake, and decide to start biscuiting my face and neck. She almost never leaves my side when I’m at home.

    If I’m in a sitting position, I’ll cradle her, and she’ll curl her head up in my armpit as she releases a loud sigh and purr. She’s 12 now, and cuddling is about all she can do!

  15. theo. do you have a life?
    or just a shadow for the weekends?>

  16. scott- thats bread-makin my man. only the best do that for ya.

  17. 😉 scott. yer killin me.

  18. Liz — it’s 9:00 PM Sunday night, here.

    I get the feeling that you just might be embarrassed if you come back and re-read these, tomorrow morning.

  19. honey
    nothin embarasses me any more.
    and i never go back. only forward in my life.
    i try to add humor, and that is all.
    i guess if no one gets it, i need to move along?
    and thats ok.
    love ya-

  20. Dogs on cats, hedgies that look like testicles–what ARE we coming to? All this smut. I thought this was a family show! 🙂

  21. All righty then. Excelsior!

  22. bye bye

  23. (Liz — you’ve got email)

  24. Liz is more entertaining than the pic/video.

  25. Hey, it’s still the weekend. Liz is right; I’m not doing *squat* right now, myself. In fact I’m waiting for me Schmoop to get home.

    If anyone’s having more fun than me, I say more power to them. Or you. Or y’all.

    I think I’m going to go see if we have any ice cream left…

  26. ice cream. ummmmm.
    that might be good.
    as sweet as this pic is.
    and as sweet as Theo.
    i love you, and Meg too.

    [Well I just tried to send you email again… but I think my email service just went down for maintenance, aaargh! I just get a “Sorry for the inconvenience” error message. Anyhow, no worries, it’s all good… – Ed.]

  27. margaret- you rock

  28. circuscake says:

    ah, the puppy/kitty love…..what is it about this that just really makes me all happy and weepy?

    shit- am i pms’ing again? already?

    (off to find tissue and chocolate…)

  29. that’s what all the boyz say….

    Circuscake- it’ll be ok.
    actually a lil hot chocolate b-4 bed will make it all ok then..
    ZZZZZzzzzzzz…. it’ll be good. 🙂 nighty

  30. WHERE does one get puppies and kitties that snuggle like this? cause i really want snuggly kitties and goggies in my house.

  31. Liz, no worries. There’s still someone out here who luffs you! <3

    {psssst….if there has been too many hits to the life support, I was talkin’ bout me ;)}

  32. oh bugmom-
    you make coming home from work in a hellacious storm all worth it!
    for you.

  33. margaret: i lol’d!

    this person has the cutest puppy and the cutest kitty in the entire world. and they love each other! how incredibly lucky…

  34. theo you’re awesome!

  35. i don’t even know what’s cuter… puppy/kitty love or CO comments love…

    wow. just, wow. (^o^)

  36. Wow, that’s a great song!


    And you take care, Liz…

  37. my kitty is in afghanistan

    the waking-sleeping paw-over sunday-morning meditate is on my what-i-miss list

    fo’ sho’

  38. There’s a lot going on in this picture. I also think “Lyin’ Eyes” by the Eagles would be appropriate, or “Me and Mrs. Jones.” On the other hand, maybe this is a “Blue Lagoon” thing and they’re stranded together somewheres and huddling together for comfort and affection as much as the bomp-chicka-wow-wow.

    Dogs and cats, living together, people. We were warned.

  39. kellllleeehhhhh says:


  40. FAvorite part is the matching smiles on their faces.

  41. acelightning says:

    Liz, can I have some of whatever you’ve been smoking?

  42. Love is the sweetest thing
    The old and yet the latest thing.

  43. I loove that picture! They’re so cuute! let’s hope it’s just as peaceful when they wake up.

    Actually, Luther Ingram (the singer) made this song a hit long before Barbara Mandrell. She more than likely made a cover of it.

  44. To make this even wrong-er… I want to join them and make a snorgglicious human-dog-cat threesome!

  45. Ack! Dr. Venkman was right!

    *runs and hides*

  46. Awwwwz. I love that teh puppy paws are as big as teh kitten noggin.

  47. anyone heard from Liz?

    And was the CO broken for anyone else?


    I meant to say that – ^^^ sorry

  49. metsakins says:

    Carrie – yuppers CO was broken most of the morning!

    Liz – I lurve the fact that nuff spelt backwards is ffun! (try an alka seltzer if you’re not feelin’ 2 good today!)

  50. Was that Rick Santorum sock-puppetting Liz? I remember when Rick went off on the man-on-dog tear, the reporter interviewing just said to him, “OK, you’re freaking me out.”

  51. Momof2kitties says:

    Liz is totally crackin’ me up!! Wish I was having so much fun yesterday!

    And, my CO was down all morning too, BTW. Thought I might perish!

  52. happy kitteh and happy puppeh.
    life is good.

  53. It must have been the sandy blonde curls that the kitty fell for. 🙂

  54. Oh the smiles!!!! Gaaahhh… *passes out with stupid grin on face*

  55. Personally when I look at this pic. I think of the song “Secret Lovers” by Atlantic Starr (I think I’m right there)…..

    This pic made me laugh!


  56. I want to see a picture of the puppy doggie not laying down, I bet it has the most incredibly sweet face

  57. Andrea|Nash says:

    Liz! Thanks for having fun! That’s what the Qte family should do … it’s the nuffs who are the irksome old uncles at Thanksgiving. What’s wrong with laughing out loud during grace if it’s funny?

  58. darkshines says:

    I should imagine shes sleeping off the rum, Jack Sparrow style.

    I want emails from Theo… 😦

    I always imagine Theo being a tal, dark stranger, covered in kittens. Possibly with an eye patch.

  59. No no no… it’s *Pyrit* who has the eye patch, peg leg, and parrot. Though possibly I’m misremembering and it’s actually a parrot patch, peg eye, and rum leg. I haven’t had coffee yet. Or rum.

  60. LaVonne Otwell says:

    Well, morally bankrupt, right? So I guess you’re not a Guiliani supporter!

  61. ohhh!!!! so they’re a part of the same…yeah…i get it now. damn.

  62. darling!!! so cute!!!! hey you should see this video about dogs and Hanukkah…it is pretty cute too


  63. Ok, when I first saw this I didn’t see the cat’s head, & it looked like the dog had a huge white belly! Now that my eyes are screwed in right, I see the cuddleness goin’ on.

    Scott – I can just see you and your buddy snuggling. I have a cat 11-12 yrs, & she is attached to me too.

  64. CheshireCat says:

    Oh, if only my white kitteh could find this kind of love. He has a crush on my older kitty, but whenever he tries to give her a kiss, he gets slapped in teh face.:(