Day in the life of Fluffballs

Ah, another case of an already terrific movie being made THAT MUCH BETTER by a ridiculous soundtrack! The close-up on Mom’s face is my fave part…

Katie C., the music… THE MUSIC OMG!



  1. this is weird.

  2. redonk

  3. charliewabba says:

    wait…I think I have that same china!

  4. Catsquatch says:


    Fluff playing…..

    Fluff eating…..

    Fluffs Mom…..

    Someone needs to invent an Over The Internet Snorgle Machine……

  5. the line-up while they’re eating is too funny. great music! lol

  6. Seven Paws says:

    Ackkkkkkkk the puffiness of it all. The mom’s face is like Mehitabel the Alley cat…”what have i done to deserve all these kittens?”

    the chorus line of chowing fluffballs had me LOL, as did the Busby Berkeley overhead shot of the circle.

  7. Oh geez, that video just made my day 🙂 The music definitely puts it over the edge.

  8. squee! I like the one that’s rolling and flipping about on the floor. also, the name of the website is great.

  9. The music is from an old Russian movie. It is so weird hearing it on Cute Overload. The WTF-est moment of my week, really.

  10. I wish I had a Russian movie soundtrack to my everyday activites.

  11. Gloom Raider says:

    Those fuzzy, fuzzy ears!

  12. Alina – yeah, it is. It’s great seeing Communist movie music paired with delicious fluffy kittens. *head splodes* from incongruity*

  13. Cute little fuzzy bottomed beans!

  14. FUzzbert alert.

  15. One completely tuckered out momma kitty! Luv the music 🙂 {foot tapping}

  16. did tarantino direct that clip? that soundtrack was too swanky! … i nearly fainted from cute

  17. wow! that was shear genius!

  18. anomalous4 says:

    A “Just Born” baby bottle? Are these “Peeps” kittehs? (Oh noes, now someone will write to the Peeps peeps and ask them to make some!)

    Yeah, I love momcat’s face: “Whatever…….”

  19. Genious! Pure Genious! I nominate for best soundtrack evah!

  20. …and THIS is what the PTB’s want to make war on.

    i lurvs de Persians! all of dem! specially the fluffs! purrtect em!

  21. fifteensixteen says:

    that’s too cute! ahh! I loveeee the part when all five kitties are eating..>:D

  22. Rats! It now shows “Sorry, this video is no longer available.” Waaahhhhh! I want to see fluffy…

  23. Spay your cat!!!

  24. Look out Alina, it’s only Monday!! This is completely silly. Bravo!!

  25. circuscake says:

    some of those scenes remind me of those old water ballet movies…

  26. I have a feeling this soundtrack plays when my kitties are running amok home alone too.

  27. belgianwaffle says:

    kudos to you psychic sender-inners out there, this is my absolute fav youtube video and i was totally gonna send it in, but thankfully, you guys beat me to it.

  28. Too.


    (they remind me of the Miao Brothers, for you old-skool CO’ers, right?)

  29. berthaslave says:

    Persians are awesome. As long as they are combed regularly.

    Ummm…yeah…that’s a lot of colors for one litter. It’s possible that they all have the same dad, but they might wanna talk to mom about monogamy.

  30. This is seriously just too redonk for words!! The music is hilarious, esp. the close up of mom’s face and the music right there.

  31. Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any cuter…

  32. Ohmigosh they have their own empire?! ‘o’!

  33. AuntieMame says:

    It’s a rainbow of kittehs!

    I would never have pegged the music for a Russian movie soundtrack. I would have guessed the Mod Squad or Bionic Woman or something like that.

  34. I keep expecting Little Jimmy Bond to show up somewhere.

  35. That’s from a Russian movie? I could’ve sworn that was from an old 70’s Gatchaman video.

    I love that product placement for the bottle “Just Born.” Isn’t that the brand that makes Peeps?

  36. Good LAWD. There’s a jury happening behind me and I’m trying not to giggle my head off. The soundtrack (some of it) sounds like its from a 60s-70s Bollywood movie!

  37. How do they find Mum’s nipples midst all that floof?

  38. Words can not express how awesome that video was. No WORDS

  39. Loving the circle noms.

  40. That is SOOOO brilliant! My favourite is the shot from above with the five kitties eating…. 😀

  41. Christine H says:

    SO FLOOFY! Persians are adorable.

  42. That poor Momma Kitty’s face was like “Help Meeeeee!”

  43. isn’t that music from kavkazskaiia plennitsa? i know it’s some gaidai. weird!

  44. I love kittens eating all in a row.

  45. those are some pretty fluffy cats – and pretty fancy editing (for a fluffy cat video) – are they all kittens of the same mother? It’s like a(n earth tones) rainbow compilation

  46. My Putty cat enjoyed watching this vid! 🙂

  47. floofy! soo very floofy! I love them eating in a row and then i a circle.

  48. scriabinfiend says:

    music is from ivan vasilievich meniaet profesiju.