Cuteporter: Put on your doggles, Beezer, we’re goin’ out

Sender-Inner Robert M. sez: "According to the owner, this little dude (his name is Beezer!) has logged ~130,000 miles on the tanks of various motorcycles over the course of the past 9 years, and is still going strong.  Which is more than I’ve logged, and I work at a friggin’ bike shop!"


Get your puppeh runnin’… HEAD OUT ON TH E HIGHWAY!


I wonder if that carrier was especially made for him!? Looks like it, doesn’t it!?


Great submishe and quick thinking with your cameraphone, Robert M.!



  1. bleen?

  2. bleeN?

  3. lol

  4. Barrooooommmmm?!?

  5. Mucho BLEEN!

  6. OMG! his little helmet!!!!
    dogs are so understanding when it comes to having their humans dress them up.

  7. Miss R- It’s ’cause they know how cute they look!

  8. Cue Born to Wild by Steppenpup

  9. This is stupendous! Almost makes me want a small dog and a motorcycle…if it weren’t for my cat and horrible fear of riding on motorcycles.

    But I think little Beezer could help me get over it…

  10. Something interesting. The first recorded use of goggles for a dog in 1903. Go to

    for the story of Bud the bulldog in his goggles. His photo is at the bottom of the page. And the Smithsonian still has the goggles.

    I am such a history geek!


  11. Get ur puppeh runnin,
    headout to the highway,
    gettin snax and adventure
    whateva comes ur way

    oh baby just to be a puppeh
    riding high on the uphill side

    born to wee wiiiiild
    born to wee wiiiiild

  12. Can you imagine all the smells he has smelled!!! SNIFF-O-RAMA!

  13. Bleen?



    How about bleen?

    Are we bleen yet?

    Bleen much further?

    Now is the bleen of our discontent made glorious summer by this here son of a bitch?

    Sorry, what were we talking about?

  14. If I saw that doggie on the road, I’d think he was a stuffed animal. So cute!

  15. I started to be offended by Teho’s calling this puddy a SOB, but then I realized it IS a boy dog, and by definition, his mother would be a bitch, that would make him… yep, offense gone. *smiles once again*

  16. Kim Monique says:

    He is HARDCORE. Don’t mess with Beezer.

  17. That’d be a gold Shakespearian star for Lizzums!

  18. Singing at top of lungs…

    Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way…..

    Ah the 60’s and 70’s…. Good times.

  19. I was going crazy on the goggles. I was so focused on it being so sweet that his little eyes were protected from the winds… and then BOOM I suddenly saw the helment and nearly died!!

  20. CoffeeCup says:

    That dog looks like a member of ZZ Top!

  21. Glad you guys like lil’ Beezer! He’s a total rock star at the shop– His owner takes him inside, and the little fellow struts around on the countertops like he owns the place. 😀 And as soon as his owner pulls out the goggle & helmet, Beezer starts jumping around in excitement- He loves to ride!

    Also, neat link, Matt. History is cool. 😀

    Maggie, this link’s for you:


  22. what really knocked me out were the cheap sunglasses…

  23. LOL, CoffeeCup and Ashagato.
    “i said Lawd ride me downtown,
    “i just wanna sniff some tush”

  24. But what we can’t tell from the photos is whether or not he has legs, and if so, does he know how to use them?

  25. LOLx2 Pheas!
    Watta buncha wags we are…

  26. you won’t catch this pup waitin’ for the bus all day!

  27. What I don’t get is how the gawker dude in the background can be all checkin’ out the bike when there is a perfectly prosh biker pup on board! Redonk.

    (P.S. Hey, Theo, how the bleen are ya?)

  28. Just curious, was he named after retired hockey goalie John Vanbiesbrouck? ‘Cause his nickname was Beezer afterall…

  29. I love how blase he looks! He’s totally adjusted and appears to enjoy the coolness factor.

    Love the little doggie case, teehee! ;D

  30. Does Beezer have a little Harley vest?

  31. **giggle**

    I didn’t realize the guys in the background were checking out the bike. I though the dude in the helmet was leaning in to give Beezer a leetle kiss. Then I saw Babs’ comment, and also realized how hard it would be to kiss with a helmet on.

    I feel silly. But it’s what I would have done…

  32. I would kees that doggie, helmets or no.

    Beezer is a member of Hell’s Puppehs.


  33. berthaslave says:

    I just totally flashbacked to Snoopy as the WWI Flying Ace. Beezer rules!!!

  34. I love how people will spazz about cats i nthe dryer, yet not about a little pup on the back of a motorcycle…

  35. Sammys Mom says:

    He’s too cute…love his nose; but don’t his poor little leg muscles get atrophied from being seated so long? poor pupperroo

  36. Ok…I can’t believe I am going to admit this but…I did not even notice the goggles until I was reading through the posts and was alll…”What goggles?” Anywho, totally prosh! Love the lunch box, car seat thingy too!

  37. lol! mimi!

    anyway…what i wanted to post was, that looks like a fairly standard tank bag with a fairly non-standard doggie door in it with a clearly nonstandard dawg poking out of it.

    and beezer reminds me of killer, who used to ride around in al kreitler’s overalls.


  38. Tony James says:

    Rob – thanks for reminding me about Rastus. I met him years ago when I was in NZ with some bikie mates, the best biking cat ever. Some of the friends we made there went to the funeral, sounds like a perfect sendoff.

  39. THat cat is amazing. and I love the puppy in his prosh…YEs Prosh safety carrier for his motercycle ride.
    Amanda wrong last time there was a pup on a scooter peeps pretty much went bleenistic about it.

  40. Looking at these pics, does anyone else get reminded of a cheesy 1990’s movie by the name of “Boxing Helena?”

  41. Cute puppeh, and I’m giggling at all the comments!!!

    [Walks off humming “Highway to Hell”]

  42. We have a couple of those bike riding pups too!!! (no helmets though!)

    Ours are Norwich Terriers, and our Black and Tan one, Twix looks JUST like Beezer (although he could be a Yorkie not being able to see the body!)

    We have photos (and video) of the biker dogs!!!

    In their doggles!

    and the Videos

    Getting ready to go

    setting off

    OK so it’s a scooter, not a motorcycle 😉

    but they love any type of bike, 4-wheeler, dirt bike!!

    and those are papooses!

    Alice the Brit
    – totally owned by 2 totally cute Norwich Terriers..
    Twix and Twizzler

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    Beezer in his motorcycling outfit & carrier is REDONKULOUSLY ANERABLE! And Rastus – Amazingks!

  44. OMG…great for puppeh cyclin safety!

  45. The perky proshness, it slays me.

  46. Some animals are remarkably patient…

  47. biker puppy…
    what a tolerant dog!
    Hanukkah dog video that is so cute, check it out