How to make “tacos” for your hamster

It’s the question on the top of EVERYONE’s list: ‘How do I make tacos for my hamster?! he/she demands them!!!’

Thanks to the fine folks over at, you can rest easy with the following recipe:

Tortilla wrap
White Cabbage
Bean Sprouts
Grated Gouda Cheese

All ingredients are well chopped, and Taco-ed in a nice hamster-serve-sized Taco.


Watch as your ham tentatively tastes (see tongue) their taco, then demolishes it!


Thank you, Spokes Ham Lucy 3.0, and Mathijs over at



  1. Lucy 3.0 rocks!

  2. Mathijs 1.0 rocks. Best hamster daddy evar.

  3. The tinniest of tastes : P
    Does this seem tasty to anyone else too? I’d try it.

  4. Can hamsters eat raw beans or bean sprouts? Rats can’t. I have to pick out the bean sprouts before giving my rats leftover Thai food.

  5. Space Cowgirl says:

    Sounds delicious, actually, and I’m a dedicated carnivore – mmm, sprouts!

  6. Hamster tacos! But of course! 😉

  7. Must see close up of hammie tongue, PLEEEEEEES, please, pleas!

  8. Cabbage and gouda? I hope the hamster lives in a well ventilated area.

  9. Momof2kitties says:

    Would that I had the time and creativity to make something so qte for my kittehs! OMG!!!!!!!

  10. can we get a COXCU on that tongue? Please??? 😀

  11. sully: “Cabbage and gouda? I hope the hamster lives in a well ventilated area.”

    If a hamster farts, and no one’s around, does it make a sound?

  12. hammie are so not spanish.
    da,da,da, duh

  13. chet's momma says:


  14. meep! cute wringle-around-this-darn-obstacle
    posshible action!

  15. chet’s momma-
    everyones mom is.
    it’ll be ok.

  16. Theo, do you watch Iron Chef? They always have the ceiling cam food shots! LOL!

    Liz, LMAO! What?

  17. Bugmom — not often, but we do like that show. The ceiling cam isn’t just their trick, though; ALL the cooking shows do it. And if you’ve ever seen one of those in-store cooking demonstrations at a Williams-Sonoma (or other high-end kitchen store) they often have a strategically-angled mirror over the stove instead.

  18. Oh, so we’ve gone from ham’tocks to hamtacos?


  19. berthaslave says:

    Perhaps a wee bit of tobasco, while we’re discussing the intestinal condition of Lucy 3.0?

    And yah…COXCU is definitely called for!

  20. Beautiful presentation on the haster’s tacos! Do you do people food too?

    Quick question: When I was little I had pet gerbils, and the vet said not to give them cabbage, as it gave them gas, causing them intestinal discomfort/strain. Is cabbage safe for hammies?

  21. COXCU on that tongue – STAT!

  22. I can only imagine what he’d cook for his human girlfriend.

  23. omg that tongue shot kills me.

    too funny and too cute!! it’s fute!

  24. There’s a C.O.X.C.U. of the tongue if you follow the link under the pic… ahdorabuhls!

  25. Si! COXCU that tongue, por favor!!

  26. When I saw it was special cooking for hamsters, I knew it was Mathijs!

  27. liz makes me smile. Guess I’m not a momma. Good thing, too; I don’t think my man-bits would recover from childbirth. Xo\

    You people who want a COXCU of a hamster tongue are gross. I’m with I<3mS; Lucy looks darn tasty!

  28. indigoreiki says:

    Ya’ll MUST check out day 162 at There is an extreme closeup of Lucy 3.0 tongue and molars. Yes, you heard me – Hamsters Have Molars.