I can quit whenever I want.

My name is Sid. People say I have a prol-layme. They think I MUST be in a confined space to be happy. They wanna send me to boxhab. I don’t need no stinkin’ rehab for boxes. I’m perfectly fine.


Look, I can sit in bowls too—you gonna try and send me to bowlhab!? heh hehe [nervous laugh]


I just like confined spaces, Bokay? A radiator slot is OK when there is no available box. [Dreamily] Mmmmm, delicious boooxxxx.


Stop looking at me like that, I’m FINE.


I can quit anytime I want. [Falls off table]


Hayley S. and Sid the Kitteh, I think you need some help. er, HALP!!!


Oh Hai…

Will you please check out this proshness, a boid captured on an outdoor webcam (via Plastic Media in Hungary)

He’s all ready for his International debut ‘n’ stuff.


Jess L., check out the claw-to-car-size-ratio.


Holy Rumble in the Jungle, People, check this baby brown bear action.

That one behbeh bear is all—"I KNOW my ears look dee-lee-shous, many have tried to eat them before AND FAILED HI-YAH KARATE CHOP"


Nice work, Ron N. Niiiiiiiiice.

Corgi Clog

Check out this little Corgi dam action sponging up the warm waters, soaking into paw pads ‘n’ stuff. Sthoooo comfortuhbuhlssss.


Cherise V. and pup "Cola", I think you should light some candles and add bonbons to the mix here.


Um. We got a prol-layme here.

Kitteh Rooter!?


Sally G., nice lil’ Clogger you got there. (And tail stubbulence)


Caturday ROKKED. Gonna sleepies in for a whiles.

[Temporary straaaaaayche. Sleeps for another 2 hours]


Sally G., good luck with that kitteh. I think it’s gonna be a while(s).

Nightmare background music + Ninja ‘Munkersons = ???

This CHIPMUNK NINJA could use a little Van Halen action [‘Jump‘ anyone?]

Check it out; he’s all taking this kitteh to skool and stuff.

Johanna S., way to find ’em—Brrronnngggg! [ninja star suddenly stuck in neck]

Williamsburg Collie & Sheltie Tour Services

Ready for a tour of eighteenth-century life in Revolutionary America!? Grab a wig and hop on—first stop; the James Geddy House. Biscuits provided.


Ginny C., nice cuteporting…

Soooo… thirsties….

According to Sender-Inner A.P.C., Sailor the pup (nice name) is most comfortable in "any water she can find" including but not limited to large dog bowls for some Slurppity actshons!


Good thing she has that ear for a rudder.

Exscqueeze me? An ANTEATER on Caturday?

This poor s’marmelade kitteh is astounded to see an Anteater on a Caturday. It’s sacraleeeege!

Well, I hope we just made up for it.


Katie A., can you everrr forgeeeeve us!? And I’m wondering if we should be a little more diligent about Moosday Monday, Sunday Bunday, and Camel Wednesday.