Waaaay too many joke possibilities

Look, these Christmas hedges come in their own stockings. They’re like, pre-packaged.

Apparently, that’s Mom hedge on the left, and her daughter on the right. Dainty paw-inheriter!

Hedgehogs, originally uploaded by Penelope’s Loom.

Shannon M., those hedges are redonk.



  1. OMG! It’s a prickly pair!

  2. Erm, are those, you know? Or do I need to get my head out of the gutter?

  3. You found my slippers!

  4. I don’t get it.

  5. wow – they both seem to be smiling OR their skin is pulled back so hard from them being held like that!! LOL

    super cute – and I got the joke too.

  6. OMG a hedgehog sack! or, a sack of hedgehogs?

  7. Mrs. Tiggywinkle and her daughter! With little happy piggy faces. Too ka-yoot!

  8. demolitionwoman says:

    there needs to be a COXCU of those paws on the left, STAT! seriously.

  9. aw!!! I just melted. someone get a mop 🙂

  10. charliewabba says:

    smug hedgies

  11. I just let out a rather audible “awwwwwwwwwn!” and squeal, to which the man replies “gee, I wonder what site you’re on.”

    Sarcasm. he has it.

  12. Nibble nibble

  13. How can you not love them when they come so perfectly packaged.

  14. Rebecca S. says:

    OMG! I love these two… I want one for Christmas!!!

  15. Lol….Bluemenro, I agree.

  16. …. Thank you, I now have “I have a lovely bunch of coconuts” stuck in my head. Filthy mind.

  17. Momof2kitties says:


  18. Hmmm…looks like it’s cold in there if i get the joke. 😉

  19. snoopysnake says:

    “Why, you two look like sisters!”

  20. Thee Council of the Prickle has adjourned. We’ll shall take a ten minute pause in the proceedings. Adieu
    *whisked away by man hand elevators.

  21. Silent Meow says:

    The perfect Holiday present, totally matching, and gift wrapped, too! Where can I buy this set?

  22. I wish my hedgie was anywhere near that tolerant. He doesn’t like having his photo taken at all, much less in a cute pose. (He will crawl away under his ‘security blanket.’)

    Then again, I’ve been given to understand that females are generally friendlier than males, and my boy just hates everyone. Unless there’s food involved.

  23. The girls look perky

  24. I went to the site of the woman who took that photo, and all of her work is AMAZING. If ever I get married, I want her to do my wedding photos.

  25. Does anyone think they look like they’re peeking out of twin nests?

  26. They also look like … jackfruits. (Sorta) Yummy!


  27. actually, the flickr caption says that it’s the mom on the right, not the left.

    but still cute!

  28. berthaslave says:

    To butcher an old classic…

    “the little girls don’t know, but the men understand.”

    We’re horrible. And this pic is deee-lightful.

  29. …but the hovertext is the best part.

  30. they ARE grinning at the camera, right? it’s not just me?

  31. wow. they look like some adorable, hairy testicles. Does that work? : )

  32. Eeeks, snoopysnake is trying out a pick-up line on the prickly hedgehogs being held like a man-satchel!
    I am so cornfused. . .

  33. Nooo! Cute hedgies should not be made to look like such a “sensitive” matter. Get it 😀 “sensitive.” I don’t know if that qualifies as a joke. Anywayssss, adorable hedgies. I would rather they place in a field of fluff though! Nasty humans.

  34. I think they must be like Velcro and the guy is separating them.

  35. Hehe, they look like they’re showing off the manicures they got together at the local nail place.

  36. so cute! and matchinks manicures! i like the velcro suggestion.

  37. Honey, these hedgehog mittens are darlingks. Aww, look how they grab my fingers with their little paws and gnaw on them contentedly. ee-ouch.

  38. OMGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh My Goodness Gracious) That is the cutest thing EVER! Awwwwww…I want to cuddle them, but they’re prickly. 🙂

  39. acelightning says:

    “…The hedgehogs were hung by the chimney with care,
    In hopes that Saint Tiggywinkle soon would be there…”

  40. bookmonstercats says:

    I don’t get the joke…. on any level. This is adorable. Enough for me. I want them.

  41. I love hedgies. We have 2 or 3 in our garden…they really like cat food. They also like leftover pasts, but they just eat the cheese off of it. Lovelies.

  42. Pretty guys… or girls…

  43. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Those earrings will be perfect with my party dress!

  44. OMG, they are prickly and dangly like . . . a couple of prickly dangly things!

  45. Hedgticles!

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Not just one but two hedges. I want! They are soooooo adorable.

  47. yankeebird says:

    LOL, koko! Way to help out those whose minds aren’t in the gutter (present company is excluded – my pervy mind was in the gutter before I even saw the post title).

  48. “Hedgticles!”
    OMG I just pulled a muscle laughing.

    Never saw such a cute scrotum before.

  49. OMG! POPPLES!!1!1


  51. Dip them in chocolate!

  52. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I first looked at the pic and saw two cute lil hedgies and then I read these perv comments and looked back at the pic and there it was plain as day right before my eyes. Dangleberries

  53. thanks SOOOOO much for the “loverly bunch of coconuts” reference, cuz now i have that stupid song stuck in my head and i hate it when stuff gets stuck in there!
    ooooooo! danglin dingle-berrie matchinks twins! No way is that the mom- she looks so young and bee-you-tee-full!

  54. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hoi’ve got a lo-ve-ly bunch o’ coconuts.
    There they are a-standin’ in a row.
    Big ones, small ones, some as big as yer ‘ead!
    Give ’em a twist, a flick o’ the wrist,
    That’s what the showman said

  55. Pervy indeed, but are most certainly cuter than the real thing!

  56. Hedgticles don’t have Nosicles! Or wait……..

  57. “So then I says to Mabel, I says…”

    Yes I see it now… at first I was all “wha?” and then I looked for a moment and sure enough, there it is… hedgticles.

  59. luvinmalssomuch says:

    sorry guys but I agree much cuter.

  60. please note that we have not hear one single peep outta theo yet today.

    I’m thinkin MATCHINKS and POCKET PETS !!

    AND AS MUCH AS I LOVES ME SOME HEDGTICLES. i would love to see some –
    OMG!!!! PONIES!1!

  61. The first comment is full of win xD I love the way their tiny paws are crossed at the front they are so tiny!

  62. Soft-corn porn! Bet they would make the softest of kronschy treats too.

  63. violetgreen says:

    Funny…I’ve never felt like fondling hedgehogs before.


  65. Charlie, yes, gotta admit things got off to a rousing start. But what can you expect with such great raw material?

  66. oh me gawd

    wouldn’t want that prickly pear coming near me in the dark

  67. Because it is Friday and I am a baaaad boy, I am fairly tempted to post another photo from the same Flickr contributer here on C.O. — with comments *disabled*…


  68. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh there you are you dirty Teho you.

  69. If a dude had THAT in his pants, would he see some action? Hm.

  70. OOOO I saw that last night and was thinking exactly the same thing Theo!

    Man – good thing they didn’t post THIS picture – whew.

  71. is that a sky divin yorkie or what!
    gee i hope he catches him.

  72. —————-
    oh me gawd

    wouldn’t want that prickly pear coming near me in the dark

    prickly “pair” ?

  73. Do you think the photographer could procure a ferret, and lay him out above the hedgeticles?


  74. Mello, gross, I don’t think there is a cute one.

    carrie: see:


    Jen, gross. LOL

  75. Kim Monique says:

    Is that the Dalai Lama holding the hedges? It looks like they’re being held by an older man wearing a burgundy gown …

  76. dalai lama would not hold hedgies in such a way.
    he would gently cradle them in the crook of his arm. and smile.

  77. Kira – your mind isn’t near close enough to the gutter yet… Here *shove* let me help you!

    tee heee heeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  78. Liz this picture gives a whole new meaning to pocketpets and hedgticles. O-o

  79. annie-
    it does indeed.
    i think there should be a category of ‘so ugly its cute’ which both these hedgies and the things that we are all ELUDING to, could be a part.
    not that theres anything wrong with that.

  80. I am so, so glad I wasn’t the only one to think they looked like testiculars.

  81. Liz — word choice again… “alluding to” eh?

  82. Theo— ‘Air Yorkie’? ;^)

    too cute…but id kill my hubby if he did that wiff the puppeh..

  83. ya i know.
    i started with it spelled like that , then i changed my mind and spelled it wrong.
    but, you know what i was alluding to , right? 🙂

  84. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Alright let’s be alittle more adult about this and just say what is on all are mines. These hedgies look like a ****blushing**** region that is below the belly button and above the knees. I can’t, I just can’t.

  85. liz perhaps a mental twitch as your mind was elluding the picture ; )

  86. Liz — I thought I did, but now your meaning’s eluding me.

  87. jinx and stuff, Annie

  88. testicles.
    there i said it.
    and i spell-ed it write two.

  89. luvinz-
    these hedgies do not look like thighs! DUH!

  90. luvinmalssomuch says:

    {{{{bowing down}}}}}
    thanks liz I knew you could muster up the nerve.

    Do your ears hang low?
    Do they wabble to and fro?
    Can you tie ’em in a knot?
    Can you tie ’em in a bow?
    Can you throw ’em o’er your shoulder like a Continental soldier?
    Do your ears hang low?

  91. luvinmalssomuch says:

    bah ha ha liz!

  92. is that supposed to be ears?

  93. My rules for hedgticles remain the same…I ain’t lickin’ em unless you shave em!

  94. have mercy. rulez is rulez.

  95. Koala, BYOR.

  96. and, the next time I see a pair, if they have little handsies on ’em, I gettin outta there!!

  97. luvinmalssomuch says:

    yes, I unlike alot of you pervs see things with rose colored glasses not x rated ones.
    Oh who the hell am I kidding.
    Keep those things away from me man.

  98. i think that just gave me a pain in the butt! oh gosh…BATHROOM BREAK!!!

  99. Anywayyy… Back to the hedgehogs – very cute. I love that it looks like they’re smiling. And thanks Esme for mentioning her photostream–I just took a look, and it’s great.

  100. Adorable! And the prosh little crossed feeties! Squeeee!!!!!

  101. Man, I had an acid dream like that once back in the 1960s. Far out!

  102. However, I must say, that the smiles on my boyfriend’s testicles were not as cute as the smiles on this pair.

  103. I’m MELTING !!!

  104. The Koala says:

    Kiragirl…is that Bring Your Own Razor perchance?? lol…

  105. Awww….. mom hedgie on right, paws crossed, reminds me so much of my first hedgie. He had much of the same mannerisms. Now I’m snuggling up with my Pumpkin the cranky hedgie.

  106. matchinks! and causing me to be meltinks!

  107. they look like balls

    cute prickly balls with precious hands and happy faces

    but balls nonetheless

  108. these things’ faces are creepy, not cute – this photo is beneath cuteoverload.com

  109. You’ve had this sort of opinion before, CatsAndBeer. How’s that been working out for you?

  110. We call them like we see them – do you disagree?

    As for how it’s been working out …

    [URL nuked – Ed.]

  111. Dude. You think you’re funny. And with the sort of audience you’re used to, over at your own blog, to *them* you probably are.

    This is not that audience, though. I suggest you try this place: http://justalittleguy.blogspot.com/

  112. my dude, all of the things you wrote are true, as are all the things I wrote – serendipity