Pbbbbbffftttthhh! + ear flop

This pup must just be dreaming of being awake saying "Pbbbbbffftttthhh".

Hey, is that an axis of snorgling I see (in the crook of the NECK!!!)

Sleeping Chocolate, originally uploaded by OneMipipippi.

Way to spend all day searching Labradors on Flickr, Karina C. 😛



  1. Hittin’ the eggnog a little early…

  2. See? Told ya I could fall asleep faster than you.


  3. I want to pull on that tongue! so cute… yay, more puppies!

  4. Quite the melodramatic little “Play dead” there.

  5. Mmm… I know how soft those ears are and I want to put them in my mouth!

  6. Don’t worry, little guy. The week’s almost over. Just hang in there one more day.

  7. OMG! I looooves eet! *notice eye capsules*!!!

  8. Hello Kitty says:

    Has anyone notice the prosh…”urban decay” white eyeliner!!! So seeeexxxyyyyy….

  9. charliewabba says:

    If you flip his ear back down does the tongue roll back in to his mouth?

  10. LOL. Puppy is ded from his own cuteness!

  11. Awwwww. Ya just wanna lick him, don’t ya?

  12. Momof2kitties says:

    I’m definitely not a dog person, but I sure could snorgle that neck!

  13. He’s just doggone tired …

    Teehee … I couldn’t resist 🙂

  14. Juniper Jupiter says:


    OH GAHDS IT HURTS TO LOOK AT THIS PIC IT SO FUNNAY!!!! What a sweet lookin’ pup!! HAAHAHAHAHA!!! Awwww!!!

  15. Bubble gum tongue!

  16. Pup?! I thought it was a goat. O_o

    Clearly I haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

  17. A goat? I’m just not seeing it Subhangi. The nosicle (don’t remember how to spell it the CO way) doesn’t look like a goat. Get some sleep…and dream about cut things.

  18. Yes~ do not overlook the tasty eye capsules!

  19. berthaslave says:

    My late, departed cat friend Rider (92-05) was a notorious tung-dragger. He’d fall asleep, or just give you one of them cat stairs with half of his tongue juttin’ out like the chocolab here. Then I’d kind of motion towards him and he’d suck it back in, ‘nless he was asleep. Then it’d just lay there. I miss him. Great photo.

  20. o this one is just too much. very prosh pic, kudos.

  21. Too adorable for words! That tongue is killing me.

  22. While visions of sugar plums, danced in his head.

  23. This is why I love dogs…no human being has EVER been that relaxed. Bless you, little pup. May you chase many bunnies in your dreams.

  24. I like the ears – angled upward and outward, listening for play/snack time: Laborador Receivers.

  25. You know you can’t get any sleepier when you look like that. 🙂

  26. I wonder if he would mind me snorgling down with him and sleeping too… Those ears are to die for!!!

    I had a cat that used to stick her tongue out too, Berthaslave… It was so cute, I used to play with it until she’d glare at me and suck it back in… She passed away about 5 years ago now…

    We need more pics with tongues!!!

  27. Edward – I have a picture of a human that is relaxed to a point just beyond the puppy is at.


    This is my friend Jake… he and I went for a ride and he fell asleep along the way…

  28. Puppehs, kittehs and hoomin children look great when they’re that relaxed.
    On the other hand, most adults are just fodder for “America’s Funniest Videos” when they get that way. 😉

  29. Silent Meow says:

    Wowzers, that is one zonked out pup! Looks sorta like me after I’ve been studying trigonometry for several hours!

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Slurrrp slurrp the tongue, the ear floppage, keeeel me.

  31. The neck as the AXIS OF SNORGLING!!!!
    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. awwwwwwww

  33. i arose frum teh ded to come look a second tyme…and teh pupeh haz slayed me agins.

  34. My doggy, Duff (1967-1976), would sometimes fall asleep with his tongue sticking out a little, and I could never resist grabbing it (it would get dry, so you could get a good purchase on it). The confusled look on his just-awake face was priceless.

    (This was back before hipster eyeliner, though…)

  35. Oh this baby has stolen my heart! Wanna touch the tongue! I bet it’s all dry and rubbery! SO CUTE!!!!!

  36. Ahn! This is the time when you lay down next to puppy, placing your nose just near his/her nosicle, so’s you can feel the warm breafs and hear the faint sound of the schnozzle buzzing…


  37. OMG puppies are so great 🙂 They make it so we can make it through the day…

  38. Awwww, he’s so choclatey; even his widdle nose is bwown.

    cariescarbear – exactly!

  39. That pup is going to have bed-head-ears… my pup will flop like that, ears akimbo, and sit up quicky, her hears are like velcroed in place for a few second… bed-head-ears.

  40. sockmonstersarai says:

    OMG! I must snorgle… And I confess, I am an unrepetant tongue player wither! Whenever I see a puppeh or kitteh just laying around with a tongue hanging out, I MUST mess with it.

    But I do give major ear scritches and belly rubs to make up for my misdeeds.

  41. I love this pic! I just want to wake him up and snorgle him!

  42. Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
    *dives onto puppy neck*

  43. “Labrador Receiver” — *snork*

    I also loved in “Marley and Me” his description of trying to catch Marley:
    “Labrador Evader.”

  44. sockmonstersarai says:

    I loved Marley and Me… I cried buckets, of course. I also love the name of the new book that’s a bunch of his newspaper columns. They called it “Bad Dogs Have More Fun”.

  45. sockmonstersarai – me too! When my kitty ends up wif his tongue sticking out, I have to stick mine out at him and gently tap his tongue until he pulls it in. LOVE this pic! Almost makes me wanna get a puppy!

  46. That is a sleepy pooch !!!

  47. and so we are reminded

    a day without dog slobber is a day of seeking another joy

  48. Axis of snorgling? Axis of snorgling!? AXIS OF SNORGLING?!?!?

    *dies from cuteness*

  49. blair., snicker. and true soooo true.

  50. It’s only fair to issue a warning. The concentration of prosh puppitude in this picture exceeds recommended safety standards for adults set by … [thud]

  51. This picture personifies my exact feeling this whole week…finals always make me go ppbbbffftthhh:)

  52. Wee one slumbering…….SHHHHHHHH

  53. cute overload indeed. this is how my girlfried sleeps(minus the floppy ear).