Let’s name this behbeh!

OVERLOADERS! This is our chance to make a POSITIVE IMPACT on, like, society and stuff! Let’s all get together and write-in a name for the new Shedd aquarium baby Beluga whale! Let’s get consensus first… What name should we suggest?


Mr. McPorkersons? Colonel Belugersons??! Eddie!?!? Mobbers-Dicklebottom?


Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth??


I know you can come up with a name… THEN WE CAN ALL WRITE IT IN AND CONQUER THE WOOOOOORLD! [great find, Betsy W.]



  1. Pookiepants.

  2. Ahhh zee ripply skin, zee serene smile. She is beauuuteeful.

    Smiley? Smiley McSmilington? Something about that adorable little smile. <3

  3. Humptyback Fishtybuns!

  4. lilhobbitsara says:

    FLUB-BUB! I wanna name him FLUB-BUB!

  5. Mr. Chubbs

  6. Momof2kitties says:

    My 12 yo dd says “Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles”.

  7. is it a girl or a boy?
    I kinda liked Eddie LOL
    “Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth” is the best whale name I’ve heard tho heehee

  8. brainwished says:

    oh, come on!

    there’s only one appropriate response, in song:

    “My Beluga has first name, it’s O S C A R…”

  9. Pinchy?

    No, wait… that’s for lobsters.

  10. Baby Baloo

    (that’s whale for baroo?)

  11. how about “lumpy”

  12. Chico!

    He’s cute! He’s in Chicago! …and it works with the song:

    “My Beluga has first name, it’s C H I C O…”

  13. Momof2kitties says:

    We got see him on a trip to Chicago in November. I think they said he’s a boy? Something about testing the DNA in the placenta?

  14. missy–hard for media peeps to spell that LOL

  15. How could you not name a white whale Moby?

  16. Will

  17. luvinmalssomuch says:

    How about Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser?

  18. mojo–what would his middle name be? haha

  19. LOL !!!! luvins, go to town…but you have to say it TWICE

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    Luvins–HOO HOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! YES! Two fins up here! 🙂

  21. luvinmalssomuch says:

    kiragirl, It would be mojo jojo from the powerpuff girls.

    If we’re conquering the world the name needs to be ‘Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain….’

  22. No matter what the vote says, I will think of him/her as Chubbly.

  23. oooooooh! I think I’ma gonna have a seizure he is so cute!!!! 🙂 His/her name could be Misu….which means ripples in the water in one of the native american languages. 🙂

  24. Eater of Shades says:

    how about Baby,

    “baby beluga in the deep blue sea swim so high and swim so free,
    heaven above and the sea below and a little white whale on the go”

    Although he doesn’t live in the sea 😦

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser !!!
    Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser !!!

  26. How about Spudd.
    Hes kind of potato shaped

  27. Bob. I think he should be named Bob. Bob the Beluga.

  28. Tony James says:

    How about Senor McSmirkisons? Nothing smirks like an aquatic mammal – I mean, look at the dolphins! Smirk smirk smirk all day long. There should be signs up all over the ocean saying “Thank you for not smirking,” and “For the comfort and safety of all our customers, please refrain from smirking except in designated smirking zones.”
    They’re up to something, I tell ya.

  29. Squishy!!

    And he shall be MY squishy….

  30. marionette princess says:

    Señor Bubblywubblykins if it’s a boy and Little Miss Muppet if it’s a girl ^-^ =P

  31. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Meg’s suggestion of Colonel Belugersons.

  32. Little Bubba McBlubberson

  33. I vote for the Baby Baloo idea. (Someone astutely pointed out that “baloo” is whale for “baroo.)

  34. Maybe “o-ooo-ga”
    Ooooga the Beluga – it flows!

  35. I was won over by Pookiepants, myself. Is it just me, or does his/her face look suspiciously like the Stay Puft marshmallow man? I think that should figure into the naming.

  36. Andi— Eddie reference FTW!! I love it!!

  37. Raffi! (Exclamation point must be included in all printings and pronunciations of the name.)

  38. Bloopy!

  39. Snorkel!

    Though I do like Misu a lot.

  40. Not stealin’ luvin’s steam here, but even before I read the responses my answer was Mr. Splashypants Finflop.

  41. White. Poofy. Crisco.

  42. Finpants

  43. Humptyback Fishtybuns is my vote – so fun to say you’ll have to smile

  44. Humptyback Fishtybuns ALL THE WAY!!!!

  45. berthaslave says:

    Mrs. Bella McBurbleson.

    Liberty Beluga.

    Beluga Lugosi.

    That’s all I got.

  46. I suggest it be named “Tadpole.”

    It kind of looks like one now, and when it’s older, the name will take on a sense of comically ironic inaccuracy, like when fat guys get nicknamed “Tiny.”

  47. I really like Misu.

  48. Winston!!

    gosh he’s cute, he’s all “i’m wrinkly but I’m really happy about said wrinkles”

  49. honeypants says:

    Andi!!! LMAO @ “Humptyback Fishtybuns!”

    How about Slut Bunwalla?

    hahaha 😉

  50. I kind of like “Misu”, cute, but it makes me think it could be cut up for soup. eeww

    SmileyFace the MidWestern Beluga

    Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser !!!
    Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser !!!

  51. Michelle A says:

    I personally like Willy McChubbersons.

  52. He is… McLovin.

  53. The Hawaiian word for whale is: Palaoa.

    The Hawaiian word for soft is: Palupalu

    or how about: Splash
    or: Waves
    or: Squirt

  54. Deborah Combs says:

    I love the suggestions Moby, Misu, and of course Mr. Splashy etc.

    I must point out that Baloo was the big bear who looked after Mowgli in The Jungle Book

    But I think I actually have the perfect name: Harry!


  55. Sushi! lol no I’m kidding. well it would be sort of cute.

  56. i wanna name him after one of my favorite cartoon characters, Toki!!! i wana name it toki cuz with an extra “i” automatically feminine!

  57. omg toooo cute!

  58. Martin-san says:

    I see no other name than Wigglybottom.

  59. i like Derek;s suggestion..mclovin XD LOLZEZ

  60. Mike,
    hey, who you callin fat?

  61. Blubbers McFishybreath

  62. 4doorbertha says:

    Misu is good. But if it were really up to me i’d go with Mr Splashy Von Beluga Whalehouser..for sure

  63. The Hawaiian words for soft and whale are lovely–what about Pally for short?

  64. william!

  65. How about “Snuggaluga”?

  66. it does look like an overly stretched fluffy marshmallow. i say.. puffle

  67. Taco. Pizza

  68. Whatever became of the Palupalu suggestion? I liked that one. It has “pal” in it.

  69. I love Humptyback Fishtybuns because it sounds like an Eddie Izzard routine, but … Mr. McFinflops here is no fish, you see. We could go with Happy McHumptyback or something like that? Or Humptyback McFinflops? or Finnybuns, which is close to the original.

  70. I also vote for Humptyback Fishtybuns. Looks like it’s winning by a landslide!

  71. I like Misu and Spud. I also have a soft spot for the name Henry. Doesn’t he look like a little Henry???

  72. Misu!

  73. “The Hawaiian word for whale is: Palaoa.

    The Hawaiian word for soft is: Palupalu”

    how bout
    Palaoa the Mafia Beluga from Chicago

  74. Meg!

  75. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    But I wonder what Englebert Humperdink would think?

    Personally, I like Misu. I think it’s cute, and it sounds like a real name. Not that I don’t care for the “Mr. Barkyvonschnauzer” suggestions… I also liked Crisco, because he sorta does look like a sack full of the stuff… lol

  76. How about “Snorgler”? Or better yet “The Snorgler”. Then everyone will want to snorgle with him!

  77. Theo

  78. Snorgles the Underwater Seachubb

  79. I like Humptyback Fishtybuns too.

  80. Whitey

  81. These things are the cutest sea critters in the land, worthy of many aquatic snorgles. Thus, my preference for simply Snorgle.

  82. I vote for Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles… super cute!

  83. Tony James says:

    I like Humptyback Fishtybuns, but I concur with Cricket, Engelburt might get a little ticked and Mr. Izzard would certainly have something to say about it.

    What about Sheddlie? The joke being, of course, that he doesn’t. Smirky von Sheddliekins? Sheddlie da Smirkazoid?

  84. Sushi.


  85. I like mojo or McLovin

  86. Palupalu gets my vote
    and I love the Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser
    And also the Toki One.
    Hmmm Sorry I caqn’t make up my mind….

    BOB…. he is Bob!
    Bob the whale .. see how it works for his future in the news media… In other news today Bob the beluga whale was sighted off the coast of California sporting sunglasses with a maitai in one flipper.

  87. Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser totally rocks. We could just call him Splashy for short 🙂

  88. animal lover says:

    he’s so cute!!!! Name him ruffles!!!

  89. I’m obvy gonna have to rig up a poll when we get down to our top 5 faves…

  90. I look at ve bebe and mi mind she say ‘Binky’

  91. I am totally diggin “Bob teh Beluga”

    Just rolls right off the tongue. And he just looks like he awesome cool.. Bob fits!

  92. I’m loving Baby Baloo too… We’d represent the CO by naming a whale!

  93. Katrina S. Axelrod says:

    Please name him ‘Raffi’ – that song is a world-wide phenomenomemoen now, everyone will remember it the first time they hear it. And, when he grows up it won’t be a dumb name. Every little kid of this generation will appreciate it!

  94. How about Ripples?

  95. Raffi. Obviously.

  96. TUPPERMADDIE AND I ARE NAME TWINS!! The second I saw the pic I thought “I shall name him Squishy and he shall be my squishy”! WHOOT!

    He just looks soooo…

  97. Stefin Colbabybeluga?

  98. My vote is for either Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser or Willy McChubbersons or Smiley Q McWrinklesides.

  99. Alouicious Ferdinand Beluga… is my vote. Or maybe Ferdinand Alouicious Beluga.

  100. pickles

  101. Another vote for Misu !

    That smile kills me . . .

  102. I have to go with Squee, since that’s the first thing I said when I saw these pictures 😛

  103. How about “Humpty… pronounced with an Umpty” if ya like Digital Underground…

    [I like my oatmeal lumpy – Ed.]

  104. I’m goin’ with CRISCO!!!!

  105. I definitely think Smiley.

  106. dystopianola says:

    Booger the Beluger…

  107. I really like “Humptyback Fishtybuns”, (Izzard fan) but as this whale is not a humpback, won’t it be innapropriate? I mean, the aquarium will probably not want a name that might confuse patrons…
    How about “Brian”
    Or maybe be ironic and name him “Dick Cheney.” Kinda like naming your yorkie “Spike.”

  108. Looks like they want an Inuit name, like the rest of the belugas they have. What about “Kunikpok”, “Kisses”?

  109. Seeing the little fella looks so happy… what about



  110. Fauntleroy

  111. Caviar! Get it? Beluga Caviar? Right?

  112. Bubbles 🙂

  113. Snorgle Pup says:

    McSnorgabubble Swimmiepants.
    Bubba for short

  114. Wow, so adorable!

  115. Humptyback McSmirkersons!

    (I’m having issues with the Fishtybuns because he isn’t fish).

    Then he can just be called Humpty as time passes and that’s super cute!

  116. I like:

    1.) Ribbs
    2.) Mr Big Jeans

  117. How about Ruche? His skin gets flappy and ruchy in the water…

    So cute!

  118. atomicpuffball says:

    Winkie McWrinkles

    or if it’s a girl:

    Belle Uuga

  119. I like Palupalu too! It would need to be submitted with the Hawaiian definition so it retains its meaning. 🙂 Soft and squishy.

  120. I’m sure Caviar is already taken

  121. Lord Wrinklebottom

    and I like to add “doodles” to the end of animal’s names. so how about…

    Mr. Doodles

  122. I’m going with Chubbs.

  123. Angela Larson says:

    Just too beautiful for words…at the Vacouver aquarium you can spend the night with the Belugas…Sunset magazine did an article many years ago. I believe they still offer the “sleepover”. Beauty Baby Beluga…..

  124. Bella Baluga

  125. I’m sure Caviar is already taken

  126. Another vote for Humptyback Fishtybuns. (And I bet Eddie would think it a great honor…)

  127. angrycupcake says:

    i like Sprinkles, or Tim.

    “There are those who call me…Tim?”

  128. Ragnvaeig: I LOVE Kunikpok! It’s beautiful!

    Second place for Mobbers Dicklebottom. Definitely.

  129. “Belle Uga”!!! I love eeet, Atomic Puffball!

  130. Shmoopie McSmirkypants

  131. Kidd&Troost says:

    “Qungatsajuq” is Inuktitut for “Smiles Easily”

  132. Kidd&Troost says:

    “Qungatsajuq” is Inuktitut for “Smiles Easily”

  133. Kidd&Troost says:

    “Qungatsajuq” is Inuktitut for “Smiles Easily”

  134. Kidd&Troost says:

    “Qungatsajuq” is Inuktitut for “Smiles Easily”

  135. Kidd&Troost says:

    “Qungatsajuq” is Inuktitut for “Smiles Easily”

  136. Kidd&Troost says:

    “Qungatsajuq” is Inuktitut for “Smiles Easily”

  137. “Misu” works for me. Aggressively cute names do not wear well.

  138. Thee-thil (Cecil with a lisp)

    Smiley (just look!)

    Babooga Baluga

  139. How ironic that my frend just sent me this link:

    Mister Splashy Pants!

  140. Misu McSnorglesons
    O.K., O.K. guys! I don’t thinks the rest of the boring world will understand the whole Snorgle stuff so my vote is . . .

  141. Call him Ishmael!!!

  142. I shall name him Squishy, and he sahll be my Squishy…

  143. Smiley O’Blubberson!

  144. He’s so cuuuuutteeee!

    I say Boba! 😀

  145. I agree with Victoria — that commercial, “Mr. Barkie von Schnauser,” is making me want to gag after the eleventy-hundredth time. I vote Misu, or Palupalu.

  146. After many hours of thought…I believe my soul cry’s out for the naming of:
    Commodore Snorgy Aquatocks I
    Or just Snorgy Aquatocks

  147. As yet another Izzard fan I loved Andi’s suggestion of Humptyback Fishtybuns and I marveled at the wonders of the universe, that a joke name of Eddie Izzard’s could be in fact, be so perfect.

    Then Pliny killed it! Ha. But if it’s not a humpback (I’m embarrassed that I don’t know these things) I could see Aquarium not wanting to go with a name that implies that it is.

  148. Louie…I know it’s not very creative sounding, but he sort of looks like a Louie to me..

    Junior? Shmoop? Nemo? Ortega? Nigel? XD


  149. Tortuga the Beluga?

    Dale the Whale?

    Fred von Shedd?



  150. name, schmame. look at his wittle belly chub!!!

  151. Wet Willie! XD

    [groan… – Ed.]

  152. I like:

    Crisco, and

  153. Mr. (or Miss) Ripples!!!!

  154. DUH GUYS!!!!
    his name gotta be Winston
    or Teho (no i did not typo that)

  155. Mobie ^_^

    or Sir Muffintop

  156. My vote is for one of these three:

    in that order

  157. I vote for Misu. Reasons:
    a) a beautiful name
    b) I just happen to have a kitty by that name. 😉

  158. How ’bout Cav E. Are, since that’s what he started out as.

  159. I love Beluga Legosi. I also like Raffi.

  160. Aquatocks is good.

    I vote Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth.

  161. I want to name him “Powder”

    He reminds me of the guy in that movie.

  162. Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles

    or MISU!!!

  163. I’m definitely on board with either Raffi or Ishmael.

  164. I’m with Wish – it should be

    Squee !

  165. oh, come on!

    there’s only one appropriate response, in song:

    “My Beluga has first name, it’s O S C A R…”
    This made me snort coffe out my nose!!!

    I vote for “Todd”

  166. schrafinator says:

    What about “Weisswurst”?

    It is German for “white sausage”.

  167. Misu.
    Buddah Baluuga. Nanu. Nannu. Mizuno. Goober. Moolah. Baloop. Schwoop. substantia grisea. Aquatocks. It HAS to have the “uu” sound in it.
    (Hi Victoria)

  168. I love that so many commenters are down with Eddie Izzard, but wouldn’t “Humptyback” only work if his original name was “Gerry Dorsal?”:

    (at 4:05)

    “Zingelbert Bembledack!
    “Yingybert Dambleban.
    “Zangelbert Bingledack.
    “Wengelbert Humptyback.
    “Slut Bunwallah.”
    “All right, Kringelbert Fishtybuns.
    “Steviebuns Buttritrundle.”
    “Gerry Dorsey, I like Gerry Dorsey.”
    “No, we can’t.
    “Zingelbert Bimbledack, Tringelbert
    Wangledack, Slut Bunwallah,
    “Klingybun Fistelvase,
    “Dindelbert Zindeldack,
    Gerry Dorsey,
    “Engelbert Humptyback,
    Zangelbert Bingeldack,
    “Engelbert Humperdinck,
    Vingerbert Wingeldanck…”
    “No, go back one.
    “Engelbert Humperdinck. That’s it.”

    And it worked!

  169. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Gilligan dePond

  170. Awww widdle snuggler!

    If he was mine I’d name him Star. I don’t really know why! (Not that Colonel Belugersons isn’t a perfectly appropriate name for a squishy little dewd like thees :D)

  171. I like Mr. Wii Fishtybuns 🙂 then he could get corporate sponsorship and everytime he jumps ot of the water, everyone could yell WEEEE!! only WIIII!!!

  172. Baba-kanush

  173. I point you to Green Peace’s effort to name a whale.

    I vote for anything along the lines of Ruffles. I know that that aspect of the babies body will smooth out into adulthood, but still a fun name.

  174. BUBBA!

    Can we name him Bubba? please please!

  175. Caviar? Sorry, Michele, but that comes from the Beluga Sturgeon, as in fish, as in fish eggs.

  176. For what it’s worth:

    Misu or Palupalu

    (Although Palupalu reminds me of Oompa Loopma)

  177. Oh, and AWESOME Izzard reference!

  178. HENRY! As in Dr. Henry von Fishbreath III, esq.

  179. How bout Boo? If u really think about it, he looks kinda
    like he’s a ghost. O!!!!!
    and he looks like he’s wearin
    a sheet, with all those wrinklys!!! I LUV the
    ooooga the beluga
    one!!!!!! its way too cute!!!!!

  180. Hmm he is such a smiley little chap looks really happy. Maybe he could be called Sunbeam cos his little smile lights up the place.

  181. I love Palupalu, & I love

    Bubbles, & Bubba Bubbles!!!

  182. My second choice would be “Oooga teh ‘Luga”

  183. I like Misu. Or Misu Smiley.

  184. He looks more like Karl Rove than Cheney, like right after rigging an election all happy, wrinkly, bald, and white

  185. Totally goin’ with Beluga Lugosi

  186. Mary (the first) says:

    Well.. my brain went a whole other way and I thought “bottle nose?? and he’s white-ish?? gotta name him ..Stolichniya!!” but now that I see the other answers, I am out of line. Clearly. So I would vote for .. Misu even though it makes me think of soup (miso). Not the Humptdy von Fishypants kind of names. (personally)

  187. Chubbers Belugapants

  188. No, wait – I’m throwing out my own suggestion, forget that – because Beluga Lugosi is perfect!

  189. Beluga Legosi!!!!


  190. I think we ought to name him for our fearless leader: Frosty. It works for a boy or a girl and he is round and white like a snowman.

  191. Yey for the Sunbeam suggestion! Sunbeam!! That’s a perfect name for heem!

  192. Auntie Maim says:

    I’m still laughing about Beluga Lugosi! But I also like the Inuit name, Kunikpok!

  193. Beluga Lugosi!

  194. My vote is for either of the two below:


  195. faith driscoll says:

    RAFFi!!! Raffi!!!!!
    In tribute to RAFFI who wrote a song in tribute to this baby beluga guy pish…. RAFFFI!!!
    RAFFFFI RAFFFFI!! RAffi! then things come full circle!RAFFI!
    although Beluga Legosi is a good name, I agree!

  196. How about Precious? She certainly is! (Though, I do love SO many of the other names). : )

  197. Its a boy everyone 🙂


  198. Finn McSplash

  199. Wait, wait…”Beluga Lugosi” can NOT be beat! Nice one, Pamela.

  200. I’m sorry folks but all of those names pale in comparison to my suggestion.


  201. I thought this looked familiar. It was already posted once before on this site. August 7, 2007

  202. Let’s name him Snacks.

    Or maybe “Tasty Snack.”

    Though, Beluga Legosi was pretty clever 😉

  203. you too can have beluga soft skin says:

    I must admit to a liking for Mr. Pftt Pfft. Belugas rock..

    If only it was a narwhal, then we could call it OMG! Unicorns!

  204. tablemountaingirl says:

    I really like something simple and ironic like “Tadpole” or “Squirt”

    but Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser, and Beluga Lugosi totally rock!!!

    If you really want to go for something the aquarium will actually buy into, probably go Palupalu.

    Good luck MEG!!!!

  205. all i can say is that if he’s named chico, i’ll never be able to think about my dog (also chico) the same way.

    how about floob?

    i don’t know where that came from. but it sounds cute.

  206. Pork Chop, I sez.

  207. martha in mobile says:

    Raffi! ‘Course, there’s probably already a Beluga named Raffi! but if there isn’t, the time is right, people.

  208. Fluffernutter

  209. Palupalu Aquatocks!

  210. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth-A-DEE !!!

  211. How’s about
    Mr. Bubbles?

  212. Humptyback Fishtybuns!!!

    Actually, could we just hyphenate ALL the names from that Eddy Izzard sequence?

    “And in our top story, the male baby beluga at the Chicago Zoo has finally been given a name! A group of internet cuteologists have dubbed him Senor Zingelbert-Bembledack-Yingybert-Dambleban-Zangelbert-Bingledack-Wengelbert Humptyback-Slut-Bunwallah-All-right-Kringelbert Fishtybuns-Steviebuns-Buttritrundle-Gerry -Dorsey-I-like-Gerry-Dorsey-No-we -can’t-Zingelbert-Bimbledack-Tringelbert-Wangledack-Slut-Bunwallah-Klingybun-Fistelvase-Dindelbert-Zindeldack-Gerry-Dorsey-Engelbert-Humptyback-Zangelbert -Bingeldack-Engelbert-Humperdinck-Vingerbert-Wingeldanck-No-go -back-one-Engelbert-Humperdinck-That’s -it-And-it-worked Belugapants.

  213. In case it hasn’t been said:


  214. B. Luga Snorkelson, natch!

  215. darkshines says:

    Bugaloo the beluga *nods*

  216. whilst i think “Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth” is the best, i would also go for Ripples.

  217. That would make him a distant relation of Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern -schplenden -schlitter -crasscrenbon -fried -digger -dangle -dungle -burstein -von -knacker -thrasher -apple -banger -horowitz -ticolensic -grander -knotty -spelltinkle -grandlich -grumblemeyer -spelterwasser -kürstlich -himbleeisen -bahnwagen -gutenabend -bitte -eine -nürnburger -bratwustle -gerspurten -mit -zweimache -luber -hundsfut -gumberaber -shönendanker -kalbsfleisch -mittler -raucher von Hautkopft of Ulm

  218. shut the hell up
    this rocks my world.
    nothin else to say

  219. Cellulite.

  220. scooterpants

  221. Misu .. it sounds like.

  222. teho wha’s up. i keep getting the security thingy

  223. Sorry, I’m going to change my answer from “Condom” to …

    “Ribbed for Her Pleasure”

    Now THAT’S a name.

  224. LunaKitteh says:

    Bleen, that’s my suggestion.. Or Luna .. :o)

  225. GerbilNibble says:

    Kink-o-san aka Kinki

  226. I love all the names.. but I especially like the ones that seem to ‘represent’ Cuteoverload… I think that should be a deciding factor. 😛 So I Balloo, Squee and any of the longer names 😛

  227. ogo you rock

  228. Willy Wigglebottom
    Wee Willy Wigglebottom went off to sea……

  229. Bleen is great Lunakitten!!

  230. Willy reminds me of Willy the Whale! Not the “Free WIlly” one, but the singing one in the old cartoon.

    “Mama’s little bebeh loves
    Shortnin, shortnin,
    Mama’s little bebeh loves
    Shortnin bread!”

  231. Baroo or Baloo von Nosicle

    He has no ‘tocks, really… and I’m sure his nose is cold.

  232. DoraandDuncansittinininatree says:

    My likes in order, and combined because I thought some would sound good together and I like compromise
    Baloo-ga -hahaha
    Balooigi (pronouced like bah-lugi(as in video game guy)
    Baloo Moby together (compromise is nice and solves the midle name dilema)
    “My Beluga has first name, it’s O S C A R…” so clever! Oscar is cute!

    Ishmael hehe funny

    Palupalu Palaoa.-like the Pallie for short idea

    and my contribution
    Whalebert Humpersink-

  233. charliewabba says:

    I just found an English-Inuit dictionary site. thi Inuit word for “cute” is Silatuyok.
    Or, when I was growing up in Chicago, we were always told that the word “Chicago” came from a Native American work for “land of the stinking onion.” How about Stinky?
    Although I do think Misu is cute. Even though at this point I can’t remember what it means.

  234. How about “I am a wild animal and do not belong in captivity, but thanks all the same.”

  235. charliewabba says:

    Oy, the typos.
    or Misu.
    Or Wrigley.

  236. How’s about…Lollabeluga. 🙂

  237. Sandra S. says:

    I totally skipped most of the comments, but I want Scurvy von TorpedoBottom.

  238. Sandra S. says:

    Or Queegqueg. If the name is going to come from Moby Dick, it should clearly be Queegqueg.

  239. berthaslave says:

    Theresa…another stellar MP ref!!!

    I love the Izzardisms, but if we really want to win I don’t think those are a good bet. Beluga Lugosi was my suggestion but I think that’s the same deal (although it’s hilarious!).

    Palupalu would be my pref over Misu (misu does sound “edible”).

    If Colbert were on the ert, I’m sure he’d be all over this.

  240. What a beautiful baby! Whales are such regal creatures. If you look at the Shedd website, all of their whales have Innuit names, except one named Bella in a naming contest. The calf is a male. I like Jacques for Jacques Cousteau.

  241. berthaslave – “Colbert on the ert” – lol!

    I would so TOTALLY vote for him to be president. 😉

  242. beluga lugosi, totally.

    (since his nickname would probably be “bela”, does anyone know what that means?)

    beluga lugosi, regent of county mcsnorgleson?

    (i agree with the notion that there prob. should be something uniquely CO-ish about the name we come up with)

  243. Salvatore del Popolo says:

    And the baby whale shall be named…….



  244. Misu…Misu….Misu

  245. Admiral von Ripple.

  246. Ok, I’z goes for “Squee” “Engelbert Slaptyback” Or “Porky McPorkersons”

    das is my submishuns

  247. Bella Baluga

  248. I vote for Misu

  249. I like “Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles” from momof2kitties’s 12 year old!

  250. Sandra S. says:

    Okay, now I have read all of the comments, and my favorites are Squee, Aquatocks, and Humptyback Fishtybuns (not in that order).

  251. Sunny!

  252. Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser
    Frosty ( I liked the Meg suggestion but this works better for a boy and kinda suits a beluga)
    Colonel Belugersons

    I really love Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth but I just don’t think they would go for it.

  253. Silent Meow says:

    Bubber. I wanna name him Bubber.

  254. Maybe Colonel Frosty Belugersons.

  255. DAISY!! 🙂

  256. My personal fav is Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth. But how exactly would you pronounce that anyway?

  257. how about beluga mclumpy…

  258. Qverld! = cute overload

  259. Mr. Poutsmile! pout&smile 🙂

  260. mannn…i sent that exact thing in to Cute Overload a few months ago. no credit 😦

  261. Humptyback Fishtybuns!

  262. Dragonwings says:

    Beluga Lugosi – I like that one.

  263. Soup

  264. Corporal Fishcakes.

  265. “Steve”

  266. Oh, and PS? … *not* Bleen. (the Beluga is a *toothd* whale)

  267. Blobbers


  268. oohlookasquirrel says:

    Squee+Queequeg=Squeequeg? I’d love to read a newspaper article trying to explain the origins of that one.

    Stephen Colberluga, perhaps? If there’s a Stephen Colbert option, I’ll be voting for that.

    But I’ve got to say that I agree with Kara’s suggestion to call him Ishmael.

  269. metsakins says:

    I haven’t read the whole thing but how ’bout ErIC?

  270. I like Misu or Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser !

  271. I love:
    Admiral von Ripple
    Mr. Belly von WrinklesDr. Henry von Fishbreath III, esq.
    Belle Uuga

  272. Ivory Snugglebump.

  273. JuleeJulee says:

    Since it’s a boy, I guess “Blubberina” is out…

  274. Another Angela says:

    wow, what great names. Next time I have baby belugas, I’m coming back to this thread. I just hope little McBelugaPants lives a long time and wish he could be free.

  275. I will love him and squeeze him and call him Mr. Ripples.

  276. Dave – Meg wasn’t posting this as new pics. Only the concept of naming the chubby white bebeh is new.

  277. renaberena says:

    qayuqjaq – meaning, rippled surface of snow.

    I’ve had the opportunity to touch and feed a beluga whale before and the one word that comes to mind for me is ripple (look at the ripple of blubber on the side, haha). Seeing that most of the other whales at Shedd are named after inuit words, rippled surface of snow (qayuqjaq) seems pretty fitting for a beluga.

  278. Judging from the comments (just refreshed), it looks like the CO crowd is favoring Misu by a landslide. I can’t remember who suggested it (and I’m too lazy to go back and look), but whoever you are…bravo! Brilliant!

  279. Béla Lugosi.

    (Hopefully, Mr. Lugosi or his descendants would not have been, or be, insulted.)

  280. spongebrooke says:

    I wrote in Sno-Cone for the female that was born last year and it didn’t win =(

  281. Or maybe, like Dr Density, Willy Wigglebottom. Wee Willy, indeed! 🙂

  282. I like Colonel Belugersons!

  283. I’m with Sue… As soon as I saw the pic I thought “Marshmellow”

  284. How about Raffi?

  285. Meg, Theo: I’d like to nominate this post for SOME kind of award for having the lowest comment:nuff ratio. I admit to being pathetic enough that I’ve read (almost) all of the comments and except for a couple of “wild animals should remain in the wild” comments, there’s been NOTHING but positive feedback.

    I agree that, in an environmentally perfect world, all creatures would live in their natural habitats, endangered only by their natural predators, but people, we ain’t living in a perfect world. It’s creatures like little Misu (I’ve made my decision!) here that raise awarenesss of the plight of their wild-born bretheren (sisteren?).

    Bravo to all the CO’ers who’ve commented!

  286. I also support Beluga Lugosi. PULL DA STRING!

  287. how about Rolf?

  288. I’m for that Qayuqjaq, I just can’t pronounce it!

  289. I’m for that Qayuqjaq, I just can’t pronounce it!

  290. I’m for that Qayuqjaq, I just can’t pronounce it!

  291. I’m for that Qayuqjaq, I just can’t pronounce it!

  292. I’m for that Qayuqjaq, I just can’t pronounce it!

  293. I’m for that Qayuqjaq, I just can’t pronounce it!

  294. Cat, as in Cat Ballouga.

  295. Oh Alright… MISU

    Although I do agree that it isn’t a very cuteologist name. But it is pretty.

  296. Squeequeg is brilliant, whoever suggested it. Both literary and Cuteoverloady.

  297. schmeckles says:


  298. Banquo’s buried it. “Snorgy Aquatocks” is freaking unbeatable.

  299. Another Angela says:

    I do love Aquatocks. and SqueeQueeg. The Inuit names here are wonderful choices!

    I was going to nuff about the Shedd and it’s captive breeding program and failures, but I just want this cute little snorgley guy to grow up and foster the love of whales in his visitors. Must be a nuff-free zone today.

    Nobody offered “Snorgle”????

  300. Misu is bland and forgettable. Beluga Legosi is genius.

  301. “Moby Cute”

    did anyone say that yet; I didn’t see it on earlier posts…. (saw just plain “Moby” tho).

  302. Let’s name him Reginald

  303. I like the name Spouter!

  304. I vote for Winston!
    [shifty eyes]

  305. flibert.

  306. Andrea|Nash says:

    Don’t know if this is Inuit (the dictionary calls it Canadian-Eskimo); but I liked the word for “moon” … Tatkret. Apparently the “kr” is very low in the throat kind of like the Hebrew “ch” as in challah.

  307. 1. nosey
    2. Perry
    3. Lashanda

  308. Blubbers.

  309. Belugstopher!

    (pronounced “beloog-stopher”, like Christopher…only like a beluga whale)

  310. Did anyone suggest ‘Sugar Booger’?
    Surely that must be his name?!

  311. Silent Meow says:

    I have another name.


  312. Furbabies says:

    BRONWEN: “Fair-breasted.” Welsh name composed of the elements bron “breast” and (g)wen “fair, white, holy.”

    Bronwen Beluga!

  313. Wow. That’s a lot of suggestions. Mine is the best: Mr. Fuzzybottom.

  314. They’re smiling!

  315. Squeequeg is pretty clever (even if it’s named after a harpooner), but I want to also give mad props to Andi’s Izzard reference.

    Howsabout “Squeequeg Flaptyback” as a compromise?

    MISU = honkshu (theriosly, yawn)

  316. George! It has to be George (I have a kitten by that name…and she is a girl!)

  317. Other thoughts:

    Whale N. Smithers

    Merman Hellville (if he’s tough)

    Lucky (as in Lukha, as in Belukha, the other Russian-derived name)

  318. Beluga Lugosi or squeequeg

  319. Furbabies says:

    BERWYN: “Fair headed.” Welsh name composed of the elements “barr” (head) and “(g)wyn” (fair, white). Male name. The other, Bronwen, is female.

    Not clever, just different.

  320. Hahaha!!! “Whale N. Smithers” Very nice.

  321. Snorgy Aquatocks is freakin’ brilliant. I also love Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles. Fluffernutter is super cute!
    However, Silatuyok (CUTE)is a very appropriate Inuit name to come from the CO crowd. You can say it like, “Sock it to me!” Silatuyok! Also, Silly could be his nickname.

  322. Starbelky says:

    I love that name that Lindr came up with, Aooga is a fantastic name!

  323. Caviar!

  324. Tuppence McBloop.

  325. Squee gets my vote.

    But I like Miso, Ripples, and Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth nearly as much.

  326. My vote goes to Misu as well.

  327. The second I saw him, I thought, “Kevin…he looks like a Kevin.”

    So Kevin it should be.

  328. I support a vote for “Beluga Lugosi”

    Though “Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser” and “Humptyback Fishtybuns” are my second and third.

  329. I change my vote to Beluga Legosi! I love that!

  330. marvin gardens says:

    how about naming him “this comment thread is about forty times worse the most appalling brainstorming meeting i’ve ever been in and you people need to look at CNN once in a while”?

    just a thought.

  331. I vote for Raffi since that’s the name of the artist who wrote/performed the song “Baby Baluga”.

  332. Smiley!

  333. Squee !

    Or Squeequeg …

  334. I like Derek’s suggestion of McLovin. But I think this Chicago born beluga needs a name befitting the city of broad shoulders.

    How about Bellow?

  335. Nuff or no . . .

    Wow! I seriously HEART Cute Overload – but – I’m finding it hard to believe that no one here has a problem with keeping whales in captivity???


    So how about naming the little dude:

    Free Me McWilly . . .
    Get me out-a-Belugar-ville . . .
    Splashy Von Freedom Pants . . .
    Christ, let me out-er-sons . . .
    Snorggle this! I’m outta here!

  336. Call me Fishmael!

    Really, please – not Misu. Sounds like food. Snorgly Aquatocks or Beluga Legosi are quite good!

  337. I like Derek’s suggestion of McLovin. But I think this Chicago born beluga needs a name befitting the city of broad shoulders.

    How about Bellow?

    Oh, and Marvin Gardens, why are you on cuteoverload again??

  338. finpaaaants!

  339. Stephanie says:

    Beluga Lugosi gets my vote:)

  340. balooger mcqsuirtyblowhole?

    nah. too contrived.

    wait. time out. FIIIN-PAAAAAANTS!

    okay. time back in.

    I’d go for “muhammad” but I’m neither religious nor litigious.

    I got it:

    Neutral McBuoyancy.

  341. chaosisorder says:

    Humptyback Fishtybuns or anything to do with snorgling, or squee-ing.

  342. L’il Moby McChubberstuff


  344. Bubbly Gus! It must be Bubbly Gus!

  345. berthaslave says:

    Totally silly:

    Beluga Lugo-squee

  346. kitties rule says:

    if it’s a girl beluga: Melonee

  347. omg… I have never laughed so hard reading comments before. I love all the names, however, “Squee” is my vote. Vive le Squee!

  348. We love “Belly Von Wrinkles!”

    It is the belliest AND wrinkliest name!

  349. Heh. I’m glad that I am not the only person here who thinks he looks like an “Eddie,” which is what popped in my mind when I first looked at him.

    Normally, I would go for a silly name like Milky McCuttlebutt but, frankly, the kid is an Eddie.

  350. barooga…

  351. Bubblebelly!

  352. Why not call him Ripley? He certainly is unbelievable 😀 ! Also… he is full of ripples.

    😛 If not, Misu sounds a little like that Japanese soup made of fish broth, but PaluPalu is cute.

  353. Carvel! Name him Carvel!
    I also like “Squee.”

  354. I love cuteoverload and check it almost every day.
    But I have to say, Belugas and any type of whale should not be kept in captivity.
    Maybe we should set up a protest campaign.
    That cute baby whale deserves to have a full normal life in the wild.

  355. So far I vote for Misu or PaluPalu – he needs a name fitting for the wonderfully majestic creature that he is.

    The cutesy names are well, cute… but this poor guy’s going to be stuck with this name forever! Give him something proper (that can maybe be shortened into a nickname while he’s little)

  356. please to name him Mr. Pants

  357. Not Misu, nor any other Inuit-type name like that. Sorry, but those are boring. It doesn’t matter that most of their whales have those types of names.

    Definitely not Humptyback Fishtybuns. That’s just too much and too weird for the general public. Same goes for all the other long cutesie names.

    Not Raffi, that’s kinda too obvy and just doesn’t feel right.

    While I love Baloo and the idea behind it, that’s a bear’s name. Not gonna work.

    It’s gotta be something understandable and likeable to the general public, while still reflecting the CO state of mind.

    It won’t be just us voting on the name, there will be tons of regular people too!

    Beluga Lugosi is truly inspired. Maybe Lugosi would be good.

    Since the bebe is in Chicago, I think it would be good to have a name linked to the city in some way. Wrigley is good. The word makes me think of a wriggly puppy.

    I like Bob. He looks like a Bob. Or Pookiepants. Either/or. 🙂

  358. Snorkel. Cute and appropriate for a baby swimmer…

  359. RAFFI!

  360. Raffi! Give credit where credit is due!

    “Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea…”

  361. Wimple

  362. yankeebird says:

    I can’t believe I just read through 350+ comments! There are so many great ones I can’t even begin to pick a favorite – you all are truly inspired!

    Between the Underpants Gnomes, the Testicular Hedgehogs, and all the funny on this post, Cute Overload has truly made my day.

    *applauds everyone on CO*

  363. http://www.whaleprotection.org/vancouveraquarium/belugas.htm says:

    A baby beluga born in captivity… Would that go in the “Cute or Sad?” category?

  364. GerbilNibble says:

    “Misu” reminds me of soy bean soup. Not good enough name for a whale.

  365. Dark Assassin 3 says:


  366. GREAT name contributions – but the “naming committee” will choose a simple name … they always do.
    And usually some ethnic name – so the Hawaiian and Indian ones are always winners. However – I think the already suggested CAVIAR might work… or LUGOSI – they were both great suggestions!

  367. Charles (The Prince of Whales.)

    Vincent Van Gogogoch (the last three syllables of the longest place-name in Wales, and he’s white like a gogo boot, kinda! Plus I just love the name Vincent.)

    Tube o’ Chapstick.

    Herman the Merman. (Too “Bad Santa”-ish? But a nod to Mr. Melville would not be entirely inappropriate.) Or Herman Muenster, since he looks kind of delectably cheese-ish.

    Narwhally. (Wally for short? Okay, he’s not a narwhal, but maybe they could buy him a fake horn and he could wear it at Halloween?)

    Moonshine (Mooney for short? Then he’d have to marry a Loretta, of course.)

    Tom Weights. 🙂

  368. Mr. Gimble

  369. Buddy! 😀

  370. Oh, I just saw “Squeequeeg” — excellent!

  371. how about the japanese word for cute: kawaii

  372. (Holy baby whale diapers, 350+ comments when I started reading.)

    Béluga Lugosi – that was a good one. My first choice, so far.

    One minor adjustment if this name wins… it must have the accent over the ‘e’ in the name “Béluga” to be complete. 🙂

    But… like Soxfan and Shari said, more people are likely to vote for something simpler, like “Caviar”.

    The other suggestions I liked:
    Colonel Frosty Belugersons
    Snorgy Aquatocks

    And, my throwaway C.O.-ish name suggestion was “Prosh McKosher Caviar”.

  373. Or, Palupalupants. 😀

  374. marissposa says:


  375. berthaslave says:

    Hey, Marvin Gardens: if you find your lost sense of humor or a playful spirit on CNN, then feel free to come back here and enjoy the fun the rest of us are having.

    So, Meg/Theo — is there gonna be a vote or what? Seems like these are the five most popular:

    Beluga Lugosi
    Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser
    Humptyback Fishtybuns
    Squee (or Squeequeg)

  376. acelightning says:

    “Fluffy”. (Hey, he looks like a big dollop of Marshmallow Fluff…)

    Of the ones that have already been suggested, Beluga Lugosi is very clever, and Squee is not only very CO-oriented, but it’s also a sound that belugas make.

  377. SQUEE!!!

    It serves as both my reaction to and favorite name for this cute widdle beluga!

  378. Somebody said Winston, and I like it!

  379. Chelonianmobile says:

    I like Marshmallow for a name. “Beluga Lugosi” is cool, though maybe a bit long … I love “Squeequeg” but those outside the Internet may not get it.

  380. Lil’ Cap’n Smirkums McPehpeh!

  381. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:


  382. Flipper Mc Snorklesons

    Flipper P. Snorkleheimer

    Spouty McSpoutersons

    Happy Little Dolphin

    Mr. Cutie Pie

    Ishmael McMobiesons

    Ishmael McDickersons

    Mssr Jacques Cousteu

    Captain Cute Face

    Admiral Smiley Face


  383. Well, I have to be partial to “Squishy.” My name is Trish, and my boyfriend calls me “Trishy, the Squishy Fishy” or just “Squishy.” But I also adore the name “Palupalu.” He’d be called “Palu” for short. I think that’s an adorable name for an uber-adorable baby.

  384. Flubber.

  385. Hehe, “Eddie” made me go all Hitchhiker’s geek and think of Eddie’s in the space-time continuum. If it were a girl, I’d name it “Petunia.” 😉 😉 😉

    NOT Misu, too much like Miso soup.

    YES to any variant of:

    Beluga Lugosi (GENIUS!!!)
    Squee (cute and reflects the CO mindset among other things)
    Queequeg (or Squeequeg, if we could get away with that)
    Stephen Cobluga

    Eddie Izzard references warm my heart, but probably wouldn’t wear well as an actual name, le sigh.

  386. moonshine!

  387. Minty McWrigleyButt!

    Or Beluga Baloney!

    BTW, are you kidding, faekins? This is the BEST brain-storming meeting I’ve ever been to. At least it’s about something really worth storming my brain about!

  388. better born in captivity and being in safety than being free and being hunted by those stupid Japanese whale boats.

  389. So many great suggestions. Meself, I’m most partial to Beluga Lugos, Eddie, and Squee.

    Another thought: Schmoo, like the strange, white, blobular creature from 1970s Saturday morning cartoons (and, according to Wikipedia, the Lil’ Abner comics).

  390. Beth E. Dogg says:

    I liked Colonel Belugersons. Sounds very C.O.

  391. Imhotep. Definitely Imhotep.

  392. It makes me want to sing the baby beluga song…

  393. Catrina Marlow says:

    Beluga? Then it has to be Caviar

  394. I vote for Misu.

  395. How about Mr. Smiley-smiles?

  396. i’m not a fan of food-related names, either.

    googled inuit names:

    kinguyakkii = northern lights. then we could call him “king”

    kunwaktok = smiles. then we could call him “tok”

  397. But seriously…the next female baby whale to be born must be named “Petunia(s).”

  398. Snorgly Aquatocks, Beluga Legosi, or harry 🙂

  399. Squiggy

  400. correction:

    kunwaktok = smiles. then we could call him “toks”

  401. Kunwaktok! Yes! Cause then we can call him Tocks! It would be CO approved, yet still in the general vein of their names. Perfect!!! 🙂

  402. Kunwatok is PERFECT.
    The site
    has a list of possible names, ALL inuit, as well as a blank for other ideas.
    KUNWATOK “smiles” is, (have I already said thees?) PERFECT, PERFECT, I HEREBY CAST 10 THOUSAND VOTES FOR KUNWATOK. Our very own “tocks” rocks.

  403. Correcting typo here:

    eees sewwww purrrfect
    please to choose

  404. It is Chicago, so how about

    The Fridge

  405. Beluga Lugosi

  406. hollys_mum says:

    Fins McPbbbffth

  407. she looks like she’s smiling. how about ‘Bubble McBeluga’?

  408. metsakins says:

    but I have a fish named Eric, and a cat named Eric, and a bird named Eric….

  409. I like the Baby Baloo name. (makes sense for ‘baroo’ in wall talk as some viewers have said.

  410. What about Knobbles?

  411. How about Ballena…spanish for whale.

  412. Horsewoman says:

    Anybody who remembers the 80’s and early 90’s and had a “wee” one would take one look at that and know it HAS to be named “Raffi” ~ for (sing along you older people), “Baby Baluga in the deep blue sea…..”

  413. my top choices
    1. Misu
    2. Palupalu
    3. Crisco
    4. Bob

  414. Beulah! Beulah the Beluga!

  415. *** NOTE TO EVERYBODY ***

    A number of y’all have been jokingly suggesting a name that a whole culture considers to be a mortal (or immortal?) insult, and you know it. I’ve just deleted a large number of comments, which I don’t enjoy doing. Yes, I agree that you’re very clever for making reference to a certain highly objectionable current event, but this is crossing the line from humorous irreverence into hate speech. And it doesn’t belong on Cute Overload.

    I also deleted a bunch of *duplicate* comments, which is not a problem… Six Apart was doing routine TypePad maintenance last night, which probably made the comment form seem sorta unresponsive for some of you.

  416. Also, I think we should let TypePad’s anti-spam routine name the baby beluga. You know, the one that tells you to prove you’re not a robot before it’ll allow your comment through?

    So, because *I* am not a robot, how about “QARBSE”?

  417. “ambpxz” sux, tho

  418. Name him Solomon.


  419. Wait. It is a boy right?

  420. bookmonstercats says:

    Palupalu – gorgeous.

    Charles Prince of Whales did make me laugh, though.

  421. New York Michele says:

    I like Palupalu, and Kunwaktok, and Silatuyok.

  422. Definitely “Squee”!! Its name is a PERFECT reaction to its cuteness!

  423. I like Beluga Legosi –
    I’m also partial to Baloo, Baloo is cute!

  424. New York Michele says:

    It took me a moment to figure out what the offensive name was- and then I did. You’re right to remove it, although it’s sad- one of my favorite people has that name as his first name, and I’d love to see a whale named after him.

  425. Mr. Ripples!

  426. Filby.

    Then when people ask him what his name is, he can say “pbbbffthilby!”

  427. How about Whale Steak? Mmmm, whale meat…

  428. Theo, thanks for keeping things clean here on CO.

    But of course now i’m trying to figure out what the offensive name was. i can’t figure it out. i guess that’s a good thing? 😉

    [You should have info in your email now… – Ed.]

  429. Belu

  430. These are the best!

    Beluga Lugosi
    Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser
    Humptyback Fishtybuns

  431. I like Misu!!!!!!

  432. lilithburns says:

    Personally I am all for Humptyback Fishtybuns but not to many others may get it. Otherewise I think Kunwaktok or “Tocks” for short.

  433. I would go for these names:

    1) Smiley,
    2) Palaoa; or
    3) Meg!

  434. Bumble or Bumbles… 🙂

  435. Baroo…sorry Teho, and KHA. Didn’t meanta hate.

    The argument for kunwaktok/tocks is a compelling one…but overall I think my favorite is Squee.

  436. helen_wow says:

    He’s so white and floaty…what about Casper???

  437. bunnyslave says:

    I vote spud.

  438. Why not Behbeh Beluga?

  439. Misu, which means “ripples in the water” was suggested by Kali, Nov. 30th at 1:25 pm. I love it! Even though I love all the cutsie names, the general public won’t get it. Misu can be a boy or a girl name and is cute!

  440. I’m voting for:
    Beluga Lugosi (first choice)
    PaluPalu (second choice)

  441. TygyrLily says:

    I’m with the Crisco camp, although I also really like Pickles and Raffi!!

  442. You Humptyback lovers: anything with “fish” in it is not appropriate…he’s a mammal. Or am I not getting the joke?

  443. ladyclodia says:

    My vote is definitely for Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser. That is an awesome name!

  444. Now this kind of stuff makes me want to be a marine biologist. Until I remember the science classes.

  445. dear mr. theo,

    an entire culture considers the banning of names for teddy bears while they are used for myriad other persons and avatars to be an insult

    [Please bear in mind that I am speaking as representative of Cute Overload, which has a very wide audience, spread over all parts of the world. My own private biases are subordinate, in this instance. – Ed.]

    i and mr. constitutionpants thank you for listening

    and i still say Neutral McBuoyancy would be a fine third runner-up as a name for our grinning unit-density wrinkleblob, here

    but my first vote will be for Squee

  446. Squeaks! Because whales squeak. Or Sonar!

  447. Gigglenougat! He will always look as if he just finished or is about to break out in a fit of giggles…and he sooo looks delectable, like the fluffy yummy part of a candy bar–nougat! One vote for Gigglenougat!!

  448. I think we should suggest “SPREAD”, as in “Shedd’s Spread” (the name of the aquarium)
    AHAHA? Anyone out there? Is this thing on? 🙂

  449. Hungarian Vampire Anti-Defamation League says:

    I demand that all references to Beluga Lugosi be removed. I agree that you’re very clever for making reference to a certain highly objectionable fictional vampire, but this is crossing the line from humorous irreverence into hate speech. And it doesn’t belong on Cute Overload.

    [trying… not… to laugh… – Ed.]
    [snortling… – Ed.]

  450. Hey! Hungarian Vampire Anti-Defamation League, are you serious? So naming my cat Cleocatra was Egypcian hate speech?!?!!! LOL

  451. Cloudy

  452. Q-tip

  453. Casper . . . because he/she looks like a very friendly ghost!

  454. lol @ the Hungarian Vampire Anti-Defamation League rep. Hilarious.

  455. I remember Schmoo! He squeaked more than talked, right? White and blobby looking… outside of Humptyback Fishtybuns, Schmoo is my vote, too.

  456. wow! i can’t believe Crisco already came up. i was going to suggest it too. and it has a nice hip-hop feel.

    so many posts, and no commentroversy! woot!

  457. Ishmael please!

  458. I think we should name it “Raffi” considering the song “Baby Beluga” was sung by him.
    It’s kinda obvious, if you think about it.

  459. well, maybe not *no* commentroversy…

  460. (who *was* that masked Hungarian anti-defamatory vampire???)

  461. Animalphiles Annie says:

    My choices:
    Palu (Pally)
    I’d prefer Mister Splashy von Whalehouser (without the Beluga in the middle) if we go in that direction

  462. I love “Casper”! He really does look a bit like him 🙂 So friendly and smiley-faced!

  463. “Button”, ’cause he is as cute as one.

  464. what about RAFFI after the guy who wrote “Baby beluga in the deep blue sea”

  465. AngelBaby says:

    How about Yuki or Nami? Yuki means snow & Nami means wave in Japanese.

  466. Humptyback Fishtybuns made me roar with laughter. Please, please, please . . .

  467. I like Raffi! Now that song is in my head…

  468. Christina says:

    Cupcake? Bananaphone? Billy Bob?

  469. Mushypoodum Schmoopiepants


  470. Andi: Thanks for your support 😀

    Unfortunately, I misspelled the name — should be “Shmoo” no ‘c’).


  471. Omg this beluga is soo adorable!im at a loss for words. But we all know this little guy just HAS to be Franklin!!! just look at his little smile!

  472. I change my vote to McLovin. It’s timely and bordering on redonkulous.


  473. Peter Nimcompoop!

  474. Andrea|Nash says:

    I vote for Kunwaktok…and I liked Moonshine alot!

    Nice ideas Coco and Newlee!

  475. Andrea|Nash says:

    And Shmoo ain’t bad, but does anybody under 50 remember Li’l Abner? Or did shmoos spin off on their own own?

  476. Squiggles, works for a boy or a girl and covers all of the cuteness involved!

  477. My former roomate’s former lungfish is on display at the Shedd now, and I am proud to say I named her “Fluffy”. Lungfish may not be considered cute, but Fluffy is awesome, and she even has muzzlepowshe!

  478. Jane Ellen says:

    Bubba. He’s big, sweet and goofy.

    Bubba Beluga

  479. Bazdazzle says:

    How about Coolwhip?
    or Finnegan?
    or Wavy Gravy?

  480. Chessie, definitely Chessie.

  481. Stephanie says:

    Schmoo is not bad. Why not Snorgle?

  482. GaTekChiclet says:


  483. Whitey

  484. Babeluga

  485. Awesome site!

    I like Mr. Prffff Prffff 😛

  486. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:




  487. Qtip … that just KILLED me!

    things i think we should eliminate:
    -fish names

    -raffi (??? so what if some guy wrote a song?)

    -names related to other kinds of whales (humpty, etc)

    -anything that sounds food-like

    i still love beluga lugosi and squeequeg. both are effing inspired.

  488. turbofloof says:

    Now the naming is even MORE important, and it must be an even more compelling name since this kiddo’s beluga relative at the Atlanta Aquarium just passed away.

    Her name was Marina. Circle of life, I guess. *dips head with sadness…* Behbehs are such a good thing.

  489. dudes be smiling aw!

  490. kermalkin says:

    I like:

    I think Misu is the clear fave though.

  491. waitwaitwait.

    beluga fleck!

  492. Milo (said My-lo)for a girl or boy, Binky for a boy, or Bella for a girl!

  493. Colonel Blubber McChubbersons O’Pbbbbthth.

  494. Aa-oogah Beluga?

  495. Beluga Fleck! Beluga Fleck!

  496. Chubsy McCherubBlubber?

  497. Sandra S. says:

    I think we should veto anything that refers to the ripples, since he’ll grow out of those. Also, all of the sushi/sashimi names are bad ideas because of the actual japanese whaling going on. I also think that it’s better to try to give him an appropriately cute name than to end up with some word in a language that very few (if any) of us speak that apparently refers to some aspect of nature. That just strikes me as inane. And so What if he gets named Colonel Snorgy McRedonkadonk Humptyback Aquatocks Esquire, III?

    Are we afraid he’ll be mocked at school? Denied that big promotion? I get that the aquarium has a veto over the final name choice. I’d still rather Try for something original.

  498. Wow! I love these cuties! I want one!!!

  499. I vote for Misu!

  500. Really? Misu over Mr. Pbbfth-Pbbfth? Come on, it’s either gotta be that or Leviathan, and my vote goes for the name sans vowels.

  501. Frederick. Simply Frederick. (but I do like “Beluga Lugosi”).

  502. I like Sarah’s suggestion: Frosty!!

  503. lurkingsmirk says:

    I see zpants’ comment mysteriously disappeared, as did all but one related to the original…

    Anyways, this must be the longest line of comments with no nuffing over the picture!

  504. misscrisp says:

    Peeps of Teh Qte…
    Can we be more strategic here? Meg has thrown down an inspiring challenge to flashmob the voting. Won’t it be more exciting if we actually have impact? Much as I love Finpants and so on. Thusly, I propose a dual-pronged approach: 1. Choose one of their Inuit names, like KUNIKPOK, that we can all support and tilt the voting that way. 2. Choose an obvious CO reference for our “write-in” vote, such as SQUEE or SNORGLE or BAROO, and overwhelm them with votes for it. (Seeing as their last voted name was “Bella” it seems that you can break the Inuit chain.) I am seriously snortling at so many of the great ideas here…but I also love the idea of really naming the behbeh. (BEHBEH ain’t bad either for a Cute Overload-ism name, and I like SNORKLE, a slight variation with water angle.) I suppose we could also all agree on something beige like MISU and perpetrate it…but why?
    Your Humble Hopefully Vote-Influencing Cute-porter

  505. Lima Bean

  506. joybubble says:


  507. Snorgle Pup says:


  508. Snorgle Pup says:

    Seriously. Palupalu Beluga.
    Doesn’t it just inspire a CO song?

  509. Snorgle Pup says:

    It means soft & squishy, right?

  510. What about PJ??

  511. What about the names Kookie or Bogie for the behbeh!?

  512. One other suggestion:


  513. Andrea,

    Hmmm… well, I’m under 50, and in fact I don’t actually remember the Lil’ Abner comix (although I see references to them all over the place). My fond memories of Shmoo come from Saturday morning cartoons in the 70s (he sometimes appeared in a Flinstones spinoff, and he had his own show, too) … still, your point is valid. Perhaps no one under 35 will remember those cartoons, and I don’t think Shmoo has gotten out much since then.

    If this is the case, I will throw my support to MissCrisp’s option #2, i.e. we pick an obvious CO name. My vote goes to Squee.

  514. i like Misu .
    but i also like bubbles, but i’m afraid he would get picked on in school if we named him that.

  515. elizabeth says:

    i really LOVE Palupalu [or palupalupants]
    and “Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles”.

  516. Just as others have said they don’t want him named after food, I would prefer he not be named after a weapon…

    *dodges pudding*

    Just sayin’!

  517. Baby Wrinkles McBlubberson!!

  518. OK PEOPLE! Someone above suggested the whale should be called after MEG! Our delightful and delicious blog-meistress.

    Seriously, doesn’t this woman deserve some credit for giving us all so much joy? If we could get them to name the whale after MEG, that would be a fitting tribute.

    MEG! MEG! MEG!

    It’s a no brainer.

  519. Moby! Lets name him MOBY! Great softness… so smoooooth skin….

  520. Maybe we should name the behbeh after whomever made up Cute Overload?? or,we could name him HUGO (not as in huge, but the name Hugo)!!!

  521. misscrisp says:

    I am wholly in support of namesaking Meg…except he is a boy whale-kin. The other option suggested along these lines is Frosty. Works for me on multiple levels. Frosty the whale!

  522. Hug-o CO fan! says:

    I kinda like Eddie, but the name should be someting creative!! But also think of something that the ZOO might choose!

  523. Dandelion Vicious says:


  524. Since the whale is male, you could name him Meg backwards:Gem! or I suggest Mr. Plushful!

  525. Willy or William is kinda cute.

  526. Luigi for BeLUGa! I can just imagshins the hat on the whale’s head!

  527. Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth!
    Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth!
    Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth!
    Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth!
    Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth!
    Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth!

  528. Beluga Leglessi

  529. Seachubb McAquatocks!

  530. I’m so happy that other Eddie Izzard fans are ALL OVER THIS. XD

    “Zingelbert Bembledack! Yingybert Dambleban! Zangelbert Bingledack! Wingelbert Humptyback!
    Slut Bunwalla!”


    “All right, Kringelbert Fishtybuns! Steviebuns Bottrittrundle…”

  531. How about Mr. McPookersons?

  532. Auntie Maim says:

    Squeequeg! Ahahaha! I love it and second (or third, or whatever) it.

  533. I vote that we name it honour of Meg! Anything with Frosty in it would suit I think.
    But if we go with one of the foreign language names I think I like Kunwaktok ([smiles] tocks for short) the best. Since beluga are known for their expressive faces and tocks represents CO.
    I also looked up Beluga Lugosi and it turns out that was the name of a beluga at the Vancouver Aquarium who died after living for only half of it’s life expectancy. Kinda sad.

  534. berthaslave says:


    Bela Lugosi was NOT a Hungarian vampire.

    He was a Hungarian ACTOR who frequently PLAYED A VAMPIRE IN THE MOVIES.

    And he wasn’t always happy. Now, maybe his spirit has come back to be happy and play in the aquarium and be loved by thousands of visitors a year. It’s an honor to name him Beluga Lugosi.

    I did NOT suggest naming him Vlad the Impaler.

    Thank you.

  535. “Mr. McRipplesoms” for all his aquatic belly rippels!

  536. McLovin!!! That’s the best!

  537. Beluga Legosi–yes!

  538. You people CAN’T be serious with some of these names. WE ARE TRYING TO NAME A WHALE.

    Please put some thought into it. This isn’t a joke, but a huge privilege.

    Personally, I like Beluga and Norbert. I also suggest Makamai? It means “precious” in Hawaiian. =)

    [Two things… who’s *not* serious? …and who thinks we’re going to be *taken* seriously? – Ed.]

  539. i would have to go with Screensaver or Wallpaper 🙂 Maybe even Background.

  540. Mobbers-Dicklebottom – I am sorry, but I love this name and must vote for it. Or any name with ‘Moby’or ‘Dickle’ in it 😉

  541. I agree that Misu is pretty but bland, and sounds like soup (mmmmm soup….). I like Kunwaktok ’cause of the ‘tocks possibility. But really, my vote goes to Beluga Lugosi. Brilliant. And he can be called Belly.

  542. I take it noone liked Todd?

  543. we like todd. or chaby.

  544. I kinda like….Bunky

    Bunky Beluga…yeah, it has a ring to it!


  545. Squishy McChubbersons!!

  546. I like Ripples.

  547. Beluga Lugosi: inspired.

    The scientific name for the beluga is Delphinapterus leucas. “Lucas” is short, sweet and to the point (since leucas means white).

  548. What about Maui-Maui?

    Did anyone else read those Serendipity books as a kid?


  549. How about Phineas (or Fin-eas if you insist)? It makes him sound all high-brow, and glasses on him would look so adorable.

  550. Looks so much like the Michelin man: how about Michelina?

  551. Sorry, but “Dicklebottom” is the kind of name that will get him severely bullied by the other podlings.

  552. WiccanWolf says:

    “I really like “Humptyback Fishtybuns”, (Izzard fan) but as this whale is not a humpback, won’t it be innapropriate? I mean, the aquarium will probably not want a name that might confuse patrons…”

    How about Jeff. 😉 I am so for the Izzard reference. I cracked up when I read that. I also doubt he would mind much since he pretty much makes up everything on the spot…besides the fact he seems like a pretty cool guy. 🙂


  553. Jasmine, you do realize that if he ever finds out his name is Norbert he will KILL HIMSELF.

  554. Percival Lucas McFinnersons

  555. Moby Raisin. That is all.

  556. charliewabba says:

    I’m going to repeat my nomination from last night for Silatuyok – nuit for cute.

  557. charliewabba says:

    I’m going to repeat my nomination from last night for Silatuyok – Inuit for cute.

  558. I’m partial to Humptyback Fishtybuns. It does indeed sound like something from Eddie Izzard. 😀

  559. charliewabba says:

    sorry – typo-stopped-post-acidental double post going on – not trying to vote twice (even though that’s kind of a tradition if you’re from Chicago…)

  560. Flubberto.

  561. rubypearl says:


  562. greenpicklefork says:


  563. I think Velvet or Silk, because his skin looks so soft! ^_____^

  564. Sandra S. says:

    Can we just get a poll going already? It seems like we’re at the end of our brainstorming usefulness.

    Besides, we already came up with Squeequeg, which is GENIUS.

  565. Beluga Lugosi


    I’ll vote for that

  566. High-brow or not, he Looks like a Phineas to me.

  567. i love the idea of naming it “Gem” after Meg.
    what a great idea.

    (or Bubbles)

  568. Pillsbury.

  569. Beluga Legosi is the best of the popular bunch, or Aquatocks, and Squee is cute, too.
    Misu sounds like soup, or “Misu Howny…”

  570. I like-
    Bubbles, or Mister Bubbles,
    Bubba Mc Bubbleson,
    Dann-o (from Hawaii Five-O),
    Pee Wee,
    Don Ho.
    Just a few whale ideas…

  571. Can someone clue me in as to why “Frosty” is a tribute to Meg?

  572. Meg Frost

  573. Wubbuley R .(for ripples) Smilelersons!

  574. snoopysnake says:

    Shuga, because he is sweet as sugar with his cute little smile. Shuga Beluga.

  575. Jello.

  576. I like:
    Kuantok “tocks”
    Something CO related.
    Conquer the world with teh cute!

  577. I’m going with Skinneh.

  578. lovebehbehbelugas says:

    Belle Uuga was my vote until (I think) it was determined the behbeh is a boy. So how about Beaux Luga?? See what I just did there? I also like Shuga the Beluga 🙂

  579. lovebehbehbelugas says:

    Belle Uuga was my vote until (I think) it was determined the behbeh is a boy.
    So how about Beaux Luga?? See what I just did there? I also like Shuga the Beluga 🙂

  580. Andrea|Nash says:

    Cath, thanks… I had this foggy memory of shmoos and Sat AM cartoons. Al Capp (creator of Li’l Abner) was taken down for sexual misconduct. I couldn’t believe that I somehow allowed that guy into my kids lives; but I did have four in six years. Sleep deprivation will do its thing.

    Turns out it didn’t matter – they’ve all created themselves so much more elegantly than I could have imagined. (:})

  581. Wavy

  582. SUNBEAM!!!! 😀

    I loooooove Sunbeam!!!

    I kind of object to the Hawaiian names, mostly because I live in Hawaii against my will (it’s not as great as it’s cracked up to be), and the novelty has totally worn off, to say the least. Every zoo animal in Hawaii has some “clever” Hawaiian name, anyway. It’s been done.

  583. This guy’s been around since at least August and he still doesn’t have a name???


  584. Can you guys see his tiny ear holes in pictures #1 and #2??? It’s so cute I’m about to cry!

  585. Smiley Bubblesons!

    Very sweet!

  586. Sarah Grace says:

    I like Pookiepants!

  587. Dr. Density says:

    Since everyone seems to love Eddy Izzard so much (as do I) why not Izzy?
    Izzy McBlobbersons
    or Izzy McBluberdyblub

    Misu is not good, it’s fermented tofu for goodness sake.
    I agree that Hawiian names have been done.
    Squee is pretty darn cute too.
    I need some new cute pictues to de-stress. Meg are you there? Can we move on????

  588. Dr. Density says:

    Since everyone seems to love Eddy Izzard so much (as do I) why not Izzy?
    Izzy McBlobbersons
    or Izzy McBluberdyblub

    Misu is not good, it’s fermented tofu for goodness sake.
    I agree that Hawiian names have been done.
    Squee is pretty darn cute too.
    I need some new cute pictues to de-stress. Meg are you there? Can we move on????

  589. SNOWPEA!!!!!!!!!!

  590. Misu = name suggested
    Miso = fermented soy product

  591. cassandra says:

    Simon. Hence forth and hitherto his name hath be Simon.

  592. Jupiter Star says:

    I second the vote for Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!

  593. Gosh I am having a senior moment but to me this little guy looks like the marshmallow man in Ghostbusters… was it Mr. Staypuft or something like that? The resemblace is remarkable….

  594. I like Behbeh, Palupalu, Kunwaktok, or Silatuyok. In that order. I think it would be cool to give the little guy a name with meaning rather than something only the CO peeps will get — other then Behbeh… that is great cause everyone would still get it, it alliterates, and it is CO related. 🙂

  595. Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles
    Beluga Lugosi

  596. I’m with Fegli – I was going to suggest Smiley as well. I love that little smile!

  597. cassandra says:


  598. Mr. Squee Aquatock-Pants

  599. Bubba Beluga!

  600. here’s some info that may spawn (snort!) a fresh lot of suggestions on this adorable nameless Baby Whale:

    The beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) is a medium-sized cetacean belonging to the group known as odontocetes (toothed whales), which also includes sperm whales, killer whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Its closest relative is the narwhal. The common name is derived, in part, from the Russian word for white. They are also called “white whales;” however, this is somewhat of a misnomer, since only older animals are actually white. Common names used by Alaska Eskimos include Puugzaq (Siberian Yupik), Cetuaq (Central Yupik), and Sisuaq (Inupiat). Belugas range widely in arctic and subarctic waters and are often the most important small cetacean to northern coastal peoples.

    Belugas are very vocal animals, producing a variety of grunts, clicks, chirps, and whistles which are used for navigating, finding prey, and communicating. Because of this, they have sometimes been called “sea canaries.” < << awwww, that's so cute ...

    BTW, the posts are nearing or have passed the 600 mark … WTG, Meggie Moo

  601. berthaslave says:

    I am now more interested in this matter than I am the Iowa caucuses or New Hampshire primaries or who will wind up with Johan Santana.

    Thanks for all those who liked Beluga Lugosi. The rest of you, at least go watch the movie “Ed Wood” again (then watch “Dracula” in the dark, if you dare).

    But theriouthly, there are a lot of wonderful names here. After much thought I’m thinking Frosty (for Meg) and maybe an Izzardesque Mc-something on the end.

    And if the aquarium doesn’t like it, we can make our own damn mugs and t-shirts.

  602. Snowball McKinley.

  603. Willem Van De Pbbfhht

  604. All those people who keep saying caviar need a slap!


    Palupalu is lovely, as is Nami. Beluga Lugosi is hilarious, but perhaps they’re looking for a more serious name?

    Also, to Evie: Miso is not fish broth, it’s soy!! >.<

  605. hihihi Beluga Lugosi

  606. Well, if I was in charge of naming him I would call him Chubmuffin.

  607. Squee! My vote is for Squee!!!!!

  608. I have to point out that “Misu” is Spanish for “kitty”.

  609. Buggles, or Bun-Bun!

  610. Beluga Bob!
    Beluga Bob!

    It i´ll be so cool when he grows up. Just imagine all his Beluga friends calling him that.

    Beluga Bob!

  611. Stewie?
    Beluga Brian?

    Fredo! Alfredo the beluga whale!!

  612. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    Tock’tofunater McSnorkelski

    is it just me or do his tocks have a strange resemblance to tofu??

    and who doesnt like snorkels? i <3 that wurd...

  613. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    Tock’tofunater McSnorkelski

    is it just me or do his tocks have a strange resemblance to tofu??

    and who doesnt like snorkels? i <3 that wurd...

  614. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    Tock’tofunater McSnorkelski

    is it just me or do his tocks have a strange resemblance to tofu??

    and who doesnt like snorkels? i <3 that wurd...

  615. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    Tock’tofunater McSnorkelski

    is it just me or do his tocks have a strange resemblance to tofu??

    and who doesnt like snorkels? i <3 that wurd...

  616. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    Tock’tofunater McSnorkelski

    is it just me or do his tocks have a strange resemblance to tofu??

    and who doesnt like snorkels? i <3 that wurd...

  617. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    Tock’tofunater McSnorkelski

    is it just me or do his tocks have a strange resemblance to tofu??

    and who doesnt like snorkels? i <3 that wurd...

  618. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    It has a nice ring to it, don’cha theenk?




  619. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    It has a nice ring to it, don’cha theenk?




  620. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    It has a nice ring to it, don’cha theenk?




  621. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    It has a nice ring to it, don’cha theenk?




  622. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    It has a nice ring to it, don’cha theenk?




  623. Whatever'z On That Shopping List... says:

    It has a nice ring to it, don’cha theenk?




  624. Frosty McFlubber!

  625. Anne Boleyn says:

    Oh, Berthaslave your last entry on this just flatass ROCKS!

  626. Anne Boleyn says:

    Oh, Berthaslave your last entry on this just flatass ROCKS!

  627. Mysterious Stranger says:

    SO AGREED anne. Nevertheless, Tock’tofunator McSnorkelski i think is a stroke of genius. Props to Whatever’z On That Shopping List!!! I hope that one wins

  628. circuscake says:

    mister cutie pants

  629. lollypopcutie says:

    how about flipper?

    ah its useless…my two faves r as of now the tock’tofunater mcsnorkelski one and beluga legosi…

  630. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    OMgeeeeeeeeeeeee LUV the freaky tofu one…my definete fave…so prosh!

  631. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    oh n it would be even better if it was ‘McSHNORKLEski’ like a shnorkle??//? get it?/

  632. Squeebalu

  633. Fluffy!

  634. Squeeble
    Misubalu (Engrish for ‘My Subaru?)
    Misu Palubalu
    Pufty Wrinklepants

  635. Dang, they killed this one too. Shedd really needs to stop being given whales…sigh.

    They lost two whale sharks as well. They think it was a “mistake”-added a neurotoxin to the enclosures. Ooops.

  636. i still say we should, in all democratic tolerance, be able to name a living, blowhole-breathing mammallow anything we want, like, say,

    The Champ
    He Whose Real Name Must Not Be Voted On
    Smiley McControversy…pants

    (threw in the last one because that whale looks just like a cloud)

  637. from above:
    “They are also called “white whales;” however, this is somewhat of a misnomer, since only older animals are actually white.”

    (shifty eyes)

    (whaley grin)

  638. Lisa – “Dang, they killed this one too.”

    Do we need an update here?

  639. Gus.

    or Marvin.

  640. Marshmallow

  641. Umm, Lisa…..Shedd has never had whale sharks. The aquarium in Georgia is the only place in the U.S. with whale sharks. And it was the aquarium in Georgia that lost it’s beluga whale.

  642. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    “Tock’tofunater McSnorkelski”

  643. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    or Captain Picard. Same head, you know??

  644. Here is what I like that is Inuit:
    Iluq = frost
    Kunwaktok = smiles
    Nerromiktok = smooth and soft to touch
    Sakari = sweet
    Silatuyok = cute
    Tlate Hiin = twinkle upon the water
    Tunerk = gift

    Though Beluga Lugosi is brills, it has already been a Beluga whale name. I also like Squee for the cute factor, but I think Lucas has the best chance for a non-Inuit name.

  645. Um, here is the text from the official rules on the voting website:

    Whale Name must be of Inuit Indian origin. You may submit any name of your choosing, as long as it is of Inuit Indian origin, or you may select one of the names listed on the sweepstakes website.

    So, we need to decide on an Inuit name people. They will not take our Mr. Blubberssquee McLovinsons seriously.

  646. Since it must be Inuit my choices are:
    1. Iluq = frost-we could give Meg our support
    2. Silatuyok = cute, intellegent-since we all love the cute and are obviously intellegent since we check this site numerous times a day
    3. Kunwaktok = smiles-we do love our tocks on this site

  647. A) Iara, you are entirely correct.

    B) ALWAYS fact-check if your news report comes from your husband reading the paper to you.
    Before you ruin CO’s “name the whale” thread with your knee-jerk anger towards the hometown aquarium and their beluga record.

    C) I’m so pleased it’s not another Shedd casualty.

    D) “I am a wild animal and do not belong in captivity, but thanks all the same” is my favorite, but–

    E) “Banana phone” made me spew Diet Coke, so…


    Carry on….

  648. harvey rabbit says:

    Beluga Lugosi!!!!

  649. Since it has to be Inuit I totally vote for Kunwaktok. Smiles and ‘tocks.

  650. F) Annakpok means “free” in Inuit.

    I’m just sayin’….

  651. Mr. Pbbffttt sounds good to me.

    Ok, class our spelling bee words today are… 1. Bebeh.

    Mr. Pbbffttt?
    “Uh.. B, E, B, ummm….E, H. : -D

  652. momiofs&d says:

    Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!

  653. momiofs&d says:

    Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!

  654. momiofs&d says:

    Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!

  655. momiofs&d says:

    Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!

  656. momiofs&d says:

    Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!

  657. momiofs&d says:

    Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles!!!

  658. Guy Smiley

  659. Arachnophile_grrl says:

    I’ve put off suggesting because I’m still in mourning over Vancouver’s Baby Beluga that died a while back. 😦 She was Aurora – great name.

    I think this is a happy thing overall though. Can we just stay away from names that link this babeh to food of any kind. Miso is included here. Remember that some countries still consider whale meat “fair-game,” Japan is the biggest.

    Sorry, downer I know.

    I’m glad they are going in the Inuit Name dirction. 🙂 Although my early favorite was Mr. Splashy von Beluga Whalehouser 😉

  660. That sucks about it having to be Inuit! No offense to the Inuits, but those names are COMMON. These are my favorites, regardless of the rules.

    A. Phineas
    B. Sweet Pea
    C. Squishy
    D. Beluga Legosi
    E. Silatuyok (only so we can call him Silly for short) :>

  661. I think it should be Caviar.

  662. I like Snowy

  663. Bahbeluga! (sounds like Bobbyluga)
    It’s cute and boyish, just like him!

  664. Bahbeluga! (sounds like Bobbyluga)
    It’s cute and boyish, just like him!

  665. bcteagirl says:

    If we are going with an Inuit name, the one that best represents CO (In my opinion of course 😉 is Kunwaktok… Can we all back that one since non-Inuit names will not be considered?

  666. I like Palupalu as well!

  667. I’m with you, bcteagirl!

  668. For Pete’s sake…is there an inuit word that is pronounceable by non-inuit people?
    I saw this on a website as one of the many inuit words for snow:
    Chiup – snow that makes halos. This is how people in the south pronounce the English name “Chip”, anyway so they’ll just think his name is Chip.

  669. What about Dimple?

  670. Glad to see I’m not the only one to see the obvious- this adorable creature is CASPER- from nose to tail.

  671. I think it needs to be added to the original post that the name needs to be inuit, as noone seems to be taking ANY NOTICE!!


    I think Iluq and Annakpok are nice, but I’m sure those will be outvoted in favour of the one that sounds like tocks or whatever 😛 so, voting over?

  672. LunaKitteh says:

    Iluq = frost

    Says it all…. named after Meg, fits the cultural criteria, and it makes me think of the pale color of the mammel…. and then we can add Fishypants on the end for good measure..

  673. PUDGE

  674. angelbeasty says:

    I Like Kunwaktok


  675. Yeah, you can put up another picture or so now…

  676. Given the Inuit requirement… I now vote for


    Kunwaktok is okay too, but pretty hard to pronounce

  677. Momof2kitties says:

    1) I appreciate all the votes for my dd’s Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles. She is thrilled. 🙂
    2) While I find the Inuit naming thing to be confusing–they all sound/look the same to me?-I will reluctantly change my vote to the ‘tocks one. It’s cute, has the CO connection we all want, and it fits the naming criteria.
    3) Can we move on and have a new post now? I need my fix!!

  678. Momof2kitties says:

    What’s with all the double posting this morning?

  679. SabinieBaby says:

    OMG!!!! I sent this teww allz mah pals! We should name him:

    Señor Belugersons Wrinkletocks!!!!!!!!

  680. SabinieBaby says:


    Señor Belugersons McWrinkletocks

  681. With 661 posts, I don’t think anyone is bothering to read any of the above posts. Meg or someone on her team will need to make a correction to let people know that the name needs to be Inuit. We only have until Dec. 9th to vote and it is only 1 vote per person, so if we want to do this thing, then we need to come to a conclusion soon so that we can spread the word to the world.

  682. In that case, I vote for Sakari,=”sweet”
    Easy to say, easy to remember, and pretty much right on the money.

  683. what’s the point? it’d only be a slave name. maybe we could name him willy…

  684. I think we should call him Ripple-‘tocks! He’s so cute!

  685. CHUB-LOR

  686. marissposa says:

    Yes we need to name this bebeh, but more importantly, we NEED more pictures. C’mon CO keeps me sane and I need a daily dose. It’s my prozac and I’m seriously losin it here. PLEASE POST SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!

  687. I still like Jello.
    Although Tock’tofunater Snorkelski is quite cute. We’ll call him Tofu? o:

    Jello. Amazing
    Jeff is also cute.
    Jeff the beluga. xD

  688. bookmonstercats says:

    Chiup, then, after Meg.

  689. Mr.scooshie!!!!

  690. Wait, does the name HAVE to be Inuit?? Like, SERIOUSLY.

  691. hydrocrest says:

    Am I wrong, or aren’t these things eaten in inuit culture? It just seems un-sporting.

  692. I don’t even know any Inuit names, so I hope it doesn’t HAVE to be Inuit.Does anyone know for sure?

  693. Col Mosby says:

    Since he’s in Chicago…

    White Sock?
    White Sox?
    Cubby McChubersons?

  694. Theo, thank you!

  695. make_music_forever2 says:

    Hans (or Franz) ’cause he is here to pump…YOU UP.

  696. Wee little Beluga……..

    Aadi……..should be his name……..it means first.

  697. Kunwaktok = tocks!

    Although, I also like Mr. Pbbbffth-Pbbbffth or Squirt.

  698. For some reason, I look at the little guy and I think “Tank” would be a good name.

  699. cubbybutt says:


  700. From the official rules:

    “Whale Name must be of Inuit Indian origin. You may submit any name of your choosing, as long as it is of Inuit Indian origin…”


    So my vote is definitely Kunwaktok (smiles)

  701. Local interest for Shedd + sounds geopgraphically correct for a beluga = “Ditka.”

  702. well, since no one likes bubbles, i’m gunna be a big baby and kick and scream and stomp my feet and say-
    post another picture then.
    pppffffhhhggggtttt!(with spray)
    there, i had a fit.
    luvins- tell me its gunna be ok.

  703. OMG, please PUH-LEEZE name him Commodore Snorgy Aquatocks!!!!

    Awesome suggestion, whoever thought of it a few hundred comments ago!

  704. I have to go with the Raffi crowd. It’s the perfect name for a Baby Beluga. And If that’s taken, I like Beluga Lugosi…

  705. kissingbeetle says:

    there is a list of suggested Inuit-origin pet names here:

    and there’s a dictionary type thing here:

    personally, i’m all about “kunikpok” which means “kisses.”

  706. Chubbular McChubbersons!!!

  707. GerbilNibble says:

    His name shall be …


    Chi= Chicago

    Ki= Key= The key to Chicago Cute

    Chiki, I’m placing my bets on this one.

  708. (Theo – well done on the cleanup.)

    All breeelliant names!
    Beluga Lugosi! Snort! Thks, Berthaslave! Let’s keep that one for a grownup whale. For this behbeh, since it has to be Inuit, I vote for Kunwaktok-Aquatocks! Tho I love Palupalu, and Queequeg as a personal fave because of you-know-who.

  709. Oh poo on a stick! The Inuit requirement is so lame! All of these great English and Cute-ish names are now useless! I mean, one of the other belugas is called Bella, so why can’t this pup be McLovin or Porkchop or Muttonchop?

  710. Annakpok (free, not caught) and Kunikpok (keesses) are good too.

  711. Here are some Inuit options:
    Beautiful!- Anana!
    Beluga (white whale)= Kenalogak (nickname Kenny)
    Kisses- Kunikpok
    Renders one happy- Kuvianartok (Groovy Kuvi)
    Cute- Silatuyok
    White- Kakortok
    Apple of one’s eye- takubvik, iyaroak
    Strong- Nukilik

  712. I like Mr. Wrinkle Britches! He’s a super cutie!

  713. I vote for SAKARI !!

  714. new post pleeeeeease!!!

  715. Evilekeeper says:


    I don’t know why, but that was my first thought 🙂

  716. As cute as the co names are, I think we need something that will not make baby cringe with embarrasment once grown. So, his name must be…(drumroll)
    HERBERT!!! Doesn’t he look like a Herbert?

  717. Winklebum!

  718. Wow, 700 comments—what is this, Perez Hilton.com? OK, I’m gonna put together a poll of our top 10… stay tuned!

  719. Anna – miso itself is soy, but miso soup is miso mixed in dashi, and at least around here, dashi is made with fish. I think there are some versions that don’t have fish in ’em but I have never tasted them.

    I still like PaluPalu, since it needs to be an Inuit name. PaluPalu *is* Inuit, right? 😛

  720. Wow, they look like they’re having a whale of a time. ouch!! sorry guys lol

  721. These are names suggested from the naming contest website.
    Ipiktok (Ip-eek-tock) Very keen or sharp
    Opipok (Oh-pee-pock) Admirable, to admire
    Tuwawi (Too-wah-wee) Quick
    Nilak (Nee-lock) Fresh water ice
    Kimalu (Kee-ma-loo) Traditional Inuit name given to special people
    Mituk (Mee-took) Small snow layer on fishing hole
    Nunavik (New-na-vik) Friendly, beautiful, and wild
    Aniuk (Ah-nee-ook) Snow for drinking water
    Aput (Ah-poot) Snow on ground
    Akiak (Ah-kee-ock) Brave

  722. Call me Squ-Ishmael!

    Sorry, latecomer to the party, I know.

    Has to be something dat we here in da great city of Chi-caw-go can pronounce!

  723. al(l)isons says:

    My roommate and I nominate…..

    Juan Pallor ….he’s pale. Get it? 🙂

  724. Chirpy McClickerson
    Lardy McChubberson
    Crisco Kid
    Pillsbury Fishboy

  725. Humptyback Fishtybuns! OH MY GAWD! Lurve the reference to Eddie! Sorry, latecomer yes, but I almost fell out of my chair when I read that! That one has my vote, Inuit or no!

  726. guineapiggin9 says:

    Mr. McChubbersons

  727. He looks like an Edgar to Me… The face, the fat… he is beautiful!!!

  728. I think Spurticus or McSpurticus would be a good name. Or just call the little one Spurts.

  729. Eater of Shades says:

    I have to go with Iluq (i.e. frost) for Meg.

    Which means I can’t suggest
    (Minsc and) BOOOO!!!


  730. Blimpy or Bloop!

  731. Meiko. I always thought that was a cute name.

  732. Chucklebunny!

    I love him. I want one.

  733. Lotus or Blossom or Fluffy.

  734. junglegirl says:

    Ruffles would be good, because he has so many belly ruffles.

  735. How about “Taylor”
    in Memory of Sean Taylor.

    GO SKINS!!! 🙂

  736. cuddlepants says:

    generous (is) – tukkuttok
    (or tuwawi or nilak or nunavik or kimalu)

  737. Blanche du Blowhole.

  738. OK, Squee won’t work ‘coz it’s not an Inuktitut/Inuit word.

    How about “kuluk”? It’s an Inuktitut word meaning “darling” or “dear,” and it’s easy to pronounce and remember.

  739. would someone please call inuitania and ask them what the word for “squee” is, if it’s not “squee”?

    i mean, isn’t “onomatopoeia” an inuit word? or is that hawai’ian?

  740. Squibbles.
    Proper Noun. Meaning, “One who upholds the laws of Cuteness for all of Cutekind.”
    Etymology: Middle English “Squibbulous”, from Medieval Latin “Squibbulox” (noun) a state of supreme and unyielding cuteness.
    Synonyms: Pibbles.

  741. FLUFFY !!!1!

  742. Bela won’t work because the slightly older female baby is already named “Bella”. They and their moms are already in the same tank – concentrated cute! Bella wants to play with the little boy-whale, but he’s not too sure what to make of her.

  743. Iluq (i.e. frost)please. We must honor the Mistress of Cute!

  744. Kendra, good idea but it must be spelled
    Tailor McSqueegeeson

  745. walkie bit says:

    Bertram Wrinklebottom or for short: Bertie Ribo.

  746. Theo – I was so going to say Steve, but then you beat me to it.

    Alternatively: Flubbaluppaluss.

  747. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    I STILL LIKE TOCK’TOFUNATER MCSNORKELSKI…but i guess if it HAS to be an inuit name i would choose the iluj one for meg!!! <3 ya meg

  748. Another Angela says:

    babytalk overload

  749. Alrighty. I have to…Here are a few names that a superfundiferous to say – JUST LIkE BELUGA!!

    Galoshes, Gazebo, Tuberculosis(Alternatively Tubbercuteosis), Macadamia, and…Mister Tubbersons.

  750. Why are these name suggestions so stupid? Would you call a cat Mister Butterworth Pipsqueak Dandermuffin? Cute things don’t need infantile names 8-( Especially not when it grows into a massive beluga and the trainer calls out ‘Humptyback Fishtybuns come and get it!’


  751. Since the other post is closed, I wanted to share something here.
    I was expressing to my boyfriend how sad it is that the baby whale will not be named Humpyback Fishtybuns. I went on to tell him how excited I was at the prospect of going to the aquarium and seeing the little plaque that would proclaim his name. Then my boyfriend point something out to me. He said that it is likely they would never name a whale Humptyback Fishtybuns because school’s wouldn’t go on field trips there any longer. Image a first grade class being introduced to the whale….. “And now children I would like to show you are beluga whatle, Humptyback Fishtybuns.”
    There would be uncontrolable laughter and chaos the rest of the day.
    Sadly, that point only made me wish more that the whale was being name Humptyback Fishtybuns.

  752. whatcouldpossiblehgowrong? says:

    its obvious that it *has* to be iluq cuz of meg!!!

    however i will be a TOCK’TOFUNATER MCSNORKELSKI fan forever n ever…

  753. Mr. Smiley. Cus he’s smiling in every picture!

  754. panda_bandita says:

    I’m pretty sure that belugas turn gray as they mature– he won’t always be white.

    Sadly he is also unlikely to keep the belly wrinkles, as much as I LOVE the name Mr. Belly Von Wrinkles. And Bubbly Gus. And Finpants.

  755. Another Angela says:

    Mister Butterworth is a cute name for a cat!!

  756. The prettiest Native name I have ever heard is Nayeli, and it means “I love you”. So cute! It isn’t Inuit (it’s Zapotec) but it is Native!

    Come on, that’s too cute, naming the baby “I love you!” Alas that I cannot vote.

  757. Blanca for a girl, Blanco for a boy

  758. This is like an awsumly cutes pic! luuuuuv it! it could totally be spudd. or mr. pbbbbbbbbbbbth pppbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttth, cuz that its the most awsumnest name i have evah heud of!

  759. This is like an awsumly cutes pic! luuuuuv it! it could totally be spudd. or mr. pbbbbbbbbbbbth pppbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttth, cuz that its the most awsumnest name i have evah heud of!

  760. This is like an awsumly cutes pic! luuuuuv it! it could totally be spudd. or mr. pbbbbbbbbbbbth pppbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttth, cuz that its the most awsumnest name i have evah heud of!

  761. Exscoozle me, meant to only post once. comp hiccups! spudd is the awsumnest name evah!

  762. ‘sides, if prosh means precious, baroo means.. what? exactly?

    got it! PROSH! like the more awsumnest name evah! move ovah, spudd, cuz prosh is moving in! woot woot!