[Bunny in the corner joke]

Will you please check out this chunk-tacular bunnage.

IMG_5205, originally uploaded by RosyBunny.

Johanna S., nice splayed paw action… 😉



  1. I was just going back to look at the hedgies… and was overwhelmed with the disapproving corner bunny!! Tooooooo Cuuuutttee!

  2. I want to squish my face into his fur and rub it around.

    That is all.

  3. Nobody puts bunny in a corner

  4. Bunnies disapprove of corners in general and this corner in particular

  5. Maimes, that is exactly what I was going to say.

  6. Really nicely coordinated set of mittens, booties & earmuffs, there.

  7. dammit – Maimes beat me too it toooooo

    mean bunnies – are they disapproving of each other?

  8. That’s the first square bunny I’ve seen. (^_^) Regardless of his shape, you’ve gotta’ love his brown mittens.

  9. Gray bunny: Ahem! You’re in my corner. I disapprove of your being there.
    White bunny: Oh, yeah? I disapprove of your disapproval!
    Gray bunny: Oh, yeah? Well, I . . . etc., etc.

  10. It’s a Bunny Loaf! (baked at 350F for 30 minutes no doubt).

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    looks like some kind of face-off to me..
    White bunneh: “This is MY corner!”
    Gray bunneh: “Oh yeah?! I’m taking it!”
    White bunneh: “You’ll have to get past my disapproving paws!”

  12. bookmonstercats says:

    I would like such a bunny for each corner of my room, to disapprove away the fluff and dust that gathers there.

  13. I like the matchingks gloves n earmuffs.

    Maimes, you made me think of Patrick Swayze, yum.

  14. mary1st
    thats exactly what i thought!
    a total bunneh face-off challenge.
    there is NO way the white bunn is givin up that corner to the grey bunn, and it looks like the grey bunn is already intimidated
    by the total disapproving face of hr white bunn.

  15. For the record, Peeps? …*Meg* made you think of Patrick Swayze.

    Miz Moo’s kung fu is subtle, Grasshopper, but it is deadly.

  16. I was just thinking of getting one of those draft protectors you put next to doors to keep the cold air out. But now I think I’ll just get a bunny and have him sit by the door all day.

  17. I bow to the power of the cute [with image of PS in head, melts]

  18. That bun ain’t movin’ for no one, no how.

  19. Hmmm… I spy what might be Easter basket grass in lower left corner. Has white bunny eaten too many jelly beans, and can’t get up to leave corner?

  20. “SAFE!!”

  21. This is my corner and no one!!! not even you buggsy is getting in here.

  22. Totally prosh! The earsies!

  23. good gaud.
    these bunns are both way! cuter than patrick swayze.
    (cept i did kinda like the saturday night live skit, dancin with Chris farley bah ha ha!!!)

  24. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Mine mine mine, all mine you hear me Mr. Grey Bunbun.
    Now git!

  25. How ’bout that flooftacular neck roll? I would snorgle it but I fear the Teeth of Death.

  26. Somebunny burnt his nose off OMG!!!!

  27. That is the biggest dust bunny I’ve ever seen! Why can’t I have those in my corners instead of the ones I’ve got?

  28. i think the bunn is kinda rectangular – almost shoe-box like.

  29. Bunny looks sort of like a doorstop to me. Like he’d be really heavy and solid. No?

  30. Is that p’raps a chinchilla, actually, facing off against the bun? No matter – they’re pretty disapproving, too!

  31. So THAT’s how double-posts happen!

  32. K. O’Dee, very funny.
    and, you must be cute if you have a “dee” in your name.

    Theo–we DO need Chincillas here, love them, they are like squabbits.
    : )

  33. Is that a SIAMESE disapproving bun?

  34. berthaslave says:

    This corpulent fella played the killer bunneh in “Holy Grail.”

    “They made me attack that guy’s neck a dozen times…it was cold and wet. Gilliam and I didn’t get along at all, but Terry Jones was a real peach. Can you hand me that carrot with peanut-butter? Nawm nawm nawm. Belch. Where was I? Oh, yeah, Cleese was a real diva…”

  35. OMG!!!! What do you feed your bunbuns? He is HUGE for a dwarf!!!

    Plus, how did he make it into the corner anyhow???
    He could not have possibly negoiated the hardwood floors with those soft feetzies.

    Personally I think he slid into corner trying to escape the bunnie on the right (Netherlands Dwarf maybe?) LOL!!!

  36. Check out the flickr stream for even more splayed paw action from the megabun who ate too many pellets.

  37. Cook! Where’s my hassenfepper…?

  38. It’s a Meatloaf with feet!!

  39. Why is that bun so fat??

  40. I recently had 2 foster bunn brothers, Ringo and Orlando. When my friends asked,”Which Orlando is cuter-Bloom or Bunneh?” I told them that I could snorgle Bunneh any time, but I don’t think i will ever snorgle Bloom. Oh well.

  41. OH MAN! I adopted a bunny at the humane shelter several months ago that looks EXACTLY like this! Does anyone know what kind of breed he is? I thought it was a Californian at first but he’s a dwarf and Californian’s are huge. He’s just this size and shape and colors exactly!

  42. Oh and for the record, I don’t think he’s fat. Mine weighs 2 pounds, but he’s floofy like that in the winter. (Even tho he’s indoors.) I’d lay down money that the “chunkiness” is fur.

  43. dharlan12 says:

    A marshmellow dipped daintily in chocolate–yummm….

  44. Silent Meow says:

    He’s a bun cake, similar recipe to a carrot cake. He’s square because he just came out of the tin he was cooked in.

    He’s a pipin’ hot bun cake, ready for a pat of butter.

  45. AAAAAHHHH! It’s a Himalayan!

    I raised Himmies growing up! Ohhhhh, much snorgling for this fuzzy. <3


  47. It’s a bunlow!

  48. AliceTanzer says:

    Mr Bunny-Pants has a heck of a dulap there.

  49. Omg, I can’t! This is too cute for words.

  50. SQUEEEEEEEEE! Look at hees ears+paws. He’s a Siamese lagomorph!

  51. Aww, he looks like a cute, fuzzle version of the headcrabs from Half-Life.

  52. Daphne Moss says:

    Lennie the BunBun sez,

    “I love soft lit-tle bun-nee rabbits … Just want to pet it …

    (RUN, second bunny! Flee! Flee for your life!!)

  53. I can’t beleive that no one has made the “Nobody puts bunny in the corner!” Dirty Dancing reference yet!

  54. oh no steph, you are mistaken, i did
    way back when.
    and i brought up the wonderful thoughts of swayze as johnny *yummm*

  55. Bunneh goalie denies the shot!

  56. you stay in that corner until you can give me back my paws you feets stealer !!!!!!

  57. acelightning says:

    That’s not Easter grass in the edge of the photo, that’s fresh hay for the bunnies to eat. And it looks as if Bunbob Squarepants may disapprove of Grey’s interest in that hay…

  58. bananasforbunnies says:

    Imagine if the disapproval was a head on shot, this top angle may have saved my life.

    Maybe chunk-tacular bunnage should be chunk-tockular bunnage! I mean look at those nice round tocks!

  59. bananasforbunnies says:


    Love your comment! I also need disapproving buns for each corner too….and maybe one for my purse!

  60. WB: nheeeeeeeeeeeeeerh! it’s my corner to be sleepinkgs in!
    mom: mitttens get out of the corner and let dusty ave it
    WH: hmph 😦

  61. -in Oprah like manner- disapproving bunnies for all! check under you desk chairs!

  62. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    I know several people have already alluded to this, but I feel certain that if we could see those bunnehs’ faces they would TOTALLY be all disapproving and stuff!

  63. mervtheflamingo says:

    Really nicely coordinated set of mittens, booties & earmuffs, there. — Theo

    What about the nose? would that be nosemuffs?

    [Snorglepoints! – Ed.]

  64. Bunneah! How snorgerly you look! I am going to hf ta go an snorrgle me own bunneahs!

  65. LOL I loved this bunny too! I even made a story, CO has great taste in plumpy pookies! 🙂


  66. Aww… mine used to do this too. And yeah, the bunny might not be fat–it could be mostly fur, as someone mentioned above. They do puff out when it’s cold.

    I love the little bunny tete-a-tete going on…

  67. I
    BUNS and I cannot lie! You otha brothas can’t deny! When a bun hops in with an fuzzy fuzzy waist and a carrot in her face you get ANH!

    I had to say it.

  68. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dinner (jk) only wild rabbits tameones make great pets but wild ones r tasty

  69. Does anyone else feel the strange need to squeeze this fuzzly bunny until it explodes? It’s like a humongo pillow with legs.