Dinner is SERVED!

Pass the A1 Steak sauce, Honey, ’cause I’m GOING IN!


Kristine H., seriously, pass the A1.



  1. Mary (the first) says:


  2. Almoss furs… whatevah! Dem’s cute lil kitteh hanz.

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    If only that paw hadn’t been busy in the litterbox, I’d be diving in for a soft-kronsche…

  4. I was worried that the staff of de widdle Kitteh that dis paw is attached to, had done the unthinkable and gotten him/her declawed!!!! But den I sees the teeny tiny thumbs claw sticking out, and I knows that the widdle Kitteh’s staff loves him/her bery bery much!!!! *whew*

    Hate declawing…

  5. Cute! Sorry about the other post. I wish we could see what the whole kitty looks like!

  6. That’s not dinner….that’s dessert!

  7. snorglepup says:

    Mmmm. Dessertoes with whipped cream please.

  8. That paw looks so scrumptious, I just took my coat and bit into it. At work. There are noticeable saliva and teeth marks now. I hope you’re happy Meg! I’m going to have to somehow smuggle my coat down 44 floors and into my car with noone being the wiser!

  9. Kitty toes closeup!

  10. Really. REALLY? You had to make a post about a paw that’s a NON DECLAWED PAW into a thing about how terrible and mean it is to declaw cats? REALLY? That seems appropriate?


  11. I wuz just over at tha Cute Overload Official Store but now I’m sad? Why are there no full sized buttons? only mini!

  12. Nawm nawm nawm…

  13. Mmmm…Neapawlitan!

  14. Kara goes —

    ‘What the … what’s … um … is that a … OH IT’S A *PAW*!!!!!!!!’


    That’s some serious fuzzy, yes indeed.

  15. Cauliflower says:

    Hmmm…I’m having a hard time seeing how this is cute…I’ve never been one into feet…would rather see the whole kitty with paws sticking out or something like that…and no I’m not being a nuff or whatever you call it. 🙂 I like the color pattern on the kitty.

  16. Pheas – Thazza rilly good un. “Neapawlitan”, hee!

  17. Did someone mention A1? *drool*

  18. Silent Meow says:

    What a cute widdle kitteh paw!


  19. Anne Boleyn says:

    cauliflower, I think that sounds sort of nuffy, but that’s OK,,, leaves more kittytoe lovin’ for the rest of us perverts.

  20. Yitzysmommie says:

    A1? eeeeee-oooooooo!
    Strawberry & chocolate paw pads need whipped cream like snorlepup said.
    Of course, then you’d be competing with the kitty tongue to nawm the paw pads.

  21. Muffy McNufferpants says:

    OK, I agree with cauliflower – I bet the entire kitty is sweet, but eh – besides, I’m too familiar to “pi$$y paw”, to think about eating it!

  22. Cauliflower says:

    Muffy McNufferpants I would have to agree. That’s the reason why I’m turned off of nibbling on a cats foot…I’m not saying I’ve never done it, but it was with a kitten…and that was many years ago…proud to be a nuff if the picture/video grosses me out a little. You’ll never hear (see) me nuffing about the safety of an animal. Sorry…I’m taking up too much space with my nuffing…

  23. omg. deelish. i bet they smell like popcorn. all kitty and puppy feet do! i want to sniff

  24. Can you believe how sparklingly clean and fluffy that paw looks? Cats should open a chain of dry cleaners. They could just lick everything completely clean.
    If they wanted.

  25. Marmie Paw?

  26. Jaye – Thanks for that link! It’s 11 AM now and I’m craving cakes … 😛

  27. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Screw the A1! GIMME THE HEINZ 57 SAUCE!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!!! 😛

  28. When viewed through my browser’s tab/window preview, which shows a 100% reduced snapshot of the page, I thought the kitteh’s paw was a another ferret.

    @Pheas – It too made me think of neopolitan ice cream, but… neopawlitan? Ha!
    Mmm, soft serve. Better chase it with hairball medicine. =P

  29. Gives me paws for thought :0}
    Catablob: You’ve sparked a wonderfull image of Cat dry cleaners.Hand trousers in at counter to old Tabby, ”Well son, that’ll take about 40 licks, I can have em ready on Tuesday”

  30. Thanks! I was starving!

  31. The pink ones are strawberry and the black ones are liquorice….

    Two great tastes, now in one place!

  32. Mmmm….tender!

  33. OOOOps – I had changed my name as a joke yesterday and forgot to change it back.

    I am Muffy McNufferpants

  34. Muffy McNufferpants, the greatest nom de Net EVARR!! Please don’t retire her!

  35. perfect. i was wondering what to have for breakfast. nahm nahm nahm.

    love the multicolored beans!! eep!

  36. Thanks, pyrit and raemie. Guess the muse (mews?) was with me!

  37. double dewclawwwwwwws!

  38. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG I want to kiss that little paw. I love the markings.

  39. Gryph: Word.

  40. Look at all of those jellybeans!

  41. Anne Boleyn says:

    Hey pie! the pink ones may be strawberry and the black one may be licorice, but the pink AND black ones are from a candy store in Rockport MA and are wintergreen mint dipped in dark chocolate…..oh, be still my foolish salivaries!

  42. I always think of beans when I look at my kitties toes. They look like beans, all we need is some cornbread! I’m getting hungry….where is that cat?…….

  43. Oh Anne, don’t go
    losing your head!

  44. Is there a calico kitteh attached to that paw?

  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’m thinking all pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and a touch of chocolate sauce – yummy, and totally non-caloric!

  46. mmmm… I want to nuzzle it, kiss it, then have me some KITTY PAW SAMMICH!!!
    *sits back down in cubicle all shifty eyed hoping no one heard that*

  47. Anne Boleyn says:

    catablob, I already did lose my head, but it’s a fun name to have.

  48. this morsel needs no special seasoning.
    i’ll just take it as is.

  49. you know, what tickles me to no end here is that we can all talk all day about eating the kitty paw and seasoning it etc. and not one Nuff comes in and says it’s HORRIBLE to talk about eating cats for whatever reasons there are for not eating cats (and there ARE).

    But let one put a pic of a cat in a dryer and we’re all going to murder our cats in horrible ways.


  50. did I say that outloud? LOL

    perhaps i will retire from CO today – i’m in a baaaaaaaaaad mood.

  51. ah carrie-
    its ok.
    if you hang around your mood will certainly improve.
    ‘stupid is as stupid does’
    ya know.
    and nothins funner than takin out a little of that aggression on a stupid nuffer. 🙂

  52. Even though some among us would think that it is unsanitary to kiss kitty paws, I do so. With gusto. Like my grandmother said, “You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.” Not that I want to eat dirt, but have you ever heard of wiping the paws? You know, help kitty stay clean? They do appreciate it.

  53. berthaslave says:

    C.O. — The Paws that Refreshes?

    I’m not into eating kitteh feet either — in fact, it’s something I never even considered until I started obsessing about C.O. a few months ago. But cat feet are pretty inneresting so if people want to nibble (metaphorically, of course), then nawm nawms away!!!

    P.S. I’m not into the ears, either. I’m just into belly furberts and biscuit making.

  54. wee paws for station identification!

  55. I love the way we have different things we are “in to”, like some strange adult site, lol!

  56. *snorts paw*

    I too keess zee kittee pawz, but only zee tops of zem! Not zee bottum!

  57. “…and nothins funner than takin out a little of that aggression on a stupid nuffer.”
    –Ah liz, why do you always have to bring the hate? There’s room for all kinds of opinions.

    As for the photo, do all cats have tiny beer bottle openers on their wrists? Cause that would be AWESOME.

  58. Oooh! Wint-o-chocolate kitteh feets! Ms. Boleyn, I think you might be on to something….

  59. This is definitely a dessert paw. How do her people keep from nawming on these calico feets all the time? And what deelectibuls combo does she have on her other three feets?

  60. Peanut's human says:

    I don’t care what anyone says—there is NOTHING better than nibbling on a warm yummy kitty paw pad. My baby loves to climb on my in the middle of the night and place his pay across my mouth, which wakes me. I JUST CANNOT HELP MYSELF! I’ll sit there for as long as he lets me, just kissin’ and kissin’.

  61. Peanut's human says:

    That’s supposed to be ON ME, not ON MY—kitty pads got me all loopy. 😛

  62. Peanut's human says:

    And his PAW not his PAY. What the heck! I think I need to borrow that paw to help me type correctly!!!!!

  63. Awwww…. multi-colored jelly beans, just like one of my guys. Love ’em!

  64. The toesies….