I think I’ll get up.

On second thought…

Nyerhe!!! [Lowers hind quarters for another spell]

Fluffy, originally uploaded by Sjaek.

Jay to the S, rock and/or roll with your Flick-kare finds!



  1. BunnyHero13 says:

    the fluffitude…fuzzitude… overall ‘tude…

  2. he needs his nails clipped!

  3. If I didn’t read the category name, I’d have thought that was a tailless cat breed… even with the more bunneh-like feets and the ears on the side. (I’m still stuck on that back-sleeping Scottish fold kitteh’s hind feets.)

    Wait… I know I’m reading this late at night, but I can’t distinguish a tail on this bunneh’s end… oh dear. I see the tail now.

    Uh, anyway, I was gonna say,

    Bunneh yoga!
    Downward-facing, shiny under-fluff rising BunnAsana.
    Squash banana~

  4. ack, a tad TMI in my above comment; sorry.
    (I’d still like to use the excuse of myself being on here too late at night where I live.)

  5. Don’t worry raemie…I thought it was a Corgie butt at first! 🙂

  6. Buntocks!

  7. acelightning says:

    Bunny buns!

  8. bunneh?

    if it is then hes quite adorable! 🙂

  9. that fluffiness is beyond redonk proportions! bunneh needs to apply for a permit for this extreme fluffitude!

  10. Wait…we can has Tocktober again!? Sweet!

  11. Does any one else hear that music.. you know from bugs bunny cartoons and such
    Errrrrehhhh (sound going up)
    Errreeeeew (sound going down) ( I know.. IT was a violin)

  12. Bunny Butt!!

  13. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I think it’s TOCKtober all over again.
    I luv those bunneh tocks.

  14. There are cute pics of puppehs wrapped in blankets floating around and then I see elephant and undistinguishable bunny bum instead?

    Noooo! You hornballs.

  15. y helo thar bunny feets.

    Love the little bit of white underbelly.

  16. hee!
    my foster bunbun is all black,
    except for the bottom of his feetsies, which are tan…

  17. Cauliflower says:

    Now I would nibble on those feet any day…

  18. Silent Meow says:

    This pic is how I feel when I first get up in the morning. Gotta get up, don’t wannna get up, but gotta get up! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

  19. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You know I just want to sneak up behind this bun bun and start tickling his feetsies. That would be harelarryass.

  20. Silent Meow says:

    That would also be hare-ass-ment. lol

  21. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Silentmeow, Yuck Yuck Yuck, that would be hare-raising.

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    Bunnilates, now on DVD!

  23. charliewabba says:

    “Great bouncing bummy butts, Batman!”

  24. charliewabba says:

    oops – I meant
    “bunny butts”

  25. LOL Charliewabba both ways

  26. Bunnies have cute butts. Our current foster bun, Pepperkin Pye, likes to sit with her bum on yer chest and her pawrs on yer stomach and have her nose stroked. If you don’t stroke her enough, she starts nipping at the fly of your pants.

  27. this lil bunn is doin the ‘downward dog’.
    yoga is so relaxin.

  28. i have a question for other bunbun experts, since i am new to the bunbun fostering experience:
    what can i give him/ do for him/ etc, to keep him from chewing on inappropriate items – such as electrical cords, baseboards, books on the bottome shelves, etc…?

  29. ceejoe,

    all you can do is block off the inappropriate items. Rabbits will chew anything they can access. I use chicken wire and baby gates. Good luck with the bunnehs!

  30. ceejoe,

    into every bunmom’s life, a little chewage shall come. the wires can be wrapped in long tubes of styrofoam from home depot. i know a lot of people advocate letting the bunnies have the run of the house, but it has never worked out well for me, so mine stay in a big playpen.

    hope it helps…

  31. looks like a good Flick-hare find!

  32. Silent Meow says:

    If the bunny hops away, it would be a case of hare today, gone tomorrow.

  33. hare today, bun tomorrow

  34. I loves the fuzzy pawzzzz!

  35. Silent Meow says:

    If you draw a line that a bunneh is not to cross, and you make the line closer and closer to the bunneh, it’s called a receding hareline.

  36. Silent Meow says:

    If bunnehs are hot and angry, they’re hot cross buns.

  37. My buns has made chewing on his cage a habit that is quite annoying to me, sigh. Not sure how to get him away from doing that. Perhaps he needs more play time outside the cage? I thought he had enough. *shrug*

    The pic is hilarious and adorable. My buns does that quite often and I always want to get a photo but have yet to be able to capture it.

  38. Silent Meow says:

    Is a genius rabbit still hare brained?

  39. Silent Meow says:

    OK. Enuf of this pun making for now. I have to study trigonometry. I’d better hop, hop, hop to it.

  40. Silent Meow – your bun puns are fun! :o)

    Thanks for the advice, heavenly and katerpie.
    I shall keep workin on it!

  41. Daphne Moss says:

    Bunneh got BACK…fuzzy back…

    As for no chewing: I suggest plastic PVC pipe, combined with some flexible plastic tubing. Styrofoam didn’t stop buns…dey still chew.
    Sort of a bonus: You can thread several cords (DVD, TV, Cable, Computer, for example,) through one large pipe, hide it under an edge section of an area rug…bunneh never knows what it’s missing and you don’t see the cords, either.

  42. re: no chewing.. yup, we got the wire covers from Ikea, and some from a dollar store… both work great. ALSO, having things they ARE allowed to chew helps munch… er much.

  43. Bunnies NEED to chew on something, because their teeth grow all their lives. No chewing, too-long teeth, malocclusion, bad results. While you prevent them from chewing dangerous or valued things, make sure they have something they can chew on safely. Rabbit-knowledgeable vets or pet shops or good websites can advise. Anybody?

  44. Same is true of rodents, including chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, etc. Oh, and especially beavers.

  45. There is little else in the world I lof more than BAWNYBOTTS!!! Well, maybe bunfeets. And bunleeeeeeps. This beautifully colored bun looks much more svelte than my Ruthie, who packs a lot of junk in her trunk…

    Embarrassing moment: boyfriend of 7+ years and i have dinner with my parents, and he makes some comment about pets looking like their owners, and even today my little brother can’t stop laughing about it 😦

  46. Rabbits can chew basically any toy made of wood or hay that you’d find at the pet store, as long as it’s not flavored or salted or anything. Willow and apple wood are big favorites. You can also give them phonebooks and cardboard boxes (make sure they don’t eat any tape, though).

  47. Silent Meow says:

    If a bunneh is angry, he’s hopping mad.

  48. Silent Meow says:

    What is a bunny that is born on Easter, and hops all over the inside of a chocolate factory?

    Answer: A chocolate-covered Easter bunny.

  49. Silent Meow says:

    What do you get when some bunnies jump into a vat of hot butter?

    Answer: Hot buttered buns.

  50. Silent Meow says:

    A bunny doesn’t shop ’til he drops.

    He hops ’til he drops.

  51. kk3 – Had to look up ‘Corgies’, but, ah, yes–the stubby feet and tail stub. 🙂

  52. Silent Meow says:


    A friend of mine has a Corgie. I’ve seen the Corgie’s posterior area. I say, it pretty much looks identical to this photo. :o)

  53. Is everyone sure this is a bun?

  54. Gaaahh… bunny paws kill me. The other pics on the site are so cute too. I just faved one. Sigh… I heart bunnies…

  55. Ceejoe, we keep our Venus flytraps in the same room as our foster bunnehs and we need the buns to stop chewing their life-support systems. We use flexible tubing from the hardware store. Just slip the cord inside. Baseboards can be sprayed with bitter apple spray from the pet store. It’s usually used to stop dogs chewing their fur, so look a little. Also, try tacking strips of untreated wood to the boards. Books can be protected by a sliced-up cardboard box.

  56. Looks soooo swoft! I have not had the pleasure of the company of bunnies except one time, many years ago. He was a french lop who really thought he was a person. 😀

  57. I have had the pleasure to meet this bunny in person!! She is great.

  58. Pip says ‘hi’ and ‘thanks for all the comments.