Fuzzulent ‘tockage

Not to mayn-shons wrinkled.

And highlighted by some sunbeam action.

Trombas e Caudas, originally uploaded by joana vidigal.

Johanna S., way to GERHE!!!



  1. So soft….Must touch!

  2. Beautiful elephant butts.

    Now there’s a thought I never thought I’d murmur aloud…..but tis true!

  3. Fuzzulent is one thing. Flatulent quite another.

  4. His or yours(flatulence?)

    In either case, you just admire from a distance. 😉

    LOVE the fuzz halo!

  5. Heffalumps!!!! Fuzzy wittle heffy bottom. Toe Tweet!

    (I’ve been broken. My extensive vocabulary has been reduced to baby talk. Congratulations CO! You have brought yet another decent education to its knees!)

    “CO teaching the world to speak gibberish one redonkulously darling post after another!”TM

  6. that is actually a beautiful picture.

    and that must be a babeh elephant butt. aaaahnnn.

    reminds me of this artist’s incredible work:

  7. Baby elephants are so cute, I’d rather see the other end.

  8. Baby elephant ‘tocks may look soft, but they feel like petting a hairbrush. They’re cute, but bristly.

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Here a tock there a tock everywhere there is precious elephant tocks.

  10. Staticgirl says:

    That is not just The Cutest Thing but a really really beautiful photograph too!!


  12. [hovertext. mffsnerkhahahaa.]
    You other brothers can’t deny!

  13. Heffa LUMP!

  14. OMG why don’t those elephants have any eyes???

  15. Good Lawd Cephi! You are right we must start a fundraiser for eyeless elliephants stat!

  16. that is the BEST hovertext yet! now that song’s stuck in my head…

  17. lovin the beebee elephant.
    i’ll bet his lil head has cute fuzzy hair on it too and he is adorable!

  18. Spectockular photo.
    The wee one is safe between two adults.

  19. … and the title! (trombas e caudas = trunks and tails). Is it a sign of something that i have this overwhelming urge to translate as trunks and ‘tocks?

  20. Who woulda thought fuzzy wrinkles could be SO ANERABLE?!

  21. tocktober or nosevember? I’m confuzed.

  22. Jen, ashes and snow is so beautiful! Thank you for providing the link.

    As for these tocks, woot! Elephants are my fave animal! Do you know they shed tears when they cry? And mourn their dead. I wish I could work at an animal sanctuary but I’m not independently wealthy. (grumbles and starts looking for rich partner)

  23. Yitzysmommie says:

    Great picture.
    Hover text earworm? Not so great. My work partner will be here soon wondering why I’m shaking my booty & singing under my bref.

  24. Kiragirl, perhaps it’s an early Cheekember.

  25. i like elephant tocks and i cannot lie
    these other critters can’t deny
    when a pachyderm walks in with a fuzzy wuzzy butt
    and a wrinkly little tail
    you get sprung!

  26. Hey, guess what…

    Elephant butt.

  27. Never realized elephants could be so light n’ fluffy.

  28. my humps, my humps
    my luffly heffalumps

  29. I’m laughing *and* groaning, Ellen… I wonder what the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood would make of Fergie…

  30. berthaslave says:

    “An Elephant’s Butt!” is also a punchline on a Simpsons episode (from season 3 I think). Y’all can look it up and snicker on yer own (like I am now)

    Really quite an impressive pic…what amazing textures. And who’dve ever thought an ellyphant would have peach fuzz?

  31. ZOMG! I was just watchin’ a documentary last nite about bebeh elephants who have been orphaned in Africa. There is a lady who has set up a bebeh elephant nursery where they are hand reared until they are a certain age, and then released back ‘into the wild’ (well, into a partly wild herd). Well, the bebeh’s each have their own keeper. Who sleeps in their stable with them. On a mattress next to the bebeh’s head so’s they can feed them milk every 4 hours! But the BEST bit off all, was at bedtimes, all the bebeh’s formed an orderly queue and walked into the stables, each wearing a blanky as a kerchief around their necks!! Made even better by this one bebeh elephant, who snuggled down in his straw and when his keeper brought over a mattress, just flung his little head down on it, all ‘nyerhe!’. And then the keeper covered him up with a PINK AND BLUE STRIPED BLANKET (sorry about the shouting, but it was redonkulous), with only his trunk and little beady eye peeeeeeeeking out.It rawked! Bless 😉

  32. Kgirl that is a great story!

    Elephants are wonderful from *almost* any angle.

    anyone remember the elephant joke book?

  33. garlicknots says:

    heehee, my boss is really going to be wondering why the wallpaper on his computer is of elephant ‘tocks when he gets back 🙂

  34. Hey, there’s some kind of miniature house elephant on Stuff on My Cat today:



  35. “fuzzulent”? Never heard of that one. Sounds like a new pachy-term to me.

  36. Those baby cheeks are beautifully wrinkled. Worthy to be insured. 🙂

  37. I love animals… and this is a great photo… but I just can’t quite make myself say ‘cute’… 🙂

  38. I am sure I’ve sen this before. Its a painting I swear. I just cant remember where I saw it….

    very cute, reguardless.