[Sizzling kitteh sound]


The lights, I lof them, they warm all of my parts!


Julia G. says her kitteh likes to find warm spots—when you get up from your chair, you’ll find it taaaaaken! [singsong]



  1. If you play that purring website in the background while looking that this picture, it’s a guaranteed “aaaahhhnnn.”

  2. fish eye no miko says:

    Glowy kitteh!

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    whoah, it is hard to imagine those lights would be comfuhtables! i guess when you are a ball of fluff, every place is a resting place.


    too cute. i might actually die on the spot. good God!

    *sigh* so warm and cozy and holiday spirit-y 🙂

  5. It’s so cute! And shiny!

  6. Behold, the reverse sunbeam.

  7. well somebody has to check to see if they get warm might as well be a kitteh….

  8. Actually, the gifts were gold, frankincense and purr.

  9. Annnd… *set as desktop background*
    Prrrfect! This so puts me in the Christmas Mood!

  10. Aubrey, LOL! Most clever peeps abound here…

    Christmas lights should come with that picture on the box – “Multipurpose Flexibuhl Kitteh Warmers”

  11. I have the serious urge to pick this kitty up out of the photo and cuddle it.

  12. Aubrey said: Actually, the gifts were gold, frankincense and purr.

    Oh, that was GOOD!

  13. Muffy McNufferpants says:

    This kitten will more than likely blow up from laying on the lights… you know kittens shouldn’t be exposed to christmas lights, they could possibly explode or worse yet, chew on the wires….

    yes, kittens should live in plastic bubbles so they never ever become exposed to anything.f

  14. Aubrey, you are THE best with those comments!!! I love reading them!!!

    As for our little light-up Kitteh here, I’d be worried about her paws gettin’ burned… But she seems warm and happy, so I won’t bugs her about it…

    Leah, I too have made it my background!! *begins to sing Christmas caroles*

  15. Suffering socatash, whatnext?

  16. My cat, Althea, was a serious warm spot thief. She’d try to steal your warm spot while you were still sitting in it! She’d sit next to me and keep scootching closer and closer until she was practically underneath my butt. 🙂

  17. Most def vote this pic teh best holiday wallpapurrrr

  18. What a perfect Christmas card photo!

  19. Yes, I would Love to receive a Christmas card looking like that…:-P

  20. This is reminding me of those easy bake ovens where you cook a cupcake over a lightbulb.

    I think I hear a buzzer…she’s done! Such a sweet cupcake ready for the nibbling.

  21. JulieRaven says:

    I declare this to be the definition of Christmas from now on.

    Christ·mas (n.) (krĭs’məs)–
    1. (see above photo)

  22. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That is one glowing kitteh.

  23. You know, it’s funny … when my hands get cold when I’m decorating the tree, I always hold a few of the fairy lights in my hand to warm my hands up. Looks like I’m not the only one with that idea!

  24. Tony James says:

    Christmas Tree Lights – refreshes the pets that other incandescents cannot reach.
    (for those old enough to remember those Heineken ads from the 80s)

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hey it’s Tony James. Hi Tony James!

  26. The look on his widdle face. haven’t done this in a while but –


  27. it’s time to flip zee kitty. where is my spatula?

    toasty kittenums. cute cute!

  28. charliewabba says:

    How to tell you’re kitteh is done:
    1. You can wiggle his legs with no resistance
    2. The nose turns pink and pops out

  29. Cute! But I can’t help thinking about National Lampoons Christmas when the cat chewed on the Christmas lights. I laughed till I cried…but hopefully this cute kitty knows that lights aren’t for snacking on but for keeping tocks toasty.

  30. Leah, I did the same thing! Beautiful kitty!

  31. CharlieW do you baste your kitteh or are they tender enuff without basting?

  32. This was when my kitteh calvy was a wee one. He’s a fat man now but just as sweet. Still loves lights and of course, everything warm. He doesn’t chew them though, just snorgles.

  33. charliewabba says:

    I have 3 that are plump enough that they self-baste. The other 2 are a little stringy, and require a generous and vigorous rubbing with catnip infused butter.

  34. Julia G. he’s a beaut, I lurves heem. My Bubsy always enjoyed a “butt-warm” spot on the couch.

  35. Candace, I’m another one who thought of Lampoon’s Christmas. Classic, classic movie.

    On a side note, you should also not put your kitteh in a box, wrap it like a present and then take it on a ten hour plane ride.

  36. Seven Paws says:

    LOVE the facial expression on the Glowing Yuletide Kitteh. Sort of like, “im warm and comfy and by the way, I’m superior to you.”

    This is the time of year my cats are toasting themselves next to the radiator. (The first real sure sign that it’s winter)

  37. ashley hayes says:

    “ahhh” how warm.

  38. charliewabba says:

    Kar – nor should you try to stick your kitteh on top of the tree dressed in angel wings. Or twist him in a donut and hang him from your front door wreathed in prickly holly and strings of cranberries.

  39. I once had a cat who liked to chew things. She tried it with the Christmas lights and her mouth glowed from within. It was more like Hallowe’en!

  40. Such a darling picture! By the way, I’m a Julia G. too – Julia Gile (Meh, not afraid to post it here.) My aunt told me I have a second cousin somewhere with my name, so just checking. Such a darling kitteh!

  41. gee thanx for all these great holiday tips. I suspect I should let Miss Huggums light the Menorah next week or participate in the frying of latkes?

  42. shouldn’t let…

  43. charliewabba says:

    Metsakins – menorah lighting and latke frying, maybe not. Playing dreidle, however, is another story.

  44. NO Metsakins you Should LEt huggums help .. think of the fun ; )

  45. You can’t play dreidel with cats in the house. Trust me on this. I wonder how many dreiduls are under the vents.

  46. charliewabba says:

    Heeee! I wonder hat the people who move into your house someday will think? Can you see it on a someday-in-the-future episode of HGTV’s “If Walls Could Talk”?
    Narrator: Bob and Betty thought they had moved in to an ordinary home, until a vent-cleaning job uncovered significant accumulations of cat hair and dozens of small tops known as “dray-dulls.” Had they uncovered the headquarters of some previously unknown fringe religious sect? What could it all mean?

  47. LOL!!!!!

  48. luvinmalssomuch says:

    There’s no question that kitteh is taking the place of the angel tree topper this year.
    ‘Now Kitteh quit spitting the bulb out of your mouth’

  49. Not to be a party-pooper, but who puts round white lights on their tree? baroo?

  50. Seven Paws says:

    Obvy, white lights are an absolute MUST to go with the white angel kitteh.

  51. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Ok Ok kiragirl kitteh will have red mouth bulb with a lil red santa hat. But we are keeping the white lights.

  52. (ok, I forgive heem)

    Dear Santa,
    Please bring me a fuzzy white puppeh to warm up my winter nights and lights.

    p.s. What do you want for Christmas, Santa?

  53. Did anyone else get a pleasant warm body-tingle from looking at this pic? Imagining the warmness & softness has a psychosomatic effect 🙂
    This is now my holiday desktop wallpaper too (my first from CO)!

  54. Where can I get a set of those kitten lights?! 😀

  55. Walmart had them, but it was one of those things where you had to get there at 5AM black friday. I don’t think they’re going to get more in this year.

  56. “im warm and comfy and by the way, I’m superior to you.” Totally my Dante’s attitude. Comfy AND smug. 😉

  57. It’s amazing what lighting can do in picture. This kitty automatically looks twice sleepy and three times as cute.

  58. Sorry Julia Gile, am not ur cousin. The search continues. I believe we got those lights at target but it was a couple years ago. And yes, he is VERY fond of the “i am superior to you” look. It’s permanent.

  59. Tony James says:

    Charlie: “Nor should you try to stick your kitteh on top of the tree dressed in angel wings. Or twist him in a donut and hang him from your front door wreathed in prickly holly and strings of cranberries.”

    Why not? I’ve had cats who would scarcely notice if you tied them in a pretzel shape, brushed them with egg wash, sprinkled salt crystals on them and baked them in a warm oven for 20 minutes unless they detected that it was 6pm already and time for supper.

    Then again, I suspect that I have been a soft-touch for the cats who were at the back of the line when smarts were handed out for many years. Each new visitor has a little lower IQ than the previous one, one day I assume I’m going to open the door to a 16lb sack of fluff who’s too stoopid to walk his fluffy butt inside and needs to be carried everywhere and bottle-fed on account of his tendency to pass out in his bowl and drown/suffocate (depending on the bowl in question).
    They’re working on it, people – you read it here first.

  60. Seven Paws says:

    I can look at this picture for hours and still love it. Ackkkk, the little glowing PINK paws!!!

    Another thought occurred to me, if you had the white kitteh and that color wheely thing that made the silver tree turn colors…you could have glowing rainbow kitteh!

    I should do some work now. It’s all that cat’s fault.

  61. charliewabba says:

    oooh – I like that idea. I have a white kitteh. Where can I find a color wheely thing?

  62. ThreeCatNight says:

    Spock Kitteh from the Planet Vulcan – so radiant, so wise.
    Live long and prosper for the holidays!

  63. Natalie G. says:

    Dis tiny bebeh turned large and round but just as lovely. I’m feeling pretty smug to be Calvin’s aunt. Am looking forward to snugglemania sessions w/him this christmas.

  64. Charlie,
    what IS a color wheely thing?

  65. charliewabba says:

    You know, Kiragirl – the color wheely thing that goes with the 1950s aluminum tinsel trees and you point the light with the rotating color wheely thing at it so it changes color.
    Very retro. Very cool.
    (and I use round white lights on my tree. Along with round colored lights. But what do I know – I grew up lighting menorahs, frying latkes and playing dreidle.)

  66. Julia G, I love the glowing kitty, and I think the white lights are beautiful! You’re lucky Calvin doesn’t chew the cords. Our kitties have chewed through several phones and battery charger cords. Also speaker wire. We don’t know how to stop them. Anyone have suggestions?

  67. Seven Paws says:

    Oh, now we need an updated picture of Calvin from this Christmas too!!!

  68. I am one with the Christmas lites. Fell my Zin power.

  69. I’d love to use this as a christmas card! Anyway to get permission from the photographer/cute overload overlords?

  70. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I am now dead and my sprit types this note.

  71. Ahhhh. I feel sleepy.

  72. Purrfect holiday wallpaper for my desktop! Gracias!

  73. You HAVE seen Christmas Vacation haven’t you? I’m serious, little pets LOVE to chew on rubbery and shiney things. Our kitten was shocked into an inch of her little life when decided to give that bright cord a little chew… 🙂

  74. Hi-Doesn’t anyone remember Gremlins?

  75. Use away pk! Would be awesome to have calvy floating about spreading Christmas cheer 🙂 I’ll try and get a good updated Christmas pic of him this year.

  76. Julia G — I’m taking liberties with your baby’s photo too — he looks too much like Julio [some co-inky-dink, huh?!], the Bad White Cat, who left us lo these many years ago, for me NOT to use him as my Christmas wallpaper! What a snorglable babeh … Thanks!

  77. Stephanie S. says:

    I’ve come back to this post, like, 20 times now, and it’s totally my new desktop wallpaper. Me love!

  78. Maggie Bee says:

    I also lurve the sack o potatoes in the background, lol….

    Cuz I’m a freek…lol…


  79. I wanna lite-up-kitteh decorative ornament with
    beautiful smiling face.
    where can i get me one ?
    oh, and i like the lil round bulbs, they’re cute.
    and the sack of potatoes adds that homey touch, good eye there freaky maggiebee, good eye.

  80. mmmmmmmm warmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  81. This is the look I get on my face when the shower water is almost scalding but I don’t want to turn up the cold. It’s the: “If I just wait it out a second, it will be come bearable” face. Either that or kitty is about to solve a whodunit. “Mrs. So-and-so. With a candlestick. In the library!”

  82. Whats sad, is that I showed this to my dad, saying “I can see Delilah doing this.” (Note, Delilah is our almost-year old kitten. She was the runt, i believe, so she’s pretty little still)…Next thing I know, he grabs the camera, flicks through a few pictures…and shows me the screen… A perfect copy of this image, but with our cat. Oh goodness.

  83. While I know that your wee one is safe from the lights…….I dont like the sizzling kitty bit…….yes, yes I know where you got that from…..still……OUCH.
    Please, think of all the wee ones who are/have been/going to be abused…it is for them that I write this.
    Give your wee one a kiss……..he/she is LUCKY.