Luke, I am your father…

Kitteh: "Noooooooooooooooooo WAY!" [All paws up in disbelief]

starwars, originally uploaded by huh radio

Sender Inner Laura B. Great find. Apparently, Xena the kitteh usurps drama from the television ALL THE TIME.



  1. Kitten: “Nooooooooo! You are nothing like my father!”

  2. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, ‘cuz I’m sooooo cute and fluffy!

  3. That cat isn’t just fluffy. It’s downright— flurfy.

  4. *ah, can you get my pink blankie? I want to use it as a pillow. My neck is starting to cramp*

  5. he s flabberghasted 😛

  6. Um, hello? I’m laying here and I’m a little chilled… Hello!!! I need my pink blankie!! *heavy sigh* Where ARE those bi-peds? They’re supposed to serve my every whim!!! Guess I’ll have to go and get it myself…


    Rats… Oh well… Guess I’ll just lays here until someone walks by…

  7. That’s floored me.

  8. Muffy McNufferpants says:

    Can you find the cat in this picture?

    Xena is suffering from the same reacation that I had when I first found out – utter and total disgust.

  9. Sorry Xena: Way.

  10. Darth: “Luke, I am your fathah'”
    Luke: “Naaaaaaw!!!”
    Kitteh: *making chewbacca sound* GGGRRROOOOOOWWWRRRR

  11. My kitty lays like that in front of the tv all the time. It’s very distracting. Must poke the belly.
    And I’m such a nerd that I noticed that “huh radio” is probably a Silent Hill reference. O_o

  12. aw…this kitteh looks just like my princess. must be a fluffy white cat thing to roll on the floor and show everyone your pink belleh!

  13. *twitch* I’m addicted to catbelly.


  14. That’s imPOSSIBLE!!!

    I love those splayed kitteh feets.

  15. charliewabba says:

    His FATHER???
    Oh, I SO did not see that coming.
    Next thing you’re gonna tell me Princess Leia is Luke’s sister. (like THAT’s gonna happen)

  16. what a blob of soft fluff! i want to snorgle!!

  17. Use the floor, Luke!

  18. Sarahjeanne says:

    mmm, Red Vines!

  19. george moore says:

    This is what we call “cat parts” (take these parts and assemble your own cat.)

  20. I felt the same way when I saw that scene!

  21. My kitty shows her belly all the time. I call it her “Playboy pose”. 🙂 You just sooooo have to rub your hands or face all in that belleh fur! Wonderful!!

  22. Yay! Star Wars is, quite simply, my life. You have no idea how happy this makes me feel!

  23. Alice Shortcake says:

    She’s not only gorgeous, I’ll bet she can write better dialogue than George Lucas!

    [Heck, even George LUCAS could write better dialog than… um… George… uhrmmmm…… Patrick Marber? – Ed.]

  24. Momof2kitties says:

    But where’s the privacy tail?

    Must zrbt that tum!!

  25. I think I did the same thing when I heard that line. Looked just like the cat.

  26. (Huh? Radio… I lol’d! Yay for Silent Hill reference!)

    Hee, kitteh looks exactly like my Tiuku! White and fluffy and silly to boot!

  27. My brother plays Darth Vader with his four-year-old son. He says into a paper-towel tube, “Evannn, I AM YOUR FAAATHERR!!!” and my nephew collapses in giggles without knowing anything about Star Wars.

  28. That’s how I like to watch TV too.

  29. Somehow kitteh’s raised paws remind me of an evil Emperor pose…

    Who knew Palpatine had so many disguises?

  30. This is great since my roomie and I have been on a Star Wars kick. We rented the original trilogy via netflix, then borrow the prequels from a friend…then watched the Robot Chicken episode!

    But too bad we didn’t have kitteh to watch the movies with…

  31. Awww kitteh has fluffy baby bunny fur on her tummy! (sticks face on her belleh and gives furberts!!!)

  32. “if we have to watch this stupid movie one more time, I’m gunna lay and the floor and kick may feet. I wanna watch animal planet RIGHT NOW!”

  33. The Empire Strikes Cat.

  34. Dalaena — OK, that got a good laugh from me. Both nerdy and zen.

  35. leannrose – I recommend Thumb Wars too.

    “Luke, I… am… your… MOTHER!”

  36. Angela P. – I’ll have to look that one up…probably on Youtube or something.

    Dalaena – I agree with Theo; that was a good one.

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    I don’t have any funny or brilliant comments, just I like this picture.

  38. Nerd kitteh? Or kowsche potato kitteh? Whatever.


  39. Ahh fluffulence. Must… not… pounce… kitten belly…

  40. Is that Arachniphobia on tv?

    Pretty kitty btw! 🙂 Darling pose.

  41. Erm..*cough* Nvm..obviously not paying attention here…almost 5pm..Go clock!

  42. Wolverine Librarian says:

    In offical judges opinion with official voices: Ahem gazing over top of glasses
    “considering the actual location of said kitty I believe that Mr. McFlooferson was innocently walking by when he was knocked completely over from the sound percussion of Luke skywalker’s scream.” (with judge judy attitude ) I mean really folks did you see the size of that speaker?

    I find for the prosecution and Mr. McFloofuerson shall be awarded one pink blankey 10 belly snorgals and a lazer toy.

    Case adjourned
    (Bangs gavel)

  43. “Dis is mee FAVrit movie peoples !!!”