THIS JUST IN: A bird blobbule

Someone needs to let the air out of this guy.

Even his feets are inflatabuhls.

Coot, originally uploaded by Chirpy UK.

He’s called a "Coot" says Sender-Inner Sarah M. Sphericalicious!



  1. er, what is in him?

  2. Woah! He’s like, half bird, half eight ball.

  3. acelightning says:

    That’s a bleeny round bird!

    They live in places like Maine, and they’re rather silly – which is why you sometimes hear of a person being called a “silly old coot”.

  4. After an unfortunate social faux pas with a bicycle pump, Codger the Coot always asked for introductions first.

  5. Lex (Alexandra) says:

    In Dutch it’s called a Koet! Pronunciation is the same 🙂

  6. spongeblob

  7. His younger brother met an unfortunate fate in a bowling alley…

  8. What I need now, is a damned good fart.

  9. And check out his FEET!! cuh-razy!

  10. Ha! What a coot!

    we have them all over around here (SW England) but I’ve never seen one that poofy. I hope he’s not sick or anything.

  11. A coot is like a pigeon that decided to turn into a duck, but got distracted halfway.

    (They walk like pigeons, even when they’re wading. It’s quite a sight!)

  12. We have them all over the golf course at Pismo Beach, CA but I’ve never seen one puffed up like that.

  13. Cyoot coot!

  14. Well, here we are, Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat! Ohhh . .. musta made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

  15. I must echo the HOLY CRAP WHAT ARE THOSE FEET??? sentiment.

  16. BTW, we have coots here, too, in New York Cit-teh.

    We have a lot more wildlife here than people might suspect. We have big parks and cemeteries, and a convoluted shoreline– all places where lots of birds and animals congregate.

    Haven’t seen a bear strolling down Madison Avenue, yet, though.

  17. Cute coot.
    Coot Cute?

    [walks off with brain pouring out of ears]

  18. His feet look painful. 😦 I’m not sure if this is cute or just plain weird.

  19. Holy crapulence! I wanna poke him and see what happens.

    Hon Glad – **snort**

  20. Man.. between the pictures and the comments of you silly people, you make my day. 🙂

    I want to pop eet!!

  21. OMG…I NEED THAT BIRD! I must have eet!!! I must have them running all over my yard!

    *thud* with the bizarre cuteness

  22. I had pet doves (white ones) and besides being very tame and sweet, when they were happy (or cold sometimes) they fluffed into a round ball, i call it “puffy-happy”. It enables the feathers to completely cover the feet.
    They looked like little round snowmen with pink carrot beaks for noses sticking out from the cylinder.

  23. looks like a rock with a beak

  24. Yitzysmommie says:

    So, ya know what happens when you blow up a ballooon really BIG and let go? How it flies all over the room? Well, I’m thinkin’ if Mr Coot here let one rip as Hon Glad suggests, we’d be seein’ the same thing…..

    [cootpoot? – Ed.]

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Gangway run for your lives he’s gonna splode.

  26. No, no, it’s spelled ‘HEYSPLODE!!!’

    (Sorry, I’ve loved that spelling since the guinea pig baby post.)

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Too late heysploded. Is that better Kara?

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    I weesh I were a poet, so I could do somezings with the CootPoot idea that
    [Ed.] introduced.

  29. Maybe it’s better not to, Yitz.


    I thought for sure the feet were just an optical illusion w. the water, but no. Their feet really are that crazy.

  31. Cute Coot Feets! Weird – very weird bird – too weird. I’m weirded out.


  32. i’ve never seen such all-around poofiness on a bird before. i’m impressed. the feet amaze me.

  33. The American Coots have black foreheads. Those basic white-forehead Coots are European.

    Their feet are “lobed” — toes separated so they can walk comfortably and safely on grass and uneven terrain, but when they put their toes together a bit, the lobes mesh together a bit like webbing, to make swimming easier. Grebes have similar toes.

    I didn’t know this was Coot Overload!

  34. I think Nike should base some trainers on dem Cutey Coot feets.

  35. I believe he’s all puffy because it’s cold. Here in California we see the same thing with red-tail hawks on the side of the road…all poofy and fluffy.

  36. I love coot feet!
    I also love they’re little coot clucks. “Coot, coot.”
    And if you’re feeding the ducks and geese at the pond they’ll push their way through not worrying that they’re so much smaller than the other waterfowl.
    I also like when they dive into the water and pop back up.
    Go coots!

  37. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    No, Hon Glad, he needs Cute Coot Boots, for Foots…..then, he could Poot a Toot!
    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  38. Heheh Coot Overload–nice one, Mary.

  39. If you shake it while asking an extremely important life-altering question, then turn it upside down, it will read……….

    Yo, bitch, leave me alone. Wadya think this is, some kind of magic lamp?

  40. I luff heez feet!

  41. Momof2kitties says:

    OK, YM. I snorted my coffee at your comment. Balloons? HAHAHAHA! Luv it!

  42. Maybe it’s Licorice Cootfruit ?

    Maybe it’s the original Cootie game design?

    Maybe it just has cooties.

  43. Look a cootey patooty. With footies in need of some cootiey booties.

  44. shake your cootie bootie

  45. Pff. New desktop wallpaper.

    Got it in 1280×1024?

    [check the Flickr page… – Ed.]
    [ ]

  46. berthaslave says:

    I’m not the first to make a Mr. Creosote joke on C.O. But I’m the first one to make one on this post.

    “But sir, it is only wafffer theen…”

  47. Funny bird.

    Even funnier title!

    The best in a while. Not that they’re not good, just not as good as this one!

  48. Am I the only one who is seriously disturbed by his feet? Anyone else? Please?

  49. OMG! There’s a park nearby my house with a lot of those birdies! I love to feeding them 🙂

  50. no, their feet really disturb me – 😦 really.



    Was he on a Golden Pond?

    figures she may be too old for this bunch.

  52. and too stoopid – cause it’s a loon 😦 not a coot and ummm Teho? Delete?

    [shouldn’t you be *working*? …hmmmmm? – Ed.]

  53. “Norrrman, the loooon birds are welllllcoming us back.”

  54. englishwoman says:

    We had coot chicks at the local pond this spring – I wish I’d taken some pictures, because if you think the feet on an adult look crazy, you should see them on the babies. Funniest thing ever!

    And Kiragirl made me snort coffee out of my nose. Twice. Please stop.

  55. Carrie LOL …. and I got the golden pond reference. Excellent and YEah it was a loon but the coot could be aloon disguised as a coot.. YA know a spy…; )

  56. ahem – something my boss said too :/

    Annie – you must be “of a particular age” too.

  57. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    A plain black dress with fancy shoes–snazzy!

  58. Didn’t someone call someone an “Old Coot” in “On Golden Pond”? I’m sure they did…

  59. Me three. Totes weirded out by the feet. Do not need to see. ever. again.

  60. His feet are kinda scary….

  61. Haha his feet kind of creep me out too. They look so…strange, hehe. There’s no particular reason they should creep me out, but they do!

    *imagines what it would be like if human feet looked like that*

    Maybe that’s it…

  62. I am fascinated by its feet. I bet they’re there to distract some sea creatures into thinking they’re shells and swimming across them.

  63. I agree. The feet completely creep me out too. Remind me of barnacles or something.

  64. I was mildly traumatized by the first coots I saw “up close” (through a spotting scope while doing migratory bird counts). I’d only ever seen them as teeny blobs in the distance and their size, feet, and crazy red eyes creeped me out completely! This little guy is kinda cute though. Poofy feathers are non threatening!

  65. I showed this to my friend who is into birds and apparently these guys eat their young…

  66. I like the bird a la ball but I can’t wrap my mind around the feet….ack!

  67. what. the. #@$*!
    thoes feets….

  68. Those are not his feet, those are those anti-cellulite shoes. 😉

  69. Ya know, I hate to admit that I agree, though I can’t understand it, that those feet REALLY disturb me. He IS cute, otherwise…it’s just those WTF feets…why?…WHY do they look like THAT?!? God really does have a sense of humor…

    This one is such a perfect ball – can’t even see his wings! Wanna squeeze him…

  70. I’m with everyone everyone else. The feet gag me. They make me think of a bunch of squashed bugs….

    The bird itself is cute >>

  71. Wow! It looks like a medecine ball with a cute little head!

  72. Aaaahahahaha inflated coot. Don’t you just want to sneak up to it, veeeery slowly, hands outstretched, and then squeeze it around the middle before it has time to be alarmed?

  73. westward ho says:

    Haven’t seen a bear strolling down Madison Avenue, yet, though.

    ha ha ha! yer just not going to the right bars. ;>

    [LOL… – Ed.]

  74. I work in Amsterdam and I’m told that these birds are called Water Kip (kip=chicken).

    In any case, these birds are unworthy of cuteoverload, as they are vicious bullies and are very territorial and chase all the ducks (much cuter) away. mean, mean birds.

  75. anomalous4 says:

    I know, the feet were probably moving during the shot exposure, making it look so messed up, but it’s still really scarY@!! I’m just waiting for the “bird” to morph into a monster, just look at the look he’s giving, he’s all, “heh heh… no one will suspect a thing…”

    Oh god am I paranoid. :S

  77. this pic creeps me out and makes me slightly nauseas.

  78. I got a bigger kick out of all the comments then the coot and his scary feet,