That was a ROUGH night

I didn’t sleep AT ALL!

Did you? [googly eyes try and come into focus]


Nice work, Julie O. Kittehs stay softer when thrown in the dryer. Little known fact-a-roo!



  1. mmm..warm kitties

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    Kittees have landed on earth!

  3. LOL!!!

  4. I’m thankful mine are satisfied with sitting on the warm laundry. Of course they’re specially marked coats shed dark hairs on the whites and white hairs on the darks.

  5. Geesh! I don’t think I can go another circuit.

  6. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Sooooo, THAT’S where the static cling is coming from!

  7. cutie pies 🙂 i love how groggy they look–“hey, who turned on the lights??”

    (btw, before the commentraversy can start: i’m sure the owners were not putting their kittehs in danger. period.)

  8. Kar, my B&W kitties have the same mysterious property!

  9. After a night of hard partying I, too, sometimes end up in the dryer. Oh, yeah.

  10. To Kar & Theresa – before being placed in a home, all kittehs must take “How to shed effectively 101” and pass with a C or greater. This is a “paws on” course. For kittehs wishing to continue their studies, “How to to the most damage while Kneading” is the followup course. That will cover such topics as loosely knit sweaters and the most delicate places to leave bruises.

  11. Anne Boleyn says:

    metaskins, those cat courses you mentioned are only the prerequisites for the shredding of slipcovers and upholstery classes which, at successful completion (demolition exam must be passed) grants kittehs the ultimate MBS (Must Be Shredded) degree.

  12. MAI PERSEPSHUNS. DEY BE… out of proper calibration.

  13. “Take me to your cheezburgers.”

  14. Anne Boleyn!

    With ‘er ‘ead tucked underneath ‘er arm,
    She walks the bloody tower!
    With ‘er head tucked underneath ‘er arm
    At the Midnight hour!

  15. Kittehs shed more when being held or petted (or snorgled) by an allergic person. Little known but proven scientific fact.

  16. Cats + dryer is actually very dangerous. They can get shut in there and be injured if the dyer is turned on. So while the cats are very cute, cats + dryer is not.

  17. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kitty cats like my Yitzy are the all purpose shedding machine. He’s black & white, so there’s shed hair for every outfit!
    As for these two kitters: “Dood, watta rush! Do it again!!” is what I see ’em saying.

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ‘I’ll tell you what Gladys ever since I have been using those new dryer balls my clothes come out wrinkle free and soooo soft, it’s a wonder I’ve lived without them’

  19. I’d be worried, but I pretty much think anyone who’s conscientious enough to look after two such pretty kitties wouldn’t be so neglectful as to launder them accidentally!

  20. When I was a kid, I turned the dryer with my siamese in it. He loved to climb in there when it was off. He was fine, but he never did it again!

  21. I realize now that there is another important course to complete a kitteh’s education. “How to effectively disrupt any reading or paperwork” there will be an additional seminar on “What to do if your owner is Scrapbooking”.

  22. Eeeeks….this picture makes me sad/nervous/paranoid. My kitten was dried when I was a leetle one…very sad. I ran down the road calling my mom a cat murderer and refused to get in the car till she promised to take me to my Dad. Cute cats here, though.

  23. I’m an administrative assistant for an animal hospital and I have to echo 100% what June stated. You honestly would not believe how many times people will bring in their cats in critical condition after they accidentally turned their dryer on when the cat had crawled in. People are always horrified because it only takes a minute for the cats to get banged up and near death. If you don’t believe June or me, ask your vet how often this occurs.

  24. Geo and June (and others) — sure, understood.
    That’s not what’s happening in THIS photo, though.

  25. Vanessavoy says:

    Yes, Theo, and I am telling myself the same thing you just said, but the cute is fighting with the flashbacks of the kitten we lost the same way (my brother was only 4, what did he know?) It isn’t that these cats aren’t cute in the dryer, but I myself have been fighting the urge to warn people that cute can be dangerous.

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I predict, I could be wrong, correct me if I am Teho but there will probably be about a couple hundred commments on here and lots of EDiting.

    [bleen… – Ed.]

  27. “get that cat outta here!”
    look it the mooshy eye-bulbs,
    all heated up and warm and fuffy.
    it’ll be hard to get those out of the dryer! they turn into butter-blobs (aka boneless cats)
    very nice!

  28. It’s gonna be a long day, Teho. *sends tea*

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    MMMM, I’m mixin’ some butterscotch puddins wif choco chips. Want some, anyone?

  30. Yitzysmommie says:

    w00t! At last my robot confirmation code was actually readable!

  31. YM – I have a leftover can of Rediwhip from Thanksgiving!

  32. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Yitzy I would luv some puddin’, bring it on!

  33. lurkingsmirk says:

    Let’s just see this as a way of spreading kitteh in dryer awareness! Now people will know to look =)

  34. “Little known fact-a-roo”?

    Stupid Flanders…

  35. cute and funny but also making me a little nairvusse! sorry. peoples please be carefuls.

  36. We just got two new kittehs this past weekend, and one of them has already made motions of “hmmm, what’s THAT?” towards the dryer. I’ve given the family the lecture already, and intend to do so until I get yelled at. Probably afterwards, too 🙂

    Lovely kits there, btw!

  37. This is actually really dangerous. Check your dryer for cats before you turn it on! I know someone who accidentally killed their old cat this way. ):

    [it’s OK, Emily… point’s already been made – Ed.]

  38. I never let my kittens IN the dryer (because I am forgetful and often lock them in closets accidentally…) but my little girl does love to sleep ON the dryer. I swear she thinks it’s her momma cat, tumble-dry-purring her back to sleep. And the little boy kitteh does love to bury himself in the clean laundry basket, and then play through the plastic bars.

  39. WEll THey are adorable Metsakins and Ann Bolyn. Roflmao.. you forgot about the class on kitty computer interference. you know how to distract your human from all computer related activity.

    Regarding the cat in the dryer. I try to carefully close the dryer after each use to keep them out but I also check before I load things or turn it on just in case.
    Not everyone in our house is as careful as me about it.

  40. So that’s who’s been taking my socks!

  41. ooh aah hmm says:

    adorable, but i’ve seen a lolcat coming out of a dryer that looked like its owner thought it would be funny to actually turn the dryer on and take a picture. it’s good that the comments are emphasizing the serious danger dryers are to small, curious pets.

  42. they’re lost in the hozone layer

  43. Sadly I agree with the nuffs; that very thing happened to the cat of a friend of mine. [awful story deleted – Ed.]

    I can’t imagine a worse way to die, cat or not. Please, if you have small animals, check any warm places, especially driers and heating vents; and truthfully, you should leave your driers closed anyway. [really, that’s all you need to say, don’t you think? – Ed.]

  44. As well meaning as they are, can we PLEASE refrain from sharing the actual tales?

    I seriously don’t need to get more depressed, alright? It’s enough to say “dryer dangerous”, I’m smart enough to have gotten that point when I was 6. I don’t need stories about it.

    Thanks for bringing down my day. That’s not why I come here.

  45. OMG Liz, I can’t believe this is the first Dr. Hfurrrurhar reference I’ve seen on CO. (Not many people remember “The Man With Two Brains.”)

    People…it’s sad when cats die, but it’s sadder that people are so careless as to not do the simple thing of looking into the dryer before they start it up.

    P.S. Our first cat, Meow, had her litter of six kitties in the WASHER, people. IN THE WASHER.

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Well said Bleh.

  47. Squinty Eyed glints… Hey turn off that light can’t ya see we’re sleeping here. we had a busy night catching mice… go away..
    What da ya mean you need to do laundry. You know who’s boss around here.. us!!! do yer laundry another day.

  48. LOL Annie!

    Stupid pets, thinking they have rights!

  49. berthslave-
    i’m so glad that you could enjoy my “man with two brains” quote.
    now, where did i put that VHS tape???
    i need’a re watch that movie.
    (geez, i hope my cats not got himself stuffed in the tape slot in my player! that could be dangerous!, I’d better LOOK first!)

    my sarcasm wreaks, no ?
    bah! i kill me.

  50. Oh dear. The Man with Two Brains.

    Making decisions like God, avoiding the Windex Killer, and that ridiculous dialogue when he thinks he ran over Kathleen Turner.

    Now I want to go watch The Lonely Guy.

  51. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Open tape slots along with open dryers open toilets and of course open doors all extremely dangerous. Please people shut your tape slots open dryers open toilets open doors.

  52. ::sitting on fingers::
    ::strapping fingers down::
    ::locking fingers in closets::

    Oh I give up. *I* know the difference between a cute picture of a cat, and the need to check a dryer, not start a dryer with a cat. I am not a moron. Thanks for the PSA’s all you animal lovers.. but REALLY I don’t need it. And I’m confident that my fellow CO-ers don’t either. But thank you yadda yadda. And, i’m most sincerely sorry for your bad experiences… but I remain insulted that “some” feel the need to constantly re-edumakate everyone in here.

    I love animals. I’m just here for the cute faces. I do my do-gooding elsewhere.


  53. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The one thing that is blowing me away about all these nuffers is to think we COers are so stupid that we don’t realize how to take care of our animals. For gosh sakes close the d**m dryer and then you don’t have to worry about it. Or wait til you’re sober so you realize you’re just putting the clothes in and not the housepets.

  54. I see this is becoming a flame war. Please understand that a lot of people don’t know or are too clueless to realize. how dangerous the dyer is for cats.

    CO, can you please post a disclaimer?

  55. sweet baby jebus.
    whiskey tango foxtrot

    to whomever posted the grisly death tale shame on you.

    a lot of people come to this site to relive and get away form DEPRESSING stuff.


  56. Yes! Quickly, editors. Let’s make sure a disclaimer is posed about how putting your pets in the dryer is dangerous! After all, everything Meg says in the captions is to be taken seriously, and a post on Cute Overload might lead to thousands of cats being dried. WOE BETIDE US ALL.

    I mean, just imagine the lint.

  57. mischievous madchen says:

    I think Teho is going to need something a little stronger than tea to fortify himself…
    :takes butterschotch puddin from Yitzysmommie:
    :proceeds to whip up a batch of dark chocolate mouusse with just a hint of Grand Marnier…

  58. >>a post on Cute Overload might lead to thousands of cats being dried. WOE BETIDE US ALL.

    I mean, just imagine the lint. < <

    Snark! I *can*!

  59. Pheas, tell me about it. Right around the time we adopted Rikki, we passed that tipping point where the cat hair that covers everything started re-covering the cats.

  60. Have you ever tried combining it with dog hair? I swear the result could have military applications.

  61. Red_dragon_girl says:

    I really hope they dried them on the delicate cycle. Otherwise you risk shrinkage and damage.

    Also, thank you all for reminding me that I need to look in my dryer before I dry clothes. Even though I dont leave the dryer door open, Im sure the cats squeeze through the cracks. It is so obvious from this pic that the owner didnt know the cats were in there. I mean, obviously the owner thought he was taking a pic of an empty dryer.

  62. That’s not a dryer!

    That’s a cloning machine!!!

  63. LOL With Four in the house I am now finding cat hair in the butter. on my just laundered clothes and lets not go into the dryer lint…

  64. It must be a little uncomfortable to sleep on the side of the curve like that!

  65. yup- the minute i saw this i knew what the comments would be(although i must say i’m surprised there wasn’t more)

    and thanks theo for deleting the gore, now if you could just erase it from the comments- and my memory- on winston’s latest video…

  66. My mom taped a sign on her dryer door the other day –
    “If the dryer thumps – check for Belle”.

    Apparently Belle has just found the dryer and is getting a leettle too curious.

    Ohhhhh let me tell you the story about the time I deep fried my cat by accident.

    Snark –

    I’m up for butterscotch with GM!!

  67. OMG LOL I just know one day there is going to be a post w/ Meg or Teho saying

    “Don’t make me stop this blog!!”

  68. Cute pic! Like others here, I have had close friends and co-workers lose cats by not looking in the dryer first and this pic is a reminder. Their tales of woe are what has made me never step away from an open dryer without looking inside and closing it.

  69. “(btw, before the commentraversy can start: i’m sure the owners were not putting their kittehs in danger. period.)”

    Oh, Serena, it looks like your warning was in vain. Sorry people ignored you.

    This brings back memories of when my brothers used to stick me in the dryer and threaten to turn it on~it looks pretty much like that one, a Kenmore too.

  70. Very cute, but definitely conjuring up old memories of when my teenage cousin accidentally threw a load of clothes into the dryer with not one but TWO cats inside. Needless to say, the entire family was very traumatized.

  71. GODS PLEASE!!!!!!

    Don’t actually relate the stories! DON’T DO IT!!!!

    Just say “dryer dangerous” and leave it at that!


    (Oh, and if we resort to disclaimers, well, that’s one step below putting a disclaimer on a coffee cup that the contents are hot, ya dig?)

  72. Yitzysmommie says:

    We ALL know not to put kitties in the dryer. (I’ve found the oven is a much more effective place to dry Yitzy) We all know now to look in the dryer if we for some reason left the dryer open in a house with cats.
    Mischevious Madchen – EXCELLENT idea on the dark choco mousse w Grand Marnier. May I join you?

  73. Speaking of laundry….has anyone else found cat toys in the laundry? AFTER you take it out of the washer?

    I take my laundry to the laundry mat, and many is the time I find kitty toys when I pull it out of the washer. I sort at home, so clearly the resident felines are dropping the toys in after I sort.

    My mom relates the same tale (only she has a washer and dryer at home). One of her cats is notorious for putting his favourite toy into the laundry basket before she puts the contents in the washer.

  74. enoughisenough says:

    I agree with Bleh.

    Honestly, people.

    It’s doubtful that people here – animal lovers that they are – don’t know that cats do like to curl up in dryers and the like, and to check the dryer before turning it on. Heck, I don’t even have cats, and I know this.

    Even so, if you feel the need to warn us, simply say, ‘Dryers can be dangerous; check for cats before you turn them on.’

    We DON’T need to hear a load of terrible stories about cats being killed in dryers. Yes, it happens, and yes, it’s tragic, but it’s most definitely not cute and it doesn’t belong here.

    Seriously, one person saying it and one person relating an awful story is more than enough. Will you all please just focus on the cute instead of trying to find fault with the picture?

    I highly doubt the photographer took the picture and then turned on the dryer with cats inside…and it’s not as though this picture will inspire people to purposely put their cats in the dryer and then *turn it on.* Seriously, what kind of sicko does *that*?

    My point is, though your comments may be well-intentioned they certainly aren’t necessary here, so please stop it.

  75. The funny comments, esp. about the alien cats spurred on this thought.

    (Kitteh 1 sticks face out from the dryer/spaceship entrance and puts his paw on the dryer’s door, declaring…)
    Kitteh 1: We be space alien kittehz, and we shall invade ur household.
    Kitteh 2: Take us to ur food!
    You, the hooman: Oh, alien kittehz, I am humbled by your presence! My own kittehz, coincidentally, are away on a trip to the moon and won’t be back until dinner. You may take their places at their–
    (is cut off by excited kittehz zooming towards the kitchen.)

  76. My point was simply this: It’s not that cat-owners are stupid or that animal lovers don’t know enough to make rational conclusions, but the fact that it happens so often means that there are a LOT of animal lovers who make mistakes because they just weren’t paying attention. I know that no one here would intentionally harm their pets (there are enough pictures of animal torture on the internet if that’s what they’re here for). It’s the unintentional harm I’m more concerned about.

    I come to CO all the time and I’m typically NOT a nuff, but I guess that when you spend all your time with animal rescuers and vet techs, you start to pick up on their cynicism and preachy-ness about keeping animals safe, so for that I apologize.

  77. All I ask is that the details of the stories are NOT shared. They upset me. And I’ve been depressed for a week, so I seriously do NOT need that added on by someone sharing a cat in the dryer gone wrong story.

    That simple. I don’t much care if there are 75 million “Dryer Dangerous” posts here, just so long as no one tells me a cat in the dryer story. It’s not something I can handle.

  78. bleh – have a cyber-hug from me, depression s*cks.

  79. luvinmalssomuch says:

    bleh, I second the cyber hug. ()

  80. Awww….thanks you two!

  81. Unfortunately, my cat got too warm when I did not know she had gotten in there! Careful!

  82. Julie (owner) says:

    FOR PETE’S SAKE! before you guys go all animal cops on me: Yes it is dangerous to find your kitties snuggled in the dryer…hopefully if you knew this was a habit of your cat you would have the brains to check!! also, we generally keep the door shut. and we don’t have a dryer anymore anyways. some of you guys are de-press-ing! jeez!

  83. Julie — yeah. It’s the internet. Wutyagonnado.

  84. That’s it – I’m stopping this blog right now, we are turning around and going home.

  85. Those are some seriously malevolent cat glares. Reminds me of the dog in The Amityville Horror. Welcome to the portal to hell…

  86. “i didnt touch the hatch, the hatch just blew i tell ya, it just blew!”

  87. MMc — [Angus Young voice]
    “I’m onna dryyyyy-way ta Hell, I’m onna dryyyyy-way ta Hell…”

  88. Can you really put kitties in the dryer? I’ll try it tonight.

  89. circuscake says:

    shawn- you really should put them thru the washer first, for best results…

  90. julie (owner) says:

    Theo, you are a genius! how’d you guess my cats are totally into heavy metal?

    ps- shout wipes don’t work, they left my kitties all streaky. now i’ll have to get them dry cleaned!

  91. garlicknots says:

    I loves me a commentroversy!! come on people! wheres the outrage!! more i say MORE!!!!! why stop now? theres not even a hundred comments i dont think! You people are WEAK!

  92. garlicknots – I am horrified. Please take this photo down otherwise I will be forced to run my kittehs through the dryer and it will be all CO’s fault.


    Pudding? I’m thinking rice with cinamon and raisans.

  93. garlicknots says:

    *tips cap to metsakins, does a little soft shoe*

  94. You know…I honestly did not think dryer-related kitty accidents happened so often..I figured more people had enough sense to check the machines first.. o_O

  95. Theo, oh that was a groaner! But I laughed anyway.

  96. WOO. That was entertaining.