Roving Cuteporter: pet store bun caught on cameraphone

This bun is totally working the cameraphone with her tiny glurping action, check it:


It’s a good thing you sent this in right away, Steven B. We must report cuteness WHERE IT HIDES!



  1. Bird of Paradise says:

    Stubby ears + eyeliner = QTE!!!

  2. ooohh, baby bunny *dies from the cuteness*

  3. I love its poofy cheek action!

  4. oh my goodness – that’s a bunny??!!
    I couldn’t even tell because the ears were so tiny. Perhaps they’ve already been nibbled off by a lurking snorgler…

  5. pssst. Its not water in that bottle. There is a reason this bunny is so intent on drinking from that bottle people! And that reason is beer! HOORAY BEER!

  6. The tiny little mouf, the super pink inner ears…oh just kill me now!

  7. All behbeh buns have poofy cheeks and tiny earses. Their ears get larger when they grow up. Trust me, I’ve done foster care for buns since I was five years old.
    Allie-we once had a rabbit called Abby. My father was sitting with a glass of beer and watching the rabbits hop around, when Abby stuck her nose in his glass and started slurping his beer!

    She had eight children. I think she deserved it.

  8. Aaaaaah! Bunliner! *cuddles bun*

  9. Teh EARZ!!!!!!!!!

  10. Can eyes be enormous and beady, too? I think this bun has achieved it. 😉

  11. Allie and Myschief– anything yeasty pulls my cat Stinky like a magnet. He harasses me when I have a beer– I won’t let him have it. When he was a kitten, he stole a toasted, buttered bagel, and pranced around with it sticking out of his mouth, before dragging it under the table and trying to eat it.

  12. Now THIS is cute! Perfectly snowy bun with the pinkest of mini-ears and tiny mouf. *resists urge to squeeze*

  13. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I agree Cute! The pink little ears and nose is to die for.

  14. One of my guinea piggies has ‘eyeliner,’ too. Makes his eyes look gy-NORMOUS.

  15. Need close up of bun leeps!!!! Now!!!

  16. But it was only a cellphone camera, Melinda… 😦

  17. should be illegal.

  18. I wish my wife had bought it , but It’s probably gone already, this was two weeks ago before the post-thanksgiving rush, someone probably has this cutie in their homes already.

  19. Awwwww!! Fluffy love muffin!!

  20. I bet that little guy can make the little ball play a fancy tune .. rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat!

  21. oh good grief look at his little liptitude! the ears! the pink ears! aaack!

  22. uggg…too cute for a petstore! They don’t sell puppies anymore, why do they still sell bunnies?

    I just got one of the little eyeliner bunnies — they are so terribly cute.

  23. Rabbits guy I was just gonna sa I can hear the clickity click of the ball right thru the COmputer Monitor
    Such a cute bunny boo!

  24. berthaslave says:

    Adam Ant bunneh. I hope he finds a good home!

  25. oh steve b-
    you must go look.
    and if he is still there you must make him your own!

    a- no one buys bunnehs from the pet shop for thanksgiving.
    2- its really hard to keep a bunneh either c- “hidden” for three weeks.
    or –
    3- wrapped!
    oh noze! so he’s probably still there waitin for you!

  26. bunnies being sold at pet stores is not always the best thing, but i still want to go buy him. he could live in my hoodie pocket.

  27. from the time we were babies, my sister and i just died for bunnies, and this is why! we got in the habit of calling anything cute “bunny.” so i’m 40 now and i can’t stop: i call my neices and neffs bunny, and both of my cats are bunny, too. i should have just named them that – i get some strange looks at the vet!

  28. acelightning says:

    It breaks my heart to see bunnies in pet shops, because pet shops don’t know anything about how to take care of them. I hope this irresistible little bunnikins is in a loving home by now, because he’s way too cute to live in a pet store.

  29. spongebrooke says:

    Lookit that little chinny chin chin action!!!! *dies*

  30. That was a cell phone camera? Great clarity for a cell phone camera. sweet little baby bun.

  31. Pet stores have no idea how to treat buns. This girl is on a floor of WOOD SHAVINGS, which can get into a rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract and cause severe damage and death. Rabbits should have a bed of hay or of shredded paper from the office. No clumpy wood shavings or clay beddings! Those are for hamsters!

  32. Wow, the computer thinks I’m a bot. I must need more chocolate.

  33. Life is like a box of chocobots… wait, what?

  34. The hay I used to buy looked like that, so I’m not sure those are wood shavings Myschief.

    Hope adorable bun found a home. Want to visit and snorgle him/her NOW.

  35. Bunny kind of looks like he’s drinking from a straw. 🙂

    [That’s pretty much what he’s doing. Looks like one of those standard small-animal water bottles with the metal drinking tube, the kind that has a ball-bearing valve at the tip… – Ed.]

  36. Slurp slurp slurp. NARF!