Wot!? How can the BE?!

These drips, they’re AMAZINGKS!!!

I must find out how they worrrrk!


Henry, your kitteh should enroll at MIT.



  1. tracyflick says:

    Oh I hope this is my first bleen. I hope!

  2. Drippy bleen!

  3. tracyflick says:


    Cuteoverload > Simpsons

  4. Oh if only I hadn’t been mistaken for a robot!

  5. tracyflick says:

    Hahaha foxy!


  6. he’s a special little guy isn’t he?

    Wonder how long it took him to figure it out.

  7. Oh-the little smile!

  8. I know a kitten who looks just like that! I miss her.

    Gorgeous photography, too!

  9. berthaslave says:

    Kitteh pondering chaos theory and fractals.


    Einstein on the sink.

  10. Doc Egerton kitteh!

  11. Kitty shower and yet he remains so calm…

  12. Kitteh is about 5 seconds away from throwing his head back ad busting into “Flashdance” What a feeling!

  13. I has a strobelight

  14. Kitty yells “Eureka!” and jumps out of tub.

  15. widdle smilingk kitten is going to have hours of entertainment thanks to water.

    The stream/drip falling off the little pointy ear is splode-worthy.

  16. Kitty is pondering gravity and molecular seperation of water droplets for his masters thesis.

  17. Love that mohawk-in-the-making.

  18. acelightning says:

    Nifty stop-motion photography on the water drops. And the kitten is cute, too.

  19. oh! my little Elizabeth kitty adores to study faucet water too. Yay drippy kittens!

  20. I’m siiiinging in the drain!

  21. One of our cats LOVES drinking form the faucet, so the other one got jealous of us running tin there to turn it on for him. After extensive analysis and experimentation, HE has learned to turn on the water!

    So…which one is smarter? The one who can do for himself, or the one that still gets US to do for him?

  22. I work at MIT and I’d love to have this little guy as a co-worker! Of course, I’d never get anything done, what with all the cuteness and snorgling and all.

  23. I might just be a *leetle* jealous, Diana. IHTFP.

    (then again, cats we definitely got)

  24. MIT = Must Investigate Tadrips

  25. What a beautiful pic. Love the inquisitive head tilt. Aww… This makes me feel better.

  26. So cute! I love that soaked face.

    My kitty also is fascinated by dripping water. If we make the drip very slow, he twists his neck to stare up into the faucet waiting for the next one (which then startles him when it hits him on the face). He also likes to try to bat drips on the way down. He regularly has a soaking wet head – cold and clammy snorgling! We think he’s a genius (for a kitty…)!

  27. willowsmom says:

    Schroedinger’s cat anyone? Anyone?

  28. IT can’t be schroedinger’s cat it would have to be in a closed box.

    Or would it? ; )

  29. No not Schroedinger’s cat that experiment involves poisoned cat food 😦

  30. Actually Schroedingers cat is an Imaginary experiment with an imaginary cat in an imaginary steel box and imaginary radioactive material and the supposed imaginary time of death of the cat with out visual evidence.
    Kind of like the whole if A tree falls in the woods and nobody is there does it make a sound. It is a mind exercise not a real experiment.

    Here is a pretty good explanation of it.


    IT is actually an interesting mind exercise even without all the quantum physics jargon.

  31. Okay and Meg I am so slow today I just got your star trek reference.

    Scotty Rules.

  32. I Have to Fling Pineapples
    I’ll Have Thesis Finished Presently
    and so on. Just so you don’t think I’m completely insane, this is in response to Theo’s IHTFP comment. MIT is definitely an interesting place to work and I’m spreading the word about CO there! If Cuteology ever becomes a major, you guys will get endowed chairs!

  33. This picture is utterly amazing! I wish I had the skill with the camera to snap a pic like this!!!

    (I also wish I had that kitteh….shhhh…don’t tell the resident felines)

  34. snoopysnake says:

    Thanks to Diana, IHTFP now can mean
    I Have The Feline Precip

    Course XVIII ’78

  35. I Have Terrible Faucet Problems!

    Some Other College-Related Thingy ’93

  36. LOVE. IT!

    nice action shot!

  37. This photo should be entered in a photo contest! It is amazing with the drops so clear.

  38. no need to spread the word about CO single-handedly at MIT, I’m helping too! It keeps me sane :).

  39. It certainly does! I’m over in PoliSci graduate admin. (and then everyone says I didn’t know MIT had a PoliSci department!) Everyone always thinks of ‘that place’ down the road. I think we appreciate the cuteness more though! I had the guinea pig in the dragon costume on my computer for a loong time.