Um, Patient Kitteh, or PATIENTEST KITTEH EVAR!?

9Poppy, WAY TO PICK ‘EM!



  1. chomp!



  2. The ear chomp! The headlock! I love when cats are bigger than dogs.

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Weeellll, patientest until kitty makes puppeh whine by biting his neck. But puppeh must learn the art of the soft kronsche.

  4. Dracula kitty!

  5. Puppy, I agree with you – kitteh ears should be nibbled as MUCH AS POSSIBLEH!

    But kitty, no no no neck biting. He just loves you, y’know…

  6. I LOVE IT!!! I can’t believe the cat lasted that long without putting the smackdown on that bad little pup – ear biting! OW!

  7. that one did it. i’m dead

    :: head ‘splode ::

  8. See, even kitties don’t think puppy nips hurt.

  9. berthaslave says:

    Brilliant! And I LOVE the kitteh lurking in the background, too!!

    Ear Kronsche!!

    I shall leeck you!!

    Interspecies Snorgling!!!

    Nom nom McNomersons!!!

    “They love each other….lord, you can see that it’s true….”

  10. That is one tolerant kitteh!

  11. Tony James says:

    Outstanding use of the Feline Grip-o-Death(tm) in the final frames. Clearly kitteh has his priorities straight – eat first, kill the annoying rat second.
    “Listen, sonny – I’ve tried to be patient with you, and mama always tells me to ignore something and it will go away. But you, you’re getting on my last nerve, so now I’ve finished my lunch I’m going to put a hurtin’ on you. We call this move The Asfixiaytor – my wild cousins use it to suffocate their prey. Just consider yourself lucky that you’re not dealing with cousin Fluffyboots – he’s a lion who lives on the Serengeti. If he did this to you you’d be feelin’ it. Now GIT! And don’t be a-whinin’ to momma, I’ve got her wrapped around my littlest paw.”

  12. Cat vampire! Digg the Massive Attack in the background.

  13. cute puppy!

    figured you guys might like this clip:

  14. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kitteh: “You pest! I’m a gonna eat YOU since you won’t leave me alone.”

  15. And then the kitteh sucks its blood!

  16. Awwww look at that little tail a waggin’. So cuuuuute!

  17. LOL… Luv it! Just waiting for the nuffs to cry abuse though 😛

  18. Ouch, I was wincing with the kitteh as the puppeh was chomping on the ears.

    The kitteh sure taught the puppeh a valuable lesson! “Never bother a cat during dinner time!” *Neck chomps!*

  19. JulieRaven says:

    Is that Massive Attack in the background? 😀 theys be rockin’ ma world.

  20. Anne Boleyn says:

    You’ve got to love ’em both. The kitteh gets extra credit for initial patience and a high five for zapping the little pesky pup when enough is enough.

  21. Aaaaahhh! This vid did it – brought me out of over a year of lurkerdom. I love it how the puppy’s tail is going a mile-a-minute up until he gets chomped.

  22. I love how the kitty schools the pup at the end. “No, THIS is how you bite a neck.”

  23. what dog breed is that?

    I lurve it!

  24. Why wait till after New Year’s for The Puppy Bowl? CO gives you – days after Thanksgiving – THE FOOD BOWL!!! ‘Tocks on the attack, a kitteh kronshe defense – it’s the Fanciest Feast ever!

  25. that was a little violent at the end 😦 poor widdle puppy doggie.

    You have to give it to the cat though – it was extremely patient with the baby… it could have been whoopin’ up on the baby pretty heartily.

  26. Doggie: Wanna play? wanna play? wanna play?

    Kittie: Sorry, I’m going to eat you now.

  27. yep, that’s massive attack…it’s the song that the “house” theme was taken from.

    i had this scene happening in my house earlier today…only the puppy is a 45 lb shepard. it’s kinda cute to see a puppy that big bein’ all “play with me” with a kitty that’s 1/4 her size.

  28. Kitty got dinner and dessert. Puppy got just desserts.

  29. I know, only 1 s, I know.

  30. You’re right, pyrit–it’s two esses unless you’re sending the pup into the Sahara with the French Foreign Legion. Which the kitteh would approve.

  31. Patientest Kitteh EVAR!

    He put up with a lot of ear chompage and nose-in-bowl. Most cats, if you come between them and their dinner, you draw back a stump. Puppeh just got a soft kronsche and a paw.

    Puppeh: Dr. House, my neck is sore!

    House: Were you biting the cat?

    Puppeh: No, never!


    Puppeh: um… yes.

    House: You’re an idiot, kid. Lucky to be alive.

  32. Whoops. That was supposed to be “House: (disdainful glare)”

  33. Oh, and this must happen a lot at that house, since the cat earz in the background were only mildly interested. “Whatevs. Small white barky thing at it again.”

  34. HEhehe love it.

  35. Doggie got what was coming to him/her. However, being a puppy, he/she will probably forget in a nano-second and have to be schooled all over again. Cats rule. 😀

  36. No, it’s “just deserts.” One S as in “deserve.”

  37. I watched it again, and it made me cry – I feel so bad for the puppy 😦 what’s wrong with me?

    I know this is really sweet – the kitty is so so patient with him/her.

  38. no – that would be an arid dry place desert

    it’s desserts, as in a sweet yummy thing.

    My mom always taught me -two S’s because you’d like a second helping.

  39. sarah_beth says:

    delicious after dinner edibles – dessert

    arid sandy place – desert

    state of deserving punishment or reward – desert

    so, one ‘s’ AND two!

  40. HEy Carrie (((Hugs))) hope you are feeling better soon. and just desserts would be with two s’s I think.

  41. this website is soooo great because of the ability of yall to write good captions. i love this interwebs site.

  42. But don’t people pronounce it as “just desserts” and not “just deserts,” with an emphasis on the second syllable? That alone would make me argue that pyrit’s awsum pun’s initial spelling is correct.

    Regardless, <3 interspeesh snorgling/love bites, as per usual.

  43. sarah_beth says:

    nope! one s, i promise 🙂 (the english teacher has spoken, AND cited references!)

    de·sert3 /dɪˈzɜrt/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[di-zurt] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. Often, deserts. reward or punishment that is deserved: to get one’s just deserts.
    2. the state or fact of deserving reward or punishment.
    3. the fact of deserving well; merit; virtue.
    [Origin: 1275–1325; ME < OF deserte, n. use of fem. ptp. of deservir to deserve]

  44. Oh yeah, and that IS Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” off of Mezzanine, one of my favorite songs. 🙂

  45. You speak truth. I just checked Common Errors in English. 😛

    Clearly I am done for the night.

  46. That was great! The pup was adorable, and the kitteh death grip at the end made it perfect.

    Don’t think I’m heartless–the pup was just complaining–I’m certain no skin was broken in the least!

  47. HMMM Okay a new spelling lesson learned. I love CO

  48. puppy’s train of thought:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi NAWM NAWM NAWM hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  49. I have never EVER heard it pronounced “just deserts”

    ah well – I’ll just go cry about it or something. 😦

  50. btw – thanks Annie – I’m having a horrid weekend – hubby kids all in horrible moods – making me in horrible moods – hence sobbing nature. I’m way too sensitive sometimes.

  51. “Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Pl-EEE!”

    I love how when the cat finally reacts at the end, the puppy’s tail suddenly wags EXTRA HARD — “YAY!!! PLAY!!” — before he realizes “…oh. uh oh”

  52. oaklandcat says:

    But “desert” can be pronounced the same way as “dessert.” Eg. to desert someone at the altar.

  53. but maybe it’s the puppeh’s dish and he’s being patient letting kitteh eat his lunch? it could happen!

  54. MeerKatKarma says:

    Love the Massive Attack in the background… although with the little chomps the attack wasn’t so massive! Nyam nyam nyam…

  55. Kitty is just giving the pup a French kiss.

  56. Cauliflower says:

    I don’t usually like little dogs. This one reminds me of my friends’ dog. It’s a Choodle. Dad was a long haired Chi and the mom was a miniature poodle. I wonder if this dog is a Choodle too. I’m sure the dog is perfectly fine. Those little things whine when you hold them the wrong way. I’m sure it was mainly the holding that was the issue for the dog. My friends’ dog would have a fit when they tried to take off and put on her collar. It sounded like someone was killing her.

  57. Go on, give that puppy some cat meat (or fried cat´s ears), it´s obviously hungry for some! 😉

  58. OH! I was waiting for the swat-scratch to the face, and kitty went for the neck kronsche instead.

    CO didn’t edit the video…it’s obvy from YouTube. It probably stopped when it did b/c mom/dad put the camera down to pull them apart. Kitty has to let puppy know now who’s boss before puppy gets bigger and can munch kitty (even though this pup probably won’t outweigh the kit!).

  59. I felt a bit bad for the puppy in the end but I am sure that is why the camera stopped, ownder went over to break it up.

  60. That’s owner… 😛 and as usual I always post before I get to the end, when people say the same thing.

  61. circuscake says:

    my kitty was like that when my dog was a pup- puppy would take his needle sharp teeth, grab kitty’s neck, and drag him across the floor. even though kitty had scabs on his neck from the dragging sessions he never got angry.

    five years later they still enjoy a good chase but no more dragging.

  62. i hate that House used that song for its theme; that’s such a great song, and that’s such a stupid show.

  63. Patientest kitteh ever, indeed. The pup who tried that at our house would be an organ donor by now!

  64. Kitteh taught puppeh a lesson!!!! Really, it needed to happen.

  65. Undaunted by kitty’s first pushingks-aways, puppy switches sides. Oh, you don’t like when I kronsche THEES ear? Perhaps you would prefer I kronsche the OTHER ear. 😉

  66. BTW, what the kitty does is not that different from what an annoyed momdog does when a bebeh gets uppity. She grabs the pup’s head in her mouth, and holds him still.
    I’ve seen dogs do the same thing when the tables were turned– when a little squirt kitten was pestering a dog and getting too rough, the dog would gently grab the kitten’s head in her mouth and hold it for a few secs, before letting the kit go, presumably with something to think about, like dog breath.

  67. Theresa exactly,,, and then cat attack. LOL.

  68. OUCH! Poor kitty’s ears! Was I the only one wishing he would bloody that pup’s nose and REALLY teach him a lesson?

  69. Kitteh is doing the pup a favor– little guy needs some manners. The cat actually seemed to be behaving in a very maternal fashion to me. That was a “settle down” reverse scruffing, not an “I’m gonna rip your throat out”.

  70. ‘How do YOU like it, huh???’

  71. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The puppeh adorable and the kitkat has so much patience. Luvssss them.

  72. I think the cat is so patient because of the Portishead grooves in the background.

  73. This is my cat Mimi. I have a foster bunny that just have to have his face in her fur all the time, even when she’s trying to eat.

  74. I can’t believe that IS a cat, as patient as she is. And I get the feeling she’s been through this before. Pups generally need more than one correction before they get it.

    (P.S. A little late, but yes, sarah_beth is correct on the spelling, and I think pyrit spelled it wrong for the purposes of the pun. Dig?)

  75. Ahh, Babs, ’twas on purpose yes, and what a fine purpose it be, you perceptive peep you.

  76. Catsquatch says:

    Ok kid, enough is enough, now Im gonna teeeeeeech you.

  77. Nameless the First says:

    Om nom nom

    That puppy is soooo adorables!

  78. lurkingsmirk says:

    Haha Mary your bun pic is hilarious! Sumbunnies can’t get enuff of the fluff.

    Hehe and the extra-hard tail wagging at the end before the realization “this is not play!” was too much.

  79. Don’t forget how sharp little puppies’ teeth are. I nominate the kitty for some sort of Nobel Patience award!

  80. Daphne Moss says:

    I agree with the peeps who noted that was a very mom-cat lesson that says “Enough now, little one…” in a sweet way.
    LOVE this! What a treat on a gloomy Monday back at work…Oops…did I say I was at work? No, I dit-en’t…

  81. ouch!
    catz iz so bitchy!
    what’s a matter with the kitteh? a lil ear munchin and whammo! bit the babee puppehs neck.
    note how quickly the video ends and puppeh is safely taken away from the ravenous kitteh!
    its a wild and scarey place for babee puppehs!

  82. LOL, I’d say puppy got what was coming to him. Did you see how hard he chomped and pulled on the cat’s ear? An unusually patient kitty, indeed–up to a point.

    Puppy now knows exactly where that point is.

  83. HAHA!

    so patient… until the gentle-cuff-turned-into-chomp action.

    the dog’s whine was priceless. oh dear.

  84. With the desserts/deserts thing, I remember that stressed is the opposite of desserts (its backwards):)

  85. Nom nom nom nom “Stop” Nom nom nom nom Swat nom nom nom nom…..

  86. What a sweet kitty! My cat would have bitch-slapped the puppy early and often

  87. as a fledgling Cuteologist, I’d like to turn in my thesis to add two new rules to the cuteness book.

    1. Pushing-with-your-paws action is TOTALLY cute
    2. Being annoyed by something three times smaller than you is cute.

  88. I fostered a mom with kittens. When her little boy would get out of control, she’d kick him in the head or hold him down until he stopped. She never hurt him. He eventually learned to play nice.

  89. I love how puppy’s tail is wagging the entire time!

  90. Puppy’s not damaged, people.

  91. Ouch that last bit looked nasty lol but the little puppy is so cute with his little tailio waggingks. Kudos to the cat for being patient for so long!

  92. Puppeh – check
    Kitteh – check
    Ear Monsche – check
    Interspecies discliplinary snorgling – check
    Massive Attack in the backgroud – check
    AWESOME. I give this a ten!

  93. heh, cute. especially when the kitty uses its paws to push the puppy away without looking up from his food once. but i’ve gotta admit, i cringed when the puppy started whimpering at the end. cameraman: “WHOOP, i better stop filming and save the puppy!”

  94. Bird of Paradise says:

    The poor kitty’s ears! That’s gotta hurt. 😦 The puppy needs to learn not to be such an overzealous biter, and hopefully the cat taught him that. Still adorable all around!

  95. way to start my day. definitely looked like maternal discipline to me, not angry. i think kitty was annoyed but also kind of likes that little guy. i mean she waited quite some time and let him totally yank on her ear for several seconds before she even bat at him, and she didn’t bat very hard. trust me my very gentle and adorable kitty has smacked me harder than that when i tried to do something she didn’t like.

  96. Patient …until the neck bite at the end.

  97. euparkeria says:

    @ Cauliflower: I completely agree with you. Little dogs can be a real experience. Imagine containing a massive ego in such an exaggeratively tiny body. What the puppy does now is cute and okay BECAUSE he’s a pup, but hopefully he grows out of it. Unfortunately, a lot of little dogs don’t. I wonder if it’s their respective breed or their humans that are to blame…

  98. OMGZ!!!

    I couldn’t help but cringe with every bite…those puppy teeth have got to hurt!

    next in line…Tiny Kitten Wars! Tiny war in a tiny tent THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE TENT!

  99. yikes!!! everything you need for a good video, a cute puppy and a surprise attack!
    hey I think you guys will love this site!! it has great dog/puppy videos!

    check it out!!
    hope you like it

  100. Haha, I hear “Teardrop” by Massive Attack, otherwise known as the HOUSE themesong in the background.

    That puppy would just chop my hide. Poor kitty.