Kids love to jump on beds



Thanks to the MEEELLIONS of Peeps who sent this one in: Robin W., Tanya K., Kris O., Megan C., Anne, Ant, Brandy R., Jordan Y., and CM.



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You’ve got to be Kidding.
    Sooooo precious.

  2. One little goat jumpin’ on the bed, he fell off and bumped his head…

  3. A barbados black belly …. aww she is just like my sheepies …. welll except for the jumping on the bed thing… LOL. and so intent on it wasn’t she.

    That look was all:: aren’t you going to jump with me hunh hunh, aren’t ya, come-on it’s Fun fun fun!


  4. How adorable! Jumpety, jumpety, jumpety, jump-


  5. awh what a cute ickle lambiekins 🙂

  6. astrogrrrl says:

    9 < < 10^6


  7. 10^6 != MEEEEEEELIONS



    I can’t wait to go home and show my kiddo this one.


    My neighbors goat loved for me to come visit her so much, she’d do the “kick the habit” jumpy thing when she saw me coming – just sayin for no reason what-so-ever.

  9. I lurve goats. This video shows one of the billion reasons why I do. 🙂

  10. aaww, lol

  11. I love the way she stops and does the doggy airplane-ear, “are you gonna play?” look at the camera, then starts jumping again.


  12. What a cutie! She was acting very dog-like, looking at her owner, then jumping, then looking at her owner again as if for confirmation. “I’m jumping, mommy! Look, I’m jumping! Are you looking?”

  13. I meant to fall off, its part of my routine.

  14. yumpitty


  15. But…?? Wha…??

    Holy crappin’ cow! If that’s not the cutest thing I ever saw! How freaking happy is that little cutie?

  16. Oh no! Poor baby. She’s just like my dog. That’s exactly how my dog jumps around! And it usually culminates in my dog slipping off something :O
    Who has a lambie inside their house? Sleeping on the bed? What a luck lambie bambie 😀

  17. That’s a lamb! Not a kid at all!

  18. violetgreen says:

    Mom(at foot of
    “BAMBI! What on earth are you doing up there?!”
    Bambi (freezes):
    “…nothing, Mom!”

  19. YOu should see them when there are two lambs together in the pasture. they sproing over each other and they do that look thing at their mama too. HEheheh I love this.

  20. Hmmmm. White comforter and a young critter. This does not bode well.

  21. I knew it was a sheepie! even though it’s not a goat, it’s still the best video pretty much evar. Should someone come up with a goat jumping on a bed, though, the title will have to be passed on 🙂

  22. Ah knobbly knees! Ah farmyard animals indoors! Ahhh!!!

    I wonder if it’s jumping for joy or because the soft smoishedness of the bed is FRRREEAKING it out.

  23. Okay, a lamb jumping on a bed is one of the most redonk things I have ever seen, LOL! XD

  24. aw that’s really cute!

  25. That’s not a kid though! It’s a lamb.

  26. Sing with me!

    One little lambie jumping on the bed
    She fell off and bumped her head!

  27. …aaand now I see that Erica got there first and I fail at reading.

  28. I thought I was going mad… that isn’t a baby goat (a kid)… lol then I read the end and it said it was a sheep.

  29. yet another michelle says:

    redonkulously adorables! But I want to see what the person off camera is doing to make all that noise..

  30. OMG. Babeh livestock. *poit*

  31. cute, I’ve seen little goatlettes that jump on little human kids shoulders!

  32. Ohlookachicken says:

    Hahaha, so cute & funny. Thank you, that just made my day; especially the ending.

  33. Somehow I don’t think that counting this sheep is going to be restful. I think it would be pretty danged hard to fall asleep with a Bambi bouncing on your chest.

  34. Soundtrack for the ending: The opening vocals of “Wipeout.” Totally.

  35. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hehe I snickered at the end.

  36. Bouncy leetle sheepette! I love goats, too, they are so friendly.

  37. nermalkitty says:

    goatlette. tee hee. yer killin’ me.

  38. She’s a lambie, not a kiddie!! Barbados sheep are neat because you don’t have to shear them.

  39. What sheer unadulterated joy! Or is that shear unadulterated joy? (I guess not, according to Herself’s info about the breed)

    It made my Monday!

  40. That is the cutest thing evar! I love little goats!

  41. aw, i want! i want! a giddy sproinging lambiekin kicking up the sheets!!! squeeeeeeee! does this guy work for serta?

  42. yet another michelle says:

    Whew! My good deed for the day is done. I sent this to every Monday-hater I know. Which is like the whole universe.

  43. Who needs an SSRI when I can simply watch this little lovie?

  44. good laud that is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.
    i wanna goat. i wanna babee goat that jumps on the bed and flies off the edge.
    hope he didnt bonk his lil noggin.
    i would give it a lil kiss if he did.

  45. This is so cute!!! I love how the little sheeplet keeps glancing guiltily at the camera, and then decides she doesn’t care! Just like a two year old. She knows she’s doing something wrong, and wants to make sure she has an audience for it! So cute!

  46. Does she want to grow up to be one of those Serta mattress-inspecting sheep?

    Also, the rollover text is LOL.

  47. Sheeplette is totally doing Stewart from Mad TV. “Look what I can do!”

  48. oops…

    Bambi’s adorable but I don’t know if I would want her in my bedroom.

  49. Lurker — also, thanks.

  50. It’s not a baby goat, but it is a kid because it’s young and…a…kid…see? What kid doesn’t like jumping on the bed, whether it’s human or otherwise. What a little cutie!

  51. Jus waiting for Bambi to leave some “droppins'” on that white comforter–hee, hee

  52. Mommy called the doctor and the doctor said…


  53. A kid is a baby goat.

  54. Cauliflower says:

    And that’s why my mom always told us not to jump on the bed.

  55. Im sitting here convusling with laughter.
    Trying to get work done which means I m procrastinating with CO and my cat Bartholomew is spread out on my lap….
    He noticed the video and started hissing and tapping the screen.

  56. ********
    I can never eat a Gyro again.

  57. I thought a human kid. 😛

  58. BOING
    and thats all I have to say.

  59. Like Ash, I was basically convulsed with laughter. Between this and the PurrMachine©, my happy levels are running high 🙂

  60. Oh that has just made my day, thankyou so much.

    I really needed to see something toay to lift my heart.

  61. Yitzysmommie says:

    heeheehee! love the joie de vivre…

  62. if im not mistaken that’s a baby sheep. it says so in the credits. kids are baby goats.

  63. best jumping on bed footage EVER!

  64. Liz it’s there for the Pun and (fun) of it

  65. I hope there were no little lambies injured in the making of that video.


  66. Aww! After a very stressful day this helped a lot! 🙂

  67. SQUEEEEEEEEEAL!!! Bebeh lambehkins!!!

  68. so cute! like an eager puppy!… with back legs that can kick like a bull…

  69. Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said, “No more lambies jumping on the bed!”

  70. Sproing, boing, bloing, bunk… too cute!!!

  71. My daughter loves the story about the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. I’m tewtally gonna show this to her!

  72. So cute!


    what if he poops?!


  73. annie
    that is the ‘other’ liz.
    i am not amuned to the pun and fun. 🙂
    i getz it!
    (course i cant spell amuned either)
    i still wants the bouncin babee sheep or goat or whatever it is.

  74. Liz — that’d be “immune” — or how about “jaded”?

  75. This is awesome.

  76. yes! Jaded- that is a good word that i can spell without having to go
    use spell check in outlook (duh)
    or, I can just wait for teho to get out his thesaurus (ohhh-ahh) and gimme a word-up.
    tanks brotha!

  77. Hmmm how many liz’s are on here. HEhehe. I have noticed of late there are several annies but I am the only one.

  78. Baaaaaaaad Goat… very baaaaaaaaad goat!!!

    (couldn’t help myself)