If your local purring machine is unavailable, try THIS

To instantly put you at ease, try visiting this handy web pagie.

You’ll instantly feel calmer, and/or happier. Guaranteed to help before difficult meetings, and aid in preparation for the in-laws’ Holiday visit.



Thanks, I feel much better now, Penelope 😀



  1. And that is one bleenin’ beautiful kitteh, too! 🙂

  2. Aaahhh, I feel calm and peaceful.

  3. purrs are one of my favorite sounds. aaahhmmm.

  4. zzzz… oh, that made me so relaxed I could barely wake up to type Thanks!!

  5. Silent Meow says:

    Now that I feel relaaaaaaxxxxxxxxed, I can go study trigonometry with a clear head. Thanks, CO! I needed that! :o)

  6. aww that looks EXACTLY like my cat Milow 🙂 🙂 🙂 except my kitteh doesn’t purr that loudly!

  7. Actually, with that pic it’s my Rusty, which scares me. He ain’t nicknamed Bratty McBratterson for nuthin’!

  8. I should add, he purrs 24/7, whether he’s happy or not, so the purring ain’t necessarily peaceful.

  9. I am so calm now….(snore)…HUH. Oh, sorry,dang kitteh was too soothing.

  10. Absolutely adorable Kitty! Although that totally negated the caffeine I had this morning! ZZZZZZZZZ

  11. That site is very helpful for us peeps who are away from home and without their kitties. Thanks a bundle!!!

  12. geneticlemon says:

    Just a head’s up — if that website starts to generate too much traffic, the moderators are going to remove the link and replace it with something offensive. It has happened to Digg articles before … so watch out!

    [Noted, thanks… – Ed.]

  13. geneticlemon says:

    Oh, I should add it’s because every ytmnd website takes up a whole lot of bandwidth, so this is one of those few occasions where a lot of traffic is bad for them.

  14. Thank you so much! When my dad was in the hospital during his final illness, he rather plaintively said “I’d sleep much better with a cat on the bed”. Don’t we all?

  15. tha is a purrfectly tuned motor is i ever heard one!

  16. tracyFlick says:

    so hapeeee

  17. Not unlike the tape of the burning Christmas log on TV eh?

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:


  19. violetgreen says:

    You made me pat my screen. Yet again.

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    Need to go find my kittehs for an emergency snorgle Stat!

  21. Aw, this came at the right time. My best friend just had a death in her family, so when she has quiet time and needs some soothing, I sent this her way. :3

  22. Excellent! I may leave this up all day while I’m at work. We’ll see, it may get too relaxing though.

    I seem to recall a way that web pages can be used as one’s desktop wallpaper – this is the perfect candidate!

  23. Ha ha– that got my cats’ attention!

  24. That looks just like my teaspoon who purrs like that all the time. I think I am going to listen to that all day at work. I will never have a bad day again. Anyone know what kind cat it is?

  25. omg! i just had the overwhelming desire to hug my moniter! and i did start coo-ing to the inter-kitty…. very cute.. thank you for this post meg.

  26. Very Zen.

  27. 😦 For some reason it is blocked at work, for having content that is “Adult.”
    I guess I will have to wait until I go home and just get the real thing from my kitty.

  28. You can find a similar purring sound as one of the “Serenity” sounds available on this site:


    The other sounds are quite nice to have in the background, and they serve different purposes. They comment that the restaurant sound is great for putting kids to sleep!

  29. Aww, no sound at work…it’d probably put me to sleep anyways. Hope the site’s still up when I get home.

    At least over Thanksgiving week I got to take care of my friend’s cats…one of them is very loving and purrs like crazy! You can hear it across the apartment! I love kitty purrs…

  30. pistache268 says:

    Yay 🙂 I am happy for a ytmnd to be featured on Cute Overload.

  31. Awww very cool.

  32. frappygoddess says:

    Awww, I really needed this. My local purring machine is currently unavailable as I took her to the animal hospital on Saturday, after she had a seizure. She’s has multiple convulsions since, and the vets on staff have no idea what’s wrong with her other than it’s probably something neurological. She isn’t responding to the painkillers or the anti-seizure medication. I’m very scared and worried sick; she’s only three years old! She’s too young for me to have to say goodbye to!

    Damnit, I’m making myself cry, and I’m in a public place. I’m going to go curl up in my dorm room and listen to the purring kitty.

  33. Michele, I hear you and your dad, it happens to me whenever I’m away from home. Even in Italy.

    Of course, I couldn’t get any cats to sleep in my hotel beds, but there were plenty of Gattini around to cheer me up.

  34. Frappygoddess, I belong to an internet cat group, and wheneer anyone has troubles, we send them purrs. Purrs to you and your kitty.

  35. A purromatic! Fabulous.

  36. SO bookmarked. That actually made my eyes go out of focus, so mellow was I in the presence of the virtual purring cat. Thank you for sharing it!

  37. Frappygoddess, I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty — I hope she recovers. As Theresa said — purrs to y’all.

  38. Wow, that really works – really! I feel so much better for a Monday afternoon.

    Frappygoddess, more purrs to you. I hope for the best for your kitty.

  39. Hi, I love this site! And I’m also starting up a blog with al kinds of cute animals, please have a look people, tnx! xxx

  40. I have FOUR cats and I only get about 10 minutes of purring per week!

    I loaded this page and my non-purring cat was looking for the traiter 🙂

  41. I love the kitty. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Sorry I just dozed off like that.

  42. frappygodess, purrs and prayers for a swift recovery of your purr machine

  43. Do I hear some lickingks noises as well as teh purrrrr?

  44. my cat totally freaked out!

  45. also good for those of us with kitteh allergies. Much more purring than I would be able to enjoy IRL…

  46. Now I just need to take a 10lb bean bag, place it right against my head, turn this on and I can go to sleep as usual.

  47. Slave To Three Again says:

    This is purrfect as I had to leave my babies with my parents while I train for a new job. 10 whole weeks without them is soooo long!!!!

  48. sound like a alien invasion

  49. why would this website be blocked from my work’s filter? The category was “tasteless”. What am I missing?

  50. MamaDawn (Tulsa OK) says:

    Frappygoddess, I’m sending big purrrrrrrs, a warm hug and a shoulder to lean on! I’m glad you shared your worries… we understand and support you.

  51. Beene — this is only one of a very large and mixed bag of YTMND “websites”. Many of their other offerings most definitely do fall under that category. Your work’s WWW filter rule probably applies to the whole domain, and not just teh Purr-O-Tron. (come to think of it, it’s a little odd that my company *doesn’t* block it)

  52. this SCARED me….it looks and sounds just like my kitty, Gibson

  53. Theo. I know what you’re talking about. My college has the WORST filters known to cyberman (w00t inadvertant Doctor Who reference!)I actually walked by someone and saw….well, let’s just say it wasn’t cute -.-

    and if you put this purring kitty on loud enough it DOEs sound like an alien invasion ^O^

  54. So . . . has anybody figured out what’s reflecting in the kitty’s eyes?

  55. berthaslave says:

    Frappygoddess, much love and loud, soothing purrs!!!!

    It’d be neat if a website like this offered the sound but allowed you to put up a pic of your own kitteh.

    I can’t wait to get home and see if Bertha responds to this like she did the two talking kittehs.

  56. does anyone else hear a laser printer churning out printed pages in the background?

    or was it just the one page, and that’s when the recording loops??

  57. Silent Meow says:

    What a beautiful kitty! And, such relaxing purrs! I just love it!

  58. Does anyone else find this wholly unnerving? Like the scene from A Wrinkle in Time on the pulsating brain planet?

  59. Callie went bananas over her!

  60. Woah, my subwoofer. 😉

  61. That just made my day – reminds me in looks and in “motor” of my dear boy Snickers, who had to be put to sleep in August. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. Thanks for posting this!

  62. Thank you, Meg!

    I just got an email from my employer saying that DHS couldn’t verify my ability to work–apparently someone entered in my info incorrectly, so they thought I was someone else or else not a real person (and therefore an illegal immigrant at best). This notice got to said employer while the person in charge of hiring was away, so they forwarded it to me this evening–after the deadline to contest.

    Now that I may be unemployed very suddenly (and through no fault of my own) I need a little kitty happiness.

  63. OMG… I had to come across this at 3:50 a.m… makez me wannassleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  64. Yitzysmommie says:

    Finally home where I can hear the purrz. Lovely!
    frappygoddess, I am so sorry about your puddum tater. here’s hoping thet can fix her soon. yitzy and i send purrs and hugs.

  65. why, eets…eeets like that fake yule log from the 80s. eets…eets my cat from the 80s, come back to visit me. ees…ees that you?

  66. Is that a treadmill reflecting in kitty’s eye??

  67. My cat LOVES the purring!

  68. purrrrrrrrrrrrrr… and repeat and so on. Gave me the shivers hehe I have only one cat that purrs heavily a tortoiseshell she barely ever meows tho.

  69. Just a head up peeps.. I went to the link and it is no longer working. And I needed a pick me up too. my Minnie Aussie Rylee is in the hospital, has been for 2 days now…Who knew over the counter topical flea stuff could be so dangerous!!

  70. Jmper, I’m sorry about your dog and hope she’s okay.

    What it a Hartz product? Or something containing the same ingredients? This link’s about them pulling their cat and kitten products, but there’s also lots of info out there about their dog flea products too. Just an FYI for other peeps who might not know…

  71. No it wasnt Hartz, it was Sentry Pro..I got it from PetsMart. My vet said that in 9 out of 10 dogs its considered “safe” She actually told me that the over the counter stuff is not safe at all and vets will never recommend it. Poor Rylee just had a bad reaction. She started to lick alot, then she was drooling(which she never does) And I mean drooling ALOT!! I gave her a bath and rushed her to the emergency vet. I have never been so scared in my entire life. I always figured I would be calm if an emergency ever happened in my own home(being in the emergency medical field) But alas I was a basket case! Thank goodness my Dad held his composure, told me to bath her and call the vet….But her kidneys are good, lab work is good they are just having touble getting her to stop tremoring.

    Im not saying dont use over the counter stuff (I wont ever again but I hate people who have a bad expirence and tell people to never use it) I just say use with caution and talk to your vet before hand.

    Sorry about the long post needed to get it all out.

  72. pistache268, its not the first time a ytmnd has been featured here: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/07/good_things_hap.html

  73. Awwwwwww. I feel sooo sleepiez.

  74. acelightning says:

    My Loki is an orange tabby, and when he was that young, he purrrrrrrred *all* the time, and very loudly, too! He still has a loud purr, but now he doesn’t do it all the time, only when he’s lying in someone’s lap or otherwise comfortable. He purrs just as loud in his sleep as he does when he’s awake. And there is no sound in the whole universe as relaxing and comforting as a cat who’s “left his engine running”…

  75. Ummmm … my cat freaked out when I played it. He came out of his sleeping area and looked anxiously into the bedroom. Had to turn it off.

  76. ahh that made me so happy.. i kept reaching out to pet my screen. Thanks! I live over seas in Japan, and I really miss hearing my baby purrrrrrr

  77. Jmper — best hopes for your pup. And as of this morning, the YTMND link is working. (your browser has to allow scripts from “ytmnd.com” though)

  78. Yitzysmommie says:

    Jmper – purrs and hugs from Yitzy and me. How’s the puppers doing today?

  79. My local purring machine is outside at the moment (he refuses to stay in) but when he is in the house I love to put my head against his tummy and listen to him. This lets me do that without all the fur in my hair and on my work clothes. YAY!

  80. Awww! Certainly a good stress buster. I’ve got my own purring machine at home, and its name is Barley… 😉

  81. This is good, but the audio is only a five second loop. Please provide a link to some real-time purring.

  82. ChocoLady — http://mvhspets.org/cats.shtml

    (it’s maybe not *exactly* what you meant… but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need)

    Alternately: http://www.petfinder.com/

  83. This is actually.. AMAZING.

  84. P.S. Frappygoddess–thoughts and prayers are being sent your way!

  85. they need a cuter photo…that cat looks alarmed!

  86. so, as much as i love this website, i have to say that i was more excited by reading the comments and finding out that somebody has a cat named Teaspoon. That, ppl, is amazing and I luf eet! the day is a little brighter now. thank you!

  87. anomalous4 says:

    =YOICKS!!!= This site scared the 7734 outta me!

    I opened it in a background tab in Firefox, and the rumbling noise started when I had just clicked on the “Kids love to jump on beds” video – and when the video was over, THE NOISE WOULDN’T STO-O-O-O-O-OP!!!!!!

    My ‘puter is pretty old, and I was freaking out thinking, “Oh noooooooes! It’s busted!” I quit Firefox and was about ready to reboot the ‘puter when the noise stopped and I remembered, “Oh yeah, I had that purring page open!”

    Guess the joke was on me! =LOL=

  88. i almost toks a nap listening. zzzzz…