Houston this is Milo, over

Houston, come in, over

This is Milo, Over, Houston, please come in, are we cleared for dinner? over


I hate it when Houston puts me on hold too, Scott D.



  1. circuscake says:

    i remember putting this on my first dog- he just put his head in a corner and stayed. he was so miserable!

  2. he’s going to fog up his windscreen if he breathes to heavily….

  3. circuscake says:

    i should mention he was a ten year old pit bull so we had to get him the biggest collar available to fit his neck, but then the rest was *way* too huge and we did try not to laugh watching him trying to navigate around(he was a very dignified gentleman), then we cut it down to fit. he still hated it with a passion, but could kinda get around. i still have that thing in my basement even though he hasn’t been with us for 5 years. i can’t get rid of it.

  4. There’s a dog in my martini!

  5. Great caption!

  6. Is this a dog or a muppet? Maybe its the medication? It has those marble-like eyes and thin scruffy fur…

    Anyone seen the Family Guy where Peter tries to feed Brian (the dog) by dumping a bag of dog food into his cone of shame?

  7. The leeeps are killing me.

  8. “With the blast shield down, I can’t see a thing!”

  9. That thing’s too big for him, no? Will he be able to eat?

    All the same, it is very cute indeed.

  10. Anne Boleyn says:

    Poor baby! I think he is a LabraDoodle, hence the odd but fabulous (non-shedding, non-allergic) coat. Luv my puppers, but wish he wuz mine too!

  11. Carrie - the grumpster says:

    awwwwwwwwwww poor guy – but he just looks too silly not to laugh at him.

    I too love his leeps.

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwww poor lil guy.
    He’ll need some windshields for going out in the rain.

  13. Oh No! The dreaded elizabethan collar is back in style. I hate it when the designers are so over the top. Why can’t they design for the real world?

  14. I was supposed to put one of these ‘lampshades’ on my cat but didn’t have the heart to, or strong enough gauntlets.

  15. sweet jane says:

    I want to beep his big ol’ clown nose!

  16. He looks like he’s floating through space on an amazing journey… singing “Rocketman” by Elton John…

    “She packed my bags last night, pre-flight… zero hour, nine a.m.”

  17. Pyrit, yur over the top!

  18. Meg,

    this might be your best caption ever. Absolutely friggin’ brilliant.


  19. I’m glag I’m not the only one who thinks this dog looks totally like a muppet!

  20. Don’t look up in a rainstorm…

  21. Also, don’t go chasing waterfalls.

  22. Aww, so cute. I think he is a LabraDoodle as well. My friend has one and he too looks like a muppet dog.

  23. Puppy, whatever you do, don’t look up if you’re outside in a rainstorm!!!

  24. Kaero, we’re all just a bunch of nerds and geeks aren’t we?

  25. Oops, The Koala beat me to the rainstorm warning.

  26. this is so cute.
    for those of you feeling sorry for the puppeh.
    believe me, he trashed their house walkin around with this thing on! our german shepards always seemed to have to both wear one at the same time. and it was a disaster.
    there is no amount of ‘doggee proofin’ your house you can do with a wild-animal with a elizabethan collar on!
    revenge is sweet!

  27. “There’s a dog in my martini!”

    Hahaha, LOL pyrit!

  28. pyrit, don’t say that so loud or everyone will want one!

  29. TumorFaceDog is going to need one when she gets that big tumor on her nose removed. Poor girl.

  30. LOL kaero and pyrit!

    This is Major Milo to Ground Control,
    I’m stepping through the door
    And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
    And the stars look very different today
    And here am I sitting in a lampshade
    Near the living roooommmm
    My legs are itchy-poo
    And there’s nothing I can doooooo…..

  31. LOL Berthaslave.

  32. Awwww…hang in there Milo!

  33. Oh, the indognity! To have to wear the collar then to have one of your faithless pets take a peecture of it……

  34. LOL, Pyrit!

    Hehe, poor puppers! So cute and silly.

    BTW, what exactly are these collars for? Are they for disciplining or to prevent them from scratching post-operative wounds and things?

  35. oo00h!

  36. Subhangi — they’re post-op. Pup probably has belly stitches or something like. Plus, they’re just so devastatingly FASHIONABLE, no?

  37. Kim Monique says:

    Ba ha ha! Loved the commenter who quoted “Rocket Man”. This is a Goldendoodle for sure. He looks very perturbed. My neighbourhood is full of puppies who are at the age they get fixed … my 1 year old beagle gets SO freaked out when he meets a dog wearing one of these things – you can practically hear him go: “GAAAH!” they put their heads up and bonk him.

  38. “if i stand real still, Underdog comes in perfect!”

  39. Meg, you kill me. Once the writers strike ends, plz start writing for televisions?