Ferret behbeh, pre-elongation

This 7-week old ferret behbeh is quite blobbular for a ferret. A wise person once told me that ferrets were just "kneesocks with eyes" and this guy has a lot of growin’ and elongatin’ to do!


Maybe a Medieval Rack will help, Claire…



  1. He’s a bleenin’ good lookin little guy though! Ya gotta admit – love me some ferrits

  2. SQUEE!!!! Behbeh ferrets are TOO prosh – and I thought they were cute all growed up! *hops in car to drive to ferret-friendly state to buy one*

  3. Gah! I want! WANT I TELL YOU!

  4. I sooooooooooo want a ferret. However, ferrets are the only animals to which my husband is allergic. I’m working now on convincing him of my overwhelming need for a hedgehog.

  5. he’s still an ankle sock! schweet.

  6. How about a Ferret’s ‘n No Medieval Racks Category?

  7. Okay ferret folks. here is a question,do ferrets swim?

    We know hedgies swim but do ferrets?

  8. berthaslave says:

    The continued illegality of ferrets in Southern California is one of the most redonkulous laws on the books….we Californians are being deprived of some awesome and very cute pets. Free the Ferrets!!!

  9. ooooooooo!

    he’s all poonched up!

  10. I love blobular baby ferrets.

    @Annie:Ferrets can swim, but mine only like water if fills up around them. They won’t go into a full tub. At least not on purpose. Curiosity will often get the better of them.

  11. “Kneesocks with eyes”? Indeed not. They are furry slinkees.

    And, yes, ferrets do swim.

  12. rowenablue, that’s such a logical compromise, it has to work! Has he seen that last photo?

  13. PyroFerret says:

    Such a cute fuzbutt. I got mine when she was that tiny, shes still tiny for almost beign a yr old but shes very hyper lol. And she hates bathtime. But she likes going in after i have taken a shower to lick the water off the tub…very odd hehe

  14. Behbehblob.


  15. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Yup, ferrets swim. They are clsoe relatives to the otter in fact. My smaller ferret, The Cheat, hates water, but his fat,lazy cagemate Otto likes the water.

  16. Has this ferret climbed into a compactor?! even cuter 🙂

    GreenEyedHawk awesome ferret name!

  17. rubber duck says:

    Such a cute ferret and such a cute caption. But please don’t mention medieval racks – those were monstrous devices that killed people.

    Anyway, as I said, cute ferret and love that “Ferret behbeh, pre-elongation”!

  18. Neaww! my baby boy made it on!
    His name is Rascal and he’s now 6 months and done a whole lot of elongatin! There are video’s of him as a baby still on youtube, just search for TartanFerret :o)

  19. Someone told me that ferrets are the pet for people who find kittens “insufficiently stimulating.”

  20. lurkertype: He hasn’t seen the hedgie pics, but he recognized my tone of voice when he heard “ooooo, a baby hedgie”. Initially, he was against having one of those as well, but he’s relented slightly when I mentioned the ferret/hedgie compromise.

  21. I … had no idea they started out like this.


  22. He looks like a guinea pig!

  23. Sir Doctor President says:

    He looks ferocious. No wonder they’re banned in NYC. Thank you, Rudy!

  24. I have to object to the “wise person” who claims ferrets are “just”
    kneesocks with eyes. Ohhhhhh, they’re so much more. They’re slinkies. They’re foot warmers (and ankle attackers). They’re thieves (in the best possible kind of way). They’re eternally happy and playful. And they make really great neck warmers even if they decide not to hang out on your neck for much longer than .02 nanoseconds.

  25. rowenablue.
    your husband could submit to weekly allergy shots, which would solve the “allergic to ferrets”
    excuse. (wah, wah what a babee)
    if he really loved ya he surely would.
    either that, or you could toss him and getcha a ferret, or two, which might not be too bad a trade. 🙂

  26. Whether ferrets swim (or rather whether they enjoy swimming) depends on the ferret. I had one that hated baths, and one that would steal MY bath if I got it ready and didn’t guard it well enough.

    I think this blobbular little ferret is also in “arch” or “eggplant” mode, with the rear end pulled up and kinda tucked under his middle part. So we don’t get to see and appreciate his wonderful furry slinkiness.