Caturday Special: 2X the usual fluff

This kitteh is competing with this bunneh on the Fluffometer. She looks super soft—it’s like she carries her own bedding around with her, she is so floofy.


And, look to the riiiight


Meanwhile, after growing ups, there is even more fluff to go around…


Heather S., these are the ultimate Caturday pics.



  1. Yubi Shines says:

    Giant anime eyessss!

  2. Yubi’s right, this is an anime kitteh. Or at least Puss In Boots eyes.

    The eyes, the floof — this cannot be a real creature. This has escaped from anime land into our world.

  3. Kittens are my weaknees and this I cant even…must look away…SQUEEEEEEEE


  4. Alice Shortcake says:

    Fluff. I has it.

    [And how! – Ed.]

  5. Shrek’s looking for you, hunnybuns! You probably can’t see through the floof. Credit to lurkertype for the Puss in Boots ref.

  6. The upside-down pose is just BEGGING for a belleh rub! *furbrrrtttrrrbttrrttt* Squee!

  7. i need that kitteh to snorgle and apply powder.

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Thanks, Meg for a Flooftacular Caturday pic.
    Think of how this kitting would tickle your nose if you tried to bury said proboscis in the floofy belleh.

  9. ACK! Too cute and too fluffy! He’s so fluffy he could pass for a shag rug in that last picture.

  10. I love Caturday. Feeling so blue because we had to bring our foster kittens (featured here a few weeks back-the tabbys in the carrier) back to the shelter today. I pray they will get the wonderful homes they deserve. We miss them terribly. If we didn’t already have 5 beloved cats we would have kept them all. Fostering is wonderful, but it can be hard on the heart.

    Also, to Jorden, sorry about your kittens. Fostering them is a really great thing to do, and you should be proud of your self. You gave the little fluffs their first home.

  12. Love the head-tilt action in the second one. Ahn!


    yep, that’s a seriously witty comment.

    [you are SO forgiven… – Ed.]
    […out of jail.]

  14. And I shall love you, and squeeze you, and call you Fizzgig…

  15. PRECIOUS!!!!!

  16. berthaslave says:

    Kitteh’s gonna need a lot of combing. And hairball medicine. And LOTS AND LOTS of belly furburts.

  17. The bottom picture reminds me of my Mom’s Persian Ben, and yes, when he rolls over, he wants you to rub his tummy, and he will chase you down if you don’t! 😉

  18. Her eyes are soooo pretty!

  19. I love the sneaky progression of the fluff.
    First picture: yep, that’s one fluffy kitten.
    Second picture: wow, look at that lovely, backlit fluff. The ears, the whiskers.
    Third picture: ACK!
    Poor kitty has tripped over her own fur!

    …I’m fine now.

  20. good gawd, how adorable. and i didn’t know cats could pout either.


    Can’t you peeps see how ABUSIVE the owners of this kitteh have been? It is so obvious that this poor baby is being mistreated! What do you mean you don’t see it???


    They have been smooched BARE!!!

    Poor, poor, abused kitteh!

  22. Momof2kitties says:

    This is just how my Persian spends her Caturday’s too. After a tough week of napping and generally looking gorgeous it’s good to take a day off to rest.
    Do I sense a wee bit of soul sucking occuring here? No matter, I will do her bidding regardless.

  23. I would comment on the floof but my own floof monster is between me and the key board and I can’t think properly munffff hffffn poff… spits out furr…. : )

  24. His head in the adult pic is shaped like Stewie Griffin!

  25. Aww.. Isn’t it funny, in the first two pics, it looks like her eyes are green, and then on the last one, they are brown! It’s a Catmeleon!!

  26. Kitty, you really should use some conditioner,it will help control that flyaway hair :0}

  27. That has to be the cutes cat EVER i have a simees and I thought hewas the cutest, boy was i rong!!

  28. Awwwwwwwwwww! What a gorgeous GORGEOUS kitty! If she was a human, he/she would be a Supermodel! 😀

    And that kitty knows how to *pose* alright too! 🙂

  29. WOW! WOW!! Amazingly, wonderfully, stunningly beautiful kitty!! Oh my gosh, I can’t stop staring at these pictures!! <3

  30. How wunnerful it would be to bury my face – gently! – in this floofy little bundle of love! I’d never want to stop!


    [dives in]

  32. acelightning says:

    Please tell me this cat’s name isn’t “Fluffy”…

  33. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Can’t get nuff of the fluff.

  34. i love it when they grow up/dont grow up.
    the look in the last picture tells the entire story.
    is still a kitteh-en.