Caturday: Burrito-style

This lil’ guy is all wrapped up after his bottle feeding. Can you imagine sleeping in a waffle towel burrito?

I caaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnzzzzzzzz


Check out the guy in the pocket, too…


Burrito kitteh, you are soooo delectabuhls…

Another fab shot from Laurie C. over at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee



  1. That kitteh looks so fuzzywarm and relaxed and contented, he’s practically dead. I just want to take him into bed with me and use him as a hot water bottle.

  2. oh LOL!!!… but I’m’a shut mah mowf riiiiight now.

  3. The one in the pocket is to munsch on later…

  4. “Someone get me out of here!”

  5. berthaslave says:

    So comfortabuhls…so sleepeh….I’m gonna go take a nap…

    How wonderful to see a kittie getting such love and attention.

  6. purrito has a flavor. want!

  7. Holy crap, Mook, I’d totally missed that one!

  8. Poor baby can’t even focus his eyes! Definitely needs me to carry them around. *nods to self*

  9. Ah this is why Im still single.
    Im conservative, but only cute Liberal boys are so cuddly fuzzy cutesy with kitties.
    Conservative boys just wanna shoot up kitty kats.

  10. Who are these men with their adorabuhl burrito/pocket kitties and are they married teehee

  11. Aww.. I just want to nibble his little ears. :3

    XD Just noticed the other kitten in his sweatshirt pocket.

  12. Who is this guy? I want to make love to him.

  13. Ahh, yays–the purrito! The waffle blankie makes this nosh caliente! Tew hilarious!

  14. FYI ladies:
    lover of kitties and burrito roller is my pal nicholas…

  15. weasel_tea_party says:

    Whatever you do, don’t click on the link! You will die of teh cute! Deadly multi-kitten snuggle piles are best handled by professionals.

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    oh! oh! so sweet, i need more insulin stat!
    am 1 finger typing as yitzy is snorling my neck.
    i’d need a king size blankie to burrito wrap yitzak now all 14 pounds of him.

  17. nom nom nom…?

  18. where do i find these sweet men who bottle feed babeh kittehs, wrap them up in waffle blankehs, and nestle them in their sweatshirt powkets? where?? WHERE?????

  19. Actually…it’s a l’il calico girl…but adorable nonetheless!

  20. joan,,, he’s a he ! his name is pierre…

  21. berthaslave says:

    Proud to be a liberal guy who loves kittehs!! Except if I tried to make a burrito out of Bertha (a Bertha-rito?) she’d claw me to smithereens, and no one likes a bloody liberal.

  22. ::sighs::

    Just like Chinese food I’m afraid this teeny leetle purrito would not fill me up and would no doubt leave me hungry an hour later…..even with the after dinner mint in the pocket there. So, Yitzysmommie, ya wanna share?

    I’ll bring the blanket, and some side dishes!

  23. Momof2kitties says:

    OMG. I disregarded weasel_tea_party’s warning. Woe unto me. Teh faces on those critters is too too much for human eyes to take in. I am now ded. Heed my warning all you CO’ers. Don’t go there! 🙂

  24. Bertha slave, god awful bloody liberal you!!!

  25. Teh purrito has kilt me ded.

  26. Ittybitty: Pierre has grown into a handsome guy. Loved the group photo on your site.

  27. Bird of Paradise says:

    Ash … not true! Teh kewt TRANSCENDS political affiliation!!

  28. I just LOVE a guy w/ neat fingernails! Kitty’s cute, too!

  29. waaaahhhhhhhhhhhh …

    “pierre and penny go to their new homes tomorrow. vinny and cassius go to a pet adoption fair. it’s time to say goodbye to the little foster babies”

    goodbyes are SO sad

  30. Is that a kitten in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

    (Sorry, couldn’t help it)

  31. I looked at the IBKC! I looked! I looked … and am ded.
    No dis to the adorable Pierre, but my favorites are Cornelius and Willamina.

  32. Metsakins — not exactly circumspect, are you?

  33. Metaskins must be a sock puppet for Mae West and David Lee Roth. 😉

  34. OMG someone stole my lunch for work tomorrow!!! GET IN MY BELLY!

  35. PS…why cant i find a guy with nice hands like that???

  36. shhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

    wee one kitty…….sleepy time……….


    wee kitty sleepy time……SHHHHHHHHH

  37. ok i totally want the guy too. sigh.

  38. These pictures just make me go
    Then I have to extra snorgle my cats, and they are all like, oh god she’s been looking at CO again, quick, hide under the bed!

  39. I think I knew my then boyfriend would be my future husband when I came home one afternoon and found him curled up in bed, singing made up songs to my cat.
    Always a good sign when they love animals.

  40. Oddly, this little baby looks a lot like my boy did when he got very, very old, especially in that last picture. So cute!

  41. tracyflick says:

    They now serve these at my Chipotle on 34th St. A vegetarian Purrito comes with free guacamole.

  42. This kitten is so cute he just kills me ded. He’s so soft and little and sleepies. Not to mention the bitty ears, unfocused eyes, and pink nosie action.

  43. I want to sleep inside one of those woollen burritos!

  44. acelightning says:

    Wow, that really *is* an Itty Bitty Kitty! Looks as if Pierre had just opened his eyes, but still wasn’t quite sure how they worked. And my first thought about the hands of the man gently holding the kitty was, “hmm, ‘artist’s hands’…” – imagine my surprise to follow the link and find out that Nicholas is, indeed, an artist.

  45. I’m not a burrito fan but how do you not want to chomp on that?

  46. its obvy that you have more than you can handles.
    hand over the pocket pet- s-l-o-w-l-y.
    now step back away from the kitteh burrito.

  47. Ever try to bottle feed three kittens with only two hands? It’s a trip.

  48. Juniper Jupiter says:

    No, you silly gooses!!! It’s not a wee kitteh buh-wee-doh!!! It’s a kitteh push pop!!!


  49. too… fuzzy… must… snorgle… gahh!!

  50. anomalous4 says:

    “i has a flavr, is sweet like icecreemz, & i is in waffel cone 2!”


  51. itstybitsyteenyweenyyellowpolkadotbikini says:

    but tooooooooooooooooooooooooo beeootiful icy creamy kitteh