And now, a dainty-pawwed swimming hedge

Everyone knows that Rule #19 was created just for Hedges like "Kito" here. Please check out the teeny tailio action and the daintiest of swimming/kicking motorboat paws back there.


[motorboat sound] I love how hedges have the craziest mondo body size to small feet ratio.


It’s amazing they can even walk, right Krisa B.? 😉



  1. My hedgiecraft is fullll of eellllllls.

  2. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Sweem, little guy! Sweem!

  3. Theo! For shame! LOL… 😛

  4. The most useful phrase in any language!

  5. another Michelle says:

    aww, his tailio leaves a mini-wake behind him 🙂

  6. teensy legs :O he is like a minature dolls house pufee with dainty feets :> too moishe

  7. The hedgies at the zoo would kill me if I tried this.


    Well, it’s a great way to go…

    *packs extra bukkit for Monday*

  8. Awwwwww, I love hedgies.


    this is so adorable! ahh. so tempting to just nuzzle his little nosey. eeek too cute.

    i wonder how my yorkie would respond to getting a hedgie poo? haha

  10. arachnophile says:

    You totally beat me to it: another Michelle. All I could think when I looked at the close-up was, “it’s got a TAIL-wake – a TAIL WAKE I TELLS YA! SQUEEEEEE.”

    *thud* 😉

  11. The second pic is a total nod to “tocktober”. Veddy nice….

  12. I’m sure I’ve seen this, or something very similar, on here before. Does anyone else remember anything like it?

  13. Anna … there have indeed been many swimming hedgies in the past, but I’m pretty sure Kito is a new addition.

  14. That does it–I’m getting one. Anyone else want to contribute to my hedge fund? heheheheheheh

  15. good grief can things get any cuter around here? hedgies are so cute and silly looking at the same time. i didn’t know they could swim.

    how about getting 4 of those inflatable arm things just to be safe? (they’d have to be really tineh, of course)

    maybe a snorkel?

  16. I wish my hedgie was that happy about getting a bath! I put him in even the teensiest bit of water and he hates me for days!

  17. berthaslave says:

    The only thing I know about hedgehogs I learned from “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland,” so I’ll just say “cuuuuuute” and wait for the other comments to arrive.

  18. Dang it! I told you to make sure to drain the tub after your bath! Just look! That loofah is gonna get all slimy and moldy floating around like this……you know you’re supposed to let it dry out!!!

  19. Momof2kitties says:

    But jen, wouldn’t his pokies make holes in the floaties? I’m just sayin’

  20. Andrea|Nash says:

    Wow! I just found out not only about the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook (which I really shoulof known already) but also about General Tojo AND his sockpuppets!

  21. I love those old Hedgester Williams movies. *sigh*

  22. yankeebird says:

    Why am I the first person to comment on “motorboating”? Am I really the only perv left?

  23. Yankeebird, go back one post, read the second comment under it, and *then* decide whether or not you’re alone in the pervyverse.

  24. Left rudder…. Check
    right rudder… check
    Tail operational.. Check
    Hedgiecraft ready for voyage.
    commence launch…
    Watch out for pirates.

    Aye Aye Captain Hedgie

  25. my nosicle asplode with delight

  26. Awww….what a cutie!!! Stupid question, but do hedgehogs normally swim in the wild? In any case, he looks like he’s having fun.

  27. How do those tiny paws displace enough water to make him go??

  28. Hedgies seem increasingly improbable the more I learn about them.

    Also more qte.

  29. Choke gasp! I’m drowning not swimmink,GET ME OUT!!

  30. That’s not his tailio, it’s his right hind footsie!!!

  31. Andrea|Nash says:

    Gosh, I only heard about Gen Tojo cause he came up when i wikied “hovercraft eels” (which came up when i googled “my craft has eels” cause i knew it couldn’t really be “hedgiecraft”); and all i know is he’s been banned. I don’t know why and i don’t want to. And golly, gosh, gee, the good ol’ MP’s aren’t in the “pervyverse”.

    Oh, wait a minute… is perv like a good thing?

  32. Get him a snokel and a snorgle!

    Can’t you just see a hedgie with a leetle mask and snorkel? It would KEELL me!

  33. Andrea|Nash says:

    Heh, heh, heh,

    Back one “post” not one “comment”

    heh, heh, heh,

    It’s not about me at all

    heh, heh heh,

    everyone who’s reading this is laughing withme , not at me, right?

  34. Andrea Nash.. HEhehehe
    You made me stop and look it up…thanks..

    Snicker.. IT is a monty Python skit… Gads I keep forgetting Teho throws these little gems out in secret computer code…

  35. So Andrea and Theo, if I see a post from Archduke Franz Ferdinand VI of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it’s probably NOT the REAL Archduke Franz Ferdinand VI of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, right?

    [you never know… – Ed.]

  36. Dude cuts some enchanting waves. The water in that tub looks like waterford crystal or crystal pepsi or something like that. Hedgehog: sculptor of water.

  37. Andrea|Nash says:

    Thanks, Annie! It’s ever so much funnier seeing it than reading it.

    Theresa (who knew what Theo was talking about about in the first place and made it more worth looking up), I, unlike Ed, believe you’re right because if he were real, he’d be dead, and he couldn’t post; and if he were alive and could post, he’d be like VII or IX or something, ya see?

    And is his name really Theo or Teho or Ed or what? I understand he’s married to a smooshie and takes care of unwed mothers so he must be nice, but sometimes he’s scary, dontcha think?

  38. dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  39. Andrea N — “Ed.” is short for “Editor”, that’s all. And “Teho” came from CO folks using, um, creative spellings.

  40. :::scratching head in puzzled fashion, trying to decide if “smooshie” is a good thing:::

  41. actually, kito is not new to the site. he has been on here previously with his buddy Sule perched atop a cat.
    and yes hedgies can swim quite well in the wild.

  42. little hedgy wedgy paws…….swim swims!!!

  43. Andrea|Nash says:

    Thanks for answering the questions, Towhee; but I hope it’s because you have as much time on yer hands this Sunday as I did. I’d hate to think you sighed a big sigh and veerrry patiently set the old lady straight. Cause I was just jokin’ round, yknow? After we got in the Monty Python mood and all…

  44. Seen it all now! Go Hedgie Go!

    There is a big HedgeHog show here in Anacortes in October, but they do not have swimming races!

  45. OK, where has everyone been all day?

    I’m terribly alone and tired of staring at this little guy 😦

    I’m BORED!!

  46. I found a site with more links and videos at Enjoy! 😉

  47. Jaye Smooshie is deffinatly a good thing as are you. Andrea Nash… Thank you…. or I would have totally missed this little gem. and it’s our “beloved Ed.” bwahahahaha. altho towhee is pretty funny, hmmm I might have to throw it out there once in awhile..

  48. Awwwww, so tiny and so INTREPID!

  49. acelightning says:

    I was looking at a specialty-foods catalog that came in my snailmail the other day, and one of the holiday treats they were selling was *candy hedgehogs*. Basically, they are like regular filled chocolates, except they’re shaped like an oval with a little pointed “nose” at one end. And they’re covered with sprinkles/jimmies (the short-bits-of-wire kind, not the tiny dots) to represent the spines. They come in four different flavors, each with different-looking sprinkles.

    And looking at the adorable chocolate hedgehogs, the first thing I thought of was cute hedgehog photos in CO.

  50. Andrea N. — are you a birder? Also, it might interest you to know that there’s a *band* of the same name from my home town. (that’s where I came from, not where I live)

    Annie — that’s “Schmoopie,” y’know, not smooshy.

  51. LOL Theo, of course I know…. it was in response to Andrea N calling Jaye your smooshie and
    Jaye wondering if that was okay or not… so I said yes cause smooshie is good too. soft and comforting and tender.

  52. so if he stops wigglin his lil footies, does he float or does he just sink to the bottom?
    is it true that their quils are hollow ? and so i would assume that he would float!

  53. I’m not sure about smooshies (?) but when I get my spa, the hedge is the first one invited (champagne optional).

  54. Everytime I have to give my hedgie a bath, it’s a wild chase to get her to stay in her bathwater. I’ve gotten good at using a sprayer to wash off Pumpkin. Add a little baby oil and she stay soft longer ( and poop doesn’t stick as well). Pumpkin usually rewards me with a completely trashed cage the next day. Hedgies for the most part abhor water. I do have quite a few funny memories of previous hedgie baths. Kito certainly looks like he’s good at swimming.

  55. Yes, hedgie quills are hollow and about 3/4″ long. I have a ton of quills from my Pumpkin who sheds all the time. Hedgies do float, esp. if they are in a ball. It’s really cute to see that.
    also does have Hedgehog chocolates, complete with sprinkles for “quills”

  56. acelighting says:

    Joy – yes, it was the Plow & Hearth “dead tree” catalog. Yummy chocolates, filled with chocolate-hazelnut paste, and shaped just like little hedgehogs, complete with dot for beady little eyes, and “jimmies” for the quills. And no matter how many of them you eat, no actual hedgehogs will come to harm.

  57. Oh lord, it’s a jumprope ryhme!

    I had a little hedgehog
    His name was Tiny Tim
    I put him in the bathtub
    To see if he could swim…