Who invited the ferrets?!

They are like, so grabby. But they do bring good desserts…


I bet you don’t have a single leftover, Tutts S.



  1. ownedby3cats says:

    Ferret’s First Thanksgiving?

  2. Almost bleen.

    Very slinky.

  3. It’s the stretch with the grin. And the little hands and bellah that does it here. Can’t you just see his nose twitching.

  4. Sorry to the chef, but there’s something very UNappetising about that bird. Is that it’s neck??

    I do like the ferret’s little feet though.

  5. The *smile* on that ferret is gonna haunt my dreams…he’s all like “I haf died ded and gone to turckles heven!”

  6. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Awwws o cute lol. Here comes the troublemaker. The next picture is probably that ferret trying his darnedest to drag that turkey off to his hidey-hole.

  7. hahaha Uilleand, I agree, the smile on his face is priceless. Such a cutie…

  8. i’ve been telling people for years to practice table push-aways

    but this is the first time i’ve seen a ferret working on his table pull-ups

    get buff, li’l dude

  9. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh lookit the happy smile:
    “At last, they realize that I’m *reaaallyyy hungries!!*”

  10. Dead animals = the opposite of cute.

  11. I see that plate flipping over the ferret’s head any moment

  12. Momof2kitties says:

    I agree. I forsee turkey covered ferret in the near future! I’m not sure if this is cute (yes!) or gross (yes!)

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    Meester McFerretson: “MINE, all MINE!”
    Who knew that ferrets can smile?

  14. Yitzysmommie says:

    Colleen – The ferret looks pretty alive to moi. What’s your beef?

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    P’raps you’re talking about the murder most fowl?

  16. people, perhaps slinky is pushing the platter ONTO the table, wanting to serve the bounty of turkey to all the guests.

    prolly not though. ;p

  17. Yep. I’d like to be safe from pictures of dead animals on CO. Yuck.

  18. Dead animals in the presence of a darling carnivore = cute.

  19. No, a dead turkey is not cute.

  20. Awww, I like the way his tail looks like a kick-stand. 🙂

  21. Smiley Ferret reminds me it is time to hit the leftovers.

  22. hmm.
    sounds good.
    kinda like turdurkin.

  23. Ahahahaha! That smile is priceless!

  24. Wow, that’s almost an interspecies snorgle!

  25. i wish we had left overs
    sucks to go to someones elses house.

    bah hummers

  26. I have to agree with those who remarked that dead animals are not cute. Would this picture still be here if it were a picture of a turkey leaning over a dead ferret?

  27. Meggy, of course it wouldn’t be the same. Comparing the two is illogical – ferrets are not traditionally eaten by people. Turkeys, on the other hand, are, especially on Thanksgiving! A picture of a roasted ferret would be extremely odd, whereas a roasted turkey is not.

  28. Emily, just because something is traditional doesn’t make it logical.

  29. valliegirl says:

    Well dead animals aren’t cute, but some of them sure are tasty. I think cutie McFerret pants here seems to know that and that’s why he’s smiling.

  30. I didn’t argue that it did…at all. I merely said a roasted turkey wasn’t odd. I called your comparison illogical. I can see where you were coming from, but your analogy was off. That’s all I meant.

  31. I second the overturning of the plate onto ferret’s head, turkey everywhere, the chair and table needing cleaning… and he’ll still have that smile.

  32. haha, aww, but I don’t think the ferret is heavy/strong enough to tip the plate over…although I’ve never owned a ferret. So cute, though!!

  33. Y’know…As a life-time and enthusiastic meat eater, I’ve never once tried to convert a vegetarian or vegan, and I’ve certainly never insulted their intelligence, even when provoked. I feel if that’s their thing, then have at it. I really, really wish some of them could find it in their hearts to extend the same courtesy.

    To me, the thought of chowing down on a rubbery slice of Tofurkey is every bit as disgusting as gobbling a drumstick is to the various V’s. To each his own, people.

  34. get that frickin’ ferret away from my turkey 🙂

  35. oh meggie.
    such a buzz kill
    shut the f— up.
    nobody cares

  36. dawn-

    bah ha ha!!!!!

  37. Ferret = cute

    Bird carcass = gross!

  38. Why oh why is that turkeh on a coffee table? Omg, was this all a set up?! Actually, I don’t care – that ferret is standing!

  39. I can has a turkey plz?

  40. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Beth: That’s not a coffee table. The ferret is standing on a chair that is pulled up to a normal sized dining table.

    Adorable ferret.

    Some of us have no objection to a beautifully browned turkey in a picture. If you want to see really gross and hysterically funny pictures of cooked meat go to: http://www.lileks.com/institute/gallery/meat/8.html

  41. Wow, it must be painful to be so sensitive.
    That smiling ferret is frikkin’ awesome. Hearkening back to Meggy, perhaps you haven’t noticed, but turkeys aren’t cute. Alive or dead.

  42. I didn’t insult anyone’s intelligence; in fact, I’m the one being told to “shut the f— up”, not the one dishing out hostility. I’ve never been a “nuffer” here, but there are certain times when I think it’s valuable introduce a different perspective–in this case, the idea that perhaps it’s strange to swoon over one type of animal and show no regard for another. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone with my comment.

  43. lol that is a cute baby, and dont think ferrets cant knock over something 3 times their size. My Nyx as proven that to me. If their determand to get at something they will. hehe cute little fuzbutts

  44. Peeps, if Meggy had to argue with herself, she’d likely get bored with it……Let’s wait and find out, k?

  45. I kinda want to ague the point of Turkeys not being cute when they’re alive….but cuteness is as subjective and the veggy/meat-eaters argument.


    We had salmon for dinner, and our hamsters had their own little plate. Yuki was attacking the food, and kuma was on his back eatin’ a broccles.

  46. ”Dead animals = the opposite of cute.”
    Indeed. Its nasty

  47. LOL…I love the joy on the ferret’s little furry face. I can just about hear his thoughts: “All this for ME???”

  48. Looks like some of the annoying harping relatives we must endure during the holidays……..have shown up HERE! :O

    They have elevated “party pooping” to an art form! :/

  49. Animals eat other animals. It is the way the earth was created to be. It’s not delightful…but it is the way things are here on earth. A fact of life.

    This is the wrong place to complain of such things…The Creator’s blog would be the place you want to go! 🙂

  50. Lauren Tutt says:

    The subject of this photo is not the turkey and it’s tradition in some families.
    The photo was not meant to offend anyone, it was to be enjoyed by the viewers of cuteoverload. I’m sorry that it offended you in that way.

  51. Awww!! I lurrve the little belly and the stumpy lil legs! Perhaps the cutest ferret I’ve seen in a while.

  52. Yitzysmommie says:

    Lauren, I wanna hear the rest of the story!! Did Adorable Mr McFerretpants get some turkey? Does he/she always smile like that?
    Thank you for posting a silly wonderful Thanksgiving themed pic. I laffed out loud.
    Lisa – Right On!! I have never subjected a veg to my diatribes about how horrible Brussels Sprouts are.

  53. Not to mention, B-sprouts are um…”air inducing” and inflict a lot of pain and suffering on millions of innocent bystanders every year!

  54. anomalous4 says:

    Quick! someone give this little Ferretster a drumstick so he can be all like, “I’m Hennery the Eighth I am!”

    p.s. I’ll have some of those Brussels Sprouts with my turkey, please, and anyone who doesn’t like it can just stay upwind of me, neener neener 🙂

  55. hoo-rah bug mom!
    lerv ya!

  56. Happy Nuffgiving – jeesh that gets tiring.

    Lauren your picture is very adorable – but I worry that the ferret was covered in turkey shortly afterwards. I’m sorry your CO experience got pee’d on. 😦

  57. I think it should be 3 strikes your out. 3rd nuff from someone and they should be banned from the site. There is no reason these chronic nuffer people should even be here. They’re not getting anything from the site. They are going to make people hesitate to send in cute pics.

    Ban them……let them go form a “Save the Turkeys” site!

  58. Lauren Tutt says:

    Please don’t worry about the plate. It weighs a lot more than he does because he’s only just a baby. He cannot tip it over in no way and cause any harm to himself or others.

  59. Aww, Liz, I lerv ya too!

  60. Just how long are ferrets??

  61. can you ban people here?

    Of course, when I first started out – I was having bad days, months really and wasn’t very nice to have around sometimes. I’d have been banned first off.

    Since my life has gotten smoother – so have I.

  62. Tor: how long is a piece of string?

  63. I think we all can agree, regardless if one is veg or not, that the ferret is very charming. But not many people would want to cuddle a turkey, roasted or not. Hence, not so cute. And not so CO. But still great ferret stretch action.

  64. Neil — I’m going to need to meditate now.

    Carrie — banning is definitely possible and has happened, but it’s not a frequent or regular thing. UN-banning has happened too (though even less often, of course).

    Meg & I do reserve the right to moderate this site as we see fit, but we’ve talked about this and there really ought to be *some* basic set of guidelines written out, like the Glossary, about expected guest behavior, etc. You know, things like: If this were a movie it’d be rated PG-13; act as if you were a guest in Meg’s house; no spamming or bots; no direct attacks or belligerent behavior; no off-topic comments (at the discretion of the mods, though we frequently allow some latitude with this one); Meg’s the good cop, I’m the bad cop; I will continue to abuse my parentheses (and ellipses) so you might as well get used to it… etc. 😉

    It’ll all be pretty straightforward understandable stuff, and it’s coming, I promise.

  65. We had a turkey his name was Otis…
    Otis P Rednick.. Named for obvious reasons and I have to tell you all he was adorable and funny and a delight to have as a pet.

    MR McFerretson is so chillin. HE needs a saxaphone to play. : )

  66. “Animals eat other animals. It is the way the earth was created to be. It’s not delightful…but it is the way things are here on earth. A fact of life.”

    Animals have no choice in the matter. You do.

    And comparing vegetarians being offended by death on the table to meateaters not liking brussel sprouts.. actually I’ll leave that alone since it was obviously meant as a joke.

  67. I don’t think it should care if there is a turkey. No one should have to worry about putting something “a tiny bit offense” on CO. Come on people. The ferret’s cute. Turkey was more like a prop for thanksgiving. Can’t we all just get along? xC

  68. People who come here and are “offended” have a choice….they can STAY AWAY. This blog is not testing on animals…or abusing them. When chronic nuffers come here, they are just spoiling innocent people’s fun. And that’s exactly what chronic nuffers want to do. They aren’t serious about spreading the word of animal abuse. They are using animals as a ploy to be a pain in the neck.

    They need to stop using innocent animals to tick people off. This is an innocent site with an innocent intent.

    Any true animal rights activists wouldn’t be wasting their time here harrassing people looking at cute animal pics.

    They would know how to really make a difference for abused animals in this world.

  69. Eoyore – that last comment was well-put.

    That happy ferret makes me happy!

  70. acelightning says:

    The turkey that the ferret is investigating with such intense interest is, in reality, a stage prop, made of paper-mache and cleverly painted to LOOK like someone’s traditional Thanksgiving feast. The ferret is thinking, “Damn, that *looks* like food, but it smells like paint and wet paper”. ‘Nuff said.

  71. I can’t speak for anyone else here who agreed with my comment that dead animals = the opposite of cute, but this is the thing about CO: as an active animal rights activist, I come to CO fairly regularly to see some good news about animals for a change – it gets difficult to be confronting death and pain all the time.

    Most of the time, this site is about traditional companion animals, but sometimes we see a cute kid jumping on a bed, or ducks, or cows, etc – animals that are eaten. Why are such animals cute sometimes and food another, while other animals are cute sometimes and not food?

    It was for these reasons that I was surprised and disturbed to see the dead turkey. Turkeys *are* cute with their crazy waddles and strutty-man walks.

    And for another thing, I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s fun with CO – I object to dead animals here because I’d like CO to remain fun for *everyone*.

  72. Eoyore: Here, here!! Well said!

    Some people will find a way to take offense at ANYHING. If you’re really that sensitive, yet unable to tell the difference in real and perceived “abuse”, then please, do yourself and everyone else a favor. Stay. Away.

  73. “If you’re really that sensitive, yet unable to tell the difference in real and perceived “abuse””

    Come now. That turkey is _really_ dead. I can’t remember seeing a dead animal on CO ever before, and like Colleen said, I like the site because it cheers me up in the face of a depressing world. For many veg*ns, thanksgiving is a difficult time because of having to navigate family situations that make us uncomfortable. CO has always been a safe zone, so it was extra upsetting to see that picture this week. Maybe I’m wrong, but I really can’t remember ever seeing dead animals on CO before, so I could hardly have taken your advice to “stay away”, not knowing what was in store.

  74. Alright. Please for god’s sake look at the ferret. It’s not like the turkey is the center piece. The ferret is.

    Next time I hope they’ll be sure to post a ferret eating a “fake” turkey.

  75. If you’re going to start banning people, could you please ban people like Liz, who tell other people to *shut the f*** up”?

    If you don’t like that some people have a problem seeing dead animals/fowl on a cute site, and that they say so in the COMMENTS section, then why don’t YOU just stay away from the comments?

    And eeyore – Are you so oblivious as to think vegetarians come to this site looking to stir up trouble?

    “Any true animal rights activists wouldn’t be wasting their time here harrassing people looking at cute animal pics.”

    Are you insane? OF COURSE animal rights activists visit Cute Overload–it has picture of cute animals. DUH.

    We all come for the cute animals–but “veggies” don’t distinguish between companion animals and edible ones. They’re all cute to me–yes, even turkeys. And frankly, if “cuteness” was the determiner for what makes something edible or not, I can think of a lot of people who’d be considered food.

    As sick as you are of “nuffers” I am so sick of the bully tactics in these comments. If you want to make this your private club, where the only thing people can say in the comments section is “ooh,” “aahh,” and “so cute,” then do it, and keep people like me out. Make the comments thread a private club, and set out rules like this: “In joining this club, I agree to never say anything negative in the comments section, and never to express concern in the comments section.”

    Until then, if I see a dead animal in a photo on “Cute Overload”–to which I do turn for my “daily dose of cute”–you better believe I’m going to say something.

    Gaah! You bullies infuriate me. I need to go make some tea now and shake you all off.

  76. I’m not referring to any “one comment”. I’m referring to “chronic” nuffers. That harp and harp and HARP. To me, THAT is bullying. And it seems to be going on now whenever I look at the comments. And yeah, I’m probably not going to look at comments anymore…cause it really irritates me to see THAT bullying. Some of the nuffers aren’t vegetarians. It’s been happening waaaay before this particular picture post.

    It’s the constant harping I think is despicable. And making someone who posted a pic of a beloved family pet, cause they thought it cute and wanted to share…feel guilty and bad. That’s wrong.

    I’m thinking a lot of these people must be very young. I’m not. And you learn that you can’t please all the people all the time, and that you can’t always get people to see your side of it, and majority rules, and we are not safe anywhere from things that might possibly offend us. It isn’t fair, but that’s life. I have a special needs kid. I have places I visit to chat on the internet and am never safe from seeing the word “retard”…as it is a part of slang these days. Sure I could blow my stack and harp and post a giant rant everytime someone says that word. But really, what would I get out of it? Nothing. I would whip myself up into a frenzy and ruin chatting with people I enjoy chatting with. The people who say it, don’t mean anything by it. If they haven’t lived your situation, there’s no possible way they could understand.

    You have to let it go at some point. Everyone in the world who doesn’t live in our own world…isn’t a bad person.

    Sure, there ARE times to speak up for what you believe in. But if you’ve spoken up, and others don’t see it your way..or they continue to say/do things that upset you…then you don’t keep at them, it’s not healthy for yourself.

    I think the reason people have “blown up” and sworn at someone, or posted thoughts as I have..wasn’t from any particular post under this picture. It’s been building from seeing so many negative posts over time. It’s in no way aimed at vegetarians. Like I say, I’ve seen plenty of trouble caused here over non vegetarian issues.

  77. The prominent butt-u-lence on that turkey is the only thing that bothers me.
    Whoa, say nay to the butt-tu-lence, say nay. Turkey Butt, Turkey Butt, Nay Nay Nay.

  78. I personally know the people who sent this in, and they are young and have a therapy animal in their house. D: So please why do you make this such a big deal? They didn’t know.

  79. I appreciate your reply eeyore. My point is this:

    If different people write comments in which they say the dead turkey makes them sad, what is the harm? This particular photo made me sad, but I didn’t feel compelled to write anything until I saw the intolerance expressed in the other comments. If you have a gripe with one particular person, please work it out with that person, and desist from lumping anyone who voices sadness or concern into one category.

    I’m 39. I’m not hysterical or ignorant. I recognize that people still eat turkey. It’s still a tradition for the rest of my family. Do I enjoy seeing the turkey carcass? Not much. Do I enjoy seeing jokes made about food animals? Not much.

    As a vegetarian, I can tell you that I’ve had people get aggressive and condescending about my food choices without me having said anything to provoke their animosity. Merely the fact that I’m not partaking in the meat is enough to send some people over the edge.

    I’ve been through enough of these comment threads now, that I’ve seen a lot of that same vitriol hurled at anyone who questions the cute, or expresses concern about what they perceive as troubling. I’ve seen people making comments like “Waiting for the nuffers and commentroversy…” as though daring someone to make a “nuff” comment. Which makes me suspect that some people come here to pick a fight.

    My request is this: If someone makes a comment in which they say the image makes them sad, just let it be. Why start a fight by ridiculing them or telling them to leave? Just let them be. Please.

  80. As a personal friend to them I do not like the comments made about this picture, I thought it was sweet that the ferret could share in Thanksgiving festivities. But please keep in mind the people who have sent this in are feeling really bad right now for sending it in. Just don’t get self-righteous in your rage that there is a turkey in the photo.

  81. brit – My “rage” isn’t about the turkey–as I said above, the rest of my family eats turkey. I don’t think they’re evil, nor do I think the senders of this photo are evil.

    As I also said above, even though seeing the carcass made me sad, I didn’t feel compelled to write in until I saw some of the comments.

    So please, if you’re addressing me, take the time to read what I’ve said.

    I have not said anything against the people who submitted this picture.

  82. And since I suspect you’ll bring this up:
    “Until then, if I see a dead animal in a photo on “Cute Overload”–to which I do turn for my “daily dose of cute”–you better believe I’m going to say something.”

    My point there was that I think I have a right to say something in the comments section if an image makes me sad. My point is not that your friends are bad people.

    [We ARE done with this argument now. Move on. – Ed.]