Nooooooooo little duckeh, Noooo!

Don’t do it!

It’s not worth it!



Nice captioning, too, D’Arcey C. 😉



  1. maybe they should try that with a penny instead!

  2. Quick! Someone run down the line waving their red flannel knickers on a stick! Stop that train!

  3. This is what peer pressure does to you…

  4. Wowdragons says:


    I can just imagine the mummy duck coming along and shouting ‘get your beak off that line right now!’

  5. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM< Jimmy is daring us again !!!!!!!!
    I don’t wanna cross over those tracks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just want to scoop them up and move them OFF the tracks!

  7. Girls on the right boys on the left!

  8. I don’t like this pic. It makes me very nervous. They are really cute ducklings though.

    *pops popcorn and waits for worse nuffers than me*

  9. luckily there are so many railway strikes right now^^

  10. Momof2kitties says:

    I love how they’re sorted by color. Very organized!

  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    “Suicide HotLine, may I help you?”

  12. sockmonstersarai says:

    I thought it was more of a group EEHHHNN! moment. Someone scoop up the bebeh duckies and help them over the line! Free snorgles to the first 7 picker-uppers and lifter-overers!

  13. Yitzy — LOL!!

  14. Aww, this does make me nervous to, hope the photographer made sure none of the bebeh quackers came to any harm. I love duckehs!! I have a pond near my house and look forward to the new bebehs every year and make sure I feed them lots of bread crumbs :o)


  16. “If Johnny dared you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge . . ?”

  17. MOooom ohhhh Moooom We’re Stuck Quaaaaaack help Quaaaaack

  18. erin eloise says:

    That’s how I felt at Thanksgiving dinner last night…


  20. This just makes me very sad 😦
    But maybe that is because I knew people who actually jumped :(:(:(

  21. Chelonianmobile says:

    Yeah, I think this may be a Cute Or Sad candidate. Still … awww, duckies. ^_^

  22. its a train tack.
    how da ya jump from that?

  23. teho.
    some calming influence here?


  25. i hope whoever took thi picture took it and then picked uo every little fuzzy duckling and took it faaar far away from train tracks because that just disturbs me! but of course, they’re still cute…

  26. it appears to me, by the wood plank under the duckies feet, that they ARE on the train tracks. hopefully my eyes decieve me.

  27. maybe it’s a closed railway.

    I’m sure the photog didn’t let the duckies get hurt. People who take pix of cute animals don’t let them get hurt — I don’t, you (general) wouldn’t!

  28. uh, you jump to train tracks, not from them.

  29. Um, yeah. Stop and take the picture, then wander off. I’m *sure* that’s what they did.

    If nothing else, the presence of a human shuffling around just after that picture might be enough to get them all to waddle off.

  30. “I’ll lay my head
    On that lonesome railroad line
    I’ll let the 10:19
    pacify my worried mind”

    That ducky has da blues.

  31. Duckie’s name must be Peanut.
    Poor thing’s heart must be all a-flutter.

  32. So… what’s the deal with the colouring?? Most young of animals are all the same colour – why do we have 3-4 yellow-black & 3 yellow? Two different litters? Gender? I’ve never seen that kind of cross-pollination before…

  33. Then the 4:09 came right on time and whoops………..

  34. Why isn’t this in cute or sad? 😦

  35. after over 14 hours, i just discovered how fortunate i’ve bleen!

  36. ok….stop worrying you ’nuffers. “IT’s FEGGIN’ CUTE!!! If you gunna be so paranoid then just imagine they’re jumping into som frozen pond in New York. Duckles trying to skate on the ice….BAROO 😛

  37. i feel like that ducky

  38. Chelonianmobile says:

    On close inspection, the track is slightly out of focus. I think this may be a case of camera angles making it *look* like the duck’s head is on the track. No suicidal duckies here. *phew*

    Maggie – probably something to do with dominant and recessive genes. Or maybe two flocks of ducklings got out at the same time.

  39. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be head and shoulders above the rest.

  40. *Quick! Tell us what you see. We can’t hold you up much longer…HURYY! The train is coming!*

  41. Aww it is cute how he/she is the brave ducklette checkin’ things out for everybody!

  42. Ducky Lucky….Yup trains coming. When it stops we all get aboard and it’s lake Tinkle here we come.

  43. Lake Tinkle in Nacogdoches?

  44. PS Don’t ever stick your beak on the rail. The firemen won’t come anymore.

  45. the rescuers look like a six-pack of marshmallow peeps, peeps!

  46. Oh Theo!


    It is my most humble of opinions (and I believe this, simply because it comforts me) that the train track looks very rusty. Usually if a track is still in use, the top surface will be shiny. In this case, it doesn’t seem to be.

    But that’s just me.

    So, I can enjoy the cutie patootie duckehs!

  47. teeno, maybe I misunderstand your concern but railroad ties stick out on both the sides of the rails so the duckehs are probably not actually on the tracks. And when a train came the loud noise and vibration scared them away and everyone is fine.

  48. oh oh, somebody tell me duckeh was okay after this??

  49. gaaa.
    i lerv me some babe’ duckies.

  50. circuscake says:

    yeah, duckie- i know exactly how you feel…

  51. Yitzy — LOL!!< --- ditto x 5!

  52. Everyone is so worried about the duckies… If a train was coming they wouldn’t stay on the tracks, much less keep any part of their bodies on the rails themselves. Relax, people.

  53. berthaslave says:

    I think what happened wuz, the tracks are frozen stiff, and they dared tall duckeh to lick it, now his tongue is frozened.

    Those tracks do look pretty old…I think the duckehs are prolly safe. And if there were a choo-choo rumblin’ down the tracks, they’d fly away toot-sweet.

  54. I feel sorry for you Americans having thanksgiving to suffer aswell as the other holidays hehe. Ducklings are so cute they are so small fuzzy and fat I just want to give them the tinest of strokes on their fluffy little feathers ^.^

  55. the duckies are lovely – it worries me that they’ll be hurt – but there are fox and possoms and raccoons to worry about too. 😦

    we had a suicide in my town Thanksgiving day 😦 this hit a little close to home.

  56. Carrie, how awful, I’m so sorry. I hope the lovely duckie faces and soft fuzzy bodies will help lighten your day. I’m sure those kids are fine, they were just out exploring.

  57. Bebeh duckies were probably following mama duck somewhere and were having trouble getting over the rail.

    As for the question of how duckies are different colors, it looks like mama was a mix of mallard and white domestic (bred from mallards), and then daddy was either a mix, or there were two different daddies. Duck clutches often have a bunch of different daddies.

  58. Awwwwww, bebeh ducklettes! I love the black patterning.

  59. acelightning says:

    I can just imagine all the other ducklings going, “Hey, get down! You had your turn! Let somebody else get up there and take a look!” (Or, in Duck, “QUAAAAACK quack quack quack quack-quack! Quack quack quack quackity-quack!”)

  60. Aha…so these are the pictures Konrad Lorenz did´nt want the world to see….

  61. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Nooooooooo! Save those duckehs pweeeese.

  62. Yeah, looks like they’re already on the tracks. I just hope they made it over okay (though presumably they made it over the other rail to get to this point). So, I just hope they made it over safely and quickly, the little fuzzies. Re: them being able to fly away–um,I thought ducklings this young couldn’t fly yet??

    By the way, we run into this situation with Canadian geese–I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve almost had a heart attack seeing them cross traffic with their babies–usually when I’m not close enough to help. Thankfully, they’ve always made it.

  63. Those are Muscovy ducklings, they come in a variety of cute colors.

  64. Linda Burdecki says:

    I’m so glad that you had your camera! Beautiful photo!