Thanksgiving is for… Sharingks [head tilt]

Kiara (the pekingese) and Arwen (the chihuahua) sharing a rawhide stick for Thanksgiving. Let’s give them a round of applause for not yipping at each other for a whole 2 minutos.


S.R., [holding out the wishbone in your general direction] Make a wish!



  1. grizzlymama says:

    Hmmm… Just wait till they meet in the middle!

  2. Momof2kitties says:

    Lady and the Tramp!

    Happy Thanksgiving all you CO’ers out there!!

  3. i am thankful for cuteoverload!

  4. Momof2kitties says:

    CO made it onto our Thanksgiving Tree.

    What is this you ask? Each year I make a trunk out of brown construction paper and tape it on the door to our deck. I cut out a bunch of leaves in fall-ish colors and leave them out with a pen. Then as people come over they take a leaf and write on it what they are thankful for and tape it to the trunk–it can be anything. Over time the tree fills up with leaves. It looks so cool! I saw on a red leaf the other day. YAY!!

  5. Carrie - Gobble Gobble says:

    I am thankful for TEH QTE myself. It has brightened my day many times!
    Thankful for Meg also… 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the world!!!

    OOOO Thanks Teho for doing silly things for me once in awhile and for hanging around and being [Ed.}

  6. Yay indeed!

    We are most thankful for TEH PEEPS! (That’s y’all.)

  7. That chihuahua doesn’t look thrilled about sharing but this is definitely a kodak moment

  8. Hey, Arwen the Wah-Wah has been posted before! Quite the holiday pup, it seems…

  9. Happy Thanks Giving. Thank you CO and all the peeps. IT has been a long year for me and the Cute has definatly made it infinitly more bearable. Dog-able, cat-able, hamster and hedge-hogable.

  10. Thank you Meg & Theo for making our day every day. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving

  11. holla back girl says:

    like beauty and the beast! that is the best movie! haha

  12. Hooray! A Pekingese who looks like a Peke! I used to be the only dogsitter for an excellent Peke breeder. All of her dogs were happy and healthy and gorgeous. Thanks for great memories!

  13. Cute, but I’m surprised that no one has mentioned that rawhide isn’t good for dogs. I’m not sure I remember why, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a dog, but I *think* because rawhide splinters. Can anyone affirm or correct this?

  14. berthaslave says:

    BEYOND thankful for C.O., Meg, Theo, and all the resident cuteologists. Have a great holiday everyone — even the ’nuffs!!!

  15. I wanna kees the shiny lil chihuahua on his wee lil haid! You know it’s soft.

  16. Is anyone else seeing the spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp?”

    And yes, big thanks to CO for brightening every day. Long live cuteness!

  17. Actually, rawhide is great for dogs and many chew toys are made out of it. Chicken bones are bad for dogs.

  18. Mom of 2 Kitties, what a lovely tradition!

  19. How can you not love a Chihuahua? HOW, I ask.

    I mean rilly… how?

  20. They say that rawhide isn’t good for dogs because it can cause intestinal blockages, it doesn’t splinter.

    My dog prefers Bully sticks (dried bull penis), but they stink to high heaven.

    [I have nothing to say about this. – Ed.]

  21. Awwwww, that wah-wah looks smaller than the Peke’s head!

  22. I just came to this post—
    EEEEEWWWWWWW, Danielle!
    neva heard of that before!

  23. The peke looks like someone
    inflated the chihuahua and glued hair all over it.

    thanks CO for many many moments of amazement and (turns head to side) “aannngh!”

  24. Peke’s all like ‘Betch, PLEEZE. You ain’t gettin’ this away from me.’

  25. That Peke looks like she is going to stop sharing any second.

  26. Judy fur mamma of 3 says:

    Kiara just grabbed my heart !! I had a sweetie who looked SOOOOOO much like her. She went to puppy heaven in 1991 at 15+ years. Give Kiara a BIG kiss for me. Please.

  27. do I see a kiss in their future?…yes I think I do!!

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