Thanksgiving at Winstons’s

People, let’s go over to Winston’s house, he’s have a feast of various house plants, yellow curry!?, regular kitteh food, bananas, salad, pickles, ice cream,   Triscuits™, enriched buns, celery, various other mushy substances.  But let’s not kid ourselfs, People, the music is the best part.

Serious, the music is the best part, espeshe going to the bridge while eating a house plant. Pure art. [squinting eyes, head to side, nodding] Yes. Yes, art… Brooke B. and Rich at FourFour 😀



  1. Yay! Winston’s back… I’m thankful for puppies, and kittens, and Meg, and Theo, and cute overload…

  2. Oh geez, not the Cannibal Holocaust music >.< . Other than that, cute.

  3. Why the bloodbath typeface in the credits? weird.

  4. heartwarminks!!!

  5. Very cute, but… I heard no music!

  6. Aww. cute. Wait…the guy is hawt. a hawt guy who loves his cats more than life is ok by me.

  7. Happy THanksgiving, Peeps! Lots of pudding and your favorite feast to all. Our kitties and husky have feasted on boiled turkey giblets and are snoozing on the furniture, so I think they’re happy too.

  8. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Judging by the other Winston videos I’ve endured, food seems to be the motivating factor in his life! Nawm, nawm, nawm…

  9. michellemybelle says:

    I thought piggies had snouts? Is Winston (and other kitty) a new kind of pig?

    Happy Turkey Day!!!

  10. While eating the plant, the song doesn’t go to the bridge rather it modulates up to a higher key.

    Which is just as cute. 🙂

  11. Winston, other cat, and his special humans have a great deal to be thankful for.

    I am glad CO helped us share their special moments.

  12. The ‘bloodbath typeface’ is becuz the music is the theme to the movie “Cannibal Holocaust” from 1979-80ish. (“Blair Witch Project” totally ripped that movie, btw.)

    Near the end of CH, a professor opines: “I wonder who the real cannibals are.” which explains the similar statement at the end of this brilliant video.

  13. JulieRaven says:

    I loved it when he stared down Winston to keep him from trying to eat the food…then looked like he would EAT Winston, but instead kissed 😀

    And the shoving each other out of the way for the food bowl lol 😀

    “Are you still eating my plants?” “*grumpy noise*”

  14. Celery, he eats celery…

    *walks away muttering*


    *turns around*


    *shakes head, celery*

  15. The yellow on Winston’s face is egg yolk.

  16. “I said ‘feed me *with* chopsticks,’ not ‘feed me chopsticks.'”

  17. Winston and Rudy have officially made my Thanksgiving better. I love those piggy little guys!

  18. Cauliflower says:

    I love the growl at the end.

  19. Who is Winston’s whiny, stripey colleague? I loff heem, too.

  20. Ah, the “shove the cat back with your elbow while he tries to get at your food” move. Every cat owner knows it well.

  21. Honeypants says:

    OMG! How does everyone else know that this is the Cannibal Holocaust music?!?! I just saw that movie 2 nights ago and nearly fell out of my chair when I heard the music here! How awesome! I did not realize that movie was so popular…

  22. Some of us just spend a *lot* of time on the internet, Honeypants.

  23. winston is cute, but the dude in the black shirt is better!

  24. is there anything these cats won’t eat??? lol

  25. Theresa- That would be the equally lovable yet sometimes underrated Rudy! I luff them both. Winstone is always my background on my comps. Whenever I see him I want to eat his face!

  26. Not sure what the best part is, but I love Winston eating green peppers… hahaha

  27. wagthedogma says:

    If I fed my cat all of that stuff, my house would be a kitteh vomitorium by nightfall. But they ARE cute. And I love little kiss the guy plants on Winston’s head. Awww! 🙂 (Just keep the Pepto handy, dude.)

  28. Tuff-lookin’ dood smoochin’ his kitty just made my day.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all you folks south of the border!!

  29. Winston & Rudy – Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Simpson O'Brien says:

    this was the best invitation i’ve received. thank you, winston!!!

    ps.may i adopt you as my family for the holidays?

  31. And cats are supposed to be picky eaters! Ha!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  32. GerbilNibble says:

    I KNEW vegetarianism wasn’t all that ‘fringe’ afterall!

  33. Meg, thank you for all your work all year, finding and captioning wonderful bits of whimsy!

  34. fu-rheals

    now i know why winston is always annoyed

    he can probably smell turkey coming from every other house on the block, and he’s nomming celery and cheez-wiz

    i’d be tetchy the other 364, too

    unless they had extra bananas

  35. Bananas? Bananas..?? That’s the one thing all my cats have universally hated because of the smell, yet Winston was tearing into it. *shakes head* And chewing the celery with his little fangs was hilarious!

  36. Alice Shortcake says:

    Careful with those chopsticks, Winston. Having a flat face makes it so much easier to poke an eye out! And as for the celery sequence…well, it’s not something you see every day of the week.
    Except in Winston’s house, probably.

  37. Gobble, gobble to you too Winston you li’l sweet man.

  38. I’m surprised Winston doesn’t weigh 50 lbs!

    And love the green face he gets from peas (?), after pushing the other cat out of the way to get to the bowl.

  39. Those have GOT to be the strangest and most delightful cats in the world.

  40. LOL I love how winston was pushing the other resident kitty away from the food bowl so that he can shove his whole face into it LOL! and this is the first time I see a kitty eat banana!

  41. If you told me I’d wake up Thanksgiving morning to find a CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST tribute (complete with Riz Ortolani soundtrack) on Cute Overload, I mean, WOW…

  42. Tricia Garrett says:

    Those cats are ravenous!! I’d check for worms.

  43. Did anyone else cry? So sweet and funny and full of love-I love that family!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  44. circuscake says:

    i am seriously jealous that winston is such a good eater- my kitty is soooo picky…..

    fruits and veggies have few calories and lots of nutrition so animals can eat quite a bit of them. now bread and triscuits is another story…

  45. Cute! But…..several if not most houseplants are poisonous for cats you know. I had one of mine spend some time in a hospital for eating one leaf of a diffenbachia. Lucky to have survived. Just and FYI, hate to see our beloved Winston come to any harm for entertainment expense. Happy holidys to all!

  46. My Abbysinian kitty also loves bananas. I thinks it’s the strong smell that attracts her. She also loves strawberry yogurt! My favorite part is when hunky guy kisses Winston. Awwwwwwwww.

  47. Are you still eating my plants,,, Urrrrrrr (Translation…Does catnip still make me happy?)

  48. Hi everyone, HAppy Thanksgiving. I hope everyones thanksgiving feast is as varied and yummy as Winston’s

  49. charliewabba says:

    Add another vote for the best moment being tough guy in black t-shirt planting a smooch on Winston’s face-
    Although I also much loved the head-in-the-triscuit-box momen. My late first (and best-loved) cat max once got his head so far down in a box of Ritz crackers he got stuck, and cleared a table full of dirty dishes with it before we could get it off. (partly because all the peeps present had slid down the walls weeping with laughter and were temporarily incapacitated.)
    happy happy Thanksgiving to all – I am very thanksful for my 5 kittehs and 5 birdies, and for the husband who talked me in to adding them to our household.

  50. Curry? Pickles? Celery? So not volunteering to clean out THAT litter box!

    Yeah Winston! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  51. anniesparkles says:

    I usually don’t appreciate flat-faced cats so much, but,
    “There’s Something About Winston.”

  52. anniesparkles says:

    Oh yeah, and I love the part at -0.50,
    Celery, Winston?
    Really. If that just isn’t a kick in the pants.

  53. That made my morning. I had NO IDEA kittehs would eat such things! Rudy and Winston are so awesome anyway, and then to see them stuck in cracker boxes and gnawing on celery…sigh 🙂

  54. Banana and celery were my favs to watch. Do either of them eat olives? My cat starts begging right after I open the olive jar.

  55. HAHA! Happy turkey day Winnie! 🙂

    Too, too moishe.

  56. In case the “bridge” reference was the rainbow bridge, you can rest assured, Meg, spider plants aren’t poisonous…just hallucinogenic…

    Happy Thanksgiving to all south of the border!

  57. Hi CO People,
    I’m another long-time lurker. This is actually my second post – I snuck one in a few days ago. But I wanted to join the chorus of people thanking Meg, Theo, Winston, Rudy, and the CO regulars for a great year.

    I can’t decide between kiss-planted-on-head and head-in-Triscuit-box for the best moment of the videeo. But for sure Winston’s Thanksgiving dinner is going to be better than mine – food isn’t our strong point (dry turkey a specialty) but we enjoy being with family!

  58. … Is Winston’s person single? 😉 Not that I am… I’m just curious, really…

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  59. Happy Thanksgiving!!! And I’m thinking Winston’s Owners are a teeny tiny bit cuter than Winston Himself =)

  60. Wrench winston’s owners are a couple.

  61. Now we know how Winston got the flat face! Dive bomb kisses!!!! I love it!

    Happy Thanksgiving, peeps! And a very happy Thanksgiving to Meg and Theo to whom I am grateful for all the cute, and exposing me to some of the best people I have ever known!

  62. Winston! Yooo hoo kitty! Wanna lick teh sweet potatoes off my masher? C’mere. Needs more vanilla you say?
    I’ll call ya when the mushroom gravy’s ready.
    “Happy Fangsgiving!”
    (wink Stephel)

  63. Silent Meow says:

    This is the first time I have ever seen a cat eat celery. lol

    Winston cracks me up.

  64. Great video!

    Happy Turkey Day to everyone at CO, Winston and his family!


  65. Man, that Winston is a pig!

  66. Hahaha! I approve! Happy Fangsgiving, everyone!

  67. Geez…that cat must have a tapeworm or something!

  68. wow. winston already looks wierd with his smushycatface, but when the teeth come out to chomp on the celery, he looks like an unnamable, ravenous, scary creature from outer space. hilarious.

  69. Odd choice of music considering the film “Cannibal Holocaust” contains actual animal killings, including:

    – A squirrel monkey has its face cut off with a machete.
    – A pig is kicked and then shot with a rifle
    – A large, screaming coatimundi is stabbed multiple times in the neck by an actor.
    – A large turtle is decapitated.

    Is Winston’s owner making some sort of philosophical statement about Thanksgiving?

  70. so does winston get his own category yet?

  71. Benny's Mum says:

    Winnie totally rocks!!!!

    My monster lurrrrves broccli but it gives him evil butt!!!

  72. XD I love Winston! I vote for a Winston category!

    And Vic, seriously, don’t harsh my cute.

  73. ka9q's wife says:

    I love Winston from afar. It’s better that way. I think I love Winston’s owners too. They are so cute.

    What makes this video is the weary query at the end about Winston still eating the houseplants.

  74. berthaslave says:

    Since we had the “baroo” video a couple days ago, I nominate this video for the definition of “nom nom nom nom.”

    And it suddenly struck me, peeps, how could we have been so blind: WINSTON IS ERIC CARTMAN IN CAT FORM!!!! Grouchy. Greedy. Pushy. Thinks he owns the world. NO KITTEH, THAT’S MY CELERY!!!

  75. Happy t-day to all, esp Meg and Theo. This site rocks my world in so many ways. Winston and Rudy just made me SOOO happy.

  76. hate to neff, but carbohydrates are the kitteh road to diabetes and all the bad things following.

  77. I was wondering why I was feeling slightly nauseous while watching this movie when I realised the music was from Cannibal Holocaust. Ah god!

  78. I lol’d at the horror movie font.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Meg, Theo, Rudy, Winston, their daddies, C.O. regulars and non-regulars, and all animal fans!

    And sure, why not? Happy Thanksgiving to the nuffs. 😛

  79. Man is there anything that cat WON’T eat?!?! I just about fell out of my chair laughing so hard. A cat eating a banana?! I though my kitty was a greedy little pig, well, he’s been shown up!

  80. Berthaslave!!! LMAO! You’ve pinned it!


  81. I am feeling sad this Thanksgiving because 1) it is the first T-giving without my grandmother (she passed away in April) and 2) I am sick today and thus was unable to drive up and spend the day with my family. Somehow, this made it better. I am thankful for CO. And for the Philo kitteh camped out in my lap because he’s cold.

  82. acelightning says:

    Winston is going to need another one of those very loving baths to get all that stuff out of his otherwise-perfect fur! The other kitty (who is also gorgeous) is going to need a bath as well. They are two very pampered and well-loved cats.

    Happy Turkeyday (or Tofurkeyday, if you’re so inclined) to Winston, his fellow feline, their humans, and everyone reading CO!

  83. englishwoman says:

    happy thanksgiving, amurricanians!

  84. I think the cats need to be more voracious.

    Lucky the fingers didn’t disappear.

  85. I’m completely in love with Winston, I don’t know how many times I’ve watched all his videos.

    Vic, I’m with you there. I’ve seen the unrated version of the movie and couldn’t watch those parts since the animal killings were real. The scene where they cut the monkey’s face off with the machete was filmed twice, so two monkeys actually died. Seven animals died in the making of that movie…all intentional.

  86. snoopysnake says:

    I think this might explain why Winston needed a bath before. I’m guessing that this was a special treat day for the kitty cats and that they dine more sensibly on normal days. Their owners seem to be real cat lovers and probably wouldn’t let them overindulge very often.

  87. I saw hubby’s computer playing this video across the room and I said, “That’s WINSTON, isn’t it!” I just knew.

    I need to add him to my list of things to be grateful for.

  88. LOL when i read enriched buns, i thought you meant bunnies of enrichment.

  89. It’s so funny to see Rudy chomping on that plant again! He looks so ferocious.

    I’m a fan of, which is the blog of one of Winston’s owners. I’ve seen videos there of Rudy chawin’ on that houseplant before, so I’m guessing it’s a variety that is safe for kittehs.

    I also read that Winston had digestion trouble when he first came to live with the Fourfour guys. He was a rescue, and his previous owners may not have taken good care of him, so the Fourfour guys had to do a lot of research to figure out a diet that worked well for him.

    From what I’ve read, it seems that Winston is healthy and happy now, with no more tummy problems. So I’m sure they’re quite familiar with the gastronomical limitations of Winston and Rudy. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and each! Thanks for posting this, I love Winston.

  90. Wow. So I guess if you made a Venn diagram containing circles for ‘Cute Overload’ fans and ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ fans there would be substantial overlap. Who woulda thunk?

  91. Have to hand it to Winston’s dad for sitting cross-legged, kind of cupping his bits and pieces on film.

    That cat is a bottomless pit!

  92. Love Winston & friends, Hate horrible Cannibal Holocaust movie. I think this would be the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Meg. Sorry hun, the music is the worst part. I honestly never thought I’d see this many supposed animal lovers actually watch that movie. *shudders*

    Still, this video is adorable. I LoL’d at the end “Is he still eating my plants?” “Rurrrr…” *munch*

  93. I don’t know if this has been said, but I love how everytime the other kitty is eating something, Winston comes along and pushes him out of the way.

  94. Omg, I… I ’nuffed… this is a sad day. *hangs head in shame* Sorry gang. Won’t happen again.

  95. Pearl Ostroff says:

    The plant being eaten is a spider plant and is not dangerous to cats. Cats, in fact, LOVE spider plants.

  96. Those two are the most food obsessed cats I have EVER seen!

    the celery!!! PEOPLE THAT WAS AWESOME!

  97. Holy carp! That cat goes way, way beyond “so ugly it’s cute” territory. It looks EVIL! Like it’d bite your face off! D:

  98. Evil my foot. Winston is a smooshy-faced angel.

  99. Haha, it’s the Cannibal Holocaust main theme by Riz Ortolani. Animals are killed for real in that movie! 1 pig shot to death, 1 turtle hacked to death and a little rodent thing pierced to death. Aah, the irony.

  100. The monkey killing, isn’t that Cannibal Ferox? I often confuse the italian cannibal movies of the late 70’s early 80’s.

  101. There may have been a monkey killing in Cannibal Ferox, but there was most certainly one in Cannibal Holocaust. And it’s not staged, it was for real. And the scene was shot twice so two monkeys died for one scene.

  102. Aw, our favorite celebrity kitty is back again 😀

  103. Oh man, Winston’s owner is quite the hottie!


  104. You know, I don’t think this is LITERALLY everything Winston and Rudy ate on Thanksgiving day… more likely a compilation of various snippets their dad has taken of them eating over the past few months. So don’t be worrying about the litterbox.
    This is a lovely video.

  105. possumpiratess says:

    Made me cry! Made my day! Thank you, Meg and Theo and all the rest of the CO crowd! Happy Thanksgiving!

  106. Thanks Mary, for clearing that up. I had them confused. Both movies are great though:D

  107. I joined the Winnie fan club the first time I saw him! Winston was much quieter than usual – so food is how you keep him quiet?

  108. Wow, did you see the fangs on Winston? I’d give him any food he wanted! And wow, what a little piggy! LOL. Cute cute cute.

  109. yankeebird says:

    I too want to add my thanks to Meg, Teho, and all of CO. I’ve had a rough year, and when times were at their toughest, I think the first thing that helped me laugh through some of my tears was Cute Overload. So thank you for helping me get through a time I never thought I’d get through.


    Video=adorable. One of my two cats is absolutely a chowhound, and anything I put down is fair game. She’s gone as far as to take food out of my mouth if I let her, and to attempt to take it anyway if I won’t. It’s hilarious watching it put to music, even if the music comes from what sounds to be a very disturbing movie.

    These two are quite a pair. Another great find!

  110. Omg, the celery munching is the best part — Winston’s chompers are insane! I think there needs to be a minimum weekly dose of that cat (and his owner must have at least a 30 second cameo).

  111. I have the opposite to be thankful for today.

    A big fat older female that I adopted 6 months ago named Honey Wabbles has finally trimmed down and worked up enough strength to jump up on to a chair.

    Next step the bed!

    I have all sorts of steps by the bed and all the couches for her but she leaped up on a chair today – it was a proud moment for her mama. lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving Winston and all! And yea how do you find a hot guy who loves cats???? I’m in for that chat! pk

  112. Aiyee. I always sneak in kisses to my kitteh like that.

    Chawmp Chawmp.

  113. My favourite part is where the guy kisses Winston’s head! Awwwwww.

  114. Oh man. I love it when you see animals in total, uncomplicated happiness. Winston, you’re a lucky cat. Enjoy it.

  115. haha omg this is funny. cats and their food alright.

  116. Two Feline Dustbins LOL!!! Two right little characters you have there, but Winston is the better behaved one. The paw on the leg… I just died, it´s too cute.

    Be careful with the houseplants though, a lot of them are poisonous!

  117. now why did this make me cry??

  118. Winston is so cute and so is his tabby friend! My cat once got her head stuck in a pringles tube apparently she likes paprika flavour…

  119. Patty K — that’s wonderful! What a lucky kitteh she is to have you.

  120. I have to admit I liked the music, but I’ve never seen “Cannibal Holocaust” or even heard of it before reading the comments on this post, so I have no negative associations.

    Coda for Thanksgiving: after I posted about feeling sad, my husband went out and bought ALL the stuff for a traditional feast and made Thanksgiving dinner! The only thing missing was the cranberry sauce. We had turkey, mashed taters, stuffing, green bean casserole, creamed corn, punkin pie, and even brown & serve rolls!

  121. P.S. Yes, I know it’s “pumpkin.”

  122. Yays….I love how Winnie can fit HIS ENTIRE FACE in the cat bowl. And the celery, at first, appeared to have a smidge of cream cheese on it.

    I also liked how the human commandeering the chopsticks makes them tiny enough to pluck Winnie’s nose! Tew qte

  123. Anonymous Coward says:

    I’m not sure if Winnie is so much eating the celery as just…scoring it with his teeth.

    I had a cat once who loved to chew on all kinds of tough plant fibers (wicker baskets, pencils, carrots, celery sticks) without ever actually ingesting any of it. Like, he’d leave kitty-drooled chunks behind, but he never seemed to actually eat any of it. Mostly it looked like he just enjoyed punching holes in stuff with his teeth.

    It never hurt him, and his teeth were always perfect when the vet checked him out, but for some reason he just liked being a feline hole punch. (And leaving kitty drool all over my ruined pencils.)

    It’s cute, but creepy, to see Winnie’s front gums up close like that. He has some choppers on ‘im.

  124. It’s like a train-wreck. I couldn’t look away. Between the music and the bizarre cat food, I was mesmerized.

  125. Happy T-Day to Winston,
    happy T-Day to you,
    and your big buddy Rudy,
    they’re be no food for you.

  126. yeah, I have to agree, tough guy kisses smooshed face of hungry kitty and the ol’ oil pump turns to mush every time!

  127. I’m not sure curry is very good for kitties…?

  128. Momof2kitties says:

    Lurve Winston! The fangs on the celery absolutely destroyed me. Wish my kittehs would be so cute!

  129. Oh Winnie…he never seems to fail us. 🙂

    Winston is amazing.

  130. yawn….bored of winston. So many cats to post why just him all da time!

  131. Winston is so ugly. I know he can’t help it but, geesh. The other cat who liked eating plants was adorabuhls! Such big pretty eyes.

  132. I think I’m in love with the guy who owns these two…
    “Are you still eating my plant?” Hah.
    Wonderful little video. 🙂 Go Winston.

  133. Did anyone else LOL at winnie’s chin chops being dyed yellow from the curry? That one sent me howling!

  134. good laud boyz.
    are ya feedin the kittehs on a reg basis or what??
    i still say i wish i was
    a dude. these guys are hot….
    oh well shoulda woulda coulda….

    heavy sign. what a waste of good breeders. 🙂
    me kids of course.
    yummy for all sorts.
    show some skin K ?

  135. This is hilarious! Fort some reason I find the music CREEPY!

  136. thoughts:

    – Winston is a great name, but where is his patented crying in this video? Unacceptable.

    – Cats are supposed to be carnivores

    – Winston’s friend is a handsome cat, but has none of the character of his partner

  137. What a charming video with a soundtrack from one of my favoreet moviees of all time. Good job getting your flat face into that yellow mash, Winston.

  138. What a charming video with a soundtrack from one of my favoreet moviees of all time. Good job getting your flat face into that yellow mash, Winston.

  139. The cat’s appetite scares me. It’s almost ravenous… can anyone say hyperthyroidism? and feeding curry etc to cats… does he want to give his pets diarrhoea?

  140. bunnyburrito says:

    Cats are CARNIVORES, not omnivores.

  141. Funny cats!!!
    What was the music played in the background? I liked it!

  142. anomalous4 says:

    Weeeeennnstonnnn, u is teh beeeeeeeeeeggest peeeeeeeggest in teh wurldz! 🙂

  143. Ok, so it sounds like the music was from a not-so well received movie, but I thought it was nice!
    What fun cats! How entertaining- made me laugh!

  144. I love Winnie – he’s just Winnie – what is the link to four four btw? Rudy is a total doll too as is the owner who kisses his kitties.

    I did some reading on CH and the man who actually made hte movie absolutely regrets all the animal deaths in the movie – he has said in 100’s of interviews that it was a horrible decision to add those in and if he did it over he wouldn’t. No comments from the actors who did the killing though.

    FYI if you want to see the movie – WITHOUT the animal killings, thye have now released a version with those scenes removed.

  145. Minkoffminx says:

    Who is Winston’s new friend? (His butler, perhaps?) They look happy and healthy, but um… cats are obligate carnivores; nothing should induce them to tear into fruits and vegetables like that!

  146. Minkoffminx says:

    Oh I see, it’s Rudy. Well, Winston should still have a butler. I hope to see more of them soon!

  147. I thought the music was hilariously appropriate. See, he’s a cat, but even he won’t eat animal flesh–get it? Funny.

  148. read honor harrington books.threy are not by h.r. the are about h.r. anyway they are also about space cats eating celery

  149. ooopps i meant h. h. not h. r.what was i thinking?

  150. Nice-looking man kissing ugly hungry cat after long stare down = the cutest thing I’ve seen all week.

    Unfortunately, the week is young.

  151. The guy in the black shirt has some kind of scary skin thing going on, on his elbow (in the shot where he’s fiddling with his, um, underwear)?

  152. Yay, Winnie! All is well when there’s a new Winston vid. I loved the bit when his dad was all “MY food, yo” and Win backed down and looked at the camera all “I implore you, have a heart for a poor starving beast”. Oscar-worthy, I tell ya.

  153. Ew: That ‘scary skin thing’ you refer too is called a TATTOO. That’s where someone injects ink under your skin in a design.

  154. “could u stop eating my plants~”



  155. great video of your cats’ tremendous eating habits. quite strange.