Supremo Cheese Thanksgiving Eve photo

Colby, Swiss AND cheddar, People. THIS is a cheesey photo.

It’s total fromage, but Hey, it’s perfect to celebrate THANKSGIVING EVE!

So, get that stuffing in thar, and git that Turducken on the grill, ’cause it’s gonna be a MADHOUSE


Oh, and the bird is hiding on the buffet, Ryan M.



  1. This is a shining example of the reason the word “oy” exists.

  2. Bleen? Holy cheese!

  3. Wait a minute. Holey cheese is swiss…

  4. Chicken-Licken, Ducky-Lucky and Goosey-Loosey all wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving”. Turkey-Lurkey says “Go to #*!!.”

    I’ve done nothing else but wait all year to repeat that one.

  5. Dodo Frodo says “I will carry The Ring, although I do not know the way”?


    Wish y’all were here,
    – Theo Rio

  6. Sparrow Arrow says, “Guard the boat, mind the tide… don’t touch my dirt.”


  7. great photo.

    the ‘hiding’ turkey reminds me of a looney tunes moment. didn’t sylvester pull that trick?

  8. What I like on this pic is how stiff the turkey looks. Scared? Nahh…

  9. This made me grin (and I’m in the middle of MOVING so this isn’t easy to do right now…)
    and reminded me of a lamp a friend has:

    We call Ned’s lamp the “Baba Yagba” lamp… the body of the lamp is a pair of actual turkey legs.

  10. marsheeeee says:

    ROFLMAO!!! This is hilarious!

  11. Poor old Turkey Lurkey come to England, no one will bother you till Christmas. On second thoughts, with the bird flu outbreak, stay hiding!

  12. don’t pull the string to turn on the light!

  13. Looks like it’s gunna be hamburger helper again!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone on the Cute!

    “gobble gobble” and pass the gravy!!

  14. OMG, Jen!! You’re right about Loony Tunes Sylvester. If I recall correctly, he had the lampshade on his head and, moving just his little toesies, he slunk along the wall. Great times!

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    OY, Theo, are you ever right!
    Cheesey photo, YES. Did I giggle? YES
    May all the CO’ers have a triffic Thanksgiving (even you Aussies & Brits, K?)
    I plan on sharing my cold with ALL the inlaws, hehehe.

  16. Space Cowgirl says:

    This reminds me of commentary about the annual Presidential pardon of Thanksgiving turkeys.

    “Oh, how asinine.”
    “It’s a tradition!”
    “It’s still silly. Besides, a pardon implies the turkey did something wrong to begin with.”

  17. i don’t get the “presidential pardon” thing either. he should condemn a turkey, no?

  18. Space Cowgirl says:

    Oh snap, j.

  19. I think it’s a sympathy thing.

  20. Pyrit, Roflmao.
    Run turkey run..

  21. The yearly turkey slaughter makes me sad.

  22. I THOUGHT this would be a nice happy holidays-type post session, but NOOOO, y’all have to get gross.

    anyway, enjoy your day tomorrow, unless you feel too guilty about eating dinner. Why don’t you bring up the slaughter conversation at dinner?

  23. Kiragirl — probably Robion is one of those righteous vegetarians. I was one, once.

  24. I can’t BELIEVE no one has said this yet…a-hem.

    I feel like this pic is totally ‘shopped and like, that makes it uncute.

  25. gobble til you wobble

  26. Clearly, the turkey is still wearing the lampshade from the party last night. He is not hiding! He is a party turkey!The guy in the kitchen is simply looking for that bottle of Jack that rolled under the cabinet.

  27. Orrr, looking for teh Wild Turkey bourbon bottle?

  28. I love the bird with the lamp.

  29. That’s really great. It looks very much in the style of a classic Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover painting.

    Tell me, was it posted on a Saturday, humm?

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:


  31. gryph, as Theo warned me yesterday, don’t use the p-word without EXTREME provocation. It’s dangerous!!

  32. Pic of a turkey hiding for fear of being killed and eaten is cute?

    Give a turkey a reason to be thankful tomorrow…

  33. ROFL. Just ROFL. This is straight out of a cartoon!!!

  34. It’s CUTE fer sure! Cuz we know that the dude won’t ever think of looking outside of the kitchen, so pretty soon he’ll be heading away from this area … and then Turkey Lucky will be able to make his Great Escape!

    Be free, Turkey Lucky, be free!! =)

  35. May I suggest a Tofuturkey?

  36. pyrit, you’re right. Obviously the drink of choice for the discriminating party turkey would have to be Wild Turkey. What was I thinking?

  37. Make mine tofurkey.

  38. Hehehe turducken….

  39. I love cuteoverload but this photo is not cute. It’s sad. I agree. Make mine tofurkey.