OMG, Who invited the BEAR?


This is Stephen Colbert’s worst nightmare.

Richard C., Did he bring the pecan pie like we asked? OMG, so rude.



  1. OMG…I just lost my appetite…did anyone else get to eat?

  2. omgosh… i’m a bit repulsed. but i guess he’s kinda cute. =/

  3. Bleeny Bear! I know it’s ridiculous, but I loff heem and I want one. No wonder teddy bears and books are so popular.

    He probably has a big bear smell, though.

  4. Bleen…I am first??? Wow, I better play the Lotto…it’s my lucky day!!!

  5. I love him! What a cutie.

  6. Nature’s killing machines.

  7. That’s exactly how I eat pumpkin pie. 🙂

  8. Lady Widdershins says:

    Um nom nom nom

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Looks like they had a Beary Thanksgiving.

  10. Authorities said the remains of the family were found around what appeared to be Thanksgiving dinner. When none of them showed up for work on Monday, co-workers became concerned and called police.

    The suspect is described as a male with brown hair and brown eyes, approximately eight feet tall and 700 pounds.

  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    Heeheehee, GT!
    That’s kinda how I eat Thanksgiving dinner – concentrate on mashed pots, gravy & pie – and skip the salad!
    Wonder if Mr McBear would like to come to my inlaws tomorrow? Would make an eeenteresting addition to the fam din.

  12. tell me that’s not a grizzly! adorable, but i’m scared! remember that crazy hippie bear guy? oh well, at least he’s not hungry…

  13. Stephanie S. says:

    What???? umm… I need more background story..

  14. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Right on the money GT.

  15. Aww 🙂 His name is Brutus, and he’s one lucky bear!

  16. Space Cowgirl says:

    The girl next to him is going “Oh G*d, why can’t we just have normal Thanksgivings?”

  17. geneticlemon says:

    For those repulsed: I’m sure the HUMANS weren’t eating, and the “Thanksgiving dinner” was meant just for ol’ Brutus there. And even if they did eat, I’m sure they took precautions to take a bite before he got to it. 😉

    The hippie bear guy was Timothy Treadwell, who was mauled by a bear during their feeding season. This fella definitely doesn’t look like the type to maul, however. 😀

    You know what would be a great idea …? Thanksgiving SALMON.

  18. This is a strange one…at least the bear is eating the food in front of him, and not the peeps next to him!

  19. OK, what it is about him that makes me want to kiss him?

    I just watched video about him and read some things on his website and he is just adorable.

  20. What I find funny here is that a few days ago my aunt had a typo in the Thanksgiving planning email to the family, and wrote that she had 4 bears (meaning beers) and that anyone who wanted more should bring their own…we’re still razzing her that we’ll bring a bear to dinner. And now this post on CO, it’s just too coincidental.

  21. Watching the video and knowing the story now absolutely makes my TG! Why can’t the news feature more of these good things in order to cleanse our palate from the rest of the news?

  22. Well apparently I’m an outcast this time. I want to know how I can get that bear to mY house for Thanksgiving!!!! Did you not notice how whe was saying the prayer before he ate?!?!?! He has mor manners then my brothers kids!

    Those big pouty lips! I wanna kiss him too!

  23. I loved the twichy nose action going on there. My cats have announced the bear is not welcome at our (their) house for dinner!!!

  24. What a cute… and very messy guest. I’m conflicted.

  25. That’s so sad! I hope that animal doesn’t get sick from eating all that nasty people food.

  26. This belongs in a new category: cute or horrifying! I love the wobbly schnozz but I CRINGED when the guy started to take the pie plate away from him!!! Who takes food away from a friggin BEAR?

  27. mmmm mashed potatoes with gravy and pumpkin pie… my favourites!

    As far as manners go, at least he didn’t leave with any silverware sticking out of his back pocket, and download porn on the family computer.

    Now I want mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie for lunch. Sigh, we had Thanksgiving in October. I have to wait until Christmas to eat like this bear!

  28. OMG how sweet.. Did you guys read that story.. Soooo sweet.

  29. Animalphiles Annie says:

    OMG!!! I love the work the Grizzly Encounter is doing. Such a wonderful turnaround for those poor captive bears. Check out the link viatrix gave – it will warm your heart – and make you thankful too!

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Okay at first I thought this may have come from a commercial or something but thanks to Viatrix for giving us the true facts on Brutus. He is an extremely lucky bear.
    I applaud the wonderful people who saved him and the other bear. What a humane thing to do. 🙂

  31. “Who’s been eating mah porridge?”

  32. There’s something just wrong and creepy about these people! But the bear… simply too perfectly cute.

  33. LOL Pyrit… but I don’t think Brutus much cares.

  34. When the food was gone, he ate the people.

  35. A John Irving Thanksgiving.

  36. I’m surprised that cute bear didn’t find those humans interesting, rather than a pile of mashed I’m-not-sure-what-it’s-supposed-to-be.

    They sure are tastier.

  37. Big, sloppy, mashed potato-y kisses!

    That’s a lovely manicure he has, too.

  38. A Noun (is a person place or thing) says:

    Ok, let’s pull the wishbone…aha! You lost! YOU get to brush the bear’s teeth!

  39. That’s kind of awful. He’s a bear and he doesn’t belong in a house for the amusement of people.

  40. Wow, this looks just like Thanksgiving at my mother’s house. Except the food looks edible, people are laughing, and nobody is is being a drama queen. Other than that, yup, just like mom’s.

  41. thank you Viatrix (and byant gumble). it’s sad that bears end up in these situations for such reasons, but such a gift to humans to be able to interact with them and educate people about them for the good of other bears.

    i have a big teddy bear named Noofy (oo as in book) that looks remarkably like this!

  42. I liked it when he gave the sister a big smooch on the forehead. Leaving taters behind.

    Bear hug! Bear hug!

  43. lunacydress says:

    He’s better behaved than some of my relatives.

  44. JulieRaven says:

    Oh my goodness you nuffers, the bear doesn’t LIVE in the house, and I’m sure that food was preapproved. Jesu!

    Otherwise, so cute 😀 I love the sister smooch

  45. beautiful bear but are these people nuts!!??

    btw, that is how i eat my pumpkin pie too. NAWM NAWM NAWWWWWM

  46. Viatrix:

    Thanks for the link. I pass through there once a year and will stop next time.

    When I was in Denali I asked a Ranger if he had any additional advice to avoid Grizzly bears. He suggested I wear a bell so they could hear us coming. He then said you knew you were in Grizzly territory because all of the scat he little bells in it…

  47. muzz,

    John Irving Thanksgiving – nice!

  48. Boy if I could I would have a panda (Tai Shan in particular) over for Thanksgiving.

  49. I was a little concerned when I first saw this video. I thought a random bear had lumbered in, and they were like “Oh let’s feed him!” Thanks for the background info! Now he’s cute. =)

  50. Brutus rocks like a beast, but I still want the pecan pie.

  51. Gorgeous animal and so adorable schlorping up mashies and gravy, but, like krikrit, when the guy reached in to take the pie plate away from the bear, I had a moment of fear! Which quickly passed (whew).

  52. Whoo! Sudden Christopher Walken flashback! (CW Queens accent): “Beah suits are funny.”

  53. What? You don’t have a bear over for Thanksgiving? What kind of Americans are you? (sorry Steven)

  54. He’s very cute and cuddly looking, but his table manners, especially the accompanying noises, would really put me off my feed. I agree with the previous poster, though, who said this din-din was probably staged just for Mr. Teds enjoyment.

  55. OMG, WANT!!!

  56. SonjaSonja says:

    What teh? Are those peeps crazy? What happens when they run out of food and the bear’s still hungry?
    I’d love to read the story behind this one.

  57. Sonja, up towards the beginning of the comments someone posted a link.

  58. Hmm… well the bear is cute, but man is that just the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s just a mauling waiting to happen.

  59. Oh my god, how cool would it be to have a freakin’ BEAR over for Thanksgiving?!?!

  60. Pearl Ostroff says:

    To whoever was complaining about bears eating people food. Bears are omnivores and people food is one of their favourite things to eat. That’s why you have to be very careful of where you store your food when you’re camping in bear country. And why bears are problems when we encroach on their territory and build homes. They wander into people’s homes and kitchens and help themselves to whatever is available.

    This bear is obviously healthy, happy and quite tame. Just look at his beautiful coat. It’s so shiny and thick.

  61. bears these days. no manners WHATSOEVER

  62. Arachnophile_grrl says:

    LOL – LOVE how the one lady bowed her head to pray and got a grizzy-kiss with a side-smear of mashed potatos.

    Yeah, this food is not bad for Brutus at all. I mean, not the best for every day but they can digest almost anything.

    I wish the Colbert show was taping right now. I could TOTLALLY see this clip showing up in “The Threat Down.”

  63. For a Godless Killing Machine, he sure is a cutie. 🙂

  64. Well, at least they don’t have to live off left overs in sandwiches for lunch for the next three weeks.

  65. For a bear, his table manners are quite dainty. He sits in place and keeps his paws on the table. I’m impressed.

  66. Such a hungry bear hehe. Is it true bears are scared of cats? Ive seen so many youtube vids and suchlike of them running away from angry kitties.

  67. snoopysnake says:

    They ought to invite Andy Williams to join them and that bear next Thanksgiving.

  68. Well, that is one way to get rid of all those leftovers after Thanksgiving…

  69. Yes this is cute and all, but it’s still a wild animal and all wild animals are not 100% tame. Even though the bear has never attacked anyone, it very well could in the future. I don’t know how many videos I’ve seen of people posing with wild animals and they were mauled by an animal that had never previously acted out like that. And what would happen to the bear if it did attack someone? It would probably be put down and that isn’t cute.

  70. Well, first they gave him a cookie…

  71. CanadianChick says:

    GT – that’s what they told my DH first time he went to Banff…*lol*

    oh – and as for the bear?


  72. Mary, how can it be wild if it’s never even spent time in the wild.

  73. My mom always said “No, you can’t have a bear, it will maul you.”
    BUT LOOK! This proves it’s possible.
    He will be my friend and I can ride him to work.

  74. One of my favorite news stories several years ago was video a couple in N. california had taken of a bear who was coming down out of the mountains and sitting in their hot tub at night.
    He looked so completely blissed out. Can you imagine how that would feel to a bear, with your scratchy skin and cold river baths? A hot tub?
    that was one happy bear!

  75. It’s still a wild animal…wild animals are not domesticated. There’s a difference between “tame” and domesticated.

  76. Just because the entire bear population isn’t domesticated doesn’t mean Brutus is going to go Ninja-Grizzly on his family. Quit being PETA-ish and enjoy the video of a bear having a lovely thanksgiving when he could have been abandoned out in the wild.

  77. Oh my gosh thank you for posting the story behind this video. I was freaking out for a bit given that whole mauling thing with the guy who lived with the grizzlies. The story behind the rescue was amazing! I’d still be wary because like with any animal, you never know. I’m glad the big guy got a great Thanksgiving with people who love him. 🙂

  78. Oh man, what a cute and cuddly huge, messy eater teddy bear! 😀

    So fluffy! 😀

  79. gross, not cute. says:

    gross. i don’t like mashed tatoes to begin with. i won’t be nomming on any today for sure after seeing this nastiness.
    i can’t imagine that any of those foods would be good for the bear.

  80. Aww, I wish the writer’s strike wasn’t going on. I’d love to see Colbert’s horrified reaction. Bears are scary as hell, but I like that they’re pampering these three. Especially after their horrible first 18 years.

  81. the video isnt available anymore. 😦

  82. Still works, Subhangi… it’s probably just regionalized YouTube weirdness. Again.

    You might try going to YouTube’s mainpage and doing a search on “brutus american thanksgiving”.

    Here, this might even work…

  83. Mary,

    Please visit

    The bear is called Brutus. He was rescued and lives in about as good a situation as can be for a non-wild situation — open skies, room to roam, and great care. He helps his wild brethren by allowing his handlers to educate about the grizzly. He can never be released in the wild because of his previous exposure to humans.

    I *do* wish the Nuffs would at least try to read the thread before tsk-tsking. Honestly!

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Big bear hugs all around.

  84. Michelle> He will be my friend and I can ride him to work.

    If you haven’t read _The Golden Compass_, now is the time!

    (I sublimate my bear-wants with big ole dawgs)

  85. i second the cute….or creepy/terrifying? nominations. He’s defintely charming and does seem to have very good table manners for a bear, I guess, but….hmm.

  86. The family was not impressed with Meg’s new boyfriend.

    [If that were the case, Aleah, I imagine Meg’s husband would be even less impressed… – Ed.]

  87. In addition to Brutus’ own website, here’s a really nice story about the place from the local newspaper:

    Just in case the first link didn’t make you all warm’n’fuzzy enough.

  88. Every family has at least one relative with Horrible table manners!!! I’m talkin’ ’bout the rude guy who took away the pie away before he was finished!

    Gotta read the background on this one. I can’t stop laughing!

  89. The bear is cute, but are these people CRAZY?

  90. These people are all wearing Bad Idea jeans.

  91. Tiffany — actually I *strongly* suspect all the humans in the video are professional. This is definitely staged, so it stands to reason that the people are the ones staging it, and who better to do that than Brutus’ regular keepers & handlers?

  92. To quote Spike at the Thanksgiving table:

    “You made a bear! You made a Bear! Turn him back!”

    I’m trying to see the cute but all I can think is “What’s going to happen when they run out of dark meat?”