Nothing to see here…

Keeeeeeeeep movin’.

Nothing to see here. No turkeys or—heh, rabbits for dinner—nothing of the sort—just keep movin’. I wouldn’t tast good at all. I’m like, mostly fluff, People.


He makes a good point, Jenny P….



  1. Mmmm … but the fluff could be cotton candy!! I say we snorgle him immediately to find out for sure!

  2. So this is what’s inside those hypoallergenic feather pillows, huh?

  3. This is one disapproving rabbit indeed.

  4. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Mwahhh Mwahh Snorgle snorgle pfft pfft
    *****gahhhhh hair ball in throat****
    So fwuffy I want!

  5. I’m with Boomer. You can see the disapproval even through all the fluff. m

  6. OMG you HAVE to be kidding me! Where’s his eyes???

  7. Fearsome subfur anti-Thanksgiving disapproval face. Very scary indeed.

  8. omg so cute!!!!
    gimme one NOW

  9. Look at his cute peenk bunneh nosey pooking through his fluff!!!! Bean!

  10. Does the bunnula get good reception with those antenna or does everything come in fuzzy?

  11. major, major disapproval. the glare is there, it’s just under all that hare.

    i’m a poet but i don’t know it.

  12. He disapproves of his hippie haircut.

  13. Do bunnies let you kiss them on the nose? I want to kiss this bunny. . .

  14. *Ahem* Pahdon me, folks, but that’s not a bunneh: That’s an EWOK!

  15. Woah, no way Dude, you are seriously trippin me out maaan, you mean Jefferson Airplane wasn’t singing about a white rabbit man?

  16. hahaha it’s incredible how we can actually detect so much disapproval in one big chunk of fluff…

    Do not drop this bunneh on a snow covered ground, we may never be able to find it again…

  17. dis one looks like my bunny slippers!!

  18. Flying By, you go ahead and try those slippers on. I’ll have the gauze and bandages ready.

  19. adorably rosy santa nose! Someone get a red hat! 🙂

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    If this isn’t the absolute definition of Disapproving Rabbits, then I don’t know what is. Unbelievable.
    Must snorgle. Can I borrow some of those bandages and gauze?

  21. Wait, there’s a bun hiding in all that fuzz? I thought it was a duster with ears.

  22. Oh, those fluffily humongoid eyebrows! They might as well be another set of ears.

  23. He looks like that one actor – you know – the guy with the big eyebrows? You know, he was in that one movie, with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin – Housesitter?

    Anyway – um his nose – it’s so ummmm odd looking and he reminds me of 7 minute frosting.

  24. Carrie, that’s the farmer from “Babe” (among other movies)

  25. circuscake says:

    oh, i beg to differ, rabbit- those ears look quite delish!


  26. This has to be photoshopped? What breed of rabbit is this if it’s real?

  27. Oh, ya see, the farmer in Babe was James Cromwell, who is a scarily versatile actor.
    Didn’t Steve Martin dress up as a bunny…and he has white hair.

  28. schrafinator says:

    FYI, that’s an Angora rabbit.

    As in, “angora sweater”.

    There are handspinners who put one of those buns on their lap and spin yarn right off it.

  29. That’s a REAL bunny???? Good grief!

  30. This fellow would be a better Easter post.

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    That is some disapproving floof, I say. Cute leetle pink nosie tho.

  32. Nicoletta, with a wabbit like this i wish it would be Easter all year round

  33. schrafinator, if you provide the bunny, I’ll make the yarn. It’s actually an English angora, and I would let it sit on my lap for days at a time while I spun (span?).

  34. floof everywhere! is it a rabbit or just megs minature golf set holder with floofy cozies we will never know!

  35. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’ll bet if you started stroking that bunny you’d never want to stop. Until he severed two of your fingers with a single bite.

  36. charliewabba says:

    Those ears look like something you’d see on “Extreme Pastry Challenge: Spun Sugar Edition.”

  37. book_monstercats says:

    Dam*. Flying By got there first. I was going to say “THAT’s where my other slipper went”. What an expresh. Cannot believe it.

  38. I have a set of fake bunny ears that look exactly like his.
    But mine are pink.

  39. I want heemm.. <3 He looks like a carpet.

  40. That is one fluffy bunny. 😉

  41. fluffy bunny butt!!

    yes nosicle, sometimes they let you kiss their noses. I try to kiss my lion head’s nose all the time. I have to settle for gnawing on his ears most of the time. My boyfriend gnaws on them too! tasty bunny ears <3

    mr. fluff up there looks like gnawing on his ears would result in a hairball =x

  42. Oh goody, we’re showing breeder rabbits. Maybe tomorrow there can be some cute fluffy pictures of the dogs they pulled out of that puppy mill in VA.

    Why does cuteoverload seem to be so anti-rescue? There’s constantly pictures of breeder’s animals up when there are just as many cute rescue critters all over Petfinder.

  43. Andrea, I foresee a happy little reply appearing soon … wait for it…

  44. evil kitty says:

    hey I have a question, it doesnt have anything to do with animals but I was wondering how to start a topic thing. Can yal tell me?

  45. Rich Fader says:

    He looks like he just hopped out of a Rankin/Bass holiday special.

  46. his ears look like candy canes! and his face looks like this: ^.^ Ebil disapproving anime candy cane-antenna bun! What a job title. :p

    …so who’s got some pudding for Andrea? eh?

  47. omg i want one its so damn cute

  48. omg i so want one of those cute things give me one now please

  49. I love this site. When I get a place of my own, I’m so getting a rabbit.

  50. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Um, Andrea, not all breeders are disreputable. CO doesn’t seem to be to be ant-rescue. There seem to be lots of animals shown who are possibly rescues.

    And what about our friend, Brutus the Grizzly bear? He’s a rescue.

  51. hard to believe that’s a bunny. looks like some kind of impossible alien muppet monster. his nose is the bestest part of all.

    i’m off to sleep now, and i sure hope he’s in my dreams, ‘cos then they’re bound to be hilarious.

  52. Ah, I believe that’s the special antidepressant rabbit. I know I would feel a lot better if I could snorgle him for a few minutes.

  53. cut! boom’s in the shot…

  54. Pyrit — not sure what you mean. Of *course* Cute Overload is anti-rescue! Those miserable wretches deserve whatever lot they’re given, no more, no less. Who are we to try and make their lives better? Life should be gift enough! Who are THEY to whine about it? Now I really must go; those baby seals aren’t going to club *themselves*.

    Oh, and you might want to check out this little proposal by Swift I just read, and lemme tell ya, THIS is what they ought to be teaching our kids in school. Bold, fascinating stuff.

  55. I don’t see how this site could possibly be “anti-rescue”…what a ridiculous statement. How on earth do you determine that this rabbit is a breeder bunny and not a rescue? Anyways, the point of CO is to showcase cuteness …not to be a forum for activism and sensitivity.

  56. Oh.My.GOSH!!! Those ears, HOW in the world are they that perfect?? Seriously, Bunny envy going on here. Pardon me while I lose all sense of reality here, I want to luf the living fur off of ’em!!

    Ahem, not that I love Bunnies at all. *acts innocent*

  57. Christine H says:

    *dives into the fluff and snorgles the bun*

    I must say, though…you know what’s even cuter than fluffy white angora bunnies? Fluffy white BABY angora bunnies. There are two long-haired (angora?) white baby bunnies at the Toronto Humane Society right now, and they’re SO CUTE. There’s not much bunny under all the fluff, though–I think they need some feeding up!

  58. Nosicle, mine used to love having his nose kissed and patted. His favourite thing was to lie with your hand over his nose and eyes. He’d sit for hours…I guess it was safe and comfortable in his world. God, he was a great rabbit.

  59. acelightning says:

    The tufts of fluff on an Angora’s ears always crack me up. And, even if he lives in a cage (and he might only be in it because he’s in a show, or a 4-H fair, or something like that, showing off how well his humans take care of him), the life of an Angora rabbit is pretty wonderful. You just brush them, which they love – it feels like petting them, only more so. Lots of that soft fluffy hair comes off on the brush. Then you can spin it into yarn and knit or weave it into things for people to wear. (Angora rabbit hair is seven times warmer than lambs’ wool, and softer, too.) And then the rabbit just grows more fur. Everybody benefits.

  60. LOL! he looks like pillow stuffing.

  61. Happy Thanksgiving Meg and Chief Sister Officer!!!!!

  62. schrafinator says:

    Animal breeding is not inherently bad. *Irresponsible* animal breeding is, though. Someone breeding angora rabbits for fiber had better take good care of them, otherwise they won’t produce quality fiber.

  63. Theo – BEEG LOL!

    Wouldn’t want to get our antis in a twist now!
    And what is the big deal about trees?

    (Andrea – Theo & Jaye rescue cats and kittens in a big way, as do many other Peeps here.)

  64. Kiragirl–That was funny!

  65. Was channelling Stephen Colbert up there, a little. Hehe.

    (um… except for him not being “crossed over” yet, technically. I can still ply my art as a spiritual medium, though, because there’s the writer’s strike and the Repor’ is in reruns right now. So really it’s the same, for all practical purposes.)

    Here, I can teach you some basics:

    “Is there a satirical presence with us in this room? Knock once for ‘ya think?’ and twice for ‘oh the irony!’ Also, any surrealists in attendance may tapdance.”

  66. the bun says he isn’t for dinner but I think he would be a delicious bit of white fluff on my pumpkin pie later!

  67. Theo channels Colbert who channels Punch who channels Aristophanes…

  68. However clever they are, I find the antinuffs far worse than the nuffs!

    Long live concern and free speech!

  69. Whatever indeed. Because you can only be one or the other, can’t you? You’re either with us, or with the terr’ists?

    Long live concern, free speech, and a little (un)common sense.

  70. I find he looks like Andy Rooney.

    It’s the eyebrows and the overall judgmental look.

  71. that cloud looks just like a rabbit

    don’t you think?

    (goes back to lounging on grassy hill)

  72. Your bunnies are sooooo nice! I have two bunnies at home. Their names are :Floppy and Mimi.
    Some fotos of them you can see on my blog, if you want.
    Greetings from Austria

  73. I´ve forgotten to send you my blog adress….it ´still friday…no comment…smile…i really need this weekend.

  74. One is often only one or the other in a single posting.

    Not claiming nuthing about the rest of the time. It’s hard to birth the babies and eat them simultaneously.

    All I’m saying is that I like it when people express concern even if it’s seemingly excessive.

  75. knock

  76. Btw that was the Swift reference Theo mentioned–I am not promoting the consumpion of babies! 😉

  77. EYEBROWS?!?!?!

  78. Meeeeep! I’m a hand spinner, and if I could keep only three kinds of animal, they would be chickens, goats, and bunnehs. Meep meep meep!