Look at me! I’m soooo NOT a turkey!

Look! I am HARDLY delectabuhls!

I’m not even meaty! Do NOT confuse moi for a Turkey!!!


Erin D., I think you better plump him up a bit for tomorrow….



  1. look at his fashionable little feet and eye make-up!!!

  2. oh gawd..the duckulence, it slays me!

  3. Is it guyliner: the next level?!?!

  4. There’s a twinkle of, “Neener-neener-neeener.” in teh duckie’s expression.

  5. I disagree Senor Duckling, you are incredibly delectabuhls! I want to put you in my mouf! Don’t worry though, not for eating.

  6. Anne Boleyn says:

    No, but you could be mistaken for the first cousin of a shoulderless kidden.

  7. Beak!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, check out the hodgepodge feets.

  9. Do my eyes deceive moi…*adjusts glasses*…or does this leetle duckie have visible CHEEKS?

    Cuze moi while i….*splode*

  10. OMG! Duckie beakie leeps! The pink leeps!!! I’ve never seen that on a duckeh!

  11. Maybe putting him in the dryer will fluff him quickly for tomorrow’s feast… then again, maybe not such a good idea. Better stick to real turkeys.

  12. Is it just me, or is this duckeh saying “You talkin’ to me?”

  13. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Yippee for Quacky Wacky Wednesday.

  14. GAH! I wub duckies!!!!

    I have duckies!!!!

    I wub duckies!!!!

  15. That ducklingk sure has chic shoe/feets. Want!

  16. Tongue! I see duckie tongue!


  17. Fuzzy head!!! Love that and I love little ducklings.

  18. This little Duckie is standing firmly on one footsie and lightly on the other, as if to say “I’m ready for my close-up”..

    What feathertude!!!

    P.S. I too love the widdle leeps!!!

  19. How is it that little baby animals, and in particular duckies, always look so happy? That’s cute!

  20. please note the key elements of a great look: simple and sweet makeup, barely there ensemble, something on the feet that shows pretty toesies.

    cutie mc glamourson!

  21. melinda, i think you mean, “bill!!!!!!!”

  22. Tricia Garrett says:

    Fancy feet!

  23. Fuzzy, happy, cheeky…
    This little fellow has perked up my dull dull day.

  24. eep! too cute!!!

  25. Now that’s a turduckin if I eva saw one.

    Oh, what a cutie. I want to nibble on his webbingks. And rub him against my cheek and GOBBLE HIM UP. He’s absolutely precious. ^_^

  27. mervtheflamingo says:

    Tur-duck-hen *ahem* There shall be no tur-duck-hen

  28. Hmmm, anner. Maybe I do mean bill, but beak is sooo much cuter!!!! Pink beak!!!!!

  29. Cute feets, abundant flooff, BEF WITH eye-capsules, a little tongue, and abundant ‘tude!
    He’s got EVERYTHING!

  30. Au contraire…I think he is ENTIRELY edible! Nawm, nawm, nawn…

  31. tracyflick says:

    I ate it. I ate the baby duck.

  32. Momof2kitties says:

    I can has? Want!

  33. Reduckulous!

  34. Alice Shortcake says:


    *just joking, folks

  35. Nooooorsk, but if we stuffed you eenside de chicken eenside de turkeh, then delectabuls you could be…. mmm, terducken.

    (this from a vegatarian!)

  36. circuscake says:

    doesn’t he look like he’s singin’ a happy tune- while doin’ a little soft shoe with his feets…

  37. AHHH! The stripey feet! The delectabill! The EYELINER! The fuzzies!

    *muffled explosion is heard through the interwebs*


  38. I hear heem! I hear heem speaking in the voice of the duckling on Tom & Jerry cartoons! The squeaky/raspy little voice! Does anyone else hear eet?

  39. Someone has to figure out why it looks like he’s smiling! It’s not like his mouth curves up. Any takers???

  40. Sabella, isn’t it obvious? He’s happy he’s NOT A TURKEY.

  41. Hes all like HAI GUYZ he looks so happy just makes me smile sooo much.

  42. AWWWW he is so cute. Just precious. You eat him, I kill you.

  43. Jessica, it’s the half open beak that reminds us of “doggie smiles” or even dolphins.

    and those feets is just prosh!

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    This guy is PROSH!

  45. book_monstercats says:

    Meg. Noes, not as in the rollover. I shall eat heem in a duck butty – which means he weel survive.

  46. amaretto_bunny says:

    He looks so sweet! He definitely belongs in my mouf! =)

  47. Saint Stryfe says:

    Not a Turkey, but 1/3rd of a very tiny Turducken!


    Look at the little duck-a-tude!

  49. that could be the kewlest non-kitteh-puppeh-bunneh dewd yet seen on CO.

  50. watch out, they had ducks at my butcher.

  51. I want to teekle his feets!

  52. Brammimonde says:

    I’m having duck tomorrow, so I’m getting a kick out of these replies.

    You, senor ducklet, are the perfect size for my kitty.

    (Hooboy, I’m gonna get flogged by the Cuteologists for this one…)

  53. So delectuhbuhls! He’s like a little marshmallow peep!

  54. awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! look at that lil’ itty bitty. i want him. that is way tooo super cute!

  55. *reads the mouse over* Hrm… How to stuff a duck…
    *checks her cookbook* Says here… Fud him whatev he want.
    *peers closer* I think someone hamster has been altering my cookbooks. There are tiny pawprints in the margines…

  56. oh geez he’s like a little furry shmoo!

  57. Oh those Ducky flippers
    Oh those Ducky flippers
    Ducky flippers I’m gonna wear
    To walk the golden street.

  58. I am ded from uber cuteness.

  59. Christine H says:


    (I’m so glad they’re not as cute once they’re grown up enough to eat…*hides from the vegetarians*)

  60. AAAAAAAHHHHH! Too cute, my eyes just exploded.
    I love ducks. I love, love, love ducks.

  61. acelightning says:

    I’ll bet he’s going to go teach all the baby turkeys how to quack, so that next year they, too, can say, “I am NOT A TURKEY! Quack, quack!”

    Meanwhile, he is so adorable he just quacks me up.

  62. Sabella – I hear it LOUD and CLEAR!

  63. One of the cutest ducklings I’ve seen if not the cutest. And he looks sooooo happy. I want to snuggle him and nuzzle him and love him!!!

  64. OMG… the cutest thing… Don’t worry little guy, I don’t like poultry…

    Is a part of his right foot (our left) missing?

  65. Soooo cute! 😛

  66. I think the caption on this is just as cute as the picture: “I am hardly delectabuhls!” Looks like she’s smiling.

  67. OMG… sooo cute!! 🙂

  68. i feel guilty.my girlfriend asked me what for thanksgiving. i told her no turky or ham. she made me duck merlot rubbed with orange marmalade. and it was wonderful. oh well my ducky was big and most likely lived a long productive life.until he was the taste party held in my mouth and for that he should be proud cause it was his,hers greatest gig

  69. Sam it was big because they are forced to eat food that makes them too big too fast and FYI they are 3 months old when they are murdered… hardly a “long productive life.”