Translation of Gossiping Kittehs…

Ruhmember the "Gossiping Kittehs" video we had on a while back? Well, here is a much-needed translated version. They’re sneakier than I thought… [shifty eyes]

Great find, luvinmalssomuch and Thee-oh! (…and don’t forget YouTuber klaatu42)



  1. Argh! So many bleening videos and I have no sound at work.

  2. heh, heh, kittens.


  3. okay, it was adorable when it was just the cats “mewing” to each other. it’s absolutely adorable with the translation. thanks.

  4. Omg. The “meow…meow” kills me.

  5. Purrrrr-fect.

  6. Thanks, Theo, for making me almost choke on my sammich

  7. So, who did the excellent voice-over?

    This is exactly how I’m sure my cats act right before I open the door and see them.

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh wow thanks Meg this is my first post *blushing*.
    Thanks Teho for showing me the way.

  9. that was hilarious.

    :: standing ovation ::

  10. KittyBabyMama says:

    I laughed so hard I cried. Don’t you know that’s what they REALLY think….

  11. Momof2kitties says:

    ‘k, I’ve watched this…umm…let’s just say way too many times. I laugh out loud EVERY time. My daughter thinks I have completely lost my mind. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen, rivaling Oh Don Piano. I give it an 11!!

  12. SixFootJen says:

    B R A V O ! ! ! My goodness, that was PERFECT.

  13. Way to go!

    “Meow…meow”, said Rainman. I only pet kittehs on Wednesday.

  14. LOLOL! I want to see more voiceovers from this person. Perfect!

  15. “meow meow”

    OMG..I think I ruptured something…

  16. Hahaha, I tried to stop from bursting out laughing at work. Hilarious!!

  17. Sheer and utter genius. Whoever put this together should have their own TV series!

  18. I can’t tell you how many times I pressed replay on this. It’s awesome… Agreed with Patty, gotta see more voiceovers from this person.

  19. Alice Shortcake says:


  20. that was overflowing with awesomeness. I tried not to laugh too loud. Didn’t want to scare my coworkers.

  21. perfect! mad overdubbing skillz indeed.

  22. Teh.


    My favorite part is the real purr right after Left Cat says, “Act like a cat.” Priceless.


  24. The best part is that they’re watching Pushing Daisies!

  25. mmmarmalade says:

    I think I may have busted my spleen laughing at this.

    Ow. *giggles*

  26. This video has inspired me to end my lurkdom. I laughed when it was just cat talk, and I reeeally laughed at the dubbed version. Can’t get too much of this one! Jeez that’s perfect.

  27. “Meow…Meow”
    I am laughing laughing laughing!
    That sounds about right.
    I laughed so hard I spit coffee all over my computer. Now I have to clean it up!

  28. ahahahah Oh my gosh this is priceless!
    I can’t stop laughing! or watching for that matter lol

  29. Maybe there should be CO Oscars? Maybe? This would definitely win!

  30. I have tears streaming from my eyes! I can’t stop watching it! That’s awesome! MORE!

  31. all I can say is OMGHOWFREAKINCUTE!!!!

  32. Someone just emailed me a link to the original “talking cats” video saying that there should be subtitles. Ah HA!

  33. redfox in Tx says:

    Oh. My. God.

    So hysterical!!

    Love it!

  34. I’m still sitting here smiling like an idiot. Well done.

  35. Ok, if you own cats, this can’t be a surprise.

    “Someone’s coming….”


  36. girlnextdoortn says:


  37. You have broken me. That was tooooooo hilarious!

  38. Totally awesome, HAHAHA

  39. Act like a cat. Meow.
    That was fantastic. Love left-cat with his sarcastic spoken meow. Kudos! Again! Again! Do it again!

  40. That was AWESOME! Whoever did this: kudos and thank you!

  41. “are they getting the treats yet? Are they getting the treats yet?”
    “not yet, keep licking.”


    I’m in favor of the CO Oscars. CO keeps getting well-deserved awards. They should have their own to hand out.

  42. Mary Ellen says:

    that. was. awesome.

  43. Wow, what a TERRIFIC voice over! You made my day!

  44. it’s difficult to not pee in my pants while watching this. the first 20 seconds especially are the funniest thing ever

  45. Does Cute Overload have a Cute Hall of Fame? (If not, it should.) Because this belongs at the top! Just brilliant.



  46. Daphne Moss says:

    Cute! But loved the original “prrowing” kittehs moar…

  47. That’s just too damned cute. I mean, really.

  48. SonjaSonja says:

    Absolutely hysterical. Please do more!!

  49. JinxtheCat says:

    Absolutely priceless! I howled with laughter at the treats dialogue.


  51. OMG, I was just about to send this in!!! Someone beat me to it!

    Well played… this time…

  52. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    With my hearing loss, I need a transcript of this. : (

  53. AliceTanzer says:

    Tux: Hey!

    Calico: What?

    Tux: I’ve seen this!

    Calico: Shh!

    Tux: Huh. Ass.

    Calico: What?!

    Tux: Never mind

    Calico: *quiet slurp cough*

    Tux: you..You don’t listen

    Calico: Since when?

    Tux: Since Always! Aaah! *pause, quietly*Someone’s coming. Act like a cat.

    Calico: Prr Pprr!

    Tux:*in a bored, indifferend voice* Meow..Meow..Uh..Meeow.

    Calico: Pmrr!

    Tux: Act real cute, and he’ll give us treats!

    Tux: *whisper* Here, lie down

    Tux: slurpslurpslurp Ish he getting the treatsh yet? slurpslurp Ish he getting the treatsh? slurpslurp

    Calico: *muffled*Not yet, keep going

  54. AliceTanzer says:

    Argh! I didn’t check my spelling. Indifferent, not indifferend 😛

  55. Beavis's Human says:


    Standing ovation to whoever did the voiceover.

    Made my day!

  56. Cauliflower says:

    That was fabulous!

  57. Yitzysmommie says:

    Loved it – both the original and this translation.

  58. Dude on my left – You funny

  59. Hilarious. If only I could ever catch my two kitties talking like that.

  60. yankeebird says:

    Congrats on getting posted, luvinmals! It’s a warm fuzzy feeling isn’t it?

  61. We keep watching it. Every half hour or so, we load up CO again and press “play.” It’s mesmerizing.

  62. CanadianChick says:


    I LOVE it.

  63. Ahahahahahaha… the “Meow…. Meow” part just kills me!! Too hilarious!!

  64. you have utterly impressed the insurgency….a brillant compilation…suspiciously charming

  65. Ordinarily I despise dubbed movies, but this one made me cry with laughter.

  66. Bwahaha!
    “you Never listen!”
    “since when?”
    “since always.”
    too perfect! the head movements, the cats faces, they all lined up so prefectly. i can’t handle it!
    ::watches again::

  67. and by the way,
    the cats,
    cute, cute babies.

  68. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I keep rewatching and it doesn’t stop being funny. Huge kudos on the perfect voiceover work.

  69. Pure genius. LOL! 😀

  70. Oh aminals… it never fails to thrill me.

  71. the meow meow is inspired!

  72. OMG!!1!

  73. When the tux cat says ‘ass’ the way the other cat looks round after is just perfect soooo funny xD


  75. these guys did a perfect job with this. perfect timing and conversation. couldn’t be any better. absolute genius.

    the muffled “getting treats yet?” kills me. and the blase “meow. meow….meow” is hilarious.

  76. can anyone figure out what they are ‘watching on tv’? i can’t make it out.

  77. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The voiceover just blows me away every time I’ve watched it. Applause for the person who did this.

  78. LOL!! TurboWIN!

  79. Brilliant translation!

  80. 1 vote from me for the COHOF !

  81. So I have now watched this a dozen times, and forwarded it to my friends. I expect this to go viral anytime now. huh…ass…Too funny!!!!

  82. The “meow, meow” just killed me! I’m fairly certain my cats do this all the time. ‘Grats to the voiceover person – perfect!

  83. Yitzysmommie says:

    Still HEEEElarious this morning!

  84. That’s more like a tired middle-age couple than a pair of cute kittehs…

  85. What I want to know is, is that a real cat that is doing the ‘real cat’ noises made by the kitty on the right?

  86. This version is 100% dubbed, CoffeeCup. Apparently Andrew speaks Cat. Makes sense, you know; this *is* a translation, after all.

  87. Totally brilliant! Guffawed in the silence of the public library – everyone turned around to look at me, but I don’t care.

  88. This isn’t really a “complaint,” just an observation that Bertha was much more interested in the non-translated version (which got her pawing the screen). This one, she was like, “enh.”

    I, however, enjoyed it repeatedly.

  89. I havent laughed this hard and been so addicted to a vid since “shoes” by Kelly
    (aka liam something, I forgot!!) But this is so profesh.

  90. What kinds of cats are these? The one on the right looks very different from cats I’ve seen.

  91. This is amazing!
    It makes me wonder what my Middy is thinking when he’s acting cute.

  92. Just came back to watch it for the fifth time!

  93. THAT.WAS.FANTASTIC. Kudos to the dubbers! I’ve watched this twice, hilarious!

  94. Okay, scratch that, I’ve watched it 5 times, and it just gets funnier!

  95. A video like this is the reason I come to this site 5 times a week. Okay maybe 10 times a week =)

  96. Emmi Torstensson says:

    That is the best video I have ever seen! I love it, haha. I wonder if my two cats talk like that… Hm. Better go check on them…


  98. toriwannabe says:

    The tuxedo cat sounds uncannily like Zach Braff!

  99. The cat on the right, I’m thinking is a calico, but I’ve never seen a calico with those tufty ears before!

    toriwannabe, the tux cat DOES kind of sound like Zach Braff!

  100. LOL too funny! I love it.

  101. best kitty voice over ever!!!!

  102. “Tux: slurpslurpslurp Ish he getting the treatsh yet? slurpslurp Ish he getting the treatsh? slurpslurp

    “Calico: *muffled*Not yet, keep going.”

    Rats. When I first heard it, I thought Tux was asking Calico if he was getting on his freak yet!

  103. This is deliriously good:)))))

  104. Genius…sheer genius.
    I just KNOW my cats do this

  105. This is friggin’ FANTASTIC. Never gets old. It’s just so well done!

  106. WOW!!! Your movies are always so funny! Thanks for your perfect sense of humor.

  107. Mary (the first) says:

    This made me literally LOL and have to muffle my snickering .. because I’m at work.. and not allowed to laugh on company time. “meow. meow”. TOO much!!!!

  108. “Someone’s coming – act like a cat.” Fricking priceless.

  109. I think I just peed my pants!